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November 14-18, 2011 N

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 Heart Word - the  Wampanoag Homesite thanksgiving/webcast.htm

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Thanksgiving Sorting Numbers/Letters Native American Day Do the “Turkey Lurkey” with your child (aka. Hokey Pokey)

SNACK ATTACK Look for who has snack next week… We currently have 19 students in our class.

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Thanksgiving Feast More Native Americans Sorting Graphing Problem solving Number values Heart Words Roll a Turkey (math game with dice)

Mon. 11/21– Day 4 – Bryan (PE) Tues. 11/22 – Day 5 - Landen NO School on Wed, Thurs, Fri – Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!



Thank you to all who volunteered today for Native American Day! You can’t imagine how helpful you were!!

Please be sure to dress children appropriately for the weather. Heavy coats, mittens and hats help children enjoy being outdoors during the colder weather.

Mon. Nov. 21 is the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast. If you are available, please let me know as soon as possible. Please review our HEART WORDS with your child (aka. Sight Words)

Below is my contact information. Please feel free to contact me any time regarding your child. Kate Cruikshank – 268-9115 (before 8pm)

Heart Words I

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