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Foreword Theo  Muth,  incoming  Alumni  Sec  

Welcome to  2013’s  summer  newsleLer.   Now  I  know  what  you’re  thinking,  ‘Theo,  wriQng  the  foreword  and  the  captain’s  message?   Step   aside   already’.   However,   aVer   an   excellent   term   in   office   we’ve   had   to   bid   adieu   to   Saarth  who  has  set  off  into  a  world  filled  with  responsibility  and  new  honorifics.   Saarth  is  one  of  many  who  will  be  deparQng  the  club  this  summer.  I  would  like  to  extend  a   hear\elt  thanks  to  everyone  for  contribuQng  in  their  own  way  to  GKT  hockey  over  the  years.   You  are  always  welcome  back  and  I  look  forward  to  the  ever-­‐expanding  alumni’s  conQnuing   involvement.   I’ve  heard  the  club  captain  has  wriLen  some  summary  of  the  year,  so  I  will  leave  you  in  his   quesQonable  hands  for  the  introducQon  to  this  newsleLer.  

A Message   from   the  Club  Captain   Theo  Muth,  Club  Captain  

Hello everyone,   As   the   2012/13   season   draws   to   a   close,   the   occasion   calls   to   reflect   upon   this   year   in   a   newsleLer  that  sums  up  the  club's  progress.  It  is   always  easier  said  than  done  to  sit  down  and  sum   up   an   enQre   year   in   a   small   paragraph,   namely   because   the   teams'   captains   focus   on   the   hockey,   and  socially  no  one  can  remember  a  thing.   The   teams   overall   did   well,   with   the   1st   XI   performing   solidly   and   taking   home   the   UH   Cup  for  the  first  Qme  in  a  long  Qme.  The  2nd  XI  held  their  place  in  the  league  although   unfortunately,   along   with   the   rest   of   the   club,   were   hampered   by   the   weather   around   Christmas   Qme.   Akshay   did   a   great   job   of   handling   over   30   keen   players   in   his   3rd   XI   squad,   given   the   number   of   cancelled   matches   they   had.   There   are   so   many   promising   players  coming  through  who  will  conQnue  to  drive  GKT  Hockey  forward,  both  on  and  off   the  pitch.   The   year   began   with   an   incredible   intake   of   freshers,   all   keen   to   show   their   worth   at   a   very  successful  freshers'  trials.  Fresher's  tour  was  also  fun-­‐filled  and  acQon-­‐packed,  taking   almost  70  people  up  to  Newcastle  for  a  weekend  of  hockey  (I  joke,  there  was  no  hockey).   ConQnuing  Mr.  Baxter's  introducQon  of  GKT  to  the  wonderful  world  of  TITS,  GKT  rocked   up  at  Southampton  and  were  graciously  put  up  for  a  night  by  Harry  RoLer.  Most  recently,   NAMs  was  a  huge  success,  with  three  teams  being  fielded  -­‐  one  of  which  was  an  alumni   team.  Leeds  hosted  us  well,  providing  the  chewiest  curry  and  most  dubious  fair-­‐ground  I   have  experienced  in  a  while.  With  the  new  sports  faciliQes  at  HOP  completed  within  an   accuracy   of   4   standard   deviaQons   of   the   predicted   date,   we   look   forward   to   many   an   event  being  held  there  in  the  future.  Needless  to  say,  it  looks  like  they've  spent  a  lot  of   Qme  making  it  look  good.  

As I   eluded   to   in   my   speech   at   AGM,   I   can't   express   how   much   GKT   Hockey   Club   has   improved   my   Qme   at   university.   It   has   been   brilliant   in   all   aspects  and  I  wish  for  every  one  of  you   to   share   my   experience.   Every   year   some   new   acQon   is   proposed   that   will   affect   the   club,   and   it   requires   a   gentle   reminder   that   the   club   doesn't   need   fixing,  it  works  just  fine.  The  conQnuing   support   of   old   boys   is   much   appreciated,   if   nothing   more   than   to   remind   the   newer   members   what   your   Qme  at  GKT  meant  for  you.   I  would  like  to  give  an  enormous  thanks  to  all  the  leaving  commiLee.  The  captains  have   worked   well   together   and   compromised   when   needed,   in   order   to   put   out   teams   that   serve  the  interests  of  the  club.  The  vice  captains  have  always  been  there  to  lend  a  helping   hand   to   the   captains,   for   which   I   know   they   are   grateful.   Along   with   the   help   of   the   fixtures  sec,  they  have  all  worked  hard  to  iron  out  the  inevitable  creases  in  Qmetabling.     The  novel  plan  of  having  two  social  secretaries  has  worked  well,  with  some  cracking  tours   as   well   as   great   nights   out.   The   finances   have   been   closely   kept   in   check,   regardless   of   how   many   recklessly   unnecessary   stash   orders   I   may   have   wanted   to   make.   The   mixed   team  were  guided  well  into  the  quarter  final  of  the  NAMS  league,  with  many  friendlies   along   the   way.   The   alumni   secretaries   have   done   a   great   job   of   geing   the   old   boys   back   for   various   events-­‐   Ryo   and   I   have   large   shoes   to   fill.   Furthermore,   I'm   sure   you've   all   appreciated  as  much  as  I  have  the  regular  updates  on  Facebook  and  the  website.   Finally,  thank  you  to  all  of  you.  Old  boys   and   new   boys   alike,   you   have   made   being   club   captain   this   year   a   thorough   pleasure.   CongratulaQons   to   all   the   new   commiLee,   I'm   looking   forward   to   another  great  year.  I  wish  you  all  the  best   of   luck   in   any   exams   you   may   have,   and   look  forward  to  seeing  you  aVer  summer.   So  long,  farewell.  

Social Review   Richard  Cameron  &   Dheeraj  Khiatani,   Social  Secretaries   The   GKT   Men’s   Hockey   Club   has   seen   its   fair   share   of   the   usual   shenanigans   and   frivoliQes   this   year.   We   started   off   strong   and   recruited   well   over   100   email   addresses   at   the   GKT   and   KCLSU   Freshers   Fayre.   This   led   to   a   very   well   aLended   fresher’s   trials,   where   one   fresher   learnt   (the   hard   way)   that   you   should   NEVER   disrespect   an   old   boy,   let   alone   a   Social   Secretary.   No   doubt   there   were   some   good   eggs,   and   the   men’s   hockey   club   managed   to   recruit  our  very  own  PSY  all  the  way  from  Korea.     Due  to  a  lack  of  games  for  the  whole  mens  club  on  one  Wednesday  early  in  the  term,   we  decided  we’d  take  everyone  bowling  at  the  luxurious  Palace  Superbowl  at  Elephant   and  Castle.  Honourable  menQons  to  Fresher  who  got  an  all  Qme  record  low  score  of   38,  to  Dom  for  managing  to  throw  a  ball  over  his  head,  risking  the  lives  of  the  enQre   hockey  club,  and  to  Shimmings  –  our  bowling  champion.  Needless  to  say,  they  were  all   rewarded  with  a  suitable  measure.   This  year  saw  the  inaugural  Hockey  Club  Shite  Shirt  social.  The  usual  shirt  and  hockey   Qes   were   subsQtuted   with   some   of   the   most   appalling,   hideously   looking   shirts   known   to   man.   Some   of   the   shirts   actually   induced   a   stronger   gag   reflexes   than   a   ginning   would.   All   in   all,   the   social   went   down   well,   with   pulling   rates   at   an   all   Qme   high,   thought  all  the  shirts  were  that  familiar  pink  colour  by  the  end  of  the  night.  

