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FOREWORD Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Officer

Greetings GKT Hockey Club alumni and a very warm welcome to the second ever Alumni Newsletter. I sincerely hope you enjoyed our inaugural issue in December and that this little publication gives you much of the same joy. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of our leavers. You chose well when you joined GKT and made an even better choice by becoming a member of this illustrious hockey club. Your membership does not end at your graduation—it will continue through this newsletter, Old Boys’ tours, the AGM and, of course, the annual President’s Match. It has been a busy first half of 2011—the first annual house hockey competition, the United Hospitals Hockey Cup, the AGM, the President’s Match, a new fixture against the Army Medical Services and the NAMS mixed hockey tournament. The Old Boys have also embarked on a tour to the idyllic and exotic area of London known as ‘The East’. Our teams too have fared well. A fantastic result at NAMS, as well as success for our 1st XI. You can read all about it in the ensuing pages. I would also like to thank the Old Boys who have contributed to this newsletter. And if anyone else would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A Message from the Club Captain Joe Keighley, Club Captain In the immortal words of those R&B legends Boyz II Men we have come to the end of the road of yet another year of GKT Hockey. This year has seen success for all of our teams; with promotion for the 1 st XI (who also managed to maintain the best defensive record in the country, as Dan was keen on telling anyone who would listen), Shinwoo Kim almost arriving on time for at least one match and a record breaking year for the 3rd XI’s defence. Here at GKT we continue to have a rather loose definition of ‘success’. I’d like to take this opportunity to say another goodbye to all of those gentlemen who have recently made the transition from player to alumni; featuring amongst them a previous Club Captain, a UH Captain and the only person I have ever known to have been kicked out of every single club on every single tour he went on. You will be greatly missed by us all, but I’m sure you will be making an equally big contribution to events such as Old Boys Tour and the Presidents Match. There has also been talk of possibly getting together an Old Boys team for the NAMs hockey tournament in Manchester next Easter so watch this space. I will finish by saying thank you to Karny for utilising his extensive admin skills to put together such a delightful newsletter for you all, and I hope to see some of you over the next year whether at fresher’s trials, tour or at our first AGM in the new HOP Pavilion. Enjoy.

Singapore 6s Chris Greenall, GKT Class of 2004 It is amazing (or worrying) what you agree to do after a few beers. At my wedding a while back, a few of the fellas from the once mighty GKT Hockey 2s agreed to play in the International Singapore 6s Tournament. As easy as this pledge was made, it was forgotten. A couple of months later an email confirmed entry of a Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Old Boys team. It would appear that Kaval Patel (Dental 2004), who was living and studying wire bending in Singapore, takes promises seriously and had entered us into this illustrious event. Multiple sob stories and lame excuses followed. However, five enthusiastic souls joined the wire bender on the hallowed turf of the Singapore Cricket Club on the afternoon before the tournament began. Anand Gupta and Chris Greenall (both Dental 2004) had not said the word ‘hockey’, let alone played it, since university. Jasdeep Bahra (Dental 2004), although still playing regularly, was strangely preoccupied with whether people had any pets. Nabil Kribriya (Medicine 2003) had been turned away because he looked too young. The bastion of the squad, Kumar Kumasingam (Medicine 2001), was fresh from being awarded the Battersea Men’s 3rd XI Team Player of the Year. Naturally we felt confident. As often happens, we underestimated our opposition. The tournament is an international event. We were pooled with Aussie and Malaysian Internationals and the Singapore Olympic Development Squad. Naturally we lost every game.

