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Hey LaMissTenn, Montana, Utah-Idaho!

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Trick or Treat for UNICEF


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I hope you all are settling into school and getting back into the swing of service! September has been a crazy but amazing month for me. I started school again, and I had the privledge of being able to visit the amazing LaMissTenn district board! I want to give a special thanks to Rachel and Reagan for taking me the New Orleans for the first time, derstand, but I now do! You guys and Tiffany for giving me a ble all know how to have a good time French horn to perpetuate my How while still getting the work done. I Met Your Mother obsession. Going to LaMissTenn has just I was a little nervous going made me so much more excited to into the board meeting not know- go visit Montana in November and ing everyone that well just yet, but Utah-Idaho in January! I miss you this board went above and beyond LaMissTenn board already, but I to welcome me, from teaching me am always just a phone call away. how to wobble Saturday night, to To everyone, call me, beep me if taking me on the full tour of Slidell you want to reach me. (Dakota) and giving me the amazing In Service, Betty Stearns surprise gifts, you all are amazing. When my fellow iboard member Colten Meisner told me LaMissTenn was Cajun cray, I didn’t un-

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee

Visit Update

there was never a dull moment during the meeting.


I was nervous going in being that it was my first district visit, but from the first moment, I was welcomed either from Rachel at the airport, Reagan’s gift of a Saint’s Tshirt for our Sunday trip to New Orleans, or from Tiffany’s amazing Blue French horn for me (My fellow how I met your Mother fan).

Going to this board meeting reconfirmed why I chose to run for International Trustee and my love for Key Club. I was honored to meet so many amazing dedicated Key hen my fellow Clubbers and advisors that are truly dedicated to service. I am Iboard member honored to call these phenomenal board members my Colten Meisner told me the LaMissTenn District was “Cajun Cray,” He friends. Keep up the amazing work LaMissTenn, and go forth was not joking. These board members and conquer the Rally Season! Thank you so much Rachel know how to get work done while still and Reagan for my first New Orleans trip, Dakota for driving having fun! Whether we were playing me through the ghetto of Slidell, all the members that taught tug of war at Cameron’s Rally, driving me how to wobble Saturday night, and everyone on the district board that made me feel so welcomed into your meeting. through Slidell to get to the various I honestly can not wait till DCON. I am already dress shopevent locations, raising money for ping. Call me, beep me if you want to reach me. eliminate, having committee meetings, or going over board report cards,

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

Updates and

Reminders YOF

The New Dues Process

Are you ready for the Youth opportunities Fund deadline on October 15th? I hope you all have been working with your clubs to get them to complete this application. The youth opportunities fund is a huge resource for you to pretty much get free money, the first step of accomplishing this though has to be applying! The application and more information on the youth opportunities fun can be found on the website at: service/fund/yof.aspx

New dues process? Yes! The new dues process is finally being released. The old membership update center was tedious and a pain to complete. This one is amazing! The release date has been pushed back a week, but it is set to be up and running by Friday October, 5th!

Betty the Trustee’s Social Media

What will this new process entail?

Facebook This is a useful tool for me to keep you immediately updated with international developments and get to know your fellow sister district members. Please add all of the members in your district! Youtube The Mid Monthly minutes will be posted on my youtube page. I will post the link to all of the videos on facebook, but expect a short(1 minute update) around the middle of every month! Twitter For some personal and Key Club related tweets follow me @stearnsbetty. Tumblr This hasn’t become an active source of information yet, but once I see more followers, I will start to use this as a more important tool of information Instagram This is my personal insta, but I do post some key Club info on here. Follow @bettystearns to see my day to day life.

It will be easier for your clubs to manage their information, keep track of their members, submit dues, and much much more. Due to the later release date: Key Club International has extended the due date for early bird dues until November 16th! The delinquent dues due date has not changed and will still be on December 1st. If your club does not turn in dues by December 1st the will be considered suspended. Please send in your dues as early as possible, for Key Club International will be getting dues from thousands of clubs. I recommend you send in your dues 1—2 weeks ahead of the deadline. If you have to go through a school book keeper, I recommend you plan accordingly to the pace of your book keeper, the last thing you want is for your club to be considered suspended! If you want to see more about this new dues process, please go to the sister districts facebook page and check out the sneak peak of the new dues website video that I posted. Share this with your clubs and advisors, it will be extremely useful to all of them. All of the club advisors should be getting a paper in the mail with your club number and password so you can log into the new membership update center! Have fun with this new website, and feel free to ask me any questions on how this website works or how to input dues, or honestly anything at all.