Newcastle was  the  desQnaQon  of  this  year’s  fresher’s  tour  and,  for  the  first  Qme  ever,  the   mystery  locaQon  wasn’t  leaked.  The  theme  of  computer  and  board  games  saw  some  very   strong  and  imaginaQve  tour  names  such  as,  ‘Connect  Whore’,  ‘  Lara  CroV:  womb  raider’   and  Crash  Bandic**t.  A  double  decker  (again  unprecedented)  was  required  to  transport   the  old  boys  and  girls  along  with  the  huge  uptake  of  fresher’s  this  year;  40  wide-­‐eyed  and   eager  teenagers  who  had  no  idea  what  was  in  store  for  them.  The  fresher’s  donned  their   Pacman  ponchos  and  we  boarded  the  bus  aVer  a  few  cheeky  pints  in  Guys  bar.  Highlights   of  the  tour  include  hideous  spray  tans,  a  few  boys  geing  the  last  train  to  Durham  and   the   first   train   back   for   breakfast   and   the   mini   golf   day   out   which   followed   by   some   shameless   skinny   dipping   in   the   North   Sea.   Although   no   ambulances   were   required,   other  emergency  services  were  required,  namely  to  detain  one  of  our  tour-­‐goers  for  the   night.  Without  boasQng,  this  year’s  social  sec’s  organized  a  great  tour  bar  leaving  a  tour   fresher  behind  in  Durham  where  we  stopped  for  lunch  on  the  way  back.  The  4  social  secs   took  their  punishment  with  a  ginning  from  the  club  captain  which  for  some  reason  didn’t   trigger   our   gin   reflexes.   Only   later   we   found   out   that   it   was   actually   piss   which   had   replaced  the  gin  in  the  boLle  and  someone  had  decided  it  was  a  good  idea  to  stash  the   boLle  back  with  the  rest  of  the  gin.  

To maintain   the   club’s   high   roller   vibe,   we   had   our   Christmas   dinner   at   the   one   and   only  Belushis  this  year.  DK  is  gay.  Unfortunately  the  waiQng  staff  forgot  to  provide  the   freshers   with   any   cutlery,   however   they   dealt   with   their   dinners   effecQvely.   Team   themes  this  year  were  sexy  firemen  for  the  1s,  (despite  the  fact  that  the  hats  arrived  in   the  post  the  next  day),  Abe  Lincoln  for  the  2s  (complete  with  hats  which  could  only  be   worn   by   the   shortest   members   in   some   areas   of   belushis),   and   dick   in   a   box   for   the   3s   (some   players   taking   this   more   literally   than   others..)   Guys   bar   was   our   post   dinner   venue  and  saw  a  fiing  end  to  a  brilliant  first  term.     Following   a   long   absQnence   from   gin   and   snakebite,   GKTHC   returned   to   Guys   Bar   in   our   novelty   Qes   to   conQnue   our   long   standing   tradiQon.   This   year   saw   some   strong   novelty  Qes,  including  a  wooden  Qe.  On  ValenQne’s  day,  we  thought  outside  the  box   and   came   up   with   a   daring   and   bold   idea   and   got   everyone   to   wear   their   Guys   Bar   aire  with  a  hint  of  red.    

The other  highlight  of  this  years  Guys  bar   saw   the   introducQon   of   some   new   imbibing   rules   by   none   other   than   Theo   ‘Hitler’  Muth.  Rules  included,  no  phones   before   9pm,   high   ball   for   almost   empty   drinks  and  leV  hand  drinking  only.  These   rules   were   great   in   theory,   but   with   about   as   much   convicQon   as   height,   Theo   struggled   to   fully   enforce   them.   Theo   however,   surpassed   himself   by   introducing   the   all   new   snakebite-­‐proof   Men’s   Hockey   drinking   blazers.   A   great   legacy.  Available  to  Alumni  too!  

Macadam was  the  final  game  of  the  year  for  the  men,  unfortunately  the  boys  were  unable  to   clinch   the   win,   due   to   King’s   having   12   players   (11   plus   the   ref),   though   that   is   not   within   the   scope  of  this  report.  However,  the  social  aspect  of  Macadam  was  excellent.  There  was  great   pitchside   heckling   this   year,   with   a   lack   of   subtlety   (sQnky   chat)   being   the   general   theme.   We   then   descended   on   the   Waterfront   in   the   usual   fashion   for   the   results.   Unfortunately   there   is   no  clear  consensus  as  to  what  happened  following  the  announcement  of  our  monumentous   win,  but  we  can  only  take  this  as  a  sign  of  a  great  night!   This  year’s  AGM  has  been  hailed  as  the  “Best  AGM  Ever  (drunk  hockey  girl  et  al.,  2013)”.  We   returned  to  the  Griffin  and  the  nights  entertainment  included  a  bouncy  castle,  a  Pick  ‘N’  Mix   stand,  a  ice  luge  made  of  boobies  and  the  highlight:  an  instant  photo  booth  complete  with   props.  Unfortunately,  the  photo  booth  company  was  not  forewarned  of  the  number  of  cock   or  ball  pictures  that  were  taken  that  night.  The  aVer  party  was  held  at  Old  School  Yard  where   lots   of   cocktails   were   drunk,   lots   of   dancing   happened   and   pictures   were   taken   with   the   “borrowed”  props  from  the  photo  booth.   Last  but  not  least,  the  year  was  drawn  to  a  close  with  the   commiLee   handover   curry   followed   by   the   last   ever   truffle   shuffle.   Yes,   it   seems   KCLSU   is   as   bad   as   the   King’s   college  administraQon  when  it  comes  to  turning  a  profit.   With  lots  of  Mario  and  Luigis  and  morphsuits  being  worn,   the   old   commiLee   said   goodbye   to   their   posiQons   and   welcomed  in  the  newbie’s.     Well,  its  been  a  great  pleasure  serving  as  your  social  sexs.   Rich   and   I   (Dk)   had   an   amazing   Qme   planning   all   the   organized   fun   you’ve   had   this   year.   We   welcome   Dan   Curley   and   Oscar   Barnick   and   wish   them   all   the   best.   Good  luck  in  trying  to  fill  our  shoes  ;)   Yours  humbly   Richard  Cameron  &   Dheeraj  Khiatani  

