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Terms infectious disease- any disease that is caused by an agent invading the body pathogen- any agent that causes disease bacteria- tiny, single-celled, organisms, some of which can cause disease virus- a tiny disease-causing particle that consists of genetic material and a protein coat fungus- an organism that absorbs and uses nutrients of living or dead organisms antibiotic resistance- a condition in which bacteria can no longer be killed by a particular antibiotic

Preventing Infectious Diseases Cassandra Pratt 3rd Wellness

Section 1 -


Bacteria, viruses, fungi,

The body uses skin and chemicals to


Diseases affect everybody because they are everywhere.

fight pathogens. The body also has

different agents that can cause

the immune system and inflammatory



severe muscle spasms. They can

To stay well, a person can eat a

enter the body through cuts and

person to person, food &

healthy diet, drink water, reduce


water, the environment, &

stress levels, & exercise regularly.

Diseases can spread from




Tetanus- causes a person to have

Meningitis- causes severe

Immunity to a disease develops once

headache, fever, stiff neck,

a person gets vaccinated.

sensitivity to light, & nausea. Can

While sick, a person should stay at

be spread from mucus of an

viral medication.

home, drink plenty of fluids, and

infected person.

Two ways to prevent antibiotic

wash hands frequently.


Two treatments of infectious

diseases are antibiotics & anti-



Section 3

protists, & bacteria are five

animals. -

Section 2



Flu- causes headaches, sore

To prevent the spread of infectious

muscles & throat, fever, vomiting,

for antibiotics if you have a

dieases, a person can keep clean,

fatigue, & cough. Can be spread

viral disease, & to follow

cover their mouth, & get vaccinated.

by contact with saliva.

resistant bacteria is ask doctor

prescription and finish



Cold- causes scratchy & sore throat; sneezing & runny nose; &


mild cough. Can be spread by contact with saliva. -

Amebic dysentery- causes nausea & fever.


Organizations that prevent the spread of infectious diseases are:

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