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LETTER FROM THE CHAIR What an exciting time to be in KCK! As your 2016 Board Chair, I’m in the best position possible to help grow business in Kansas City, Kansas through the great partnerships and collaboration with others whose mission is the same. So much has developed in the last two years with regard to the changes within the KCK Chamber. Two things about “change”, it’s rarely easy and many times necessary. But the changes were made and we are happy to say that we are ready for the business of helping business! I would like to personally thank our Board of Directors and Chamber staff for their help in getting back on track. As the General Manager of Design Mechanical, an HVAC Mechanical Contractor, I have personally been involved in a KCK success story. We started in 2003, and have grown today to a $50 million company. Our office locations stayed in Wyandotte County but changed four times before landing in the Cambridge Circle Business Park. We are on our fourth remodel due to growth and expansion. Over the past year at the KCK Chamber, under the leadership of Chair Greg Cotton of Sporting Park, we focused on new demands in how we performed and a desire to step up the services we provided. The most impressive improvement was with our Legislative Committee, led by Chair Mike Smallwood of Smallwood Lock Supply. The KCK Chamber legislative agenda is a true testament to pro business in Wyandotte County. As for 2016 goals, we are always looking to add members. But not just any members, those members who are committed to their businesses to grow and prosper. Those businesses whose mindset is to also help their community grow and prosper. Business people who believe that with collaboration and partnership that KCK, and the entire Kansas City metro area, continue its entrepreneurial spirit and business-friendly attitude, and where job growth is unprecedented. All in the name of “Here is a Good Place to Be”. Through all the changes, one thing remains the same: The KCK Chamber is YOUR chamber. So I invite you to embrace YOUR chamber, help with its mission and use its resources. It’s always better with YOU!

Valerie M. Mussett General Manager Design Mechanical

Mission: “As a member of the business community in the metropolitan area, the mission of the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce is to enhance and create opportunities in Wyandotte County which build a quality community to live, work and conduct business.”

ABOUT THE CHAMBER The KCK Chamber is a membership based organization led by a volunteer board with up to 41 members. The day-to-day work is handled by a paid staff of full-time employees. Staff works with a variety of committees made up of members and the Board of Directors. Currently the Chamber works in four basic areas – Legislative, Information, Networking, and Community Development. The Chamber board held a series of planning sessions in late 2011 to set a five year plan. The plan was approved in February, 2012. It is laid out in six priority areas:

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Daniel Silva

Nolan Dees

Executive Director

Director of Finance

Hope Blankenship

Ga’Brielle Doran

Membership Marketing Manager

First Impression Coordinator


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HERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE Here is a Good Place to Be! UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden is nothing short of a legend. He led 10 of his teams to NCAA National Championship titles, won 88 games in a row and was National Coach of the Year six times. To say he had an impact on college basketball is an understatement. Wooden left behind a rich legacy not just of victories on the court, but of wisdom in and out of the arena. Many of his inspirational maxims are commonly quoted today, many of which can be applied to business. “Each of us must make the effort to contribute to the best of our ability according to our individual talents. And then put all the individual talents together for the highest good of the group. Understanding that the good of the group comes first is fundamental to being a highly productive member of the team.” -John Wooden Working for the “Good of The Group” --- Collaboration, teamwork and partnerships are three things that Daniel Silva and his KCK Chamber team are focusing on in 2016. From that first day in December when Silva took over the Executive Director position he has made creating an inclusive KCK Chamber a priority. Understanding how to create a highly productive association is of utmost importance to him as he builds an inclusive and extremely visible Chamber. He believes crafting mutually beneficial business partnerships 6

and encouraging regional collaboration locally and across state-lines will foster growth and help everyone reach their goals more efficiently and at a faster pace. “We are revamping our 2016 board. We’ve developed a legislative agenda, with the help of Mike Smallwood and a highly engaged legislative committee that makes sense and represents the best interests of our member businesses. We’re creating buzz and momentum with new events and programs. In short we are returning the KCK Chamber to prominence and relevance and we want YOU to dream with us. We have so many things to do yet and we can only accomplish them with you as our partner.”

hopes he and his team can increase Chamber membership, attendance at events, sponsorships and revenue for the Chamber. He also hopes to engage members so all of this work is mutually beneficial. Without member participation and involvement, the Chamber can’t increase awareness or develop and strengthen key business relationships. Developing these

Silva wants to position the KCK Chamber as a connector, convener, resource and

We have so many things to do yet and we can only accomplish them with you as our partner. –Daniel Silva

advocate for business owners. In doing so he


relationships is key to funding and backing for community initiatives to create a more friendly business community. “We need to continue to work with and strengthen our relationships with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, the Wyandotte Economic Development Council, the Kansas City Kansas Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Central Exchange, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, the Workforce Development Committee, diverse chambers, Healthy Communities Wyandotte, GenKC and others,” said Valerie Mussett, KCK Chamber Board of Directors Chair. With solid partnerships and member involvement, the KCK Chamber can actively explore how the Chamber can positively impact


business in KCK and Wyandotte County and encourage regional cooperation. “We are excited to be a more active participant in the regional conversation and regional initiatives. This increases the visibility of KCK and promotes goodwill across the state line and beyond. It shows key players that we are economically viable and can offer talented employees and successful businesses,” added Silva. In order to do this though, the KCK Chamber needs member support. We need you to “Dream with Us”. We need active partners to help us show everyone that “Here is a Good Place to Be”. The Chamber can’t do it alone. Being highly productive is understanding the good of the group and understanding the good of the Chamber is being a part of our

dream...Being a Partner with Us. In closing Silva states; “These partnerships will help us create a more vibrant KCK, attract new business and retain businesses. The teamwork will continue to build and support a healthy, robust community that continues to grow in population, attract homeowners, educate, train and place a qualified workforce. With our partners,the KCK Chamber will build a thriving business presence, leverage our diversity for the greater good, foster regional relationships and add value for our members at every opportunity.” So as John Wooden would say; “The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team”. OUR main ingredient is YOU.

Celebrating 115 Years in Kansas City, KS McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips has invested 115 years building a law firm, a community, a dedicated client following and a national reputation for successfully representing our clients in some of the region’s most complex and high stake cases. Local, national and international companies, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government entities and nonprofits, turn to MVP for service, results and value.

K A N S A S C I T Y, K S Ph 913.371.3838

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K A N S A S C I T Y, M O S T. L O U I S , M O ph 816.912.4446

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The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. Frederick J. Greenbaum, President




Imagine receiving more than 1,100 proposals courting your business, and trying to decide which one is the best fit. That may seem like a tough decision for some, but that’s the decision that Google Fiber faced in 2011. They needed to find a city where the local government and business community could work together to embrace ultrafast Internet, and partner with Google Fiber to deploy their service. And five years ago, Google Fiber decided Kansas City, Kansas was that city.

community who wanted to write the next chapter of the Internet.

In the search for Google Fiber’s first home, KCK stood out for many reasons. Google Fiber needed a city with strong leaders who were committed to innovation, and a

Celebrating Google’s Fiber’s fifth anniversary in Kansas City means celebrating the incredible ways speed has helped this community grow. In addition to increasing

“Out of the many cities that applied, Kansas City immediately caught our attention. We were drawn to this city’s strong creative leaders, and strong entrepreneurial spirit. Now, after five years, the people of Kansas City have truly proven that great things are possible with Google Fiber’s superfast speeds,” said Rachel Merlo, Community Manager at Google Fiber.

bandwidth for families, Fiber’s fast speeds have helped make it possible for entrepreneurs and artists across industries to communicate more efficiently, reduce upload and download times from hours to minutes, and much more. Google Fiber helped draw many tech innovators to KCK, including those in the KC Startup Village, a community of entrepreneurs who rely on lightning fast speeds to grow their businesses. The KCK Chamber is excited to help Google Fiber celebrate, and continue to partner with them to make KCK “A Good Place to Be”. Google Fiber has been a partner with the Chamber for many years

and continues to support our programs in many ways. In 2016 they will help us start our new business education symposiums as well as sponsoring our Annual Meeting, Best of KCK Expo and other marketing and promotional programs. In turn, the KCK Chamber will continue to support Google Fiber and their outreach efforts bringing connectivity to KCK residents and small businesses. We will also support Google Fiber’s existing digital inclusion initiatives, including the Community Connections program, ConnectHome and the Kansas City Digital Inclusion Fund. “Google Fiber has put KCK on the map in so many ways. The region and the country looks to us as a technology leader now. But even more importantly, the KCK Chamber partners with Google Fiber and other businesses to offer services that we couldn’t offer our members and community partners before. We are especially grateful for the high speed internet options

they offer to our lower-income families, schools and public libraries. This helps with education and career assistance for our next generation and grows business

is great to work with and we value our relationship. This partnership is a truly interactive, beneficial association to both organizations as well as the entire city. The KCK

Google Fiber has put KCK on the map in so many ways. The region and the country looks to us as a technology leader now. –Daniel Silva

in KCK. This is just an incredible benefit to our community,” Daniel Silva, Executive Director KCK Chamber states. The partnership between the KCK Chamber and Google Fiber is a celebration in itself. Google Fiber shines a spotlight on the KCK community, such as our Startup Village. The Chamber is able to promote Google Fiber to our members and tout its benefits at our events and to an even broader audience. The Google Fiber team

Chamber congratulates Google Fiber on their successful five years in KCK! Merlo said that Google Fiber has the same sentiments. “The people make the Kansas City region incredibly special to Google Fiber. Kansas City was an attractive choice to be our first Fiber city five years ago for many reasons--and each of this reasons still holds true.”


