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FOREWORD Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Secretary

A warm welcome to our Alumni from this the third GKT Hockey Alumni Newsletter. We sincerely hope you are enjoying the festive period and that this little read keeps that smile going just a little bit longer. It has been an extremely busy term with the student sides growing in size and achieving some excellent results both on and off the pitch. But perhaps the biggest news has been the resurrection of the Old Boys Side. Now re-branded as GKT Old Boys Hockey Club (and GKT Alumni Hockey Club when the ladies get involved), the team has embarked on 4 fixtures so far with more in the pipeline for the New Year. Some boring politics are also irritating our student sides. BUCS (formerly BUSA) are in the process of attempting to merge medical school teams into their host institutions. More information on this stupid idea can be found later on in this newsletter. I would also like to thank everyone that has contributed to this newsletter. You have all made my life very easy. It has allowed me to concentrate on finally graduating from GKT and actually become an Old Boy. Although my fellow students are never shy of reminding me of just how old I already am. Enjoy!

A Message from the Club Captain Joe Keighley, Club Captain Hello again alumni, and a Happy New Year. Firstly I must thank Karny for managing to take time out from married life to compile what I am sure is another superb newsletter. Also thanks to all of our other contributors. The season began with the somewhat ambitious aim of promotion for all three of our men’s teams and I am pleased, and slightly shocked, to be able to tell you that this target is very much still a possibility. Our 1st and 2nd XIs currently sit at the top of their BUCS leagues (3B and 4B respectively) whilst our 3rd XI are sitting pretty atop their ULU group. Splendid. I won’t spoil any more of the surprises contained within this tome of knowledge but I can reassure that those of you who read on will be rewarded with the usual debaucherous tales of alcohol, nudity and everything else synonymous with GKT’s finest. I will leave you with a reminder to keep checking our website (http:// for the weekly match reports and much more besides. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the coming year. Joe Keighley

BUCS Being Idiots Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Secretary

What happened? The summer saw the annual BUCS (formerly BUSA) AGM take place. A controversial motion became apparent which looked to not allow institutions to enter as more than one team into sports competitions. BUCS referred to these as ‘anomalies’ and highlighted the ‘old medical schools’ as examples. Needless to say that once UK medical students got wind of this they were pissed off. A national outcry, a 2500+ strong petition and a whole lot of hubbub saw BUCS remove this point from the AGM. However, they still wish to consult the ‘affected institutions’ during the current academic year to reach a resolution. What’s happening now? KCLSU (the students’ union) will be running a referendum next term asking the entire student body to vote on whether teams should be kept separate or not. Preceding this vote will be a campaign highlighting the reasons for and against a merger - the view being to allow the nonsporting voter to make an informed choice. GKT Hockey Club will be out to educate the masses on how detrimental this could be to medical schools up and down the country. What’s going to happen? The most likely outcome is that the teams are kept separate. The vote will make it official policy that the teams will always be kept separate. However, if BUCS go ahead and decide to not allow two different teams from the same institution to complete, the medics will have to withdraw from BUCS. Only a KCL side will be allowed to compete, with the hope being that the best players from the non-medics and medics combine and play together for the BUCS competition. Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen. My view? I will be very surprised if the student body votes to merge teams. I won’t be surprised if BUCS go ahead and implement what they see as best for university and college sport. Should this happen, I can only see a few 1st XI players turning out for the combined KCL side. It will be of no interest to the less serious sportsman. GKT will turn to other competitions to fill their boots (they have already joined the NAMS National League in mixed hockey). What annoys me the most is that BUCS believe this to be in the best interests of university and college sport. With no evidence of a consultation, it wouldn’t be surprise if this decision was taken in a board room by disinterested and uninformed individuals with one eye on the clock. It simply astounds me when rash decisions like this are made without stopping for one second to think. Rant over.

