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I thought this image could be used in my double page spread, because it shows the artist away from performing or writing music. This shows the audience getting in touch with nature and it represent to the audience that they are just an everyday person which means the target audience can connect to the artist more. I like how there is a mixture of colours in the shot which blend and contrast together nicely. I also like how simple but effective this shot is because looking from this picture the audience want to know more about him because of the intense look the artist is posing with in this image.

I think this shot would be good for my content pages, because it’s mid- shot and it shows the artist being relaxed, chilling out which connotes to the audience that being a performer is hard work and when this artist gets the chance to chill out then he will. I also like that is a simple shot, it’s easy to look at. It also connotes to the audience that this is country music by the country scene that is behind him.

I think this would be a good image to use for my double page, it connotes to the audience that he is a country artist by the forms and conventions of his clothing and his prop. It would attract more females and males to read the article about him since he is young and good looking. It will also attract them to read the article especially the younger people of my target audience because he is the same age as they are so they might be more interested in the article.

I think this image would be good in my content page since it is a close up shot which helps mix up the various shot types on the content page. I like this shot because it’s simple and it shows the artist’s true environment relaxed and happy. I also think this is an effective shot because it’s shows the artist’s personality to the audience.

I think this shot would be good on my content page because it connotes to the audience the serious side of working in the music industry. I like this shot because it’s a simple shot but effective. It has no artificial lighting just lighting from the outdoor photo-shoot. It is a mid-shot but also has him posing differently from the rest of the photos.

This shot is a mid-shot but it will be my front cover image. This will be the front cover image because it follows the conventions of a front cover by being a mid-shot. It also connotes to the target audience this is a country music magazine by the way the artist is dressed in conventional clothing of the genre. It has the intense stare that is featured on the country artist posing in the image, looking directly at the camera which draws the target audience into the magazine.

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