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

Key Club Special



or the first time, you have the opportunity to work with people all over Key Club International on an International Committee! The jobs that these committees do are not jobs that will be done by any board member or International Board Committee. You will have great responsibility for the organization as a whole. This is a great opportunity to meet Key Clubbers all over the world, see work outside of your district and learn so much of this great organization. International Board members will not be apart of these committees, it’s all on you! You will not be able to find the link to these committee applications on the website because we want to make sure that the people that are applying for these applications are serious and ready to serve. If you want to apply, as your district board members, or ask me and I will gladly send you the link. The application deadline is October 15th! Don’t procrastinate!

Bylaw Review Team Committee Description: The Bylaw Review Team will be thoroughly picking over Key Club International's Bylaws and Policies to help eliminate discrepancies, provide clarification, and correct structural/grammatical issues. It will not be altering content. The Bylaw Review Team will present its suggestions to the Key Club International Executive Committee, who may then choose which revisions to take to the Key Club International Board.

Global Task Force Committee Description: The Global Task Force will serve to highlight the diversity and international flavor of our organization, as well as promote our core value of "inclusiveness" as a way to attract more members. The Global Task Force will help draft educational resources and collect stories and video for further use by the standing International committees.

Service Ambassadors Committee Description: Our Service Ambassadors will help promote the Eliminate Project and our Preferred Charities by encouraging Key Club members to participate in projects with them and by providing ideas to help members to know how to participate with the Eliminate Project and our Preferred Charities. We hope they will indirectly make service attractive for members by displaying their own personal passion for the Eliminate Project and our Preferred Charities in all aspects of their lives.

Helpful Hints Don’t procrastinate! This is an amazing opportunity and many people will be applying for these positions, so make sure your application highlights you! Do the optional letter of recommendation! Yes, its not required, but getting an outsider’s perspective of how amazing of a person you are will make you stand out!

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

TOMS World Sight Day and More


Open Your Eyes e can change the way the word sees. On October 11, 2012, TOMS shoes is sponsoring World sight day which is the international day of awareness for the global issue of avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

Join the global movement on October 11, 2012 to bring awareness of visual impairment and blindness as a solvable world issue. You can get involved by going to the TOMS website and checking out the DIY (Do it yourself ) tool kit to get creative for getting the word out. Create creative vision test, use the stencils online to get the word out in a trendy way, or look at what others have done for inspiration. This is a fun project that goes outside the realm of Key Club International work, but it is popular cause that is sweeping the teens and it could be a good way to give your Key Clubs the “cool” factor they need. For every pair of stylish sunglasses you buy, you are giving another person in the world eye sight by either glasses or surgery. Join the movement and help TOMS with this amazing day.


nother Out of the Box project Idea: Cathedral High School’s Key Club, from LaMissTenn, held a “Pink Wave project” in order to raise money for breast cancer.

“The Key Club, football team, cheerleaders, and dance team got together and decided to do a huge project to raise money for cancer. Everything we did was in pink. We got shirts, and bracelets and the football team and cheerleaders got pink jerseys in honor or in memory of someone with cancer. At the pregame and half time show they announced who everyone was playing for and then after the game they auctioned off the jerseys. We also had a walk before the game and a bake sale at school that day. All in all we raised over $10,000 to donate to Relay for Life!” -Rachel Benoit, LaMissTenn Governor October is National breast cancer awareness month. Rachel’s project was a great idea to help with Relay for Life (a project I know many Key Clubbers are involved in) and it is a great way to spread the awareness of breast cancer. Great job Rachel! If you have any project ideas, please email me at They will most likely be used in my newsletter!

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

Help Project Eliminate with

Trick or Treat for UNICEF


rick or treat for UNICEF stared in 1950 when a Pennsylvania family decided to collect change for the children impacted by WWII. In the past 62 years over $160 million has been raised through trick or treat for UNICEF.

Through all the Kiwanis SLP groups, we have raised almost $600,000 through Trick or Treat for UNICEF for Project ELIMINATE. This is such a fun project and UNICEF’s new creative element to the project just makes it that much more fun.