Freshers’ Trials 2011 Mark Alexander Shimmings, Social Secretary

When I took on the role of Social Secretary, I had two goals in mind for freshers’ trials: much more gin and make them down a whole tin of Lyle’s Golden Syrup each. Unfortunately only one and a half of these were accomplished, but the results of trials speak louder than words. Once again this year saw a massive turnout from freshers and second years, coming to see what the most social club in GKT had to offer. On arrival ‘hockey’ ensued for at least five minutes and eagle eyed team captains identified their diamonds in the rough for the coming season. This culminated in penalty flicks, with an appropriate amount of juniper received for shots missed. One particular fresher received rather more for extreme arrogance, as having been challenged to hit both posts and the crossbar in three shots, he did. Introductions were made over on the grass, rules of consumption announced, and drinking was underway. Bored of the pleasantries, a Jacob’s Cracker Eating Boat Race was declared, with the freshers themselves opting to compete as ‘whites vs. asiatics’, much to my distaste. After much cheating on both sides, neither was victorious.

The boys were then sent bra hunting and, donning their new lingerie, three teams were chosen to compete in the traditional assault course. New spins this year included mustard-mayonnaiseketchup-gin-juniper-berry-cherry bakewell cakes, a mouthful of gin pickled onions, and overly aggressive rugby tackle bags. Things got messy at the end when the losers were awarded with Mr. Sachin Sharma’s Biohazard, a concoction from hell for non-drinkers, of which this year we had none. In the vomity chaos, a troll of a rugby girl began punching several freshers for no reason, but she was seen away by making cross shapes with our fingers and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Gin was aplenty, ‘but what about the Golden Syrup?’ I hear you ask- having been dissuaded by clever people such as Hew Torrance with tall tales of oesophageal tears and death, I was dissuaded from giving such a viscous present to the freshers. This did not stop a famous ADHD rugby player from downing the one I had brought because he was hungry. Following this, chopped juniper berry moustaches were glued to faces and the boys were whisked off to Guy’s Bar for further merriment, now fully fledged members of the club. We were honoured this year to play host to Chuck Norris, but after a few shots of gin and holding a girl’s bra for the first time, he soon succumbed to the power of GKTHC, and took a yellow and green flashing taxi home.

T.I.T.S. 2011 Ash Kalra, Mixed Captain Our 2012 trek down to Southampton for the Tournament In The South (TITS) rode off the considerable success of the 2011 tournament in which GKT first got a piece of the action. The force was strong with GKT as we headed down to Southampton with two full hockey teams kitted out in Jedi attire. It was after we arrived and demolished a delectable curry that tradegy would strike. As Jet and Megan fell victim to The Goon, Cpt Jack fell victim to the dark side of gin, and Clowns fell victim to a destructive game of La Di Da, we descended into the wretched hive with scum and villainy that was Jesters. Needless to say, a hazy but delightful night pursued. However, after Jesters struck us down, GKT became more powerful than TITS could possible imagine, and after a night of close quarters and a breakfast of much bacon, we arrived at the pitches in full force. Kicking our hangovers, GKT embraced the TITS spirit and joined the other universities in properly debaucherous hockey in which the infamous flabongo took flight, freshers found true love and weren’t raped at all, the dance craze called ‘the Pidgeon’ swept the nation, the Baywatch -barrage was perfected, and Jet’s crotch was seen by all. Hockey-wise, both teams fought bravely with Team 2 clinically dispatching their opposition to find themselves in the quarter finals facing a P-flick competition. Despite Saarth (Vader)’s best attempts to ruin everything, Chowdhury proved his skill as a fully-armed and operational keeper and carried the team to the semis. However, luck would not be on our side as a wookiee of an umpire and a few unlucky touches would see the last chances of GKT’s chances to reach the finals slip out of our grasps. After a pub dinner and more than a few for the road, GKT headed back with their love for TITS reinforced with carbonite. Until next year!