Our decorated goalie, although quick to mow down his own players, as well as tend to the needs of every slightly-injured female (‘I’m a bone doctor - if it breaks I fix it’), was slightly slower when it came to reacting to shots on goal (although in fairness, glimpses of his Jedi like skills were occasionally observed). In the lengthy gaps between games, most sought to rehydrate and take shelter from the sun. Chris however, disappeared to ‘stretch off’ for hours on end, whilst his team mates employed tequila and ridiculously expensive beers to prepare for each match. After the day’s group matches, the tournament party was a Bollywood Extravaganza. Through various fragmented paths of logic, Guy’s and Tommie’s Old Boys dressed as chillies. Surprisingly, gin is not limited to Guys and Tommie’s bars, and so despite our hot outfits we had an evening laced with stories of love, lust and failure. The next morning saw the knock out stages for last place. We were drawn against the Malaysian internationals. Amazingly, Anand managed to score first. Normal order was duly restored and after 15minutes we had lost the game. With the tournament over, our performance was analysed extensively with various awards being issued. Many might argue that travelling 1000s of miles to spend a day and a half in a cricket pavilion, and playing 2 hours of hockey, was not worth it. There are 6 people who would suggest otherwise. The only way to know is to go - Singapore Cricket Club 6s Tournament 2011.

Old Boys’ Tour 2011

Endurance Interview by Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Officer Our very own Rich Cameron of the Mighty 2s was crowned the winner of RAG 2011’s ‘Endurance’. GKT Hockey Club has a fine tradition of winning this event (interpret this skill however you wish) - we caught up with this year’s winner to find out quite what possessed him to take part. Please note that we have little photographic evidence that this event took place, as in the eyes of the Students’ Union it never did. What does endurance mean to you? I'd never quite understood endurance until this year. Having participated, I understand that there is no point whatsoever other than tradition and some peculiar form of entertainment that people pretend they don’t enjoy, but deep down they love it. Despite the lack of fundraising, it brings RAGgers, old and new, together in a unique way. What were your thoughts on your opponents? As for my opponents, 3 of them – 2 were freshers, they had no idea what was about to happen and didn’t feel the need to abuse Guy's Bar beforehand. Fresher error. They soon found out that remembering endurance is a bad thing. The other two of us got a solid power hour in before to numb the senses and lose all inhibitions. From the first course of a ladle of butter on a slice of bread I could see who was wheat/lad and who was chaff. Did you have a game plan? I think my game plan was based on the Spartan game plan of "Go hard or go home", which is always a good place to start. The rest I played by ear, with very helpful tactics being shouted from the audience such as "down it ginger" or "vom on his face".

Do you have any particular strengths or weaknesses? My main strengths that came into play during endurance were my incredibly weak stomach and my ability to not give a hoot when I’ve had a few snakey-Bs. I had thrown up twice before leaving guys campus. Your thoughts now having completed endurance? Having completed and won endurance, I get to influence next year’s courses which puts me in a position of great power. I intend to push the boundaries of what is allowed without crossing the line. My thoughts so far have been the emetic, ipecac, toothpaste (which was surprisingly nasty this year), and potentially fewer chunks to ensure that courses can be finished and subsequently distributed across the 'secret' location. What's harder: endurance or conversing with a netball girl? Having never actually successfully squeezed any decent chat from a netball girl, despite several attempts, I would have to say that endurance is the easier. Having said this, it *endurance+ is not something to be taken lightly. The only reason I participated was because of my inability to say no to people. How would you 'improve' endurance? I don’t believe there is much that can be done to improve endurance. Two little things would be a top up of food-colouring midway through and start earlier to make the most of the sunshine. Would you do it again? I would never do it again, but feel a strong sense of achievement having done it. I am now debating whether it is something I can add to my CV. Any advice for those wishing to give it a go next year? My only advice to those wishing to participate next year would be to visit Guy’s Bar for a solid hour or two before starting. The less you remember the better.

