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Rise of the Dystopia: Kellogg Community The Price College Basketball I swung my feet out of bed and leapt up. No pain. No pain? I had thought it would never end…for days on end, a sharp notification in my head would remind me that I was not... - Pg 3


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Split: a review “Split” is a psychological thriller written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring James McAvoy, who is most widely known for playing Charles Xavier in the more recent X-Men films, and Anya-Taylor Joy, a relatively new actress most known for ... - Pg 4

Having fun when you’re under 21 KENDALL TRUEX staff writer

In college, there seems to be so much pressure to drink to have fun. Many college campuses are a haven for parties and the drinking mentality. Four out of every five college students drink alcohol, according to the National Council of Alcoholism. Each year student alcohol consumption affects their families and communities. About 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcoholrelated unintentional injuries, including motor-vehicle crashes, according to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. But many young people are turning away from that mindset. Kellogg Community College student Danielle Root, 19, is one of the students trying to break this pattern. “I love going out with my friends and we never feel the need to drink to have a good time,” Root said. It’s important that young people understand that drinking is a choice and not an obligation when going out with friends. Below is a list of popular places in southwest Michigan where the fun is guaranteed and the drinking is optional. Backroads Saloon: 15325 W Michigan Ave, Marshall, Michigan 49068

Backroads Saloon is a great place for young people 18 years and older to have fun without the obligation of drinking. Backroads offers a wide variety of line dance lessons and open dj dancing on various nights of the week along with pool tables and other games. The venue is also host to many live music events and concerts. For more information on the lessons schedule and list of live music visit or call (269) 781-7091. Escapology: Escape Room at Airway Fun Center: 5626 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002 Escape Rooms are becoming an extremely popular night out activity for people of all ages. The rooms are designed to challenge players with a series of puzzles that need to be completed within the time limit in order to escape. Escape Rooms can offer hours of fun and memories. For more information on Escapology visit http:// escapology or call (269) 488-3175. College Night Thursday’s at the Wild Bull: 139 S Edwards St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 The Wild Bull Saloon in downtown Kalamazoo offers a fun opportunity for college students to go out and not feel

and events for a group of friends looking for a night out. Every Wednesday night the Music Factory offers 18 and up “Rockstar Karaoke” on their 60,000+ watt sound system from 9-close. Karaoke can be a great way to make memories with friends without the pressure to drink. Visit for more info.

pressured to drink. On Thursday nights the Wild Bull offers College Night where anyone 18 and up can get in and enjoy the fun upbeat dance floor which often offers live music and the bull riding machine. For more information on College Night at the Wild Bull visit or contact (269) 978-8451. The Music Factory: 191 Angell St, Battle Creek, MI 49037 The Music Factory in downtown Battle Creek offers a variety of different concerts

Sky Zone: 5103 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002 Sky Zone trampoline park is another great place in southwest Michigan that can offer hours of fun for a sober night out. Trampoline parks are catching on with younger generations for an active way to have fun. Sky Zone Kalamazoo offers a series of activities from dodgeball to a foam pit for hours of entertainment. You can buy advanced passes online at When planning a night out it’s important to remember that there are options in southwest Michigan for college aged students that don’t necessarily require drinking to have a good time. Contact Kendall Truex at

Serving and learning at KCC YASMEEN QAHWASH staff writer

Service learning is great hands-on practice that occurs outside of the classroom and ties into students’ majors. “It is a high-impact experience that is almost transformational for many students,” says Kate DeGraaf, KCC’s Service Learning Director. Service learning takes classroom content and applies it to real life situations, ultimately separating it from volunteer work. It is beneficial in many ways for students and the community, and can boost students’ self-confidence and self-esteem. Service learning increases awareness of societal changes and resources, while providing students with networking opportunities. They get the chance to meet new people, make new friends and gain job skills. “We’ve

even had students in the past who have received job offers from the organizations they were working with after completing their service learning,” says DeGraaf. KCC students graduating with an Associate in Arts, Science, General or International Studies, Elementary Education or Criminal Justice are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of service learning, however, it is available for any interested student. A variety of classes include a service learning endorsement that will appear on the students’ official transcript. This can benefit those who are planning to transfer to another institution by setting them apart from other applications. However, not all classes have this opportunity available. If students cannot find a class with this option, there are three SERV classes that they can

take: SERV-100, SERV-200, and SERV-299. Service learning not only benefits the community, but the students as well. “We don’t want students to walk away from here with just book knowledge,” stated DeGraaf. Service learning encourages students to do more than just attend class and memorize the textbook; it gets students involved in situations where they can practice what they’ve learned. For more information about service learning, visit or contact Kathryn DeGraaf, Service Learning Manager, at

Contact Yasmeen Qahwash at


Campus News

KCC Book Club BY SARAH GERKE co editor

Do you enjoy reading? Then join the KCC Book Club! The organization has a laidback atmosphere that encourages reading and the social aspect of enjoying something you love! Join the club every Wednesday from 12:30 to 2:30 pm for meetings in the Spring Lake Room! Staff and students alike are welcome to sit back, bring their lunches if need be, and chat over the book of the month or over any other books in general. Their goal is to read a book a month, but it’s a read-at-your-own-pace with no set schedule, and no set pressure!