TOUR Mark Alexander Shimmings, Social Secretary

Haggis, bagpipes, kilts, and gingers- tour this year was not to Callum Baxter’s sex dungeon, but Edinburgh, Scotland. ‘Tossing the caber’ jokes aside, we went north, and we were “so bloody naughty” (Gupta, 2011). Disciples of GKTHC assembled at Guy’s for 8am in full ‘Wild West’ regalia, as was our theme this year. True to form, this years 1st XI proved how not cliquey they are by all dressing as Native American prostitutes, a move inspired/enforced by DJ ‘Red Spinning Disc’ Cromb. Freshers donned their cow onesies, carried £400 worth of gin onto the bus, and we were on our way. As a follower of the ‘the coach journey is the best bit’ philosophy, the next ten hours were immense. Several stops meant more members of the public were permanently scarred, and more communal ginnings were required to keep order. Our accommodation was right in the centre of the city, with views that brought many to tearsnothing to do with room allocation drama. Having unpacked our things, command was handed over to the girls’ social secs, who had organised a lovely Chinese buffet for us ‘just down the road’. A two mile walk later, and we were scoffing chow mein like true cowboys. The night out culminated in dancing the night away with a host of spotty Scottish teenagers and some terrified looking Asian girls.

The next day, to beat the hangover, and provide a free and cultural activity for Saturday morning, it was decided that the tour freshers would run up Arthur’s Seat, a 251m volcanic rock next to Edinburgh, chased all the way by gin. Eventually, after witnessing the 1 st XI (now all wearing tweed) perform a fitness test ahead of the freshers, the whole club assembled on top of the hill for scenic club photos, and to the horror of the scattered tourists, another mass ginning. After this warmup and some lunch, we played hockey against Edinburgh Medics and Vets. Naturally, we won, though the score, duration, or quality of the match is a mystery. That evening we met up with Edinburgh at a bar, observed some drinking games, and moved onto their students union, a glass domed shopping centre serving drinks. Mr. Cromb managed his childhood dream of safe sex promotion, when he was allowed to be the ‘Safe Sex T-Rex’, and handed out more condoms than Scotland has ever seen. Battling through a maze, the club section was found and GKT boogied the night away. Except Tom Bloomfield- a criminal who hates Edinburgh Students Union (GMC investigation looming). The Sunday saw a trip to Edinburgh Castle, souvenir shopping and an epic booze run, before getting back on the coach and beginning the return leg of the trip. Nine hours of debauchery followed, and the girls learned that Pringles tins are the perfect she-wee. Upon getting back to London, we finished the gin together and said our goodbyes, as DC was closed. A brave few survivors made it to the Blue Eyed Maid, where the club captain bought several bottles of wine ‘to go’ at last orders. Reports of ASBO behaviour in Guy’s Quad are probably true, and were an excellent culmination to what was a cracking tour.

Christmas Dinner 2011 The 3s came as LMFAO, the 2s in lederhosen and the 1s as half naked butlers. The girls were less impressive. All in all a great Xmas Dinner at the Roebuck, Kennington.

Meet Dan Cromb An interview conducted by the students’ union with our very own Dan Cromb - a man of Guy’s Bar, 1st XI Captain, superstar DJ and mixed international fame. Apologies in advance for the boring nature of this piece. KCLSU are not very witty.