UH Season Review Hew Torrance, UH Captain 2010-2011 and GKT Class of 2011 This season we had aimed to build on the solid foundations built by Tom Russell (SGUL) and myself during the previous season. Our first game of the season was the annual fixture against the British Army, with Guy Fordham, the former Great Britain hockey maestro now retired to the coaching bench; this was certainly a psychological blow for our corner. However we knew that the team was not to be underestimated, they were fitter and better drilled than our side, which had never played or trained together. The match started off at a frenetic pace, with the UH side soaking up continued pressure and counter attacking on the break. This pattern continued for most of the first half until the Army side started to tire, with their spirit being cruelly broken with a fine breakaway goal for UH scored by Fergus Catmur (GKT) just before the end of the half. UH slowly began to assert its dominance as the second half progressed scoring two further goals (with one from Ryoki Arimoto, GKT) and keeping a clean sheet. Drinks and curry were generously provided by the army and an initiation pint was concocted as customary for the eight debutants. A full match report was reported in the medicalstudent newspaper. The customary UH vs UL game was postponed for this season with a family illness affecting the UL coach and continued problems with UL hockey, now that Imperial College have left UL. UH have contacted the captains of KCL, UCL and IC in an effort to produce a UL side in future seasons to compete against for the William Ross Murray memorial trophy. It would be a great shame to lose traditions such as these. The UH cup was held at Honor Oak Park for the second year running. GKT used the home advantage well for the first of the knockout weekends, remaining unbeaten after playing SGUL and RUMS. However GKT’s plans became unstuck - due to ski tour, the side was under strength and undermanned which was very disappointing. We narrowly lost to BL and were schooled by a full strength ICSM side. Bizarrely GKT only narrowly lost out to a place in the final, with BL having scored one more goal during the knockout stages.

The UH vs UH old boys match, although the date being scheduled almost six months in advance, did not go ahead due to organisational problems at the old boys end. As a result UH attempted to play an exhibition match against UCL, this season’s UL cup winners, however they struggled to produce a full strength team. As a result we played a match against the King’s Old Boys side, again at HOP. Maybe it was the anti-climax of a less glamorous tie, but despite long periods of pressure we were unable to convert all of our chances. The match finished as a draw (4-4), however disappointing the result was it meant that UH finished the season unbeaten. Tour, I gather was a messy affair, it being 3 weeks prior to my finals. Again with a strong GKT turnout, the UH side out-flabongoed and almost out-played all the sides in Bournemouth, narrowly losing to the eventual winners, the Newcastle University old boys (aka the Mobile Virgins) in the semi-finals. Hopefully the side will go at least one better next year. UH old boys will be glad that the traditional tour eating challenge for tour freshers is still being continued. UH hockey is going from strength to strength with GKT players making up the backbone of the playing and touring side. Congratulations must go to ICSM for their narrow (1-0) UH cup win over a stubborn BL side, captained by ex-GKT boy Will Selway. GKT I’m sure will be keen to seek vengeance over ICSM next year. Thanks must go to Wesleyan Medical Insurance, the Medical Defence Union and the Medical Protection Society for their continued support during this season. With especial thanks to my committee Ben Faber (ICSM - treasurer) and James Pittaway (BL - secretary) for their help during the year, without it UH would not have been nearly so successful. The Best of luck must go to next year’s committee, decided after the AGM. Keeping tradition this includes two GKT boys; Dan Cromb (treasurer) and Jason Gupta (secretary) with Ben Faber (ICSM) taking over the captaincy for next season.

Army Medical Services Jay Pachchigar, 1st XI Captain

The day of the match against the army started in the usual fashion, with Shin arriving 2 minutes before the train was about to leave. Once we got off the train, we all looked towards Shimmings (because of his army links) and Karny (because he's Karny) to lead the way to pitch. While Shimmings will argue that he led us to where he was told to go, I think the general consensus was that he ballsed it up and made us walk at least 20 minutes more than we should have had to. Once we got there, we found there were signs of mass partying (I lie, the army don't party) and an air of calmness around the army base. Bin Laden had been captured the week before and the army now had nothing to do. During the warm up, we saw that they had a girl on their team. Shin was quick to realise she had 'AMS' on the back of her shirt, and said her name must be 'Amy'. This was before realising 'AMS' stood for Army Medical Services and they all had AMS on their shirt. Within 5 minutes we were a man down, with Nick Chang (who is yet to pay his subs) supposedly pulling his hamstring. The problem with doing a match report a month later is that you tend to forget what happened during the match. All I remember is that we should have won but ended up losing 1-0. After some fantastic food, it was decided by drink off that Karny was man of the match and Nick Chang was tosser. All in all it was a great day and I look forward to playing the AMS next year.