Mixed Captain  Report   Fergus  Catmur,  Mixed  Captain   Mixed  hockey  was  a  huge  success  this  year.  Regular  matches  were  played  against  local  teams   and   quite   oVen   we   had   to   put   players   on   a   ‘waiQng’   list   due   to   popular   demand!   In   the   NAMS   league  we  made  it  to  the  quarter  finals  against  a  strong  Birmingham  side.  Sadly  they  won  by  a   small   margin,   possibly   owing   to   the   fact   that   they   delayed   the   match   by   over   an   hour   and   destroyed  our  pre-­‐game  hydraQon.  Nevertheless  the  venture  into  northern  territories  was  well   received.     Both   the   mixed   tours   went   down   a   treat.   Wacky   racers   were   shown   a   good   Qme   in   Southampton  amongst  copious  Juicy  Lucy’s;  clearly  the  quality  of  hockey  the  next  day  was  not   our   finest.   NAMS   proved   the   biggest   mixed   tour   to   date   with   a   coach   ferrying   the   fearsome   Zulus  to  Leeds.  Awaking  in  a  bleary-­‐eyed  haze  the  next  day  a  bugle  transformed  the  tourists  in   to   foxes   and   respec\ul   hunters.   Again,   hockey   was   put   on   the   back   burner   but   a   reliable   source  tells  me  that  GKT  were  the  most  fun  on  Saturday.     Mixed  hockey  appears  to  be  going  from  strength  to  strength  and  I  look  forward  to  seeing  Harry   Coulton  conQnue  this  in  the  next  year.    

President’s Match  Report   Tom  Simpson,  GKT  Class  of  2006  

Coming as   it   did   the   day   aVer   a   characterisQcally   ethanolic   AGM,   the   President’s   Cup   game   was   the   scene   of   yet   another   great   clash   between   the   current   students   and   a   selecQon  of  the  most  brilliant,  but  far  more  importantly,  available,  players  to  have  graced   the  GKT  Men’s  Hockey  Club  down  the  years.     IniQal   fears   among   the   alumni   that   our   team   would   bear   more   than   a   passing   resemblance   to   the   not-­‐quite-­‐built-­‐yet   new   clubhouse   were   supported   out   by   a   warm   up   rouQne   of   half-­‐arsed   stretches   and   a   lengthening   list   of   increasingly   implausible   pre-­‐ empQve  excuses  for  what  was  bound  to  be  a  performance  high  on  nostalgia,  and  more   perQnently,  arthralgia.  There  was  genuine  concern  that  some  of  the  students  would  have   a  real  advantage  and  that  this  would  definitely  sway  the  result,  like  a  GKT  O&G  exam.   Our   team   talk   focused   on   geing   the   most   out   of   the   period   of   Qme   when   our   fitness   would  not  yet  be  totally  outclassed  by  our  youngers,  a  Qme-­‐frame  felt  to  be  in  the  region   of  between  1  and  10  minutes.  The  match  started  brightly  and  while  the  students  made   preLy  paLerns  with  their  passes  and  runs,  we  tackled  and  harried  in  the  Qme-­‐honoured   way  of  the  outclassed.  

While goals   were   scored,   the   order   and   method   escape   my   memory.   However,   to   our   surprise  they  were  going  in  at  both  ends,  and  the  game  remained  evenly  fought.  While   friendly  it  was  increasingly  evenly  contested  as  it  went  on,  unQl  in  Qme-­‐honoured  fashion   the  students  decided  to  test  their  elders  professed  medical  skills  as  well  as  their  hockey   skills.   A   nasty   clash   of   heads   leV   one   player   with   a   bleeding   scalp,   and   another   with   a   nose  both  bleeding  and  possibly  broken.  The  seniors  displayed  responses  appropriate  to   their   specialQes,   resulQng   in   an   orthopaedic   registrar   peering   knowingly   down   some   nostrils,   not   his   own   for   once,   while   this   medical   registrar   applied   the   most   ludicrous   dressing  to  a  scalp  wound  seen  in  the  combined  experience  of  all  present.   The   game   conQnued   at   a   more   relaxed   pace   as   all   involved   seemingly   seLled   for   the   inevitable  penalty  flicks,  without  which  this  annual  contest  always  feels  incomplete.  They   duly  arrived,  and  like  a  trust  inducQon,  went  on  far  longer  than  was  either  expected  or   necessary,   as   the   students   took   an   early   lead   that   they   would   not   relinquish.   The   prolonged  flick  compeQQon  did  allow  for  some  truly  barrel-­‐scraping  sporQng  clichés  to  be   aired,   before   the   agony   was   finally   ended   by   both   goalkeepers   taking   their   turns   at   flicks.   The   unwriLen   rule   of   not   embarrassing   your   fellow   keeper   was   apparently   not   understood  by  the  younger  player,  resulQng  in  a  12-­‐10  victory  to  the  students.   Fun   was   had   by   all,   blood   was   spilt,   drinks   were   drunk   and   jokes   were   made   at   the   expense  of  everyone  present.  If  you  could  write  that  in  LaQn  it  would  make  a  fine  moLo   for  the  President’s  cup.  

Vinesh Patel  Cup  2013   Ryoki  Arimoto,  1st  XI  Vice-­‐captain   Before  I  start  this  report,  may  I  profusely  apologize  to  Vinesh  Patel  for  forgeing  to  invite   him   to   the   major   calendar   event   of   the   year   for   GKTHC,   1stXI   v   2ndXI,   aka   The   VINESH   PATEL   CUP.   As   lead   fixture   organizer   for   this   parQcularly   game,   I   made   an   event   on   Facebook  to  recruit  people  to  come  play  and  support  the  teams  on  a  wonderful  summers   day.  This  involved  me  inviQng  all  members  of  the  respecQve  GKTHC  groups  and  any  other   relevant  guests  I  could  think  of…BUT  FOR  SOME  REASON  the  name  Vinesh  Patel  did  not   cross  my  mind…I  shall  take  whatever  punishment  is  required  aVer  my  elecQve  and  I  give   you  my  sincere  apologies  in  advance.   本当に申し訳ございませんでした!   Ok…the  report…   The   game   was   held   on   Wednesday,   5th   June   2013.   This   was   the   only   convenient   day   available   due   to   the   increasing   demand  for  the  newly  built  Honor   Oak   Park   Clubhouse,   as   well   as   player  availabiliQes  being  a  major   issue   due   to   exams.   Hence   why,   for  the  first  Qme  in  the  history  of   GKTHC,   a   mixed   1stXI   v   2ndXI   game   was   played.   A   massive   thank   you   must   go   to   the   ladies   hockey   club   for   offering   to   get   involved   and   ensuring   that   the   Vinesh  Patel  Cup  would  happen  in   this   season   of   2012/2013.   Thank   you.  

