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Created by Kristine Clayton, DIY with a Dime May 27th, 2011

Mr.&Mrs. Crawley Bedroom Retreat Inspiration Board Classic, peacefull and harmonious, that is the mood that comes to mind when I look at this decor board. Neutral tones mixed in with a soothing and serene blue give this space a feeling of rustic yet elegant. Perfect for Mr &Mrs Crawley who enjoy spending time at their trailer retreat. The walls are painted in a soft blue hue, think about adding a focal wall of blue wallpaper for some interest to the room or paint on wall a taupe colour. The dark wood colour of your bed and dresser creates some masculine persona to the room, think about adding in some other natural tones such as wicker and beach wood to help lighten up the space and create interest. Also to not make the bed appear so dark drape it in clean and crisp variations of white and grey. Use some shiny surfaces such as glass lamp shades or shiny picture frames to add that little bit of dazzle and reflection this will help to make the space feel spacious. Also add a few pops of either lime green or a subdued yellow to add a little bit of colour interest. This space will create a peaceful retreat that is a reflection and joy of your time spent in the outdoors, this space will feel like a place you can go to to feel ay peace.

Classic, Peaceful, Harmonious


Flowing Breeze CIL

Sea Drops CIL

THE WALLPAPER COMPANY 20.5 In. W Brown and Blue Mid-Scale Damask on a Moire Ground Wallpaper (Home Depot Online)

Bedding Soft greys, frilly and textured fabric, all of these elements will create a cozy, warm and inviting bed. A duvent in a grey tone complimented with a soft, frilly and flowing bed skirt. Add some colour to your bed with bright throw blankets such as this subdued yellow.

Pillows Use a variety of pillows for your room. Different colours, pattern, textured, fabric. All of these bring in lots of different interest and element into your space. For this particular space, use green, taupes, browns and blue tones. Accent with a few brightly coloured pillow such as this green/yellow.

Furniture The dark wood tones sit nicely with the soft taupes and blue greens in the space. Don’t feel like you need to stick to one colour of wood. Mix it up‌to much dark furniture can make the space

start to feel heavy. Dress the bed up in light fabrics to enliven it. Lots of sparkly accessories on the dresser to help lighten it up.

Accessories Now the fun part, this is the most essential part to adding character and personal touches to the room. Utilize lots of different texture and different materials. The mirror gives a rustic outdoors feel to it along with the vases. These create some texture to your room. Shiny picture frames to lighten up the space. Little laterns around the space to add some drama.

Lamps can help to add texture, light and colour to your room. Shiny lamp surfaces work well with furniture that is dark and heavy looking, the shiny surfaces on the lamp will add shine and airyness to the room. I love the texture of this lamp shade. Look for a dramatic chandelier, thrift stores etc are great sources they can be redone and are great for adding uniqueness to your space.

Baskets are another useful way of adding texture and colour to your room. Again with the dark coloured furniture offset it with high contrast baskets such as these white ones.


The room is not complete until the artwork has been added. Art is a conversation piece and adds that last bit of personality to the room. The artwork you choose should have meaning to you and be reflective of who you are.

A Home should Reflect not only the taste of the Person living in it, but their Personality, Experiences, Travel & Sources of Inspiration.

All rights reserved by Kristine Clayton Please contact me at

Mr & MRs. Crawley  

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