PARTNERSHIPS AT WORK The adage that two brains are better than one may explain why a lot of business owners create partnerships. Much is written about the benefits of partners working together, in short, the benefits can be extraordinary. Partnerships promote common sense, a common purpose and strong ethics. Just think about how many of the world’s most successful business people have partners; Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and we can’t forget good ole’ Ben & Jerry (Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield). Or even Joe Torre, the former New York Yankees Manager and his former Bench Coach, Don Zimmer who together won four World Series championships. The KCK Chamber has found that you don’t have to look far to find relevant people and organizations to collaborate with as partners. We have found many members to support us in 2016: TranSystems, Healthy Communities Wyandotte, Great Wolf Lodge, Granite City, MVP Law Firm and the Board of


Public Utilities to name a few. Partners like these are allowing us to expand our reach and create new events for our members to connect with the community. We can now offer programs beyond what we’ve done in the past. TRANSYSTEMS AND THE KCK CHAMBER One of those new events is the Breakfast with the Board Series. This breakfast event is exclusively sponsored by long-time member, TranSystems. “We became a sponsor of the Breakfast with the Board events because it is a great way to support the Chamber. This event is a new method for Chamber members and

potential members to meet the Chamber Board face to face and discuss business. One-on-one time can be a great way to network and present your business to potential new clients. The time with a Board

The time with a Board member, who is sometimes more senior, can also be a great way to receive some business mentoring. We believe that business is best conducted face to face when possible. –Frank Weatherford


member, who is sometimes more senior, can also be a great way to receive some business mentoring. We believe that business is best conducted face to face when possible,” Frank Weatherford, Principal with TranSystems and former KCK Board member shared.

GREAT WOLF LODGE STEPS UP Have you noticed something different about our First Friday Focus Luncheons this year? We certainly hope so, and if you have, it’s thanks to the Great Wolf Lodge and their Catering and Sales teams.

Sharing ideas in forums like this creates opportunity for business and to grow our community. The Chamber is all about growing business in Wyandotte County and we are proud to help them as the Breakfast with the Board sponsor. -Frank Weatherford

The KCK Chamber Board members meet with members on a quarterly basis connecting with one another over breakfast and coffee. Granite City, a new 2016 KCK Chamber member, hosts this event series at their Legends Outlets location. TranSystems is the organization that makes these events possible through their funding, sponsorship, support and involvement. The KCK Chamber values true partnerships like this where working together creates support and credibility for one another. Partnerships like this one with TranSystems also allow the Chamber to offer our members opportunities they might not have had otherwise.


“Sharing ideas in forums like this creates opportunity for business and to grow our community. The Chamber is all about growing business in Wyandotte County and we are proud to help them as the Breakfast with the Board sponsor.” Weatherford added.

The Great Wolf Lodge is a KCK Chamber member and this year they agreed to come on board as a marketing partner. Their team has stepped up to take care of the Chamber and its members for each of our First Friday Focus events. Not only do they provide the in-kind venue space, but they discount all the food and beverage charges, provide free audiovisual services and will also participate in our Best of KCK Business Expo as a business vendor. Partnerships like these are cost effective for the KCK Chamber and allow our resources to be used elsewhere to assist our members in other endeavors. “When a company like Great Wolf Lodge is able to provide so much to use in resources and services it’s an incredible savings to us. We are then able to allocate those funds to other events and areas in our budget to do more for our members. It’s simply incredible and we are so thankful for their involvement with

us this year,” said KCK Chamber Executive Director, Daniel Silva. First Friday Focus events are business educational luncheons hosted by the Chamber and a member sponsor on the First Friday of select months. WYANDOTTE COUNTY’S HEALTHY COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE The Healthy Communities Wyandotte (HCW) initiative began as a response to the 2009 Kansas County Health rankings report which listed Wyandotte County as having the worst health in the state. Concerned about this statistic, a group led by the Unified Government of Wyandotte County convened to brainstorm solutions. In 2011 HCW published the Recommendation for a Better Future Plan, and that plan has had many successes. The mission of HCW is to mobilize the community to improve health through increased communication, coordination and cultural change. The countywide coalition aims to help Wyandotte become the most improved county for health in Kansas. One of the HCW programs is WorkWell Wyandotte and the KCK Chamber is partnering with WorkWell Wyandotte to promote their program to our members. This new worksite wellness initiative is aimed to help businesses in the county approach wellness in a way that has lasting impact on the employees in the workplace. The Chamber and WorkWell Wyandotte want businesses to know that being involved in this

program can not only result in healthier employees, but is also good for business by reducing costs and absenteeism as well as improving morale and productivity. Participating businesses have access to workshops and ongoing resources to help them develop and implement an evidenced-based wellness plan catered to the needs and circumstances of their workplaces. WorkWell Wyandotte and the KCK Chamber are co-branding each other’s programs by working together on a new event called the Resource Business Breakfast Series. This event is held the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7:30am to 9:00am over coffee and a light breakfast.

could learn about other members and what their businesses do. They wanted an opportunity to do business with other members. So we created an event that allows them to really learn more about one another in a more personal setting,” explained Daniel Silva, Executive Director with the KCK Chamber. WorkWell Wyandotte opens the meeting with a welcome, a brief overview and update program. This is a breakfast networking group that is designed so members can share what they do, ask for referrals and seek out resources from other members at the same time. The Chamber hopes this encourages our members to do business with one another and apply introduction and referral strategies that go beyond normal networking.

Janell Freise, WorkWell Wyandotte Coordinator echoed the value the KCK Chamber sees in this partnership, “We value our partnership with the KCK Chamber for the Resource Business Breakfast event series. It’s a unique event that not only gives us a chance to let people know about WorkWell Wyandotte, but we also like the fact that we are giving other businesses an opportunity to spotlight their organization too.” For more information about the KCK Chamber Breakfasts with the Board, First Friday Focus Luncheons and Resource Business Breakfasts please visit our website at

“We heard from our members that they wanted a forum where they


MEMBER DIRECTORY (BY INDUSTRY) A Accountants Cochran Head Vick & Co., P.A. (913) 287-4433 Leon Logan, CPA, PA (913) 631-9800 Novak Birks, P.C. (913) 788-9444 Wolski & Associates, LLC (913) 281-3233

Village West Luxury Apartments (913) 721-3500 Architects Black & Veatch Corporation (913) 458-2000 Burns & McDonnell (816) 333-9400 Davidson Architecture & Engineering (913) 451-9390


Foutch Brothers LLC (816) 746-9100

ASI Signage Innovations (913) 871-5575

Garcia Architecture LLC (913) 284-1985

Agriculture & Chemicals

George Butler Associates (913) 492-0400

Bartlett and Company (816) 753-6300 Barton Solvents, Inc. (913) 287-5500

Gould Evans Associates (816) 931-6655

H2B Architects, Inc. (816) 979-1800 PQ Corporation (913) 371-3020 Apartments

HG Consult, Inc. Engineers & Planners (816) 912-4720

City View at St. Margaret’s (816) 746-9100

HMN Architects, Inc. (913) 451-9075

Gatton Rentals & Investments (913) 299-9004

Musselman & Hall Contractors (816) 861-1234

Horace Mann Lofts (816) 746-9100 Nelson Enterprises (913) 262-0145 Prairie View at Village West (913) 721-2700


MULTATECH Architects and Engineers (913) 901-4480

Williams Spurgeon Kuhl Freshnock Architects (913) 287-1900 Yaeger Architecture, Inc. (913) 742-8000 Artist/Photographer/Music Arts Council of Metropolitian Kansas City (816) 221-1777 Marc Carver Photography (913) 334-6464 Piano Technicians Guild, Inc., The (913) 432-9975 Assisted Living Healthcare Resort of Kansas City, The (913) 788-2100 Presbyterian Manor (913) 334-3666 Attorneys John J. Jurcyk, Jr. Attorney at Law (913) 268-8775 Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (816) 474-4322 Kutak Rock LLP (816) 960-0090 Lathrop & Gage (913) 451-5100 Lewis Rice LLC (816) 421-2500

McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips (913) 371-3838 Sega Inc. (913) 681-2881 Polsinelli (816) 753-1000

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Being a member of this chamber allows one to build relationships with business partners in the community. In addition, there is always a place to be heard and to make the chamber “my” chamber. I am proud and blessed to be a member of the KCK Chamber of Commerce. I know it has had a positive impact on my business with an added benefit of being around some quality people who make up the Kansas City community.