President’s Match 2011 Anil Ekanayake, GKT Class of 2006 GKT Old Boys Team 2011 Tom Simpson (GK) Anil Ekanayake (C) Tim Scott Ian Rodrigues Mark Pendrey Arfan Akhtar Jess Hart Meg Barne Kaanthan Jawahar Vinny Patel Mak Patel Last year saw the Old Boys hand out a 6-3 thrashing to the 1st XI. This was thanks to many of the big names from yesteryear putting on their astros. However the timing of this year’s match, due to the Royal Wedding and the NAMS Mixed Hockey Tour, made it difficult for many of the old boys to participate. Lesson learnt from this year is that you never go to the game with only 11 players. No shows are inevitable. This meant that as we only had seven players, up stepped Jess Hart and Meg Barnes to support the Old Boys. As a desperate skipper looking to field eleven players I negotiated the temporary transfer of Mark Pendrey (Alumni Officer) and Kaanthan Jawahar (Alumni Officer Elect). So the game started with the Old Boys (and Girls) prepared for a slow start to get the stiff joints moving again. However Vinny ‘Poacher’ Patel wasted no time as he tapped home the opener, thanks to some quick passing and great movement off the ball. Arfan Akhtar teamed up with Kaanthan Jawahar, like two lovers on a honeymoon, in midfield. Kaanthan however felt it necessary to prove his male dominance by holding the ball(s) for just too long.

Tim ‘The Rock’ Scott blew off the cob webs to play a crucial role in the defence. It just goes to show old people still have a purpose. Maybe. The beginning of the second half was started by Karny shouting “C’mon Old Boys, we need to fill in the gaps in midfield!” - to which goalkeeper Tom Simpson pointed out the obvious: “Karny, aren’t you playing Centre Midfield?”. Touché. Anyway, the 1st XI started the second half with more vigour, as they made many a valiant effort to beat Tom Simpson in goal. Their hard work paid off after some silky skills got past the old boys defence – Joe Keighley (Club Captain Elect) putting his body on the line and slotting the ball into the backboard. Simpson in goal had not only to contend with the opposition, but also Anil Ekanayake kneeing him in the head. After a night filled with gin and ladies dropping their underwear, Tom certainly didn’t need a further bump to the head. With the score line left at 1-1, there were frantic efforts from all sides. However the game was to be concluded with penalty flicks. After a quick lesson in the new penalty flick rules, the Old Boys made it look easy. Final score ending 5-2 to the Old Boys…great game and as always played in good spirit. Next year we should be lucky enough to christen the new HOP Clubhouse with its first President’s Match….to the tune of… P.S. It turns out no one took any pictures. It might have something to do with AGM being the night before. So instead, please enjoy several pictures of Anil Ekanayake.

NAMS - Liverpool! Joe Keighley, Club Captain GKT DEFEAT THE AXIS OF EVIL (ALMOST) What do Kate Middleton and Osama Bin Laden have in common? They both missed out on the weekend which reaffirmed GKT’s place as one of the few remaining bastions of excellence in the medical ‘extracurricular’ community. The bank-holiday weekend may be better remembered for two different people having their previously untouched back doors smashed in before having blokes from the navy shooting off into their face, yet the true elite from the GKT mixed hockey team will have other stories to tell. Once again the first to arrive and last to leave the debaucherous three-day bonanza that is the NAMS (National Association of Medical Students) Hockey Tournament, this year held in Liverpool, GKT held their own throughout the duration. They even decided to be good at hockey this time around; with the moral-boosting arrival of their very own superstar rapper combined with the physics-defying performances of their overtly rotund winger powering them all the way into the final only to be defeated by a bunch of curiously masculine women from Newcastle. On a not entirely unrelated point - for those of you who were wondering, a drunken taxi ride from Liverpool to London Bridge will set you back about £390, 5 hours and a whole lot of dignity.