As far   as   I   can   recall,   Vinesh   Patel   was   sQll   the   only   captain   to   have   led   the   2ndXI   to   victory  over  the  1stXI.  I  am  afraid  to  stay  that  he  sQll  is  the  only  captain  to  have  done  this.   Having   had   a   difficult   yet   solid   season   with   the   2ndXI,   Rich   white   was   eager   to   be   the   2nd   to  have  accomplished  this  and  get  the  cup  to  be  renamed  aVer  him.  He  showed  this  by   being  one  of  the  few  players  to  actually  play  hockey  to  a  high  level  that  day  together  with   our   1stXI   Dynamo   sub-­‐3hours   London   Marathon   runner   Fergus   Catmur,   where   temperatures   were   rising   well   over   40degrees..!   I   felt   embarrassed   having   been   the   vice-­‐ captain  for  the  1stXI  this  season.     So  in  summary  of  the  game,  the  score  was  5-­‐4  to  the  mixed  1stXI  side  and  at  one  point   the   2ndXI   were   leading,   so   a   fantasQc   effort   from   them   to   give   the   1stXI   side   a   challenging  match.     Special  menQons  must  go  to  the  alumni  who  got  involved  in  the  game  including  Vinesh   Patel  himself  for  playing  despite  the  lack  of  appropriate  hockey  aire  and  scoring  goals   for   the   2ndXI   side,   Tom   Simpson   for   further   proving   the   fact   that   goalkeepers   are   also   solid   ou\ield   players   and   Maria   Leong   for   providing   a   new   dimension   to   the   ladies   element   of   the   mixed   2ndXI   side.   Also   we   must   not   forget   our   beloved   coach   who   joined   us   this   season,   Julie   Ferret   who   clearly   proved   to   us   that   she   is   a   beLer   hockey   player   than  all  of  us  and  that  there’s  always  a  reason  why  she  screams  so  much  for  us  on  the   sideline.  Thank  you!!   The   match   was   followed   by   a   fantasQc   social   in   the   new   clubhouse   with   a   BBQ   and   appropriate   juniper   ‘treats’   for   those   who   thoroughly   deserved   it.   MVP   was   nominated   by   our   1stXI   Dynamo   Fergus   Catmur   to   Grace   Isbister,   the   Ladies   Club   Captain   and   I’m   sure  she  appreciated  the  prize…well  to  a  certain  extent.   I  hope  the  club  ensures  that  the  Vinesh  Patel  Cup  happens  every  year  in  the  future,  and   please   let   me   further   emphasize,   how   much   of   this   event   can   bring   the   whole   Club   together  whether  Men’s,  Ladies’  or  Alumni  to  a  great  day  out.  

Introducing: A  Strandy’s   perspecQve  of  GKT  HC   Cameron  Carr,  Strandy;  born-­‐again  GKT  

A perspecQve  from  the  'Hole  in  the  Strand'     As   a   final   year   a   lot   of   thoughts   of   finality   have   crossed   my   mind   over   the   past   year   and  whilst  wandering  around  freshers  fayre   I   felt   that   this   was   my   last   opportunity   to   take   advantage   of   do   the   things   I   hadn't   already  done  before  venturing  out  into  the   barren  wide  world!  A  chance  conversaQon   with   Fergus   Catmur   and   Dom   Aldridge   brought   me   to   the   might   bands   of   GKT   hockey   and   now,   a   year   on   I   have   been   asked  to  reflect  on  my  experiences  as  THE   Law  student  and  Strandy  in  GKT  hockey.     My  first  real  experience  of  GKT  was  one  of  the  iniQaQon  nights  in  the  infamous  Belushis   with  all  the  other  wide  eyed,  gobby  liLle  freshers.  It  was  when  Charlie  Reeve  found  out   that  I  was  a  Strandy  that  my  opinions  and  comments  were  rendered  void  for  the  rest  of   the  night.  There  was  also  a  rule  created  that  night  that  has  been  recycled  throughout  the   night  -­‐  "when  one  fresher  drinks,  THE  Strandy  drinks".   I  didn't  know  what  to  expect  from  tour  but  it  was  genuinely  one  of  the  best  weekends  of   the   year.   Three   memories   sQck   out   from   that   weekend:   (1)   Our   esteemed   club   captain   streaking  through  a  pool  of  water  on  the  mini  golf  course  to  then  subsequently  expose   himself   to   an   innocent   family   of   four.   (2)   Our   slightly   taller   social   sec   projecQng   the   contents  of  a  gin  boLle  over  a  car  windscreen  at  a  crossing  and  watching  other  drivers   finding   it   hilarious.   (3)   The   moment   of   realisaQon   when   all   four   social   secs   discovered   that  they  had  mistakenly  consumed  a  bodily  fluid  in  place  of  their  favourite  juniper  juice.      

The Christmas   dinner   was   the   highlight   of   my   GKT   year   being   on   the   eve   of   my   20-­‐22   birthday.   The   3s   managed   to   consume   a   leVover   keg   from   my   party   the   weekend   before   and   my   small   London   townhouse   was   filled   with   about   25   guys   wandering   round   in   turtleneck   and   chain   with   their   dicks   in   boxes.   I   am   very   grateful  for  the  amount  of  gin  I  was  fed  and  also  to  Ferret  for  placing  me  on  a  stool   at   midnight   and   leing   me   fall   off   it   just   as   easily.   The   night   got   a   bit   hazy   from   their   but   various   recounts   state   that   I   exposed   myself   to   the   enQre   ladies   4s,   hoovered   three   shots   of   tequila   off   the   bar   and   ran   the   whole   of   borough   high   street  with  no  clothes.  Top  night!   Second   term   was   unfortunately   used   to   focus   on   dissertaQons   and   impending   finals  and  due  to  a  family  vacaQon  I  couldn't  make  the  AGM  but  any  opportunity   there   was   to   play   or   socialise   was   a   great   release.   The   great   thing   about   GKT   hockey  is  its  welcoming  aitude,  there  is  no  arrogance  from  the  1s  that  cannot  be   put  down  by  the  3s  and  regardless  of  who  you  are  out  with,  everyone  is  kind  and   always  welcoming.     Although   the   mighty   3s   have   had   a   track   record   of   cancellaQons   this   year   the   matches  that  have  been  played  have  been  great  fun.  Thanks  to  GulaQ  and  Manny   for  a  great  year,  and  the  matches  we  did  play  were  also  great  fun!   I   am   wriQng   this   with   my   results   in   hand   and   despite   GKT's   best   efforts   I   have   come   out   with   a   2:1.   Ironically,   my   highest   grade   was   in   the   module   that   always   had   lectures   on   a   Thursday   morning   at   9am!   Having   gained   the   grades   I   wanted   I   will   be   staying   at   Kings   for   another   year   compleQng   my   MA   in   Medical   Law   &   Ethics.   I   look   forward   to   another  season  of  GKT  starQng  in   September.    