Contact Connie Holmes, 913 621-8437


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–Christi Diggs, Independent AFLAC Agent

Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP (816) 474-6550

Kansas City Repertory Theatre (816) 235-2700

New Theatre Company (913) 649-7469

Stinson Leonard Street LLP (816) 842-8600

Kansas City T-Bones Baseball, LLC (913) 328-2255


Kansas City Zoo (816) 595-1234

Richard Petty Driving Experience at Kansas Speedway (913) 328-3310

7th Street Casino (913) 371-3500 American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation (855) 647-3411 x 06 Great Wolf Lodge of Kansas City (913) 907-7001 Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway (913) 288-9300 Kansas City Renaissance Festival (913) 721-2110

Kansas Speedway Corporation (913) 328-3300 Legends 14 Theatres at Village West (913) 428-2992 National World War I Museum and Memorial (816) 888-8100 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, The (816) 751-1228

Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark (913) 312-3110 Skate City (913) 888-6668 Sporting Kansas City (913) 951-3579 Union Station Kansas City (816) 460-2020 Wine Barn Winery and Vineyard (913) 721-5577


Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City (913) 287-8888

Randy Curnow Buick - GMC (913) 334-1166

Enterprise Bank & Trust (913) 693-2790

Tire Centers, LLC (913) 321-2233

First Legend Bank & Trust (913) 299-8831



Allied Glass Experts, LLC (913) 287-9200

Banks & Credit Unions

Industrial State Bank (913) 831-2000

WyCo Historical Society & Museum (913) 573-5002

Cross Midwest Tire Co. (913) 321-3003 General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant (913) 573-7000 Legends Honda (913) 387-2900 Legends Toyota (913) 299-8600

Bank Midwest (913) 299-9700 Capitol Federal Savings Bank (913) 652-2490 Community First Bank (913) 371-1242 CommunityAmerica Credit Union (913) 905-7000 Country Club Bank (816) 751-4270

You get out of it – What you put into it” – I sincerely believe that concept and this certainly applies to my business and relationships with my involvement in the KCK Chamber. I, along with other Chamber members, conduct business with one another and promote each other’s company/ organization. Many compliments to the KCK Chamber staff. The emails, referrals and their genuine concern for their members is well appreciated. -Linda Lewis 18Office Products Alliance

Inter-State Federal Savings (913) 233-6100 Liberty Bank & Trust (913) 321-7200 Mainstreet Credit Union (913) 599-1010 Midwest Regional Credit Union (913) 334-4200 Security Bank of Kansas City (913) 281-3165

UMB Bank N.A. (913) 621-8060

NTS Trucking Grinter Place (913) 321-3838 (913) 299-0373

Unity One Credit Union (913) 342-9039

Panel Systems Plus, Inc. (913) 321-0111

KCK Huggers-Special Olympics (913) 573-8331

US Bank (913) 287-0091

Parris Communications Inc. (816) 931-8900

Salvation Army of Kansas City Kansas (913) 232-5400


Premier Parking Services LLC (816) 474-0985

Sunflower House, Inc. (913) 631-5800

Robinson’s Delivery Service, Inc. (913) 281-4952

Churches & Religious Organizations

Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters (formerly Action Coffee Service) (785) 862-1680 Midwest Distributors Co., Inc. (913) 287-2020 Rogers Wholesale Liquor (913) 371-7372 Village West Discount Liquors (913) 721-5288 Will Fischer Distributing of Kansas (913) 262-4888 Business Services Commercial Claims Inc. (913) 371-3355 Display Studios, Inc. (913) 754-8900 Express Employment Professionals (913) 248-3259 George E. Fern Company (816) 221-0525 Impact Interiors (888) 296-0314

Smallwood Lock Supply (913) 371-5678 Tradesmen International (913) 233-0587 Workforce Partnership (913) 577-5900

C Catering Americrown (913) 328-5020 Deco Catering KC (913) 262-2816 Grandma’s Office Catering (816) 472-6362 Judi’s Bakery Cafe (913) 721-3208 Charitable Organizations

Jim’s Lock & Safe Service (913) 334-5467

Alliance for Childhood Education, The (913) 484-4202

Kansas City Shippers Association (913) 281-3337

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas (913) 433-2100

Joseph Lalli with Insperity (913) 339-2215

Cross-Lines Community Outreach Inc. (913) 281-3388

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas (913) 721-1570 Keeler Women’s Center, The (913) 906-8990 Living Water United Methodist Church (913) 400-7203 Mount Zion Baptist Church (913) 342-0484 Cleaning/Extermination/Restoration Ed Milberger Pest Control, Inc. (913) 498-2847 Empire High Rise & Window Cleaning (816) 739-5980 HarenLaughlin Restoration (913) 495-9558 Heartland Auto-Chlor Systems (913) 281-1022 Lucky’s Exterminating (913) 236-8808 McConnell Cleaning & Janitorial (913) 999-5067 NCRI (913) 663-4111


Community Organizations Armourdale Renewal Association (913) 371-5696 Bethel Neighborhood Center (913) 371-8218 Community Blood Center (816) 753-4040 Community Foundation of Wyandotte County (913) 371-7174 Community Housing of WyCo, Inc. (913) 342-7580 Connections to Success (913) 948-5968

Wyandotte Health Foundation (913) 371-4031 Wyandot Inc. (913) 233-3300

Baron Contracting Corporation (913) 322-4400

Associates Solutions, Inc. (913) 384-9677

Central States Contracting Services, Inc. (913) 788-1100

Cyteworks, Inc. (816) 272-5246

Clarkson Construction Company (816) 483-8800

Test & Measurement Inc. (913) 233-2724

Duranotic Door Inc. (913) 764-3408

Concrete & Paving

Fagan Company, The (913) 621-4444

El Centro, Inc. (913) 677-0100

Ash Grove Materials Corp. (913) 451-8900

Harvesters - The Comm. Food Network (816) 929-3000

Geiger Ready Mix Company (913) 281-0111

Hillcrest Transitional Housing of Wyandotte County (913) 400-2573

George J. Shaw Construction Co. (816) 231-8200

Kansas City West Kiwanis Club

Quinn Concrete Construction (913) 279-1448

L.I.S.C. Of Kansas City (816) 753-0055

Reliable Concrete Products, Inc. (913) 321-8108

United Way of Wyandotte County (913) 371-3674

A.L. Huber Construction (913) 341-4880

Computer Services/Sales

A-1 Trucking & Paving (913) 334-0884

Mosaic of Northeast Kansas (913) 788-8400


Catalyst Construction, LLC (913) 954-1633

Economic Opportunity Foundation, Inc. (913) 371-7800

MidAmerica Alliance for Access (913) 321-5140


Wyandotte County Fair Association (913) 721-2333

Consultants Kansas Small Business Development Center (913) 469-3878 LegalShield (913) 206-9001 Pharos Partners, Inc. (913) 461-6408

Foley Company (816) 918-1245 Great Plains Drilling, Inc. (816) 942-7484 J.A. Lillig Excavating, Inc. (913) 339-8860 J.E. Dunn Construction Company (816) 474-8600 Kansas City Structural Steel, Inc. (816) 924-0977 KBS Constructors Inc. (913) 422-5300 KDC Construction, Inc. (913) 677-1920 Kissick Construction Co., Inc. (816) 363-5530 L.G. Barcus & Sons, Inc. (913) 621-1100

