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Note From Betty

I am looking forward to November! Not only will by the end of Hey Everyone! this month I will have my college appliOctober has been a crazy cations turned in, but I will have visitmonth! If you’re a senior ed the Mighty Montana district, gone out there and finishing up taking your to the November International Board SAT and ACT and starting your colmeeting, and be back in Anaheim, Callege apps, I completely feel for y’all. ifornia with the YOF committee to go This stuff is not easy at all!! But good over all of the YOF applications! I luck! I know you are all smart, talentcan’t wait to read about all the amazing ed, and amazing people! projects that Key Clubbers are planAnyways, in Key Club news, I ning on doing all over the world. have had so much fun this month I hope you are all are keeping working on my school’s Trick or Treat up with service and building your for UNICEF campaign! I want to hear home schools and communities. Please all of your Trick or Treat for UNICEF don’t hesitate to contact me if you stories, so share them on the facebook want to talk about Key Club, colleges, page! This newsletter looks a lot differ- school, life whatever! I am always here ent from the previous two, but I hope and really bored most of my day, so I you all like it. I have been procrastinat- always return email, text and phone ing on school work by retreating to Key calls. Club work, but is that really a bad In service, Betty Stearns thing?

Eliminate Progress: China, East Timor ment and support. and Tanzania eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus Create the perfect fundraising storm The World Health Organization recently conin November ducted validation surveys in China, East Timor (Timor Leste) and Tanzania (United Re- Organize a joint fundraiser public of Tanzania), and the results show that Put the fun in fundraising! Join forces with other Kiwanis-family clubs to plan a fun event these countries are now validated as having or activity to raise money for The Eliminate eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus Project. Host a pie-in-the-face contest. Pair up (MNT). More newborns and mothers’ lives to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Find out who are now free from the anguish of tetanus. is stronger in a tug-o-war contest. The ideas are endless. Involving the entire Kiwanis famiSince 1999, UNICEF and its partners have ly can yield more ideas, more helpers, more eliminated the disease in 28 countries. Other attendees, more money and more lives saved. countries that have recently validated the So remember: the more the merrier. elimination of MNT include Liberia, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau. MNT still Conduct a Miracle Minute remains a deadly threat in 31 countries. Organize a joint meeting between clubs and incorporate a “Miracle Minute.� This consists The final push to eliminate MNT globally will of everyone in the room quickly gathering require US$110 million and the dedicated their loose change during a set time. Thirty work of UNICEF and every member of the seconds to one minute usually energizes peoKiwanis family. Thank you for your commit- ple and makes the activity more fun. Make

Many ways to reach your goal US$750 is a challenging per-member average. But it doesn’t mean that each individual member must contribute US$750. A Model Club can use many fundraising methods to achieve and surpass its goal. The greatest results will come from a combination of methods. These can include: LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD • Gifts generated from community fundraising events and activities Tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes. • Gifts from individual club members, And it marks the baby’s short life with excruci- pledged up to a five-year period ating pain—preventing even the comfort of the • Gifts and pledges from the club treasury • Gifts and pledges from the club foundation mother’s touch. But maternal and neonatal • Matching gifts from your club or district tetanus is easily preventable: For roughly foundation US$1.80, health care workers can fully im Gifts and pledges from local businesses in your community munize a woman and her future babies. With The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating You can find the model club brochure which maternal and neonatal tetanus, we will raise includes more information on being a model US$110 million by the end of 2015. Working club, a worksheet, and the application and commitment form. with UNICEF, we will eliminate MNT from the planet. With you and your club, we can change the world.

The Model Club challenge You and your fellow club members can save or protect thousands of mothers and their future babies. As a Model Club, your club pledges to give a per-member average of US$750 or more over five years. This extraordinary commitment also helps: • Encourage and inspire fellow clubs and Kiwanians • Raise awareness about MNT and The Eliminate Project among Kiwanians and in your community • Raise funds with the comprehensive method throughout the campaign to exceed your goal

March of Dimes Foundation The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. March of Dimes was founded by our 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the fight against polio. After the discovery of the polio vaccine, March of Dimes focused their efforts to improve the health of babies and has been successful with the help and enthusiasm of many grassroots volunteers.

How Key Club Helps Since 1978, Key Clubs have hosted fundraising and awareness programs to support the March of Dimes, raising over $116,000 through fundraisers in 2011 alone! Key Club members, like you, can support the March of Dimes each semester: in the fall,

raise awareness by hosting programs throughout November for Prematurity Awareness Month and in the spring, raise funds by participating in March for Babies, the March of Dimes largest annual fundraiser.

March of Dimes Team Youth Team youth is an opportunity for students from elementary through college and a commitment to make a difference. TO find more information on Team Youth visit: teamyouth. You can like them on Facebook, and get more information about fundraising, volunteering, and March of Dimes each day online or on your cell phone by going to: Thank you for being a champion to babies!

