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Roar!, March 6th - March 25th, 2012

Student Groups Edited by Laura Arowolo

The Beginning of The End of AIDS: KCL Stop Aids Society - Platform Campaign 2012 Anna Wrigley - Stop Aids Society President Thanks to new findings the end of AIDS is now within our grasp. The Stop AIDS Society will be campaigning on two important issues this term: the Patent Pool and the Global Fund. Last term, to mark 30 years since AIDS was first diagnosed, we teamed up with International Medical Corp., Sexpression, LGBT Society and Medsin to host AIDS Awareness Week; a week of fundraising




Throughout the week just over £900 was raised and 450 AIDS ribbons were worn. In addition, a photo petition involving 70 King's students was presented to a gathering of MPs at the Houses of Parliament on World AIDS Day asking David Cameron to join the US in pledging the UK's commitment to bringing an end to AIDS within a generation.

The money raised from the week is being divided between four brilliant charities including Naz Project London (NPL), which provides sexual health and HIV prevention and support service to selected Black and Ethnic Minority communities in London; the Terence Higgins Trust, the Oasis South Africa HIV Project in Cosmo City, which combines a clinic service with home-based follow-up and has achieved a 0% rate of HIV

among babies whose mothers attended their antenatal clinic and International Medical Corp., which runs HIV/AIDS prevention education and treatment projects in Burundi, Kenya, Congo and southern Sudan. A big THANK YOU to all of you who got involved, wore ribbons, had photos taken, bought clothes from the bazaar and donated money!

Current Campaigns: How YOU can get involved

With big global issues such as AIDS it can be hard to think about what you personally can do to make a difference. The Stop Aids Society however are running two campaigns, with easy ways for anyone to get involved! The Patent Pool Campaign:

The patent pool was established in 2009 to act as a one-stop shop for drug patents for manufacturers interested in producing generic and childfriendly HIV drugs for low and middle income countries. So far there is a full patent from Gilead in the pool and half a patent from the US National Institute of Health, but Johnson

& Johnson own the other half of this patent and are currently saying ‘No’ to the pool. We want Johnson & Johnson to join the pool party and share the rest of the patent - and ultimately help save more lives! What you can do: We need as many short video clips as possible from mothers/fathers outlining why they no longer trust Johnson & Johnson.

Send your video clips by March 12th 2012 to kclstopaidssociety@gmail. com. The Global Fund for HIV, Malaria and TB Campaign: New evidence has confirmed that Antiretrovirals (ARVs) reduce the risks of transmission of HIV by 96%! There are now calls for governments to inject increased funds now so as to allow for

Hidden Prejudice

Rebecca Kwasniewski will be giving a talk on Friday 9th March at 11am in Activity Room 2, Boland House about her experiences of living and supporting her partner through his illness, the trauma of his loss, the impact on her family and the ‘hidden prejudice’ she experienced. ‘It’s was just one of those things that you presume will never happen to you. But it did. And it rocked my life, my ideals, my understandings, my security, my comfort zones and my white ‘Surrey’ middle class belief system. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with the Stop AIDS society this year!

That’s the thing about AIDS, despite all our preconceptions, it DOES NOT discriminate. I think people still forget this. He wasn’t African,

a decline in infection rates after ten years. What you can do: Write to your MP today and ask to meet with them on March Day of Action to discuss the UK’s role in this important campaign. We will give you full briefing and training prior to your meeting.

homosexual, black, promiscuous, a prostitute or a drug user, but he had AIDS. How? How could he have AIDS? And did I? Worse than that, was our daughter infected? It was the summer of ’94, I was 23 years old. After suffering body rashes, a bad cough and extreme tiredness, my partner (the father of my child), was diagnosed with AIDS. The journey of the next eighteen months was fraught with confusion, emotion and feelings of isolation, whilst my family and I tried to come to terms with the devastating news and, ultimately, my partners’ untimely death’. Please join us in listening to her story. Free food and refreshments will be provided. All donations received will be given to the Terrance Higgins Trust and Oasis.

FACT: An estimated 22,200 people in the UK have HIV but are unaware of it..... FACT: 1 in 4 people with HIV in the UK don't know they have it..... SO: Get tested!

Stop AIDS Society: Up coming Events Friday 9th March ‘Hidden Prejudice’

Talk about the reality of living with and supporting someone with AIDS. Free food, Q&A session and workshop on lobbying. 11am in Activity Room 2, Boland House

Tuesday 13th March ‘The March Day of Action’

This is the day we go crazy, lobbying hard for the Patent Pool and Global Fund, we’ll be doing stunts around London as well as meeting MPs at the Houses of Parliament. Join ‘Kcl Stopaids’ on facebook or email kclstopaidssoceity@gmail. com to be put on the mailing list to find out about all the events going on. Be on the committee! Elections are coming up soon for committee positions. Send us an email at the above address if you want to get involved.

KCL Students Stand Up 4 Syria London Citizens: CitySafe Campaign Areeb Ullah Since March last year, thousands of civilians have fallen victim to the escalating violence in Syria. With an estimated 100 Syrians dying every week and many being displaced from their homes. It has led to many seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. Frustrated by the dire situation, the KCL Islamic Society (ISOC) has teamed up with the charity Human Aid to set up a new campaign called Students4Syria. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the situation in Syria, and raise £70,000 that will go towards a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border. Students from KCL will also travel to Turkey and brave it into Syria to

directly deliver aid directly to those affected. Jihad Kader, project manager for Students4Syria and 4th year dentistry student says, ‘There is a real humanitarian crisis…these people are cut off from the world, running low on vital sources of aid, and this is where we come in.’ If you would like to find out more about what’s happening in Syria, check out the Students4Syria exhibition taking place between the 5th-9th March at the Spit. Alternatively, head to to donate and find out more about the campaign.

KCLSU Platform Campaigns: Are you in a student group or volunteering society, or even a group of individuals looking to get extra support to run a campaign from September 2012? Well, at the next KCLSU Members’ Meeting (to be held on 15th May this year), you can present your campaign for all King’s students to vote on. The top 3 campaigns will get additional support - including help from the Marketing and Campaigns teams, and extra exposure in Roar - to make sure your campaign makes a real difference! Email for more information.

Grace Pailing At 11.30 am on Saturday 10th May, 2008, an altercation began inside a South London bakery. Three minutes later, 16 year old Jimmy Mizen had been fatally injured. He died in the back of the bakery in his brother’s arms. In the wake of Jimmy’s death, his parents decided to take action, to start making the local streets safer. From this desire to use ‘an organized community to defeat violence’, CitySafe was born. CitySafe focuses on improving the relationship between police, businesses and young people in order to create a community-focused effort to tackle crime and fear of crime. The King’s branch of London Citizens is attempting to set up a CitySafe zone around our campus and halls of residence, to make the streets we use everyday safer. We are also hoping to work on the Stand Up and Take Charge campaign, promoting a Citizens Agenda for the upcoming Mayoral elections. The fundamental idea behind London Citizens is that it is people, not just presidents and parliaments, who have the power to change things. If you are interested in joining the King’s branch of London Citizens and becoming an active member of society in London, please contact


Elections edition - March 2012