McAnany Construction (913) 631-5440

Pendleton, Steven D., DDS, P.A. (913) 299-0704

Donnelly College (913) 621-8700

McCownGordon Construction (816) 960-1111


Kansas City Kansas Community College (913) 334-1100

Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City (913) 948-9200 Rand Construction Company (816) 421-4143 Rau Construction Company (913) 642-6000 Straub Construction Company, Inc. (913) 451-8828 Turner Construction (816) 283-0555

D Dental Amazing Smiles of Kansas City, LLC (913) 788-7600 Gonzales, Lisa R.DDS (913) 299-3999 HHB Periodontics (913) 362-3699 KCK Dental Professionals, P.A. (913) 321-4385 Legends Dental Group (913) 299-8860 Midwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, P.A. (913) 334-6000 My Dentist Complete Care Dentistry (913) 299-1001 North Oak Family Dental Care (816) 436-2525

Argentine Neighborhood Development Assoc. (913) 915-8346 Dean Realty Co. (816) 531-0800 Hughes Development Corporation (913) 321-2262 Kansas Speedway Development Corporation (913) 328-3300

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools (913) 551-3200 Kansas STARBASE-Kansas City (913) 279-7858 Kansas State School for the Blind (913) 305-3000 KCKCC Endowment Association (913) 288-7675

NorthPoint Development (816) 888-7380

NAIA (816) 595-8000

Vaught Group, The (913) 299-4400

NEA-KCK (913) 268-4005


Park University (816) 584-6200

Burke, Dr. Thomas (913) 334-1836 Coble Eye Associates, P.A. (913) 299-7200 Legends Ob/Gyn LLC (913) 334-2880 Philbrook, Jane Winkler, OD P.A. (913) 299-3548

E Education & Schools Bishop Ward High School (913) 371-1201 Bonner Springs-Edwardsville-USD #204 (913) 422-5600 Central Michigan University at Fort Leavenworth (913) 682-1888

Piper USD #203 (913) 721-2088 Turner USD #202 (913) 288-4100 University of Saint Mary (913) 758-6117 Electricity Capital Electric Construction Company Inc. (816) 472-9500 Electrical Corporation of America (816) 737-3206 Mark One Electric Company, Inc. (816) 842-7023 NECA PowerPartners (816) 753-7444


R. F. Fisher Electric Company (913) 384-1500

Kansas City Testing and Engineering, LLC (913) 321-8100

U.S. Small Business Administration (816) 426-4840

Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. (913) 342-1177

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Engineers Alfred Benesch & Company (913) 441-1100 BHC RHODES (913) 663-1900 Continental Consulting Engineers, Inc. (913) 642-6642 Gladfelter Engineering Group (913) 387-2340 HDR Engineering, Inc. (816) 360-2700 HNTB Architects Engineers Planners (816) 472-1201

American Crane & Tractor Parts, Inc. (913) 551-8284 Sega Inc. (913) 681-2881 August Resources, LLC (913) 299-1133 Terracon Consultants, Inc. (913) 492-7777 CE Distribution, Inc. (913) 601-3830 TranSystems Corporation (816) 329-8600 Cintas/First Aid and Safety (913) 441-4477 U.S. Engineering Company (816) 753-6969 Entrepreneurs Kansas City StartUp Village (913) 526-3133

Locke Equipment Sales Co., Inc. (913) 782-8500

Taylor Made Visions LLC (913) 210-0699

Ryan Building Materials, LLC (913) 321-3225

Being a Member, and an Ambassador of the KCK Chamber has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. The business we acquire and the relationships built from networking events with the KCK Chamber are immeasurable. Unity One Credit Union is proud to be a Member of the Kansas City Kansas Chamber. -Nancy Holtgrieve Unity One Credit Union


Croft Rental, Inc. (913) 334-5000

Pipefitters Local Union 533 Kansas City, Missouri United Association’s Award Winning

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Providing training, a living wage and benefits our veterans and families deserve.

Learn more at

Rylie Equipment & Contracting (913) 621-2725 Safway Services, LLC (913) 342-9000 Success Truck Leasing, Inc. (913) 321-1716 Summit Lease & Rental (913) 621-1988 Events All Seasons Event Rental (816) 765-1444 Lake Quivira Country Club (913) 631-7707 NPB Companies, Inc. (913) 281-2887

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The University of Kansas Hospital (913) 945 5247

Design Mechanical, Inc. (913) 281-7200 Earl Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning (913) 724-4100 Harrington Bros Inc. Heating & Cooling (913) 422-5444

Turner House Children’s Clinic (913) 342-2552 University of Kansas Medical Center (913) 588-1440 Hotels/Motels

Holiday Inn Express-Legends at Village West (913) 328-1024 Residence Inn KC at The Legends (913) 788-5650

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Hallier Reed, LLC American Inn Reddi Services (913) 712-9745 (913) 299-2999 (913) 328-5558 Hospitals & Clinics Children’s Mercy West (913) 233-4400


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The mission at Kansas City Board of Public Utilities is “to focus on the needs of our customers, to improve the quality of life in our community, while promoting safe, reliable and sustainable utilities.” The common thread in our KCK Chamber partnership is “community”, serving, improving and supporting our community and making it a great place for customers, members and businesses at large. We support our KCK Chamber in its mission and initiative to advance the community in which we live and serve. If you haven’t heard “HERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE!”

913.371.5678 • MONDAY – FRIDAY, 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. 1008 N. 18th STREET (18TH AND MINNESOTA) • KANSAS CITY, KS 66102 •

-Patrice Townsend KCBPU




Manufacturing Alphapointe K.C. Abrasive Company, LLC (816) 421-5848 (913) 342-2900

Agua Fina Irrigation & Landscape, L.L.C. (913) 530-7260 Landworks Studio, L.L.C. (913) 780-6707 Schlagel & Associates, P.A. (913) 492-5158 Signature Landscape (913) 829-8181 Library Kansas City Kansas Public Library (913) 551-3280

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LeVic Plastics (816) 761-8484 MAMTC (913) 967-1266 Neff Packaging Systems (913) 371-0777 Pipefitters Local 533 (816) 523-1533

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Startland News (913) 937-7492

I wanted to get more involved in the KCK Chamber so I became a Board Member in 2016 to help support business growth in KCK. I see it as a great opportunity to network with like-minded leaders in the community. Ultimately, it is a way to connect people and projects together to expand the economic growth of Wyandotte County. -Sarah Frost TransSystems 26

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P Pet Care Aratana Therapeutics (913) 353-1000 Pet Stop, Inc. (913) 268-6065

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Gamble Institute, LLC, The (785) 341-6654 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater KC (816) 472-6767 I.B.E.W. Local Union 124 (816) 942-7500

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MC Realty Group, LLC (816) 221-1313 KCK Chamber (913) 371-3070 McCord Appraisals (913) 721-3113 St. Louis-KC Carpenters Regional Council Mid-West Terminal Warehouse (816) 931-3414 (816) 231-8811 Women’s Chamber of Commerce of KCK (913) 334-6476

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ATMOS has been a chamber member for some 50 years and over that time we feel that they have been a great partner. The Chamber keeps us informed and works hard on legislative agendas that help small business and schools, economic development projects and for the overall good in our community. We highly recommend joining the Chamber to support the community moving forward. -Kevin Jones ATMOS Energy

601 Minnesota Ave 913.621.8002 8300 Parallel Pkwy 913.288.4400

Member FDIC

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SPECIAL THANKS TO: Marc Carver Photography For providing beautiful photos Ashley Brewer - Graphic Design Abbey Russell - Graphic Design For designing the 2016 Snapshot

Y Youth Services ASAP Expert Counseling (913) 952-6696 Associated Youth Services (913) 831-2820 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City (816) 561-5269 Boy Scouts of America (816) 942-9333 Camp Fire National Headquarters (816) 285-2010 Children’s Campus of Kansas City, The (913) 281-2648 Junior Achievement of Middle America (816) 561-3558

ATMOS energy KVC Health Systems (913) 254-6300 (913) 322-4900 Board of Public Utilities (913) 573-9000 CE Water Management Inc. (913) 621-7047 Kansas Gas Service (913) 758-2737 WaterOne (913) 895-5500


Providence YMCA/ Ball Family Center (913) 378-9622 Student Athlete Foundation of KC (913) 236-0066 Synergy Services (816) 587-4100 Unbound (913) 529-9346

Ranked Best. Once Again. One of only a select few in the country ranked in all 12 medical and surgical specialties. To be ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a Top 50 hospital in one specialty is impressive. But to be ranked in all 12 data-driven medical and surgical specialties is a monumental achievement. For the sixth year in a row, The University of Kansas Hospital is named the Best Hospital in Kansas City, and again, the Best Hospital in Kansas. These rankings are based on critically important outcomes data, such as patient survival. Which is something to consider when making an informed decision about where to find the best care. Why would you go anywhere else? To put the power of academic medicine to work for you, call 913-588-1227. Learn more at