Get your club together to decorate the boxes, and Key Club decided then go out on Halloween to to join in on the fundrais- collect that change! The trick ing fun in 1955 and we or treat for UNICEF website have raised over $5 million has copious project ideas to through Trick or Treat for help with your fundraising, UNICEF! This year, all the money raised through Key Club- including a fundraising calenbers from Trick or Treat for UNICEF will be going towards dar for October! Why are you project ELIMINATE! still reading this! Go check it out! (Just kidding please keep This year UNICEF is distributing blank boxes for reading). Key Clubbers to use their creative side and decorate these boxes. You can submit a design to the design contest at conShare your ing tips, plans and ideas on the sister districts page to help Did you forgot to order your boxes? Not to worry! other members in your sister You can still download the canister wrappers at districts jump start their You can find raising for October! GO GO more information as well as the form to mail in collections at GO check out the website and the same link. The official website is youth. make your boxes!!! trickortreat

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

Prepare for November

Key Club Week


ey Club week typically falls within the first full week of November. This year Key Club Week will be held on November 5-9, 2012! Start planning now! I included information under each day for what my club is planning to do or has done in the past. Good luck! Tell me your plans for Key Club week and I will promote them in my next newsletter!

Wednesday Connect the K’s: partner with a Kiwanis club, Builder’s club, K-Kids, Circle K, or Aktion Club for a K family project.


We my club does is we Show your K in everyway: invite our Kiwanis to publicize Key Club through our Wednesday meeting your attire, recruitment an have a project at that meeting like making cards for posters, announcements, Troops or teachers, ect. community publicity, ect. Thursday Getting all the members to Bring a friend to Key Club: Recruit new members by bringing wear club or convention a friend to a “membership drive” or shirts will be a great way to project you planned. promote Key Club to your school. Something my club does is we give candy to current members at the following meeting that wore their shirt to give them an incentive to promote Key Club in a positive way.

Tuesday Kudos to the Key players: thank those who matter in Key Club, like your faculty advisor, club officers, club members, or district and international officers, aka, everyone! Show appreciation as best as you see fit!

What my club does includes a little Key Club week cheating (I hope I don’t get in trouble for this) but we give members candy that bring a friend to out Wednesday meeting.

Friday Your way: showcase Key Club however you like! It’s all up to you! Sell Key Club to everyone you might know by highlighting what it is that you love best about Key Club. Chances are, they’ll love it too!

What my club does is buy flowers or certificates for all the faculty and members that have helped our club get to the Something my club does is we have a social the last day of Key place we have. Without this, we risk losing our position in our school and the benefits from the faculty and members we Club week to welcome the new members we have gained throughout the week! currently get.

LaMissTenn– Montana– Utah Idaho

Key Club International

Nickelodeon and My Information Nickelodeon’s Day of Play

Play website. There are a plethora of project ideas, resources, project planning kits, and posters available for download On Saturday October 6th Nickelodeon will be blackfrom the official day of play website! ing out their network for 3, from 12:00pm-3:00pm hours to You also have the chance of sharing your project with promote the 3rd annual Nickelodeon’s Day of Play! The purpose of this craziness is to encourage kids to get off their elec- the millions of views of the day of play website. Go to the site and send your project intronics and couches and go outside and play! formation and pictures to If you notify Nickelodeon of your project you could the link they provide! have the chance of having your club’s name roll across the Your project can inspire screen during those three hours. millions to follow your Help out our fellow vision partner, Nickelodeon, and great lead! Go for it and create a project around October 6th to help promote activity do it! Why? Because in your community. Get more ideas from the official Day of #YOLO.

Contact Information/ Newsletter information All the information on this newsletter can be found on the website. If you have any issues with anything regarding the newsletter please feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to show you where you can find this information, help you get some ideas for new newsletter topics, or even just talk about Key Club stuff (or Life). I am here for you and talking to you is my favorite part of this job! My Contact information: Email: Cell: (805)5091797 ( I have unlimited minutes, so don’t worry) Skype: betty.boop9000 Can’t wait to meet all of the Montana board in November! And eventually Utah-Idaho! I You all are doing a great job! Keep up the phenomenal work!!!

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