st 1 XI  Report   Jason  Gupta,  1st  XI  Captain  

With a  strong  squad  inherited  from  last  season,  the  foundaQons  were  already  in  place  as  we   set  out  for  life  in  the  newly  promoted  BUCS  SE  2B,  as  well  as  regaining  our  status  as  the  top   side  in  London.  Pre-­‐season  took  a  twist  this  season,  where  I  invited  the  team  to  the  mythical   village  of  Cheddar  to  be  put  through  their  paces  at  a  pre-­‐season  camp-­‐  on  and  off  the  pitch   back.   The   weekend   consisted   of   lung   bursQng   runs,   team   bonding   in   the   form   of   a   hotly   competed   crazy   golf   tournament,   maybe   a   liLle   too   much   Somerset   cider   and   the   infamous   Cheddar  7-­‐  where  we  had  just  one  evening  to  frequent  every  pub  in  the  village.  Unfortunately,   1   unnamed   member   of   the   squad   was   unable   to   complete   the   challenge,   whilst   another   decided   to   smash   his   pint   glass   and   subsequently   sustain   suspect   tendon   damage   to   his   hand.   With   everyone   too   hungover   to   actually   play   any   hockey   on   Sunday,   the   team   leV   bleary   eyed   back  to  London….   With   the   lack   of   hockey   actually   taking   place   on   our   pre-­‐season   camp,   Ryoki   and   myself   panicked  and  subsequently  decided  to  organise  the  most  intense  pre-­‐season  fixture  schedule   ever,   consisQng   of   matches   against   GKT   2s,   OMT   1s,   King’s   1s   and   ICSM   1s.   With   3   victories   recorded,  including  the  noQceable  scalp  of  King’s  1s  where  we  defeated  them  6-­‐2,  everyone   was   in   jubilant   mood   aVerwards.   Notable   highlights   during   this   period   include   Ryoki’s   mum,   Mrs  Arimoto,  feeding  us  the  enQre  food  supply  of  Japan,  although  Nick  Chang  was  obviously   sQll   hungry   aVerwards.   Also,   aVer   the   away   match   against   ICSM,   in   the   Indian   Gymkhana   sports  bar,  a  furious  session  lead  to  us  managing  to  comatose  promising  striker  Vivek  ‘prime   Qme’   Patni,   whilst   newly   recruited   goalkeeping   sensaQon   Dan   ‘safe   hands’   Curley   probably   ruptured   his   oesophagus   as   he   empQed   the   enQre   contents   of   his   stomach   onto   terrified   onlookers   in   the   tube   carriage   behind   us   on   the   journey   back   to   London   Bridge   ….He   just   wouldn’t  stop  vomiQng!    

With the   season   about   to   begin,   one   final   adjustment   was   made   to   the   coaching   staff,   where   we   welcomed   to   addiQon   of   Julie   ‘the   enforcer’   FerreL   as   our   new   head   coach   on   a   1   year   rolling   contract.   Training   subsequently   took   a   noQceable   change   in   intensity,   where  everyone  was  shocked  by  how  such  a  sweet  women  could  almost  make  a  grown   man  cry.     We  hit  the  ground  running  in  our  first  game  of  the  season  in  BUCS,  as  we  waltzed  to  a  5-­‐1   demoliQon   over   IC   1s   away   at   HaLon   Cross.   The   subsequent   return   of   the   team   Fancy   pants  and  conversion  of  the  hydraQon  staQon  into  a  vessel  of  lash,  ensured  that  mayhem   ensued  as  the  team  returned  to  their  spiritual  home  in  Guys  bar.  A  loss  against  against   our  bogey  team  Kent  1s,  who  went  on  to  get  promoted,  and  subsequent  draws  against   RVC,   Her\ordshire   and   Imperial   2s   were   frustraQng   to   say   the   least.   We   were   playing   the   right  style  of  hockey  although  we  just  couldn’t  catch  a  break.   However,   a   notable   turn   in   form   occurred   just   before   Christmas,   where   we   faced   an   in   form  top  of  the  league  Canterbury  Christ  Church  1s-­‐  a  side  who  boasted  an  England  U21   internaQonal  in  their  ranks  as  well  as  being  liLered  with  naQonal  league  players.  We  put   on  a  stellar  display  in  hockey,  one  which  deserved  victory,  although  we  were  unfortunate   to  come  away  defeated,  a  3-­‐2  loss  the  final  score.  Nevertheless,  we  donned  probably  the   best  fancy  dress  in  the  history  of  the  club-­‐  despite  no  one  having  any  idea  what  we  were-­‐   and  a  great  Qme  by  all  was  had  at  the  Christmas  dinner.  With  only  7  compeQQve  matches   being   played   before   Christmas,   mainly   due   to   the   inept   organisaQonal   skills   of   KCLSU’s   favourite   son   Freddie   ‘fixture   fuckup’   Dean,   the   second   half   of   the   season   was   always   going  to  be  busy  to  say  the  least….  

Once Fortress  HOP  had  finally  defrosted  following  the  winter  snowfall,  GKT  returned  to   acQon  with  a  renewed  sense  of  opQmism  and  form.  We  went  on  a  five  match  unbeaten   run,  smashing  every  team  that  was  placed  in  front  of  us,  as  we  started  to  shoot  up  the   LUSL  and  BUCS  leagues….   With  Dan  ‘the  human  highlight  reel’  Cromb  making  light  of  being  a  final  year  and  puing   his  playing  commitments  before  medicine,  our  defence  was  in  safe  control.  He  was  ably   assisted   -­‐   as   Sachin   ‘golden   boy’   Sharma,   performing   as   the   best   right   back   in   the   league   as  per  usual,  whilst  Khush  ‘belief,  work,  respect’  Shah  ensured  the  centre  of  defence  was   solid.   Greg   ‘Body   on   the   line’   Nussbaum   made   sure   that   that   there   was   never   a   dull   moment   on   the   leV   side   of   defence   and   Alec   ‘magic’   Dawson   conQnually   defied   team   orders  to  conjure  up  tricks  across  the  pitch,  to  the  delight  of  the  crowd  but  the  despair  of   the   GKT   defence.   Ben   ‘Why   do   you   have   to   play   Rugby’   Havard   made   the   odd   cameo   appearance  as  and  when  he  decided  to  bless  us  with  his  talents.   The  celebrity  packed  midfield  of  Theo  ‘Pacman’  Muth,  Fergus  ‘the  dream’  Catmur,  Ryoki   ‘walking  wounded’  Arimoto  and  not  forgeing  Charlie  ‘the  tractor’  Reeve  meant  that  the   midfield   was   simply   unstoppable.   Our   forward   line   up   worked   their   socks   off,   and   grabbed   a   few   goals   as   well.   Nock   ‘The   execuQoner’   Sharma   took   no   crap   from   the   opposiQon   as   per   usual,   Nick   ‘Pistol’   Chang   ran   circles   round   the   opposiQon   defence   before  reQring  for  a  snooze  in  Guys  bar  and  Joe  ‘ The  Answer’  Keighley  kept  up  his  trusted   one   touch   technique   to   bag   an   unbelievable   amount   of   goals.   However,   this   year   no   fewer  than  27  players  made  an  appearance  for  the  1s-­‐  with  many  freshers  and  2s  players   stepping   up   to   play   this   season-­‐   the   club   now   has   a   promising   crop   of   players   who   are   coming  through  which  makes  for  an  exciQng  future.  

