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Learning by participation: The instructors ask students to participate in games and role plays.

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Creative use of language: In this session, students make stories with the help of given words. This activity enables them to be creative.

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Free Flow speech: The instructors invites the students to speak on a topic or a situation based on real life for a minute or two.

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Individual care: At KCPI, we believe in small groups to provide individual attention and make training effective.

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English for better career “Better English, Better Opportunities”

Brainstorming: The instructors divide students in groups and ask them perform the given tasks.

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Join KCPI • Check your current level: To find out your current level you need to take a simple evaluation test followed by a short chat with a counselor/trainer. • Time slot: Choose a 1:30 hr slot between 7 am and 9 pm during the week, or the weekend option 3-hour slots on Saturdays & Sundays. • Registration: Deposit some part of your fees and register yourself.

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Kulpvriksh Career Planners Institute Pvt. Ltd.

D-211, LGF, Laxman Singh Complex-II, New Delhi-110067 Landline nos: +91-11-46017871/320 644 64 Cell no.: 93 11 29 33 22 E-mail: Web:

KCPI Levels Levels Kids English English

KCPI is synonym of English language skill development. With its innovative and interactive method, KCPI has helped scores of students of all age groups shape their careers. What language skill development requires is more of imbibing than learning it and KCPI has made this possible with its very simple study materials and under guidance of able mentors. This has helped the Hindi speaking students to learn and adopt English language very quickly and enthusiastically. At KCPI, we provide the quality learning at an extremely affordable cost. In placements , the institute is having excellent track record as we provide 100% placement assistance on our several programmes. KCPI

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Our Unique Features: 1.

4-in-1 English program (English, PDP, Presentation Skills, Interview Techniques) 2. Focus on Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. 3. Interactive session 4. Experienced and in-house trained faculty 5. Back up classes after course completion 6. Scientifically designed study materials 7. User id and password for online education 8. Affordable fees 9. Extra classes for weak students 10. Small batch size 11. Option to join the same course at nominal charges 12. Guarantee card to make you better in English

Course Contents Description Basic word power, Short dialogues, story reading, writing, Can say something, can ask for rhymes, poems. something, develop writing and reading skills. Basic Basic level of grammar, greetings & etiquettes, vocabulary Can greet someone. can make some basic sentences Intermediate – Self introduction, long sound & Short sound, Grammar, Can perform basic level of interactions in Level I Vocabulary, Essay & letters a simple way, including self introductions, Can answer simple questions. Intermediate – Short dialogues-Part I, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Extempore Can perform tasks on many familiar Level II and Reading practice topics such as shopping, ordering meal, making reservation, travelling, sports & games etc. Advance – Short dialogues –Part II, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Extempore, Can talk freely on any topic and deal Level I Group discussions, brain storming and presentation. with many situations. Advance – Voice & Accent training, Voice Modulation Can talk spontaneously and with correct Level II usage of Grammar, pronunciation and intonation. Presentation Body language, Presentation techniques, MS PowerPoint, can develop content on any topic, make Skills dressing sense, questioning & answering skills, contents presentations, interact with the development techniques. audience. Personality Time management, Stress management, Confidence building, Can show leadership quality, build Leadership, Dressing sense, Positive attitude, Negotiation skills, positive attitude, negotiate better, Development Program Art of communication, Body language, Objection handling communicate effectively, develop confidence. Business Business English – E-mail writing etiquettes, telephonic Can write business e-mails and interact English etiquettes, Vocabulary & terminology related to business. over the phone in proper manner. Can understand and use different terminology related to business world. Interview Resume drafting, Power dressing, body language, Etiquettes, Can show his ability as a deserving Techniques Answering tough questions, confidence building, stress handling, candidate, answer tough questions, ask Salary negotiation, ask right questions, some Do’s and Don’ts the right questions. mock interview

The KCPI way At KCPI, instructors conduct session in a fun-filled environment. They make it more informative and interactive. The methodology that we adopt are the following: KCPI ds izf’k{kd Vªsfuax lS’ku dks cgqr gh etsnkj ekgkSy esa vk;ksftr djkrs gSaA os bls

vf/kd lwpukRed rFkk laoknkRed cukrs gSaA dk;Ziz.kkyh tks ge /kkj.k djrs gSa os fuEufyf[kr gSa%& 1.

Learning by speaking: The instructors conduct broader part of the lesson orally. Students are given ample of opportunities to speak as much as possible.

English Speaking course  

KCPI has many levels in English speaking program. A candidate has to choose a level as per his requirement.

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