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Issue 6 June 2013

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Tree with Deep Roots 뿌리깊은 나무/ Seoul : SBS, 2011. (9 Disc-English Subtitled) DVD.


Daehangno: Theater District in Diaspora: Korean Nomadism Seoul [Contemporary Korean Arts Contemporary Korean Arts Series Series No. 1] / Arts Council in Korea, No. 2] / Arts Council in Korea, 2011 2011

Harmonia Koreana: A Short History of 20th-century Korean Music [Contemporary Korean Arts Series No. 3] / Arts Council in Korea, 2011

The Geography of Dokdo / National Geographic Information Institute. Korea : Im Joobin [NGII], 2009 Book [978-89-93841-01-5]

Korea AgraFood (Issue No. 213) / Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp., June 2013

681 L44 2011

305.8 K56 2011

342.5 K56 2011

City as Art: 100 Notable Works of Architecture in [Contemporary Korean Arts Series No. 4] / Arts Council in Korea, 2011

Dancing Korea: New Waves of Choreographers and Dance Companies [Contemporary Korean Arts Series No. 5] / Arts Council in Korea, 2012

K-POP: Roots and Blossoming of Korean Popular Music / [Contemporary Korean Arts Series No. 6] / Arts Council in Korea, 2012

610.9 Y56 2011

685.5 K56 2012

306.45 K56 2012

Periodical Seoul Magazine (Issue No. 119) / Seoul Selection, June 2013


Korea (Vol.9 No.6) / Korean Culture and Information, June 2013

OTHER RELATED MATERIALS Korean Eye / Edited by Serenella Ciclitira. Italy : Skira, 2010


Korean Eye was published by Skira after the first international Korean contemporary art exhibition: “Korean Eye: Moon Generation” in Saatchi Gallery in London. The book introduces a brief history of Modern Korean Art and the discussion of Korean Contemporary Art. Mainly, it consists of established works (photography, painting, sculpture) from the 75 of Korea’s well-known contemporary artists.

K-Wave (Vol.9) / Korean Broadcasting System, June 2013

Periodical K-Pop World Festival / Korean Broadcasting System, 2011. 1DVD

통영오귀새남굿 / The National Folk Museum of Korea, 2012. 1-DVD.

Coexisting Differences: Women Artists in Contemporary Korean Art [Contemporary Korean Arts Series No. 6] / Arts Council in Korea, 2012

600.915 J56 2012


Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea / Youngna Kim. Seoul : Hollym, 2005 Should you want to go in depth of contemporary art in korea, this Korean Culture Series No. 1 would be able to discuss the tradition, modernity and identity in modern and contemporary Korean art in Korea, while including the specific artists and their works. (Source:

ABOUT KCC LIBRARY The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) Library, established last July 2011, is a specialized reference library that serves as a resource hub of Korearelated information in the Philippines. The library has more than 3,000 titles which include collection of printed and multimedia materials spanning the areas of social sciences, history, literature, language, culture and the arts of Korea.

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