Elite athlete, hockey goalkeeper and soon to be doctor Dan Cromb popped in for a chat about his life, career and aspirations... When did you get started in Hockey? I don’t really know what it was, neither of my parents played but when I was about 6 my Dad decided he’d like me and my brother to play so he took us along to our local club and it started from there. So did you play at school? No, my school was very much rugby orientated, if you didn’t play rugby then they didn’t want to know. In year 10 or 11 they had a couple of people interested in Hockey and they left it up to us to organise any games. The PE teacher just handed us a list of numbers for other schools and said “if you want to play it, go and arrange it yourself” so we had one or two games but it wasn’t a big sport at all, there were no training sessions or anything. When did you realise you were quite good at it and you thought, actually I could take this seriously? During my first couple of years at University during my first degree, I was playing at Purley, which is one of the local clubs and I started to take it more seriously than I had before. Then I went to America without playing for a year, which at first was a bit weird but I really enjoyed it in a sense, I’d been playing for 15 years at this point and it was nice to have a complete break from being a goal keeper and to do some coaching instead. Then when I came back from America, it sounds like a massive cliché, but I sort of rediscovered my passion for it. I started to take it more seriously, working my way up various teams. When I left University, I joined at club called Holcombe who are based in Chatham; they’re a national league team. They’ve got lots of talent and that’s when I started taking it really seriously and played at International standard.

How do you balance Hockey and uni? Well I’ve always just been really busy, and I’ve played hockey since I was a kid, that’s just something I’ve always done. I’ve always had training sessions doing the week and games at the weekend. But it is a struggle sometimes, especially when I did my first year of medicine. Because I’m on a graduate entry programme, the first year is incredibly intense as you do two years in one. But I think, and it’s something I’ve always believed, if you want to do something and do it well then it’s never going to be easy and you have to find the time to do it. What are the pros and cons of playing in a team sport rather than an individual one? Obviously the social aspect is fantastic, playing for lots of clubs and different teams, you get to meet loads of different people. And it’s always more fun turning up to training when it’s cold and wet if there are other people there with you. But sometimes as a goalkeeper it’s hard as there’s not much you can do about influencing the game. If your team isn’t playing that well you can’t go out and score a goal, you can’t go out and change the game. Is the goalkeeper position quite physically challenging? Anyone else would tell you that we’re the lazy ones! Which is partly why I took up triathlon to try and prove to myself that I am still able to do the fitness aspect. It’s interesting as, for a goalkeeper, the training or the warm-up is usually the most intense part of our session. So you can have games where you only make two or three saves and so the difficult part is the concentration. If you’re not involved for 45 minutes, actually staying focused is quite hard. But there are times when we’re busy, and it is physically demanding; you’re getting hit quite hard and you have run ins with players as well as the ball, but fitness wise we do have it easy compared to everyone else. So what is your favourite competing memory? Making my international debut was fantastic. There was a long build up to the game, weeks and weeks of training and preparation. It was an England mixed game against Wales over the summer. The whole thing before the game, doing the line up and the national anthem and then going on to play was amazing. That was a really proud moment, I had to work quite hard to get there and that was really good. Also last year the King’s team got a promotion. We had a really successful year in the league, I think we played seven and won seven so that was really nice. Having that achievement on the final game was fantastic, it wasn’t a one off defining moment but each game was great.

What are your ambitions for next year? Promotion in BUCS first and foremost. We got promoted last year and we are currently the top of our league so it would be nice to get promoted again – and there’s Macadam which we always want to win. I’m still looking to play for United Hospitals, which is a select 11 from all the medical schools in London and they put out this team against various invitational sides, so we’re playing at Sandhurst against the Army this weekend. Personally, I want to keep playing at Holcombe and selection is really intense, there’s lots of competition, especially amongst the goal keepers, which is good because the competition keeps you on your toes; and obviously the England mixed team over the summer again. That’s my ultimate aim for hockey next year, to do that. I’m not sure what will happen the year after as I’ll then be a qualified doctor so that takes over a bit. How has the KCLSU Elites programme helped you? First of all having free gym membership has been fantastic as when you’re a student and busy, you don’t get much opportunity to go out and earn money. Lee (Steegles, Personal Trainor at Kinetic Fitness Club) is the Strength and Conditioning Coach here and he has been really, really good. It’s invaluable to have someone who sets you a structured programme and who checks to make sure you’re doing it right and you’re progressing. It gives you motivation to make sure you get up and actually train, as if you don’t you know there’s someone sort of watching you. Also if I need to free up time for studies or if I ever have any issues such as clashes with lectures, then I’ve got the support of the guys here which is really good. It’s just nice to have that support behind you. We have access to funding, I haven’t used any yet but I imagine over the course of the year I will, because as a goal keeper my kit is quite expensive. A new kit for me is about £2,000 so replacing new bits of kit when they get old, £200 here, and £150 there adds up so the funding is very useful for someone like me.