Š 2015 The University of Kansas Hospital

SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT– SMALLWOOD LOCK SUPPLY Small businesses are an extremely crucial part of American Life because they are the lifeblood of our American Economy. Most businesses are small to medium in size and basically the foundation upon which our entire country and foundation was built. At one point, every business started with a small business owner. At the KCK Chamber, small business and small business owners are everything to us. We work hard every single day to help businesses grow and thrive. We know how important small business is to America, to our region and to our community. We are huge supporters of our small businesses and want to highlight one of our most involved small business members. We’d like to shine a spotlight on Mike Smallwood and Smallwood Lock Supply. Smallwood Lock Supply started in 1912 when Mike’s grandfather, Grover Smallwood, bought the inventory of A&E Fix-It Co. in Kansas City, Kansas offering many forms of non-automotive service and repair, electrical work, as well as locksmith services. The company survived the Great Depression by offering a combination of quality service and competitive pricing that produced a great value for the customer. Mike’s father, Leonard, entered the business full time in 1954 upon his return from serving with the army in Korea. Mike entered the business in 1994 after a 13 year stint at Hallmark Cards. 32

“Our core strength is that we continue to provide a high quality of service that is second to none,” said Smallwood. “We pride ourselves in providing great value for the customer with quality service at a fair price.” Smallwood shared. Smallwood Lock Supply serves both consumers as well as institutions of all sizes. The distribution branch sells products in all 50 states, as well as internationally, and has a strong web presence that continues to grow. They are a proud Kansas City, Kansas company and a proud KCK Chamber member. Smallwood takes being a chamber member seriously. “As a longstanding family business in Kansas City, Kansas, we’ve recognized the importance of Chamber membership for years,” said Smallwood.” Additionally, as Chair of the Legislative Committee, I am able to advance the interests and issues of local business, with a close eye on issues that impact small businesses. I feel that small businesses needs a voice in Topeka. I am passionate about it because I have seen firsthand the affects the committee’s efforts have had on business growth and economic development.” The KCK Chamber’s Legislative Committee’s objective is to have their work reflect the interests of Chamber members, with a strong emphasis towards small

business members, in addition to interests affecting our community at large. The KCK Chamber Board of Director’s feels that with Smallwood at the helm of the Legislative Committee that the 2016 Legislative Agenda stays true to this objective, and encourages everyone to take time to review the document on the Chamber website at Daniel Silva added that these legislative efforts and the KCK Chamber’s successful visits to Topeka are in large part due to Smallwood and his passionate commitment to his position and the Chamber. “Mike is the epitome of dedication and enthusiasm towards a cause. He believes in the KCK Chamber, small business and advocating on our behalf 100%. He has taken his role as the Chair of the Legislative Committee very seriously and believes in the work he is doing in order to help small business grow and thrive in KCK. We simply could not do without him as part of our team!” said Silva. Smallwood recognizes the value in his KCK Chamber involvement and membership. He understands and acknowledges the Chamber’s efforts in regards to business growth and economic development. The value of networking

opportunities, Chamber referrals, knowledge of current business trends and participation in community activities is of great worth to his personal and professional interests. �Whether you’re a 10 year old company or a 100+ year old company such as ours, it is always beneficial to stay involved with the local business community, and as centennial old small business, we continue to find value in our Chamber partnership.� Smallwood summarized.


KCK COLLABORATION Collaboration may sometimes seem complex, but when nonprofits team up they can take even bigger strides towards achieving mission and fostering a better business community. There are many benefits to collaboration including cutting costs, efficiency, new ideas, advocacy, leadership capabilities and expansion of services and programs. Your KCK Chamber plans to take advantage of these collaboration benefits in 2016 by teaming up and with the Kansas City Kansas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (KCK CVB), the Wyandotte County Economic Development Council (WYEDC), the Central Exchange (CX), the Greater KC Chamber, other area chambers and diverse chambers. We also plan to continue to initiate partnerships with other organizations such


as the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and KCSourceLink. In doing so we hope to strengthen our position as a connector, convener, resource and advocate for business owners. As the new Executive Director of the KCK Chamber, Daniel Silva has a clear vision for these collaborative partnerships. “We want every partnership we enter into to positively impact Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County. We want that partnership to encourage and foster regional cooperation and if possible elevate the visibility of the KCK Chamber as well as our partner’s visibility.” “The WYEDC is a partner that really makes sense for us. Not only are

their offices located in our building, but our missions align. Workforce development is a priority for both the KCK Chamber and the WYEDC and we will continue to work together to foster those programs together!” Silva said. The Wyandotte Economic Development Council represents a public private partnership comprised of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/ Kansas City, Kansas, the Board of Public Utilities, the cities of Edwardsville and Bonner Springs, and 109 private sector investors. WYEDC has been providing economic development services to the community for 24 years. WYEDC’s mission is to promote and strengthen Wyandotte County’s economy through programs, partnerships, and outreach. Greg

Kindle, WYEDC President, believes in the changes brought about by this mission. ”Wyandotte County’s growth and transformation is phenomenal. In 2015, $690 million in investments were announced and nearly 1,900 jobs were created or retained. In the last three years, $2 billion in investments have been announced throughout the county setting the stage for long term economic growth. This is made possible through many partnerships.” Retaining and growing the existing businesses in our community is a driver for economic sustainability. Two years ago, the WYEDC put forth a plan to increase the level of engagement with existing companies with the goal of better understanding what they need in order to stay and grow here. Since then, the WYEDC team has worked with more than 250 companies with a large number of those companies indicating a need to grow.

The biggest challenge noted by WYEDC companies is finding talent. To that end, WYEDC and their partners are focused on two primary areas: developing a future talent pipeline in concert with school districts, and connecting the underemployed, immigrant and minority populations to the training and jobs available. WYEDC is excited to be part of the team tackling this challenge. Succeeding in this endeavor puts Wyandotte County in a position for long term economic growth for the community’s existing companies, businesses looking to locate into the community, and residents. As the WYEDC looks at the opportunities that possibly lie ahead, optimism is evident about the continued growth in a number of areas including; Fairfax Industrial Park development, the Rosedale Master Plan and Traffic Study will provide clarity for future development in that area of the community that includes the University of Kansas Hospital and KU Medical Center and continued Downtown redevelopment opportunities. Kindle added that collaboration with other organizations will only help to continue this growth; “Wyandotte County is fortunate to have a great story to tell and it just keeps getting better. Partnerships like those WYEDC has with the KCK Chamber particularly where legislative efforts help create a pro-business environment in which businesses can grow and thrive are vital to economic growth. Working together in partnership, there is

capacity in this community to do great things.” Kindle commented. The Kansas City Kansas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is another partner organization the KCK Chamber plans to continue to collaborate with in 2016 and beyond. The Chamber sees the value in working hand in hand with the KCK CVB to promote KCK and its successes to the entire region. Bridgette Jobe, the Executive Director of the KCK CVB says that both the KCK CVB and the KCK Chamber are in the same business, “The KCK CVB has a long standing relationship with the KCK Chamber. We are both in the business of growing Kansas City, Kansas and will continue to work together to make this the best community possible.” The KCK CVB markets and promotes all Wyandotte County visitor attractions, from the smallest historical museum to the World’s Tallest Waterslide and everything in between. It is the CVB’s responsibility to provide the most comprehensive information to visitors of everything there is to do in the community. The ultimate goal is to encourage visitors to stay longer, spend more money, and come back again. “I think that by collaborating with the KCK CVB we both can expand our programs and services. It allows the Chamber and the KCK CVB to be more efficient, to co-brand and co-promote. We can market KCK and Wyandotte County to visitors and businesses as a great place for business,


travel and entertainment. There is so much potential and so many opportunities for us to dig into.” says Daniel Silva, Executive Director of the KCK Chamber.

personal development and great networking opportunities. The KCK Chamber and the Central Exchange plan to co-host one another’s events in 2016 so

We want businesses to be inclusive in their hiring, promotions and board nominations and engaging with CX is a positive step in fostering this initiative. –Daniel Silva Jobe added “As the KCK Chamber is the voice of the business community, the KCK CVB is the voice of the hospitality industry. Both are an important voice for our city and region by advocating for new and existing development and by promoting our community as a quality place to visit, work and live. Both organizations are vital in monitoring and addressing legislation locally, statewide and federally, that can affect our community.” Another new association the KCK Chamber is excited about partnering with in 2016 is the Central Exchange of Kansas City. The Central Exchange is a membership organization with over 1,100 members. It was founded in 1980 by Marjorie Powell Allen and Beth Smith as they looked for a way to make a difference for women in Kansas City. CX members represent a crosssection of business women and men throughout the Kansas City area. Business owners, executives, managers, non-profit and civic leaders and community volunteers have access to professional programming, leadership and 36

that members can network with one another and make important connections across associations. The Central Exchange currently has members from Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County but they want to continue their outreach to the Kansas side of the state line. “Partnering with the KCK Chamber is a valuable tool for us. We want to provide the venue and voice for women (and men) who are seeking to reach their full professional and personal potential and having a strong business partner like the KCK Chamber allows us to connect with strong business leaders who can contribute to our cause and mission. It also allows the Chamber members to take advantage of our services and programs.” CiCi Rojas, CEO & President, Central Exchange stated. Daniel Silva agrees, saying that bringing CX events to the KCK Chamber office and other KCK locations provides more direct access for our members to engage in CX activities.