With the  laLer  end  of  the  season  approaching,  Freddie  ‘fixture  fuckup’  Dean  and  the   weather  gods  had  decided  to  make  things  interesQng  for  us  as  we  had  a  game  every   Wednesday  and  Sunday  in  March.  This  didn’t  deter  the  side  however;  as  we  went  on   to   book   our   place   in   the   LUSL   Cup   final   with   one   of   the   most   disciplined   GKT   performances   ever   seen,   with   a   2-­‐0   victory   recorded   against   UCL   1s,   a   side   that   we   hadn’t  defeated  in  5  years  previously.   Cup   final   day   was   a   great   day   out   for   the   club,   with   the   club   pracQcally   filling   a   55   seater  coach  as  we  made  yet  another  journey  to  HaLon  Cross  to  baLle  for  silverware   against  IC  1s.  The  sweet  tones  of  R-­‐Kelly  made  sure  we  were  fired  up  for  the  match,   and  GKT  went  into  the  game  puing  on  a  dominant  display  of  hockey.  Unfortunately   and  undeservedly,  it  was  not  to  be  as  some  quesQonable  umpiring  condemned  us  to  a   2-­‐1  defeat.    

The Macadam  Cup  was  highly  anQcipated  this  year,  with  the  result  too  close  to  call.  Once   again,   GKT   put   in   a   colossal   performance,   with   everyone   giving   a   MOM   performance   on   the   pitch.   Unfortunately,   as   it   has   been   all   too   similar   in   the   past,   hockey   was   not   allowed   to  have  the  final  say  as  some  dubious  umpiring  meant  2  key  decisions  went  against  us-­‐  and   the  beLer  side  were  condemned  to  2-­‐1  defeat.   Despite   these   results,   I   am   incredibly   proud   of   how   the   side   came   together   and   performed,  as  well  as  the  unbelievable  support  of  the  hockey  club.  For  so  many  of  you  to   come  and  support  us  in  what  has  been  possibly  the  most  disgusQng  weather  we’ve  ever   seen  in  Spring-­‐  is  remarkable  and  it  really  makes  a  difference,  so  thank  you  so  much!  

Sta$s$cs Played:  23  (To  date),  won:  12  Drawn:  3  Lost:  8   Goals  scored:  39  Goals  Conceded:  36   BUCS  SE  2B:  4th  (Safety  secured)   LUSL  Div  1:  3rd  place   Overall  it’s  been  a  very  successful  season,  considering  we  were  back  to  playing  in   the   highest   league   that   GKT   have   competed   in   BUCS-­‐   in   recent   years,   as   well   reaching  the  LUSL  Cup  final,  the  lads  are  to  be  congratulated  for  all  their  efforts  this   year.   Everyone   has   worked   Qrelessly   at   training,   fitness   sessions   and   on   match   days   so  you’re  all  to  be  commended.       Stop  press!   For  the  first  Qme  in  almost  a  decade,  GKT  went  on  to  beat  ICSM  2-­‐1  in  the  UH  Cup   final,   following   a   hardly   fought   qualifying   round   previously   in   a   round   robin   tournament  against  all  the  London  medical  schools.  A  fantasQc  way  to  round  off  the   season  with  some  silverware,  well  done  to  everyone  involved  again  and  thanks  to   those  who  came  down  to  support!   Jason  Gupta   GKT  1st  XI  Captain  2012-­‐13  

2nd XI  Report   Richard  White,  2nd  XI  Captain     The   mighty   2s   began   this   season   with   a   squad   list   not   looking   the   healthiest   it   has   done   previously.     What  with  a  deficit  in  recent  years   of   new   fresher   entrants   or   being   outright   poached   by   the   ‘hole   in   the  strand’  and  numerous  players   leaving   or   being   promoted,   this   leV   us   slightly   unsure   of   how   the   year   was   going   the   unfold.   However,   I   am   pleased   to   say   that   having   reached   the   end   season   (and  of  my  GKT  career  as  well)  the   squad   looks   like   it   should   have   a   more  stable  future.  

Likewise the  first  half  of  the  season  didn’t  go  exactly  to  plan  with  the  team  taking  Qme  to   seLle   down,   but   with   a   range   of   players   entering   the   squad   over   some   point   or   another   with   plenty   of   3s   players   heeding   the   call,   including   at   Qmes   their   Capt   and   vice-­‐Capt   Akshay   and   Mani,   we   started   to   get   some   tracQon.     AVer   the   merry   break,   (and   having   donned  our  ludicrously  loVy  Christmas  dinner  hats)  we  were  ready  to  put  some  points  on   the  table.    The  onslaught  from  BUCS  4B  saw  us  dodging  relegaQon  with  walkovers  geing   us   off   the   line,   shame   it   wasn’t   the   goal   line,   and   more   oVen   than   not   crawling   by.     We   ended  it  with  one  win,  three  draws  and  five  losses.    LUSL  (the  BUCS  alternaQve  to  the  ULU)   Div   2   was   much   more   our   friend   where   we   grinded   through   to   the   last   match   being   a   promoQon  decider  but  unfortunately  some  dubious  umpiring  at  the  infamous  Harlington   pitch  saw  us  lose  0-­‐2    to  ICSM  2s....Something  both  the  3rd  and  1st  XI  I  think  can  relate  to   (coincidence?).    The  season  ended  with  three  wins,  no  draws  and  three  loses.  

A special   menQon   has   to   be   made   to   our   epic   freshers   this   year,   who   not   only   performed   whole-­‐hearQly  on  the  pitch  but,  since  losing  the  legendarily  consistent  weekly  anQcs  of  Shin-­‐ Woo   Kim,   they   provided   some   impressive   off-­‐pitch   entertainment,   marking   their   place   at   GKT.     Ozzy   would   undoubtly   work   his   way   round   the   ‘lady-­‐folk’   of   guys   bar   before   inevitably   being  ‘bounced’  out;  Harry  Coulton  would  repeatedly  hit  it  hard  then  ‘redecorate’  London   Underground  on  his  way  back  to  intercollegiate  halls  in  Bloomsbury;  and  unbeatable  keeper   Dan  Curley  took  the  King’s-­‐GKT  rivalry  to  heart  by  aLempQng  to  piss  on  the  strand  from  a   moving  minibus  on  the  return  from  an  away  match.  