Old Boys Report Arfan Akhtar, Old Boys Vice Captain (GKT Class of 2009) Committee 2011-2012 Club Captain:

Kaanthan Jawahar


Anil Ekanayake

Team Captain:

Tim Scott

Team Vice Captain: Arfan Akhtar

The resurrected GKT Old Boys side has played 4 fixtures so far this season. The first was against the GKT Students at the annual KCL Alumni Association games. PLaye don grass at Berrylands, this tournament is very similar to the Macadam Cup, only instead of GKT vs. The Strand it’s Alumni vs. Students. The match was evenly contested but the cobwebs proved too much for us in the end. The obviously much more physically fit students out ran us in the second half to win 2-0. However, the ensuing drinking games were firmly won by the Old Boys. The second fixture was the inaugural George IV and Edward VI Cup - what we hope to become an annual fixture against the KCL Old Boys and Girls. The Girls were first up and duly thrashed their KCL counterparts 3-0. It was a completely different story in the Old Boys match. Playing a side which competes in Saturday National League on a weekly basis, the Old Boys were outclassed by their KCL counterparts. The final score was forgettable, but was more than made up for by the open bar that followed! The third and forth fixtures saw two wins for the GKT Alumni Side. Ably assisted by the growing GKT Old Girls side, wins against George’s and Bart’s sweetened December before the Xmas break. We look forward to more fixtures next season both as the Old Boys and as the Alumni. Matches in the pipeline include Bart’s Old Boys, UH HC as well as sending an alumni side to NAMS. And we have the AGM to look forward to, which will run in parallel to the students. GKT Old Boys Hockey Club is back!

1st XI Report Dan Cromb, 1st XI Captain

Well, what a first half to the season we've had. Fresher's trials provided the obligatory nakedness and entertainment we've all come to expect, but the few fresher's who've since joined the 1st XI (wisely) managed to stay anonymous. With an intense pre-season fitness schedule, completed by some, ignored by others, out of the way, we kicked off our season with a thoroughly disappointing 1-1 draw in a friendly against Bart's. Our first BUCS league game was a huge success - everyone turned up on time, pre-match nutrition and hydration was flawless (partly thanks to the introduction of the hydration station), we smashed QMUL 7-1 (including the first of many candidates for goal of the season) and a jolly good time was had by all afterwards in the inaugral fancy-pants social. Next week saw us manage to lose 2-0 to St. Georges, despite dominating for most of the game. However, off the pitch we were bonding nicely, with freshers Alec and Khush settling into the team, and Fresher Harry 'Rotter' settling into the beds of various GKT female sportswomen nicely too. Our third BUCS league game saw the introduction of Addison 'fun-bus' Lee for an away trip to the University of Kent. Another solid performance saw us walk away with a 3-0 win, and much merriment was had on the fun-bus home, although Charlie Reeve won't be able to tell you much of what went on after he finished 3 litres of 'K-cider' on the way home. Special mention goes to Alec 'Jackanory' Dawson for his outstanding story telling.