The Vinesh Patel Cup 2011 Jay Pachchigar, 1st XI Captain

Last game, and my last late match report of the season, sad times. Even though we had beaten the 2nd team twice already during the season, they were keen for some more ass-whooping. We were keen to break the tradition of Karny always being on the losing team (this being his 6 th Vinesh Patel Cup match) and show the 2nd team who was boss. The game was made more intense by the presence of a few old boys, including Tom Simpson (who was kindly keeping for the 1st XI), Will Selway (Spectator - now at Barts...grrr) and the legend himself.....Vinesh Patel. After a shaky start, we got a hold of the game and began to dominate. Fergus did his usual thing, making the opposition look like they're not there, and we scored 4 in the first half. Although the 2nd team did put up a fight, with Shin and Hassan somehow being able to run all day in the 100ยบ C heat, we eventually won 7-0. After a few drinks at HOP, everyone eventually made their way to McDonalds or Nawaz, moving on to the last hockey social of the year in Guy's Bar. Some great new games were introduced, which I believe were called 'Flip coin and bang head on table as hard and as fast as you can' and my favourite: 'Give me a famous name and my friend here will guess it by me clicking all over the place and saying some suspicious lines'. Yet another great day for GKT hockey, and we'll hopefully be seeing more of the old boys around. No one said 1st XI captain would have to write match reports all the time, but it has been a pleasure. Jay Pachchigar, over and out.

AGM Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Officer It was that fateful time of year again, where the men and women of GKT Hockey Club put on their Sunday best and attempt to put a civilised spin onto a black-tie lash fest. Determined to beat the ladies to The Griffin for the ‘champagne’ reception, the men’s AGM started on time. And ran to schedule. It was shocking.

With Mr. George being out of the country, the responsibility of chairing this event fell on the shoulders of Tom Simpson (GKT Class of 2006). He did a mighty fine job, triple counting the closest race to club captain I have ever witnessed (Joe Keighley narrowly pipping Fergus Catmur 24-23).

The red nose day theme continued at The Griffin with much rose being consumed. Gin was bought, awards were presented, memories were lost. And this was all before the luxury coach transport took us to “The Strand”. Our presence in Tutu’s quickly raised the street cred of the boring lawyers that inhabit this odd part of London. A night of 80s cheese followed, with a few hours sleep before the President’s Match the next day. AGM was once again a huge success.

Next year the HOP Pavillion will be complete, allowing us a much higher capacity. We hope to have several more alumni in attendance.

Yearbook Leavers Page Mark Pendrey, GKT Class of 2011 Our outgoing Alumni Officer, former Treasurer and former Club Captain looks back on his time with GKT Hockey Club.

1st XI Report Jay Pachchigar, 1st XI Captain

Now where do you even start with a season like the one we just had. I guess at the start is as good a place as any...... It began with the slowest first term ever. Only 5 matches and none of them on consecutive Wednesdays! However with our lack of practice (match and training due to snow), we still remained undefeated in the first term, with draws against ICSM and KCL (scum bags). It definitely picked up in the second term, but so did the players' unavailability. In hindsight I probably should have called a few more players up to the first team earlier on in the season, but I somehow thought my 13 players would be available week in week out. How I was so, so wrong. Due to our lack of games in the first term, we had 5 Sunday matches in a row, with 3 continuous visits to Hatton Cross (long tings, as Sach would say). BUCS league was always going to be easy and we were swiftly promoted back in emphatic fashion, conceding only 2 goals (not good enough Dan). This season we made it all the way to the ULU final, where we were up against an unbeaten (17 wins) UCL team. We started off amazingly, winning a flick (which I missed) and then taking the lead. And then it came. 4 goals from them meant we were on the back foot, however we still managed to get a goal in. After that they dominated and although we didn't give up, they were simply just too quick for us, scoring another 4 to finish on 8-2. The final score doesn't do our performance justice, as we played the same fluid hockey that we have been all season. In the ULU league, we were unfortunate to not beat a weakened IC 1's team, drawing 4-4, and were robbed of point by UCL 1's by a last second penalty flick. Luckily, 3 draws was enough to keep us up and send KCL down (to the pits of hell).