“The Central Exchange partnership allows the KCK Chamber to be a proactive partner for women owned businesses and a professional development resource for women executives, managers and entrepreneurs. This is also another way for our Chamber to promote diversity in the workplace. We want businesses to be inclusive in their hiring, promotions and board nominations and engaging with CX is a positive step in fostering this initiative.” Plans are currently taking place to engage with the Greater KC Chamber to partner with on regional initiatives, as well as working with other area chambers with the same goals. Silva is also proactively contacting diverse chambers to collaborate with them in an effort to be more active and inclusive. He and his team have already hosted partner events with other association partners such as KCSourceLink and WorkWell Wyandotte, a Unified Government, grant funded, Healthy Communities Wyandotte initiative. As KCK Chamber Board of Directors Chair, Valerie Mussett says “Embrace your chamber!” Your KCK Chamber is on the move and we are making the KCK Chamber a great team to partner with and KCK “A Good Place to Be!”

ACKNOWLEDGING AND APPLAUDING OUR AMBASSADORS Great leaders will always tell you their success could not have happened without the help of their team. The KCK Chamber feels the same about our Ambassador Club. Our Ambassadors serve as the Chamber’s champion volunteers. They’re a valuable resource in our outreach efforts helping with events, member recruitment, retention, ribbon cuttings and other programs. We’d like to thank our 2016 Ambassadors. We want to give a special thanks to Linda Lewis with Office Products Alliance and Patrice Townsend with the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, our 2015-16 Ambassador Co-Chairs, for their years of service. Linda and Patrice have been exemplary leaders and have guided the Ambassadors throughout the past decade. Their leadership has been crucial to providing support to the KCK Chamber and its Board, standing strong in the organization through challenges and success. Linda has been serving as Chair and Co-Chair for 11 Years, and Patrice has been her Co-Chair for the past six years. 2016 will be a year of transition for the committee, as both are willingly stepping down in their leadership roles to give other Ambassadors an opportunity to experience chairing this valuable volunteer committee. They have set a standard for the committee and have established a seat for the Ambassadors on the Chamber’s Board of Directors. “Linda and Patrice have been instrumental in leading and continuing to build our Ambassador Club. For them to step aside now and let others take the lead demonstrates their individual selflessness and commitment to the KCK Chamber. I commend them and sincerely thank them for their dedication to the KCK Chamber and our community!” –Daniel Silva, KCK Chamber Executive Director. The KCK Chamber and our Board of Directors applaud their service to the KCK Chamber. The Chamber genuinely thanks them for their efforts and loyalty to the KCK business community.



Rev. C.L. Bachus Mount Zion Baptist Church

Pat Brune Women’s Chamber of Commerce of KCK

Melissa Clark CE Distribution, Inc.

Greg Cotton Past Chair Sporting Kansas City

Ryan Denk McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips

Sarah Frost TranSystems Corporation

Craig Gaffney Treasurer Country Club Bank

Phil Gibbs, Jr. Continental Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Dr. Doug Girod University of Kansas Medical Center

Dr. Doris Givens KCK Community College

Don Gray KC Board of Public Utilities

Earl Harrison, Jr. HG Consult, Inc. Engineers & Planners

Mayor Mark Holland Unified Government of WyCo/KCK

Kevin Jones ATMOS Energy

John J. Jurcyk, Jr. McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips

Sidney King Liberty Bank & Trust

Dr. Cynthia Lane KCK Public Schools

Todd LaSala Stinson Leonard Street LLP

Linda Lewis Office Products Alliance

Alise Martiny Greater KC Building & Const. Trade Council

Valerie Mussett - Chair Design Mechanical, Inc.

Randy Nyp Providence Medical Center

Joab Ortiz Burns & McDonnell

Dan Peters The University of Kansas Hospital

Tony Privitera Mark One Electric Company, Inc.

Kirk Sherman Newmark Grubb Zimmer

Daniel Silva Executive Director KCK Chamber

Mike Smallwood Smallwood Lock Supply

Norm Smith NPB Companies, Inc.

Msgr. Stuart Swetland Donnelly College

Pat Warren Kansas Speedway Corporation

Kate Webb Coreslab Structures, Inc.



Platinum ($15,000- $24,999)

Gold ($10,000-$14,999)

Silver ($5,000-$9,999)

Bronze ($1,500-$4,999) ATMOS Energy Candlewood Suites Coreslab Structures, Inc. The HealthCare Resort of Kansas City HG Consult, Inc. Engineers & Planners JR & Co. Roofing Contractors Kansas City Kansas Public Schools Mainstreet Credit Union NECA PowerPartners Pipefitters Local Union 533 St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council UMB Bank WorkWell Wyandotte


DIRECTORY (A-Z) # 7th Street Casino - 17

A A-1 Trucking & Paving - 20 A.L. Huber Construction - 20 Advantage Metals Recycling LLC - 27 AFLAC | Christi Diggs - 24 Agua Fina Irrigation & Landscape, L.L.C. - 25 ALDI Inc. Kansas - 23 Alfred Benesch & Company - 22 All Copy Products - 27 All Seasons Event Rental - 23 All Systems - 28 Alliance for Childhood Education, The- 19 Allied Glass Experts, LLC - 18 Allied Staffing - 29 Alphapointe - 25 Amazing Smiles of Kansas City, LLC - 21 American Crane & Tractor Parts, Inc. - 22 American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation - 17 American Inn - 24 American Trailer & Storage - 26 Americrown - 19 AnswerPro Limited - 29 Aratana Therapeutics - 27 Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas - 19 Argentine Neighborhood Development Assoc. - 21 Armourdale Renewal Association - 20 Art’s Mexican Products - 23 Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque - 28 Arts Council of Metropolitian KC - 16 ASAP Expert Counseling - 30 Ash Grove Materials Corp. - 20 Ashley Brewer - Graphic Design - 23 ASI Signage Innovations - 16 Associated Youth Services - 30 Associates Solutions, Inc. - 20 *AT&T - 29 AT&T Mobility - 28 Athletic & Rehabilitation Center - 28 *ATMOS Energy - 30 August Resources, LLC - 22 Automated Control Systems - 28

B B & J Food Peerless Service Equipment Inc. - 23 Baader Linco - 25


Ball’s Food Stores - 23 Bank Midwest - 18 Baron Contracting Corporation - 20 Bartlett and Company - 16 Barton Solvents, Inc. - 16 Best Harvest Bakeries - 23 Best Western Premier KC Speedway Inn & Suites - 24 Bethel Neighborhood Center - 20 *BHC RHODES - 22 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City - 30 Birmingham, Jim - 28 Bishop Ward High School - 21 *Black & Veatch Corporation - 16 Block & Company, Inc. REALTORS - 27 Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters - 19 *Board of Public Utilities, KC - 2, 30 Bob Evans Restaurant - 28 Bonner Springs-Edwardsville-USD #204 - 21 Bovard Insurance Group LLC - 24 Boy Scouts of America - 30 Bramar Housing of Kansas, Inc. - 27 Builders’ Association - 27 Burke, Dr. Thomas - 21 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway - 30 *Burns & McDonnell - 16 Business West Inc. - 26