The awards   were   a   close   affair   but   ended   as   follows:   Best   fresher   was   Harry   Coulton   (although  all  were  within  shot);  Tosser  went  to  Ozzy,  who  took  the  mantle  of  ‘that  fresher’   and   anyone   who   doesn’t   know   what   ‘that   fresher’   means   was   probably   ‘that   fresher’;   most   improved   went   to   Hannes   Hagson,   who   was   as   enthusiasQc   as   a   retro   ABBA   track   on   a  cheesy  club  night,  and  who  consistently  kept  the  team  spirits  topped  up  (GIN).    Player  of   the  Season  went  to  the  least  dickish  most  magnificent  (everyone  loves)  player....   Everyone  knows  about  the  drinking  team  with  a  hockey  problem,  but  we  turned  out  to  be   a  hockey  team  with  a  hockey  problem.             I  hand  over  to  the  safe  hands  of  Faisal  Karim  who  has  done  a  sterling  job  as  vice-­‐capt  this   year,  and  hope  he  manages  to  unearth  a  comparable  candidate  to  aid  him  next  year.    As  I   finish  my  Qme  at  GKT  I  look  back  with  memories  of  great  Qmes  and  even  beLer  Qmes  with   no  memories.    I  shall  be  back  at  some  point  and  am  sure  I  will  see  all  the  tradiQons  going   strong.  

rd 3 XI  Report   Akshay  GulaQ,  3rd  XI  Captain  

Its weird   to   say   this   but   I’ve   sort   of   been   looking   forward   to   this   report   for   quite   a   while.   I   was   hoping   to   reflect   on   a   heavily   successful   year   and   quite   weirdly,   I   think   I’m   about  to  do  just  that.     If   we   look   back   at   freshers   trials,   they   were   once   again   a   great   success.   Who   would   have   predicted   that   a   bundle   of   opp-­‐opp-­‐opping   joy   would   be   joining   the   club,   and   my   team   and   that   man   didn’t   disappoint.   Luan,   along   with   24   others   became   inducted   into   the   mighty  threes  and  I  remember  those  first  few   training   sessions   where   simple   passing   drills   between   two   people   were   difficult.   Not   because   of   ability,   because   we   didn’t   have   enough  balls.     As   our   season   started,   I   think   we   did   preLy   well.  Training  aLendances  were  fantasQc,  (32   was   the   best   I   got)   and   we   had   some   very   close  games.  We  lost  3-­‐0  to  a  Greenwich  team   who   had   a   Steven   Gerrard   in   midfield   and   a   Torres   of   old   up   front   and   those   two   players   lost   us   the   game.   Another   big   game   was   away   at  Holloway.  Anybody  who  has  played  for  GKT   will   know   that   there   are   two   certainQes   with   Holloway:   1.   Theres   a   Funbus   and   2.   They   will   cheat,  cheat  and  cheat  some  more.  

Note from the editor: I’m all keen for freedom of the press but due to some colourful language certain words have been replaced with pictures of kittens

We started  that  cup  game  knowing  that  we  were  playing  a  2s  side  on  paper  but  their  1s   with  a  few  2s  in  reality.  I  set  us  up  to  hold  Qght  for  the  first  half  and  we  went  in  at  2-­‐0   down.  Not  disheartened,  the  boys  were  pumped,  none  more  than  messers  GulaQ  and   Matharu  and  15  mins  into  the  second  half,  I  made  my  only  Morinho-­‐esque  change  of   the  season  with  our  formaQon  and  we  scored  2  in  2  minutes.  We  were  desQned  to  win.   Cue  the  umpire  not  having  any  of  this  and  Bhavesh  was  yellow  carded  for  a  tackle,  at   which   I   expressed   my   frustraQons,   quietly,   I   thought,   and   I   was   binned   as   well.   We   ended  up  losing  that  game,  I  sQll  haven’t  got  over  it,  but  it  taught  me  alot  about  this   group  of  boys  and  that  is  they  all  had  the  fight,  passion  and  determinaQon  and  hence   deserve   to   wear   the   GKT   kit   every   week.   We   got   steaming   drunk   all   the   way   home   and   that  night,  Nid  got  a  liLle  too  drunk  and  encountered  a  problem  with  the  bouncers.  I   found   an   intoxicated   text   from   him   that   I   saved   and   it   read:   “they   are   being   massive   cunts.  One  of  them  asked  me  why  he  should  let  me  in.  I  was  like  because  lots  of  people   leV,  and  he  was  like  well  you  shouldn’t  be  at  kings  college  if  you  think  thats  the  case.   And  then  sent  me  to  the  back.  So  I  got  his  name.  They  are  such  CUNTS.  Tbh  what  do   you  expect  from  bouncers...  idiots”     In   the   first   term,   we   played   the   same   number   of   games   as   those   which   were   cancelled.   Played  5,  Lost  5,  cancelled  5.     It   was   a   tough   season   for   organisaQon   too,   numbers   started   to   change   as   we   started   to   get   too   many   cancelled   games   but   in   the   second   term   our   hockey   picked   up   considerably.   We   came   so,   so   close   to   beaQng   old   boy,   Jaime   Farr’s   new   lot   at   Barts,   losing  3-­‐2  with  them  scoring  two  of  the  worst  short  corners  i’ve  seen.  (i’ve  seen  quite  a   few   this   season,   trust   me).   Sadly   Jaime   actually   played   preLy   well   but   was   a   good   enough  Lad  to  take  his  gin  with  us  back  at  his  real  home  in  front  of  Keats.    

One of  the  major  changes  to  the  team  however  was  that  we  started  the  year  with  3  keepers.   How  the  hell  I’ve  managed  to  keep  them  all  happy,  I  don’t  know.  They  probably  secretly  hate   me   for   geing   too   few   games.   But   even   with   three   keepers   we   had   a   Sunday   game,   mid   January  with  no  keeper.  I  had  two  freshers  down  to  play;  Bayo  and  Sab  and  on  the  way  over   I   told   Mani   that   one   of   them   needs   to   do   it.   I   had   a   hunch   that   Bayo   coud   actually   do   a   decent   job,   absolutely   no   idea   why.   Mani   was   backing   Sab.   Bayo   stepped   up   when   confronted  and  the  rest  is  history.  The  boy  had  a  stormer  in  goal,  won  man  of  the  match  and   preLy   much   pencilled   his   name   on   the   team   sheet   for   the   rest   of   the   season.   I   have   to   commend  his  training  aLendance  as  well  as  he  has  been  ever  present,  trying  to  get  beLer  as   a  keeper,  whilst  pissing  Dan  Turk  off  at  the  same  Qme.     I  learnt  another  thing  this  season,  and  that  is  that  delegaQon  isn’t  always  ideal.  I  organised  a   team   for   my   fantasQc   vice   captain   to   take   away   against   the   poly   that   is   East   London   University  firsts  and  I  was  shocked  to  hear  that  we  took  quite  the  beaQng.  They  did  however   employ  slightly  suspect  umpires,  no  whistles,  no  floodlights  and  were  in  Nid’s  terminology:   cu-­‐idiots.     As  the  season  drew  to  a  close,  it  was  a  real  shame  to  not  beat  RUMS.  We  notoriously  smash   them   and   I   was   really   hoping   to   piece   together   a   victory   against   them   which   would   have   done  all  our  freshers  a  world  of  good.  We  dominated  the  whole  game,  as  the  2s  who  were   watching,  will  agree  with,  and  somehow  three  individual  errors  across  the  70minutes  cost   us  a  3-­‐2  loss.  We  had  around  10  shorts  as  well.    