November is Prematurity Awareness Month

teen2teen interactive program. You can also contact your local office to see what volunteer needs the local Neonatal IntenDid you know 1 in 8 babies are born prem- sive Care Unit at the hospital might have, aturely? More than half a million babies such as making scrapbook pages or hosting are born prematurely in the United States a dinner for parents. Make it a priority to each year. Premature birth is the #1 cause spread awareness the whole month by dedof death during the first month of life. icating your Facebook statuses to facts Even babies born just a few weeks too about the March of Dimes & the serious soon can face serious health challenges problem of preterm birth; and you can and are at risk for lifelong disabilities, such tweet about it too! as cerebral palsy, lung problems, and vision and hearing loss. November is when And on Global Prematurity Day, November 17, you can do a range of activities to the March of Dimes focuses everyone’s spread awareness about the global problem attention on the impact premature birth of preterm birth! Your club can host an has on babies and families. event at your school to educate others and Throughout November, Key Club memyou can dedicate a day to wear purple, the bers can support the March of Dimes mis- March of Dimes color. sion by educating peers on the importance of healthy lifestyles through the use of our

MONDAY, NOV. 5 Show your K in every way—Show people what Key Club is all about! Spread the word by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week in local stores, your school Web site, community newspapers—even on the radio. Officially announce Key Club Week in your community with a proclamation and refer to the Key Club public relations manual to get great tips on how to publicize Key Club in your community. TUESDAY, NOV. 6 Kudos to the Key players—Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know—teachers, advisors and other Key players. Write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the contributions of these special people. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7 Connect the Ks—Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world and is a member of the Kiwanis family. Celebrate the entire family of Kiwanis by getting the whole gang involved. Connect with local Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, Kiwanis Kids or Aktion clubs and team up for a joint service project. THURSDAY, NOV. 8 Bring a friend to Key Club—More members = more service. Increasing the amount of service Key Club performs increases the impact Key Club has on the world. Bring a friend, or two, or more to your next Key Club meeting. Download recruitment resources. FRIDAY, NOV. 9 Your way—This is your club’s chance to do its own thing and make its mark. Pick a project, plan a recruitment party or combine activities from the other Key Club Week days. Whatever idea you choose, take it and run with it.

LaMissTenn LTG Hunter Gwin was chosen as one of the Hershey’s Great 8! One person from each of Hershey’s Track and Field Games program region will be selected to participate in a year-long leadership program to develop a new service learning project for the Hershey’s Company and Key Club International. Selected Key Club members will develop skills and experience in program development and evaluation, even planning, media and public relations and communications. Hunter will be responsible for creating a program name, generating family run, jump and throw games activities for Key Clubs to lead as a or at a local service program/event at a Hershey’s Track & Field Games local meet developing event planning Play Book for Key Clubs to lead local service program, serve as lead organizer for one pilot (test) event within your region in the month of April, 2013 helping to evaluate the pilot event and make suggestions for improvements refining the event planning Play Book based on evaluation feedback from the eight pilot events (one per region) planning and attend the national program launch at Key Club International Convention in Washington, DC (July 3-7, 2013)

KIWIN’S Governor’s Project ONE Breaks Ground

Success in Kenya for KIWIN’S 2011-2012 Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S District Governor set out bring KIWIN’s together to promote education and build a girl’s technology school in Mathaithi, Kenya through her governor’s project. She teamed up with Kiwanis partner ODFL (One Dollar For Life) which is aimed towards high school student to donate only one dollar to help our world. Theoretically, if every high schooler in America donated one dollar all four years of high school, we would have enough money to build 1,000 schools around the world. KIWIN’a tackled the issue with pride. After a year of fundraising $10,000 as a district, picture of the final school have finally bee released. KIWIN’S members were finally able to see all of their hard work and fundraising efforts in action. While this is not something that was done in any of the sister districts, it was a project I worked on with my home club. Hopefully, seeing the hard work pay off for the many KIWIN’S members will inspire you to create a big project that will impact the world we live in. For more information go to, and see pictures on IP Governor Bernadette Lim’s facebook!

Contact Information/ Newsletter information All the information on this newsletter can be found on the website. If you have any issues with anything regarding the newsletter please feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to show you where you can find this information, help you get some ideas for new newsletter topics, or even just talk about Key Club stuff (or Life). I am here for you and talking to you is my favorite part of this job! My Contact information: Email: Cell: (805)5091797 ( I have unlimited minutes, so don’t worry) Skype: betty.boop9000 Can’t wait to see the Mighty Montana District and go to another International Board meeting! This month is going to be awesome! You guys are doing great! Keep it up!

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