C Cabela’s Retail, Inc. - 28 Camp Fire National Headquarters - 30 Campione Interior Solutions, LLC - 23 *Candlewood Suites - 24 Capital Electric Construction Company Inc. - 21 Capitol Federal Savings Bank - 18 CardConnect - 23 Carter Broadcast Group, Inc. - 26 Catalyst Construction, LLC - 20 Catholic Cemeteries Association - 23 Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas - 19 CBC Real Estate Group, LLC - 27 CE Distribution, Inc. - 22 CE Water Management Inc. - 30 Central Exchange - 27 Central Michigan University at Fort Leavenworth - 21 Central Solutions, Inc. - 28 Central States Contracting Services, Inc. - 20 Century Fire Sprinklers, Inc. - 29 Century Roofing - 28 CertainTeed Corporation - 25 Chick-fil-A - 28 Children’s Campus of Kansas City, The - 30

Children’s Mercy West - 24 *Cintas Corporation - 30 Cintas/First Aid and Safety - 22 City of Bonner Springs - 23 City of Edwardsville - 23 City View at St. Margaret’s - 16 Clarkson Construction Company - 20 Coble Eye Associates, P.A. - 21 Cochran Head Vick & Co., P.A. - 16 Comfort Suites Speedway - 24 Commercial Claims Inc. - 19 Community Blood Center - 20 Community First Bank - 18 Community Foundation of Wyandotte County - 20 Community Housing of Wyandotte County, inc. - 20 CommunityAmerica Credit Union - 18 Concentra Medical Center - 24 Connections to Success - 20 Continental Consulting Engineers, Inc. - 22 Corbion Caravan - 24 *Coreslab Structures, Inc. - 25 *Country Club Bank - 18 Country Inn & Suites Village West - 24 Country Place Senior Living of Basehor - 28 Croft Rental, Inc. - 22 Cross Midwest Tire Co. - 18 Cross-Lines Community Outreach Inc. - 19 Culver’s of Kansas City, KS - 28 Cyteworks, Inc. - 20

D Daniels, Dr. Ray - 28 Davidson Architecture & Engineering - 16 Dean Realty Co. - 21 Deco Catering KC - 19 DeGoler Pharmacies - 27 Delta Dental Plan of Kansas - 24 *Design Mechanical, Inc. - 9, 24 Discover Vision Centers - 24 Display Studios, Inc. - 19 Donnelly College - 21 Downtown Shareholders KCK - 27 Dub’s Dread Golf Club - 23 Duchesne Clinic - 24 Duranotic Door Inc. - 20

E Earl Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning - 24 Earp Meat Company - 24 Economic Opportunity Foundation, Inc. - 20

Ed Milberger Pest Control, Inc. - 19 Ed’s Trophies - 28 Edward Jones | Jimmy Gaona - 23 El Centro, Inc. - 20 Electrical Corporation of America - 21 Empire High Rise & Window Cleaning - 19 Enterprise Bank & Trust - 18 Epperheimer, William - 28 Epoxy Coating Specialists, Inc. - 23 Express Employment Professionals - 19

F Fagan Company, The - 20 Fairbanks Morse Pump - 25 Fairfax Drainage District - 23 Fairfax Industrial Association - 27 Falcon Lakes Golf Club LLC - 23 Family Conservancy, The - 26 Ferris Kimball Company, LLC - 25 First Legend Bank & Trust - 18 Foley Company - 20 Foutch Brothers LLC - 16 Frazier DeCamp Financial Services - 23

G Gamble Institute, LLC, The - 27 Garcia Architecture LLC - 16 Garsite | Progress LLC (Wabash National Corp.) - 30 Gates & Sons Barbeque of KS, Inc. - 28 Gatton Rentals & Investments - 16 Geiger Ready Mix Company - 20 *General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant - 18 George Butler Associates - 16 George E. Fern Company - 19 George F. Porter & Sons, Inc. - 23 George J. Shaw Construction Co. - 20 Gerber Moving and Storage - 26 Gladfelter Engineering Group - 22 Global Prairie - 26 Gonzales, Lisa R.DDS - 21 *Google Fiber - 15, 29 Gould Evans Associates - 16 Grandma’s Office Catering - 19 Granite City Food & Brewery - 28 Great Plains Drilling, Inc. - 20 *Great Wolf Lodge of Kansas City - 17, 24 *Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council - 29 Griffin Wheel Company (Amsted Rail) - 25 Grinter Place - 19

H H&R Block - 29 H2B Architects, Inc. - 16 Hallier Reed, LLC - 24 Hampton Inn - Village West - 24

Happy Foods North, Inc. - 24 HarenLaughlin Restoration - 19 Harrington Bros Inc. Heating & Cooling - 24 Harvest Productions, Inc. - 30 Harvesters - The Comm. Food Network - 20 Have Guns Will Rent - 28 HDR Engineering, Inc. - 22 *Heatlhcare Resort of Kansas City, The - 16 Heartland Auto-Chlor Systems - 19 Heathwood Oil Company, Inc. - 25 *HG Consult, Inc. Engineers & Planners - 16 HHB Periodontics - 21 Hillcrest Transitional Housing of WyCo - 20 Hillshire Brands - 24 Hilton Garden Inn - 24 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater KC - 27 HMN Architects, Inc. - 16 HNTB Architects Engineers Planners - 22 Holiday Inn Express Kansas City KU Medical Center - 24 Holiday Inn Express-Legends at Village West - 24 Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway - 17 Homes Inc., The - 27 Hooters of Kansas Speedway - 28 Horace Mann Lofts - 16 Hughes Development Corporation - 21 *Humana, Inc. - 24, 47

I I.B.E.W. Local Union 124 - 27 Impact Interiors - 19 Industrial State Bank - 18 Integra Realty Resources - 27 Integrity Designs - 23 Inter-State Federal Savings - 18

J J.A. Lillig Excavating, Inc. - 20 *J.E. Dunn Construction Company - 20 Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen - 28 Jim’s Lock & Safe Service - 19 Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que - 28 John J. Jurcyk, Jr. Attorney at Law - 16 Johnny C’s Deli & Pasta II - 28 Joseph Lalli with Insperity - 19 *JR & Co. Roofing Contractors - 28 Judi’s Bakery Cafe - 19, 28 Junior Achievement of Middle America - 30

K K.C. Abrasive Company, LLC - 25 *Kansas City Aviation Department - 30 Kansas City Brick Company - 23 *Kansas City Kansas Community College - 21

Kansas City Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau - 30 Kansas City Kansas Public Library - 25 *Kansas City Kansas Public Schools - 21 Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association - 16 Kansas City Renaissance Festival - 17 Kansas City Repertory Theatre - 17 Kansas City Shippers Association - 19 Kansas City StartUp Village - 22 Kansas City Structural Steel, Inc. - 20 Kansas City T-Bones Baseball, LLC - 17 Kansas City Terminal Railway Co. - 30 Kansas City Testing and Engineering, LLC - 22 Kansas City West Kiwanis Club - 20 Kansas City Winnelson - 27 Kansas City Zoo - 17 *Kansas Gas Service - 30 KS Small Business Development Center - 20 *Kansas Speedway Corporation - 17 Kansas Speedway Development Corp. - 21 Kansas STARBASE-Kansas City - 21 Kansas State School for the Blind - 21 Karbank Real Estate Co., LLC - 27 Kaw Valley Engineering Inc. - 22 KBS Constructors Inc. - 20 KCK Chamber - 27 KCK Dental Professionals, P.A. - 21 KCK Huggers-Special Olympics - 19 KCKCC Endowment Association - 21 KDC Construction, Inc. - 20 Keel Point LLC Blue Creek Investment Partners - 23 Keeler Women’s Center, The - 19 Kimball, F. Robert - 28 Kincaid Coach Lines, Inc. -30 Kissick Construction Co., Inc. - 20 Knight & Deigh Marketing LLC - 26 Knit-Rite, Inc. - 25 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - 28 Kutak Rock LLP - 16 KVC Health Systems - 30

L L.G. Barcus & Sons, Inc. - 20 L.I.S.C. Of Kansas City - 20 Labor Pros LLC - 29 Lake Quivira Country Club - 23 Landworks Studio, L.L.C. - 25 Lathrop & Gage - 16 Lee’s Printing Company, Inc. - 27 LegalShield - 20 Legends 14 Theatres at Village West - 17 Legends Dental Group - 21 Legends Honda - 18 Legends Ob/Gyn LLC - 21 Legends Outlets Kansas City - 28 Legends Toyota - 18 Leon Logan, CPA, PA - 16 LeVic Plastics - 25 Lewis Rice LLC - 16


Liberty Bank & Trust - 18 Liberty Fruit Co., Inc. - 24 Life Care Center of Kansas City - 28 Living Water United Methodist Church - 19 Locke Equipment Sales Co., Inc. - 22 Loretto Properties, LLC - 27 Lucky’s Exterminating - 19