The next two weeks saw two more away matches, both finishing 3-0 to the mighty GKT. The first, away at our second home, the ICSM Harlington campus was a text-book case of 'finding-thewoodwork' as we dominated the game, hitting both posts and the cross-bar twice, in a game that could easily have resulted in a double-figure scoreline. The second game, away to Barts saw a much improved GKT dominate again, with out-standing performances from several previous 2's players, including Hassan 'the hulk' Raja, Greg 'under-the-thumb' Nussbaum and Rich 'bike-thiefslayer' Cameron. No doubt our performance was aided by the introduction of snazzy GKT headbands, thanks to Joe 'take a touch' Keighley. Our next match was a massive home match against top of the league Essex. Did I say top of the league Essex? Not anymore, after we smashed them 7-0 following an impeccable display of finishing all round, including goals from Nicky 'Nicky-Nicky-Chang' Chang on his 1's debut, and Alec scoring what he described as 'the worst drag flick of my life'. Another away trip, this time to UCL, followed in a BUCS cup/ULU league double header grudge match against a team who were sitting undefeated on top of the league above us. A tense 1st half saw the score tied at 0-0, but despite a strong performance, GKT succumbed 2-1, in a game which UCL described as 'the hardest and closest fought win of our season'. Our final game of the half season was an exciting home affair against RUMS in the ULU league, in which we again lost 2-1 in a sluggish performance. However, spirits soon picked up as we made our way to The Roebuck for the Christmas dinner. A fancy dress theme involving lots of nakedness was inevitable, and the 'Butler-in-the-Buff' outfits went down a storm with the women's club as well as the barmaids, as we secured the title of 'Most attractive team' without challenge (no doubt helped by the presence of Hugo Penney). All in all, it's been a fantastic start to the season, with us sitting pretty at the top of a BUCS league we were promoted into last year and our destiny firmly in our own hands. I can almost smell the award for KCL team of the year from here...

2nd XI Report Alex Chowdhury, 2nd XI Captain

Following the loss of a number of key players (and big characters!) to the NHS Foundation system, the 2s started the 2011/12 season with a fairly new look side. This transition was made easier by the additions of football idol Nick Chang and yesteryear hero Vinesh Patel. For our first competitive game we embarked on the long journey away to Canterbury Christ Church in high spirits. However, a combination of bad luck and dubious umpiring saw us suffer a narrow 2-1 defeat. We rejuvenated ourselves with the infamous Strongbow Challenge on the journey back to civilization, resulting in two of our young defenders conducting private team bonding exercises. Despite this defeat, the team has since produced a number of excellent results, laying waste to other university teams throughout London. The highlight of these matches was a 5-2 demolition of the KCL scum. Don’t be disheartened, they need to be taught the feeling of crushing humiliation early on. The results have culminated in the 2s rise to the summit of the BUCs league, with an impressive goal difference of +16. Off the pitch, the 2s have maintained their position as the social beacons of the club. Ridiculous tosser nominations, new mindless drinking games (including a ruthless ‘coin toss – half pint’ game) and chicken cottage visits have been the weekly norm. Indeed, at this year’s Christmas Dinner, we were once again the best dressed team, getting in touch with our cultural side in Lederhosen (thanks Shimmings!). All that’s left is to maintain the results and debauchery in the 2 nd half of the season. Why not?

3rd XI Report Dheeraj Khiatani, 3rd XI Captain Let me start off by quoting my predecessor Saarth Shiralkar; “This has been something of a record breaking year for the 3’s. In all competitions, we have conceded 98 goals”. The first half of the season has been somewhat record breaking, but in a good way. We have got off to an amazing start, being unbeaten in our last 4 games. With a squad so massive it makes Susan Boyle look anorexic, I have had a tough time picking 16 from my 33 men. Trying to emulate our beloved 1st team captain DJ Dan Cromb, I have introduced a new motto of “The more dedication you show, the more match time you get”. As such, the 3’s have consistently had a strong attendance at training sessions and a much greater presence at all social events. With the help of Mankinder (our coach), the training sessions have paid off. We have had the best start to a season in recent history, and I am damn proud to call myself a 3’s player. We stared off the season slowly, losing 6-0 to Greenwich 1st team (who were wrongfully put into our league due to administrative errors). A week later, we travelled many a mile on the tube to face Bart’s 1st team in a BUCS cup game, only to loose 10-0. It was difficult to keep spirits high but the fact that both team were way above our league helped. Confidence was quickly restored when we beard the polytechnic University of the Arts 2 nd team, 8 -0, with Oscar Barnick and Dominic Aldridge each scoring hat-tricks. We then went on to beat imperial 4th team 5-0, and ICSM 3s (scum) 2-0 in a ULU cup game. The last match of the season, we played City 1st team and drew 0-0. With our spirits high, we went to the GKTHC Christmas dinner later that night dressed as LMFAO so we could PARTY ROCK! All in all, I must say I am very proud of the GKT 3 rd XI team and I look forward to playing alongside with them in the New Year. A special mention goes out to Hannes “IKEA” Hagson for being an astounding vice-captain and his contribution to the success of the team thus far.

