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Issue 1 July 2012

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NEW ACQUISITIONS The Korea Collection: selected cover stories from years past / Korea Culture and Information Service. Seoul: KOCIS, 2012

SUBJECT GUIDES Korean Ceramics : Korean Culture Series / Kang Kyung-Sook. Seoul :KoreaFoundation, 2008 [738.20 K986 2008]

Book [700.95 K67 2012]

Hallyu: Influence of Korean popular culture in Asia and beyond / edited by Do Kyun Kim and Min-Sun Kim. Seoul: SNU Press, 2011 Book [306.4 H355 2011]

Baekdu Daegan Trail: hiking Korea‟s Mountain Spine / Roger Shepherd & Andrew Douch. Seoul: Seoul Selection, 2010 Book [915.19 S54 2010 ] Daehangno: theater district in Seoul / edited by Do Kyun Kim and Min-Sun Kim Seoul : Hollym, 2011 Book [1589 L44 2011 ] Positive Changes : the Education, Science & Technology Policies of Korea / edited by Ju-Ho Lee. Seoul: Korean Economic Daily, 2012 Book [507.111 P67 2012 ] City Hunter 시티헌터 / Seoul: SBS, 2011 (7 Disc—English Subtitled) DVD [Drama0053]

Sunny 써니 / Seoul: CJ E&M, 2011 (7 Disc—English Subtitled) DVD-M [Drama0098]

Seoul Magazine (Issue No. 108) / Seoul Selection, July 2012 Periodical [S108-0712]


Korea‟s ceramic pride lies mainly on its ingenuity of traditions, having produced those forms unique to their nations, by way of simple originality or infusing existing traditions and innovating these accordingly. Included in the most known are celadon, buncheong and onggi which have been products of various philosophies and necessities that were prevalent during the times of their respective inceptions. For non-Koreans, these creations may seem to be trifling things that do not warrant a second look, but Kyung-sook Kang‟s book „Korean Ceramics‟ of the Korean Culture Series gives the readers a

glimpse into the painstaking details in the creation of these ceramics. It is highly academic, but it warms up the readers to the idea of ceramics as inherent to the dynamism of the Korean people. The history of the Korean ceramics is detailed enough to provide the most important events that led to the production of such fine ceramics. The book „Korean Ceramics‟ is a well-researched chronicle of the ceramic journey in Korea which made it virtually relevant for decades to come. As some of these traditions have already been lost, it can only be assumed that the author and her team followed quite an extensive historical trail as the book also featured archaeological digs and studies on the re-discovered archaic kilns. The book, replete with photos and detailed descriptions of such fine craftsmanship, also provided the historical backgrounds of each, tracing the emergence of Korean pottery from 10,000 years ago and the development that took place. There were the customary academic discussions on the cultural spirit of the succeeding dynasties and the thinly-veiled lamentation of the culture circle in general at the lost traditions of producing celadon, buncheong and the white porcelain.


Ceramic Dining 세라믹다이닝 / Korea Ceramic Foundation, 2010 [738.20 K986 2008]

This fully illustrated book comes with the touring presentation of the Korea Ceramic Foundation‟s “Ceramic Dining: 2010 World Ceramix Exhibition” held at Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery. The book features the elegant Korean ceramics used in dining spaces and incorporates variety of culture-rich world cuisine as well. The chapters were divided into specific representations such as the moon, water, metal, earth, fire, light and wood. This book also highlights the eight of the finest works of table setting experts and 20 ceramists who altogether presented for the World Ceramix Exhibit, bringing together the aesthetics of ceramics and cuisine that will surely invigorate the five senses of the audience.


Jeju Onggi : Crafted from stones 한국어의 혼도자기 (Clay Odyssey) / The Korean Cultural Center in and by fire with the spirit of Jeju / the Philippines (KCC) Library, 대주 미디어 , 2006 Korea Foundation, 2008 established last July 2011, is a specialized reference library that serves as a resource hub of Korearelated information in the Philippines. The library has more than 3,000 titles which include collection of printed and multimedia materials spanning the areas of social sciences, history, literature, language, culture and the arts of Korea. If you wish to subscribe to “Library Connect”, please contact us Jeju Island is said to have an 한국 도자기 문화의 메카로 알 at: abandance of wind, stone and 려진 경기도 이천과 광주의 도자기 women. Due to the island's bleak environment, the residents there 축제와 한국의 세계 도자기 비엔날 must make with what they have. 레를 통해 최고의 찬사를 받는 도자 The Jeju people used stones to 기의 역사와 전통을 알아보며, 우리 build a unique from of kiln. Based on three months of filming the 나라 도예술이 일본에 끼친 영향과 documentary captures the entire 일본 도자기의 유래를 알아본다 process of creating Onggi wares. DVD (46 minutes, English Subtitled) DVD (59 분, 한국어) [Trad.0064] [Trad. 0050]

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