KCC honors women composers and musicians BY SARAH GERKE co editor

Kellogg Community college kickstarted National Women’s History Month with a concert honoring women composers and the legacies they made. Sunday, March 5th was the date of “A Celebration of Women Composers in Music,” a free event held in the Binda Performing Arts Center. The concert featured a selection of music that ranged from everything jazz band to choral works. Not only did the event honor the women in our music history, but it celebrated the KCC music program and the college itself, since they were founded a little over 60 years ago. A reception with free refreshments in the Binda Lobby provided by the Kellogg Community College Foundation followed the event. Contact Sarah Gerke at

Political activist comments on Kellogg Community College lawsuit co editor

Since students Michelle Gregoire and Brandon Withers filed their lawsuit against Kellogg Community College on January 18, the topic has been a topic in various news sources. A video circulated on the internet shows Harold West and Kellogg Community College campus security personnel instructing Gregoire to leave campus, and arresting her upon her refusal to comply. The identity of the individual who recorded the video is obscured, as is that of another individual who was most likely the representative from the libertarian organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). West informs her that she is to speak with him first in the future prior to returning on campus to resume her recruiting activities. According to YAL itself, “through the Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project, as of July 2015, FIRE [Foundation for Individual Rights in Communication] has filed ten lawsuits against censoring institutions.” YAL was involved in filing a similar lawsuit on December 8, 2016 against Grand Valley University, little over a month before the media announced Gregoire’s suit against KCC. The main allegation is that “free speech zones” on certain campuses are in violation of individual’s Constitutional rights,. Nathan Williams, a student from Western

Dear Dr. Destiny, I just found out that my boyfriend hasn’t seen any of the Star Wars movies and I want him to watch them, but I haven’t seen them in years and I don’t know what order to show them in! What do you think? Sincerely, Snoozing Force Dear Snoozing Force

Contact Sarah Gerke at


Dr. Destiny

Michigan University who has previously worked with YAL, is a field director for Turning Point USA. He happily agreed to an interview, in which he explained YAL’s mission, saying, “Young Americans for Liberty is specifically designed to promote values of liberty.” According to Williamson, YAL promotes more than just free speech, with its values extending to capitalism and other principles on which American was founded. Certain questions, however, arise in this situation. The video of the arrest is filmed at an unnatural angle, with Gregoire’s behavior suggesting she was aware of the filming, but West’s behavior suggesting he most likely was not. When asked about this, Williamson said he did not know much about the particular case, but that he believed the arrest was a sign that KCC has especially restrictive policies. According to some news sources, however, Michelle Gregoire was a recent political candidate for the 62nd district seat in the Michigan House of Representatives. She lost to republican John Bizon, but stated in a public Facebook post that her fight was not over. Thus far, Bruin staff have received no new statements from Kellogg Community College representatives regarding the investigation into the incident. Nonetheless, several individuals have expressed full agreement with the concept of promoting free speech, objecting only to YAL’s approach to achieving it. Further examination of the

Okay, this is gonna be some personal opinion here. I recommend watching it in the order it came out, starting with A New Hope (Episode IV) so that nothing from the main plot is spoiled beforehand. Otherwise, you can either watch it chronologically and start with The Phantom Menace (Episode I) and go on from there, or you can skip around a bit and start with Episodes IV and V and go back and watch the prequels before Episode VI. I still think that watching it in the order that it came out is a good way to introduce it, but it’s up to you! Hope this helps! Sincerely, Dr. Destiny Dear Dr. Destiny, I’m not sure what to do with my life. I thought college was supposed to be where I figured everything out and knew what to do. But I’m stuck and can’t find a major or a career path or anything yet. Any advice? Sincerely, Feeling Hopeless Dear Feeling Hopeless, The first thing to do is to sit back for a minute, take a deep breath, and just relax. Stress builds upon stress, so make sure to take time to calm yourself sometimes. And don’t be afraid of being indecisive on what you want to do! It’s often good to keep options open, to poke around a little and see if anything catches your interest. You don’t have to have your life figured out immediately; part of the fun of living is venturing down different paths and watching doors open for you! But here’s something that might help right now: sit down one day and start making a list of hobbies, things you enjoy, things that interest you, and work with those things first. Find something you want to do, and do it on your own time! Sincerely, Dr. Destiny

video revealed no signs of misconduct on the part of KCC security, revealing behavior which not only suggested that they followed procedure, but also that they treated the arrested individuals with the utmost respect. The film even clearly shows West and the personnel present allowing a female security guard to pat down Gregoire. Several individuals have also observed that KCC security does not generally involve itself in a situation unless enough people report complaints, which raises further questions which have yet to be answered about the details of that day. Contact Diana Campbell at