M Mac’s Fence, Inc. - 23 *Mainstreet Credit Union - 18 MAMTC - 25 Maple Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery - 23 Marc Carver Photography - 16 *Mark One Electric Company, Inc. - 9, 21 Matovu, Joseph - 28 Mattes Appraisal Company, Inc. - 27 MC Realty Group, LLC - 27 McAnany Construction - 21 *McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips - 9, 16 McConnell Cleaning & Janitorial - 19 McCord Appraisals - 27 McCownGordon Construction - 21 McDonald’s Restaurant - 28 Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City - 21 Medicalodge Post- Acute Care Center - 24 Mental Health America of the Heartland - 26 Michelle Hereford Agency | American Family Insurance - 24

Mid American Signal, Inc. - 30 Mid-West Terminal Warehouse - 27 MidAmerica Alliance for Access - 20 Midwest Distributors Co., Inc. - 19 Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.A. - 21 Midwest Regional Credit Union - 18 Minnesota Avenue, Inc. - 27 Missouri Organic Recycling - 27 MKS Pipe and Valve Co - 27 Mosaic of Northeast Kansas - 20 Mount Zion Baptist Church - 19 MULTATECH Architects and Engineers - 16 Multimedia Group Inc / LA Poderosa 1160 AM-KCTO - 26 Musselman & Hall Contractors - 16 My Dentist Complete Care Dentistry - 21

N NAIA - 21 *NECA PowerPartners - 21 National WWI Museum & Memorial - 17 NCRI - 19 NEA-KCK - 21 *Nebraska Furniture Mart - 26, 29 Neff Packaging Systems - 25 Nelson Enterprises - 16 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, The - 17 New Birth Company L3C - 24 New Theatre Company - 17 *New York Life - 23

*Newmark Grubb Zimmer - 27 Nill Bros Sporting Goods, Inc. - 29 North Oak Family Dental Care - 21 NorthPoint Development - 21 Novak Birks, P.C. - 16 *NPB Companies, Inc. - 23, 28 NTS Trucking - 19

O Office Depot - 29 Office Products Alliance - 29 Omega Door & Hardware - 23

P Panel Systems Plus, Inc. - 19 PaPa Bob’s Bar-B-Q LLC - 28 Park University - 21 Parris Communications Inc. - 19 Pemberton Place Pendleton, Steven D., DDS, P.A. - 21 Pet Stop, Inc. - 27 Pharos Partners, Inc. - 20 Philbrook, Jane Winkler, OD P.A. - 21 Piano Technicians Guild, Inc., The - 16 *Pipefitters Local 533 - 22, 25 Piper USD #203 - 21 Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC - 26

PROUD TO SUPPORT THE CHAMBER and to serve the legal and business needs of the community and the KC Area Chamber’s many members.

TODD LASALA, PARTNER 816.691.3410 \\ \\ 1201 Walnut, Suite 2900, Kansas City, MO 64106

STINSON LEONARD STREET LLP \\ STINSON.COM The choice of a lawyer is important and should not be based solely on advertisements.


Plumbers Local Union No. 8 - 27 Polsinelli - 16 Power Equipment Sales - 26 PQ Corporation - 16 Prairie View at Village West - 16 Preferred Physical Therapy - 28 Premier Parking Services LLC - 19 Presbyterian Manor - 16 Print Tekk Printing & Mailing - 27 Procter & Gamble Manufacturing - 26 *Providence Medical Center - 24 Providence Place - 28 Providence YMCA / Ball Family Center - 30

Q Quest Diagnostics - 24 Quinn Concrete Construction - 20

R R. F. Fisher Electric Company - 22 Rand Construction Company - 21 Randy Curnow Buick - GMC - 18 Rau Construction Company - 21 REACH Healthcare Foundation - 24 Reddi Services - 24 Reece & Nichols | Dawn Gabel, Realtor - 27 Reece Commercial Real Estate - 27 Reintjes & Hiter Co., Inc. - 26 Reliable Concrete Products, Inc. - 20 Rental City - 23 Residence Inn KC at The Legends - 24 Richard Petty Driving Experience at Kansas Speedway - 17 Robinson’s Delivery Service, Inc. - 19 Rogers Wholesale Liquor - 19 Roll Easy Door - 23 Ryan Building Materials, LLC - 22 Rylie Equipment & Contracting - 23

S Safway Services, LLC - 23 Salvation Army of Kansas City Kansas - 19 Sam’s Club - Village West - 24 Schlagel & Associates, P.A. - 25 Schlitterbahn KC Waterpark - 17 Secured Title of Kansas City - 29 *Security Bank of Kansas City - 17, 18 Security Equipment, Inc. - 28 Sega Inc. - 16, 22 Select Specialty Hospital of KC - 24 Shawnee Mission Medical Center - 24 Shepherd’s Center of KCK - 28 Sheridan’s Frozen Custard - 28 Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP - 17 Signature Landscape - 25 Silver City Health Center - 24 Simmons Security &

Protection Services, Inc. - 28 Skate City - 17 Skradski Funeral Home, Inc. - 23 *Smallwood Lock Supply - 19, 25 Sol’s Jewelry - 29 Sound Products, Inc. - 28 Spangler Graphics - 23 Sporting Kansas City - 17, 23 *St. Louis-KC Carpenters Regional Council - 27 Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. - 22 Startland News - 26 *Stinson Leonard Street LLP - 17, 44 Strategic Communications of Kansas - 23 Straub Construction Company, Inc. - 21 Strawberry Hill Povitica, Inc. - 24 Student Athlete Foundation of KC - 30 Substation K - 23 Success Truck Leasing, Inc. - 23 Summit Lease & Rental - 23 Sunflower House, Inc. - 19 Sunflower Publishing - 27 Swope Health Services - 24 Synergy Services - 30

T T-Rex Cafe - 28 Tax Favored Benefits, Inc - 23 Taylor Made Visions LLC - 22 tcs - 29 Terracon Consultants, Inc. - 22 Test & Measurement Inc. - 20 *The University of Kansas Hospital - 24, 31 ThinkViral - 26 Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc. - 26 Thompson Pump & Mfg - 27 Tico Productions, LLC - 30 Tire Centers, LLC - 18 Tomahawk Labor, Inc. - 29 Top Master Inc. - 23 Topp’d Pizza, Inc. - 28 Toshiba Business Solutions - 27 Tour Resource Consultants - 30 Tradesmen International - 19 *TranSystems Corporation - 22 Turner Construction - 21 Turner House Children’s Clinic - 24 Turner USD #202 - 21

Unity One Credit Union - 19 *University of Kansas Medical Center - 24 University of Saint Mary - 21 UPS Store, The - BBCP, Inc - 27 US Bank - 19

V Vaught Group, The - 21 Versa Flex Incorporated - 26 Victory Hills Senior Living Community - 28 Village West Discount Liquors - 19 Village West Luxury Apartments - 16

W Wallis Lubricant, LLC - 26 Waste Management-Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc. - 28 WaterOne - 30 WDAF-TV Fox 4 - 26 Wendy’s - 28 Western Enterprise, Inc. - 26 Westlake Ace Hardware - 29 Will Fischer Distributing of Kansas - 19 Williams Spurgeon Kuhl Freshnock Architects - 16 Wine Barn Winery and Vineyard - 17 Wolski & Associates, LLC - 16 Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City Kansas - 27 Wonderscope Children’s Museum of KC - 18 Workforce Partnership - 19 *WorkWell Wyandotte Worldwide Innovations & Tech. Inc. - 29 Wyandot Inc. - 20 Wyandotte County Fair Association - 20 WyCo Economic Development Council - 27 Wyandotte Health Foundation - 20 WyCo Historical Society & Museum - 18

Y Yaeger Architecture, Inc. - 16 Young Sign Co., Inc. - 27 * 2016 KCK CHAMBER MARKETING PARTNER

U U.S. Engineering Company - 22 U.S. Small Business Administration - 22 *UMB Bank N.A. - 19, 29 Unbound - 30 Underground Services Co., LLC - 28 *Unified Government of WYCO/KCK - 18, 23 Union Station Kansas City - 17 Unisource, Inc. - 27 United Way of Wyandotte County - 20


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KCK Chamber Community Snapshot  

KCK Chamber annual publication highlighting our business members and community partners in the Kansas City, KS/Wyandotte County area.

KCK Chamber Community Snapshot  

KCK Chamber annual publication highlighting our business members and community partners in the Kansas City, KS/Wyandotte County area.