Mixed Report Ash Kalra, Mixed Captain

Breaking the mixed hockey ice for the year, St. George’s, Southampton came up to join us carrying with them good humour and drunk freshers which indeed set the tone for the Saturday evening. The night preceding our three-way tournament began with a meeting of high-calibre educated minds and, well, ended up in Walkies. Exchanging quality chat, drinking games of both sexual and questionable nature and other university traditions, the triumvirate of mixed hockey teams made the scenic trek down to Temple Walkabout and got settled in for some solid inter-uni boozing. To the soundtrack of a bloody awful classic rock cover band, the night carried on to be a success for GKT as we enjoyed hosting our colleagues while not getting assaulted or stabbed on South London streets, which was more than could be said of our guests. A bacon-scented awakening would soon follow bringing with it a great show of classic Sunday morning hungover hockey. In a stark change of tradition, Southampton decided to take hockey seriously applying pressure on the photophobic and nauseas GKT defense and taking an early lead. However, key positioning up front combined with fading hangovers enthralled the GKT boys and girls as we powered into the final minutes of the match leading 3-2. Victory, though, slipped out grasps as in the fading minutes of the match, a Southampton surge ensured the match ended 3-3. Later in the afternoon, following some very weighty ginnings and a few more pints, George’s joined us in adopting a more traditional mixed hockey mindset and decided to play drunk. The gin fairies were out in full force, liberally rewarding and punishing both sides with suitable measures. However what George’s brought in banter, they lacked in on-the-pitch prowess and were nimbly dispatched 11-0. Following a further few pints (some dirty) and heartfelt goodbye’s, the glorious weekend ended with GKT mixed hockey more excited ever for their upcoming season.

Contact Info Club Email:

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Twitter: @GKTHockey

Men’s Committee 2011—2012: Club Captain—Joe Keighley Treasurer—Greg Nussbaum Social Secretary—Mark Alexander Shimmings Fixtures Secretary—Jason Gupta Informations Secretary—Saarth Shiralkar Alumni Officer—Kaanthan Jawahar 1st XI Captain—Dan Cromb 1st XI Vice Captain—Sachin Sharma 2nd XI Captain—Alex Chowdhury 2nd XI Vice Captain—Richard White 3rd XI Captain—Dheeraj Khiatani 3rd XI Vice Captain—Hannes Hagson Mixed Team Captain— Ash Kalra

Epilogue Kaanthan Jawahar, Alumni Secretary And that’s the end of the 3rd GKT Alumni Newsletter. I hope you liked it. The next one will be out in June/July, but a lot is happening before then: Jan/Feb—Alumni meal to discuss the direction of the Alumni Club March/April—Alumni AGM, running in parallel to the student one April—TOUR! The GKT Alumni will be going to NAMS And of course we have the rest of the fixtures to look forward to. Please check your emails for details regarding these. I’m aiming to give people one month’s notice so hopefully you are not already booked up for fixtures in advance. Much love. Karny.

GKT Alumni Newsletter Dec 2011  

The third alumni newsletter from GKT Hockey Club.

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