Fine Arts


Rise of the Dystopia: The Price BY DIANA CAMPBELL I swung my feet out of bed and leapt up. No pain. No pain? I had thought it would never end…for days on end, a sharp notification in my head would remind me that I was not ready to exert myself in any capacity. Now, I stretched out my arm and watched my finger as I moved it from left to right. Back in the day before technology took a nosedive, I would have been to the hospital and treated for a concussion, but now hospitals didn’t exist anymore, did they? For a moment, I was back on the cliff where Donaghy had discovered me, standing on the edge as the cold, filled with bitterness, bit through to my bone. Then his voice whispered in my ears: …my family fell to a rebel faction who were, like us, not monsters, but rather, fighting to save their own people. We really weren’t that different from one another, were we? He killed my family, and then I killed his. Neither of us had any such awareness at the time, nor that our paths would wind and twist back into an intersection, but they did. He and I were very similar, in many ways, as far as what our aspirations were, and we were even very similar in our idea of how to achieve those aspirations. The only problem was that we could not agree on how we defined good and evil, freedom and oppression, or even right and wrong. How could we, without a standard by which to do so? If we defined right and wrong by the law, then we had a problem on our hands, because be both believed our standard to be wrong…and right now, there wasn’t much of a law we could use, anyhow. Suddenly, I was pretty sure I was getting another migraine, and I glanced back at the bed, eyeing the delightfully springy mattress. Let’s just start with the easy things...testing whether my head was truly healed. I sprang back toward the source of my temptation, and leapt onto it; it had been way too long since I last played on a trampoline! “I hear you’re doing quite well this morning,” remarked Donaghy at breakfast. “Hear?”

“Well, I s’pose I could check for a coon in the attic…” Sheepishly, I hunched over my venison sausage and fried potatoes. “Ah, well, pain’s gone…” “Good! Perhaps you’d enjoy a walk, then?” “Outside?!” My head sprang up of its own accord, my eyes unable to open wide enough. “I must warn you, of course, that not everyone in the village agrees I should’ve let you live…” Thud. The drumbeat rolled ominously up from my chest into my ears. “What do you mean?” “They know very well who you are…of course, they know me, as well, but I’ve had time to earn their trust. You’ll need to watch yourself until you do, as well.” “Maybe I should just stay here.” “For how long? Forever?” A sharp breath cutting deeply into my lungs, I leaned back in my chair. I dropped my fork, rubbed both eyes, and tilted my head heavily into a nod. “I’m full. Let’s go.” In the slightly warmer temperatures of the previous day, the top layer of snow had melted into the one below it, creating a thin layer of ice. My smaller, lighter body allowed me to walk on top of the snow in some of the thicker areas, but my escort crunched loudly along, no matter where he walked. Each step issued a sound like a gunshot as his boots burst through the snowshell into the soft white below. I looked ahead, and I spotted it on the horizon…a collection of crude branch-and-twig shelters built in a cluster of fir trees, most of them shingled with evergreen branches thick with needles. People were bustling around as you would expect in any small town, bundled tightly into cloaks as they headed off on their daily errands. “We must be getting close.” I nodded toward the encampment. “We’re here.” My boot bulleted through a thinner layer of ice, and I stopped short, eyeing him suspiciously. “You’re joking, right? This is a campsite, not a village!” “It is a village.” For a moment, we stood there, two statues locking eyes in a precarious trust. One deception, no matter

how small, would be enough to break our truce, and I did not move again until I was entirely certain this was not it. “Come,” he said, and moved forward, exposing his back to me for the first time. I followed. In a daze, I wandered past four children huddled into a tent-sized structure, awaiting the meager rations a man – presumably, their father – was scraping from a kettle over a small campfire in front of their home onto grubby tin plates. In another structure, a mother cradled an infant wrapped in the remains of old blankets, once colorful but now faded, piercing me with eyes of terror as she clutched the child tighter to her chest. As we moved toward the center of town, we approached a crude marketplace, where some people were exchanging cutlery and silverware for food, and others were trading their surviving camping equipment for old blankets and articles of clothing. Business arrested itself midair as we approached, and one by one, each person’s gaze began to turn me into some sort of a twisted pincushion. “How could anyone live like this?” I shuddered under my own lovely worn coat and snow pants, the finest garb the community had to offer. “I mean, seriously, they choose to live here; why do they not move to the cities?” Donaghy turned to face me, and I braced for the stab I knew his voice would send into my hollow chest, an echo of his footsteps in the snow. “You asked me why I left, and I told you why. Now I show you. Our battles for our freedoms…our fight for our own liberties…look around, and see the price.” “But, the cities…” “The cities are war zones, Gnuni. These people have a better chance of survival here.” I did as he asked, scanning the scene tentatively. “Like you, I once wanted so much, and I wanted it for free. What neither of us understood, however, was that sometimes that which is free is the most costly of life’s commodities…we just weren’t the ones who had to pay.”





