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Room 108 News Week of Oct. 12-15, 2010

Upcoming Themes

Look What We've Done! k k k k k k

Rhyming Letters Ss and Mm sight word "a" Shapes Ss amd Mm songs FChristopher Columbus (we talked about how he was looking for India; called the natives Indians; he had 3 ships)

k Yoga k started reading Ramona the Pest

k Letters Rr and Tt; sight

word my k Writing names properly k Writing #'s 1-5 k Fall k Still more rhyming


Mon. 10/18 - Day 5 - Caroline **Art Tues. 10/19 - Day 6 - Clare ** P.E. Wed. 10/20 - Day 1 - Dylan Thurs. 10/21 - Day 2 - Ezra ** P.E. Fri. 10/22 - Day 3 - Gunner **Library

Don't forget ...


k practice tying shoes

k ptactice writing FIRST names in proper form

(only 1st letter should be capitalized) k Proper Pencil grip k BOOK ORDERS due on Friday, Oct. 15th k Breezy Maples Farm field trip - 10/29 k Chaperones for trip will be Mrs. Alexander and


PLEASE check your child's folder each night and return it to school. k

Please return ENTIRE "Frog Sheet" on Mondays.

Our classroom is in need of dry erase markers. If you are able to donate some to the classroom, that would be great. The children LOVE using the whiteboards of all sizes, but are VERY hard on the markers.

Mrs. LaMora...thank you for volunteering!

Kate Cruikshank 265-2000 (W) 268-9115 (H) k

October 12-15  

classroom newsletter

October 12-15  

classroom newsletter