After AGM, we still had the biggest part of the season to go.....UH and Macadam. With the season we had so far and the quality of hockey we played, I expected big things. The injuries and unavailabilities really kicked in for the final part of the season, and for the first UH weekend, we had the Ladies 1st XI keeper playing for us in goal for one match! We made a good start, winning both of the matches. For the second weekend, from the whole of the Men's club, there were only 8 players available, with the Ski Tour taking half the hockey team away. We found an extra last minute player, in the form of Roy's better looking brother, however it still wasn't enough. We were very much the dominant team against Barts, however due to our inability to finish our chances and a questionable last minute goal from them, we lost. Against ICSM, we never really stood too much of a chance, seeing as they had 16 players, however we knew goal difference would possibly play a factor in the end. 4 -1 doesn't seem too bad but in the end it was one goal too much as we were edged out of the final by Barts, who had the same goal difference, but had scored more goals. Macadam, for me, is by far bigger than any match / final that we could ever play in. All our hard work had come down to this one match. Maybe it was the occasion, but we looked, as Hugo put it, edgy. We conceded 3 poor goals in the first half, and to be honest we didn't really look like coming back. Although we calmed down defensively, diving into tackles, panicking and not passing to sticks let us down quite badly and we were unable to score. What hurts even more is that for the first time in 8 years, we lost Macadam. All in all, we've come a long way as a team, and have a lot to look forward to next season, however I would have happily lost every game we've played this season to beat KCL and to have retained Macadam. For the first time, Dan started a stats table, giving points to each player for certain things such as goals, clean sheets etc. Although it was heavily weighted towards goal scorers, here are a pick of the stats: Leading the table is Nock Sharma with 51 points, closely followed by Fergus with 48. Second highest points per game is Greg, with 5 points from 1 game. A total of 29 people have played for the 1st XI this season. Sachin leads the way with fines, amounting a total of 26 pounds throughout the season, mostly due to 3 yellow cards. We've had a great season and I can't wait till next year for the time when I can sing those 4 glorious words to KCL when we win back Macadam....

2nd XI Report Shin Woo Kim, 2nd XI Captain

This has been an incredible season in terms of teamwork, commitment and of course, the socials. Our goal at the start of the season was to not get relegated, having procured a promotion the season before. The fixtures to come involved 5 clashes with 1st XI teams, including our own, and numerous fixtures against traditionally strong 2nd XI UCL and IC teams. We played 16 fixtures in total, winning 5, drawing 2 and losing 9, but this does not include our monumental 10-0 victory over our Women’s 1st XI, and our 8-man victory of 1-0 over our 3rd. These results represent an astonishing year of hockey as the GKT 2nd XI hockey pedigree rises to new heights. Of the season highlights, the systematic breakdown of St. George’s 1st XI away was an inspirational display of teamwork as we won 1-0. The quality of hockey played that night was that of splendour, and thanks to this result, we are satisfied in the knowledge that St. George’s 1st XI are being relegated and not us. Our team this season has forever been transforming, but it is with great pleasure and a hint of regret to see that more than half of our initial starting XI have now established themselves as regular 1st XI players, reaching the pinnacle of our club on the pitch. Having said this, the 2nd XI is still strong, and is left in the capable hands of next year’s Captain Alex Chowdhury and his Vice, Richard White.

3rd XI Report Saarth Shiralkar, 3rd XI Captain This has been something of a record breaking year for the 3s. In all competitions, we have conceded 98 goals. Despite this, we have finished the season placed 4th in both BUCS and ULU. It was always going to be a difficult to emulate last year’s performance, having lost some important players and taken in 15 fresher’s, most of whom had never played much competitive hockey. To make things even harder, a lot of senior players have not been able to play much this season for various reasons. Despite this, our first two games, a 1-0 loss to IC 4s and a 2-1 loss to LSE 2s, didn’t go too badly. We managed to create a lot of chances but ended up losing due to our lack of experience and lapses of concentration. That said, the early signs were encouraging, with the fresher’s adapting well to unfamiliar positions. However our season took a turn for the worse after that. It started with a 20-0 battering our BUCS cup match against a team 5 leagues above us. This was followed by a 12-0 loss to Arts 1s and an 18-0 loss to Medway. It wasn’t all bad however as we also managed a 1-0 friendly win against the Ladies’ 1s. Our performances improved after the Christmas break as we developed as a team, but our progress was undone by the fact that we were forced to repeatedly reorganise our defence due to injuries and players being placed outside London. Unfortunately we were still unable to start winning games. Despite playing well, lapses in concentration meant that we conceded easy goals and ended up losing games we really should have at least drawn. After a couple of terrible games against a strong RSM team we appeared to have turned the