Our last  game  of  the  season  was  a  friendly  away  against  Barts,  again.  We  went  as  a   team  with  8  players  who  hadn’t  played  hockey  before  this  season.  I  felt  proud  to  have   seen   that   we   didn’t   get   beat   to   a   Saarth-­‐scoreline   albeit,   7-­‐0   is   hardly   flaLering.   But   I   saw  boys  new  to  the  game  and  geing  beLer.  The  next  season  will  be  one  where  all   these  freshers  become  proper  hockey  players.  A  new  tradiQon  was  born  that  night.   Barts   invited   us   back   to   their   SU,   ‘The   Griff   Inn’   and   we   were   shocked   to   see   that   juniper  was  also  a  punishment  and  a  familiar  purple/pink  beverage  was  flowing  just   as   freely.   They   taught   us   a   rather   low   quality   (like   their   hospital)   matchbox   game   and   we  taught  them  four-­‐head  in  return.  You’re  welcome,  Barts.     So  as  my  term  has  now  drawn  to  a  close  it  is  a  shame  to  say  that  on  paper,  I  have  a   worse   record   than   Saarth,   however   I   actually   haven’t   got   a   receding   hairline   so   I’m   beLer  than  him  in  some  ways.  I  am  nowhere  near  up  to  DK’s  level  of  captaincy  but   hopefully   the   squad   of   fourty   three   threes   will   think   I’ve   been   alright.   I   couldn’t   have   done  anything  this  season  without  my  Punjabi  brother  and  vice  captain,  Mani,  who   has   always   been   one   to   lead   by   doing,   even   if   he   can’t   keep   a   half   Qme   team   talk   shorter  than  100  words.     To  the  man  who  takes  over  from  me  I   wish   you   all   the   best   with   your   season.   There   are   20   freshers   who   will   become   old   boys   almost   over   night.   You’re   all   great   friends   amongst   each   other,   you’re   becoming   good   hockey   players   and   you’re  all  great  guys  so  I  fully  expect   your   year   to   be   one   of   colossal   success.    

Honours List  for   2012/13  Season   Full  Blues   Nominees  should  have  played  their  sport   at  1st  team  level  AND  ABOVE  for  at  least   3  years  and  held  commi>ee  posi?ons  for   at   least   two   years;   for   at   least   one   of   those  years  they  should  have  been  on  the   core   commi>ee   (i.e.   Club   Captain/   1st   team  captain).  Blues  are  awarded  on  the   discre?on   of   the   Blues   &   Shields   commi>ee,  formed  of  senior  members  of   staff  from  the  Medical  School.  


Half Blues   The   criteria   are   not   as   strict   as   for   full   blues  but  in  general;  three  years  playing   at   a   reasonably   high   standard   plus   one   or   two   years   on   commi>ee   OR   five/six   years   playing   at   a   reasonably   high   standard.  




Man of  the  Year   RYOKI  ARIMOTO  

Fresher of  the  Year   DANIEL  CURLEY  

1st XI  awards  

Player of  the  season:  KHUSH  SHAH   Golden  s?ck  award  (top  Goalscorer):  JOE  KEIGHLEY   The  'Acrombulator'  player  of  the  season:  THEO  MUTH   Most  Improved  player:  CHARLIE  REEVE   The  Dickson  Poon  Award:  GREGORY  NUSSBAUM  

2nd XI  awards  

Best Fresher:  HARRY  COULTON   Tosser:  OSAMA  AHMAD   Most  improved:  HANNES  HAGSON   Player  of  season:  RICH  WHITE  

3rd XI  awards  

Player of  the  Season:  AKSHAY  GULATI   Tosser:  AYUSH  KAPILA   Most  Improved:  ADEBAYO  BISHI   Fresher  of  the  Year:  NIDHIN  LAJI   Captain's  Player  of  the  Year:  VIKRAM  VIGNARAJA  

Contact InformaQon   Club  Email  

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Club TwiMer  

Men’s commiMee  2013/14   Club  Captain  -­‐  Fergus  Catmur   Treasurer  -­‐  Max  Schofield   Fixtures  Secretary  -­‐  Nidhin  Laji   Social  Secretaries  -­‐  Oscar  Barnick  &  Daniel  Curley   Alumni  Secretaries  -­‐  Ryoki  Arimoto  &  Theo  Muth   Mixed  Captain  -­‐  Harry  Coulton   1st  XI  Captain  -­‐  Sachin  Sharma   1st  XI  VC  -­‐  Khush  Shah   2nd  XI  Captain  -­‐  Faisal   2nd  XI  VC  -­‐  to  be  appointed   3rd  XI  Captain  -­‐  Andrew  Baigey   3rd  XI  VC  -­‐  Alex  Warren  

Epilogue Theo  Muth,  again  

Well, I’m  afraid  that’s  all  we  have  Qme  for.  Thank  you  for  reading  and  thanks   to  all  of  those  who  contributed.   Summer  is  now  thoroughly  underway  and  each  passing  day  is  one  closer  to   the   beginning   of   the   hockey   season.   With   the   new   club   house   finally   completed  at  Honor  Oak  Park,  we  are  sure  to  have  many  socials  down  there.   Guy’s  Bar,  as  ever,  has  open  doors  and  a  sQcky  floor.  All  our  events  will  be  well   publicised  on  our  sexy  new  website  and  Facebook  pages.  So  pop  by  any  Qme   you  feel  the  need  to  expel  some  demons  and  see  some  old  faces.   Ryo   and   I   will   be   in   touch   about   some   actual   hockey   matches   for   the   Old   Boy’s  XI  in  the  new  season,  so  keep  an  ear  out  if  you  fancy  a  game.   UnQl  then,  keep  well  and  keep  in  touch.    

GKT Alumni Newsletter July 2013  

GKT Hockey Alumni Newsletter, July 2013

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