corner after scoring the opening goal against RUMS 3s. Unfortunately 10 minutes of madness towards the end of the first half denied us our first win. However our next game, against Arts 1s, proved to be the catalyst that finally led to our first win. Despite a heavy loss (11-0), our performance in the second half made us realise that we could actually play some good hockey. A strong and disciplined display managed to frustrate Arts and we came close to scoring a couple of goals on the break. We also managed to record a better result against Arts this time out despite having most for our first choice players missing. Our long awaited first win finally came the following week against Suffolk. Although we only won by 1 goal, it was a great performance by everyone and we could have scored a lot more. Unfortunately we followed this with a 9-0 loss to Medway (having lost Ashwin to injury after 10 minutes) and an unfortunate 1-0 friendly loss to the 2s. Despite a very difficult season, we have, thankfully, managed to finish it on a high. We may only have won one game but we could have potentially won more had they not been cancelled. This team has progressed a lot this year and, as long as the core group of players stays, next season could be a very good one for the 3s. Although our form on the field has left a lot to be desired, our form off it has been impeccable with the 3s regularly being strongly represented on Wednesday nights at Guy’s Bar and at other Club socials. It is this strong social aspect that has allowed the 3s to grow into a tight knit unit over the course of the year despite some disappointing afternoons on the pitch.

Honours List for 20102011 Season Full Blues Nominees should have played their sport at 1st team level AND ABOVE (county teams etc) for at least 3 years and held committee positions for at least two years; for at least one of those years they should have been on the core committee (i.e. Club Captain/1st team captain). Blues are awarded on the discretion of the Blues & Shields Committee, formed of senior members of staff from the Medical School.

Kaanthan Jawahar

Leavers 2011

Mark Pendrey Hew Torrance Will Matthews Nick Marsden Kartik Logishetty

Leaver of the Year

Jay Pachchigar Hew Torrance

Half Blues The criteria are not as strict as for full blues but in general; Three years playing at a reasonably high standard plus one or two years on committee OR five/six years playing at a reasonably high standard Joe Keighley Mark Alexander Shimmings Greg Nussbaum Kartik Logishetty Hugo Penny Jason Gupta

Player of the Year

Fergus Catmur

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Men’s Committee 2011—2012: Club Captain—Joe Keighley Treasurer—Greg Nussbaum Social Secretary—Mark Alexander Shimmings Fixtures Secretary—Jason Gupta Informations Secretary—Saarth Shiralkar Alumni Officer—Kaanthan Jawahar 1st XI Captain—Dan Cromb 1st XI Vice Captain—Sachin Sharma 2nd XI Captain—Alex Chowdhury 2nd XI Vice Captain—Richard White 3rd XI Captain—Dheeraj Khiatani 3rd XI Vice Captain—Hannes Hagson Mixed Team Captain— Ash Kalra

Epilogue Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Officer And so that is the end of the second ever alumni newsletter. I hope you enjoyed reading it and a huge thank you goes out to all who contributed. If you wish to write for us then please get in touch. And please do pass this onto any alumni that we don’t have contact details for. Next season is shaping up to be excellent—the arrival of the new HOP Pavillion will be a particular highlight. The new facilities here will allow us to do more for the alumni. So do watch this space. Anyway I can’t really think of anything more to write. GKT till I die etc. Until December chaps.

GKT Hockey Club Alumni Newsletter July 2011  

The 2nd Alumni Newsletter from GKT Hockey Club