He was a shell of his former self.

The attack was over in seconds, lost before it had begun. All motion ceased and time went to a standstill, frozen over by a glaze of horror.

His once radiant blue eyes were dark and listless. His flaxen hair was wispy and dull. His porcelain skin had taken on a gray hue. His hands trembled. His footsteps dragged. But no words were spoken. No one knew when it had started. No one knew how to make it stop.

The cry had been loud enough to pierce through the entire camp, and it had been agonizing enough to calm all war. It had been enough to completely throw off their concentration. Belatedly, the General hit himself mentally as he counted the looters, cursing his own stupidity as he was forced to his knees. Idiot, there had been fifteen to start with, not fourteen! He could clearly see the fifteenth now, standing within the tent that had been sparked up in flames. Ash fell around the masked man as he held the young boy, the boy that they had been entrusted to protect, at knife-point.

A devilish smirk flashed at the General from under the mask. “Lookie what I’ve found, boys,” the man drawled, running his fingers through the boy’s sleep tousled hair. “I’ve heard there’s quite a bounty on this one’s head.” A snicker ran throughout the area as the looters fixed their gaze on the prize being presented to them. The General was stricken, pawing through every scenario of escape he could come up with. He tried to hold the boy’s gaze, but found it hard to stare into the frightened eyes for more than a few seconds. “We gonna kill ‘im, cap’n?” the man holding him down asked in a slurred voice that completely contradicted his strength. The leader, this alleged “Captain” of the looters, howled in mirth. “We ain’t gonna do nothing of the sort. More money if he’s turned in alive.”


Campus News

KCC women's basketball results for February 11th and March 1st, 2017

KCC men's basketball results for February 11th and March 1st , 2017

February 11th

March 1st

February 11th

March 1st

OPPONENT: Kalamazoo Valley

OPPONENT: Lake Michig an

OPPONENT: Kalamazoo Valley

OPPONENT: Lake Michig an

LOC ATION: Battle Cr eek

LOC ATION: Battle Cr eek

LOC ATION: Battle Cr eek

LOC ATION: Battle Cr eek

WINNER: Kalamazoo Valley

WINNER: Lake Michig an

WINNER: Kellogg Community College

WINNER: Kellog Community College

SCORE: 50-59

SCORE: 42-89

SCORE: 72-67

SCORE: 81-80









S TATIS TICS: Ta y lor Jungel: 22 pt s, 10 r eb, 4 s tl Sar ah Gwinn: 14 p ts, Ta y lor Sydner : 7 pts , 3 as t,

S TATIS TICS: Ta y lor Jungel: 13 pts, 7 r ebs, 6 blk All y Fuller : 12 pts

S TATIS TICS: Mohammed Albagami: 21 pts, 6 reb, 3 ast Cur tis Trigg: 14 pts, 10 reb Demonte Hicks: 8 pts, 4 reb, 4 ast

S TATIS TICS: Cur tis Tr igg: 18 pts, 10 r eb Mohamed Albag ami: 24 pts, 3 as t

Split: delightfully disturbing


BY BRENDAN RONAN “Split” is a psychological thriller written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring James McAvoy, who is most widely known for playing Charles Xavier in the more recent X-Men films, and Anya-Taylor Joy, a relatively new actress most known for her role in the 2015 film “The Witch”. “Split” is a story about three teenage girls who are kidnapped by Kevin, a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder living with 23 personalities inside his mind with a 24th ready to emerge. This film is shockingly good. It not only was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who after his 2000 film “Unbreakable” has had a stint of bad movies such as “The Village”, “The Happening”, “Lady in the Water”, and “The Last Airbender”, but this film was also released in January. To the average person this means nothing, but to the people who love film they know that January, also known as “dump month,” is when studios release the films they have absolutely no faith in. These two factors alone should have doomed this film but it miraculously came out pretty decent. But it is without its faults. For starters outside of Anya-Taylor Joys character Casey and Kevin, the other characters really aren’t that interesting; they’re just bodies for the 24th personality to kill. Also, the ending of this film won’t make a lot of sense if you have not seen “Unbreakable”. The last issue I had was they say that Kevin has 23 personalities, but we only meet maybe ten of the personalities. The performances by Joy and McAvoy are phenomenal, especially McAvoy’s. Each of Kevin’s personalities truly does feel like a different character. The way they act, the way they talk, the way they react to situations is unique to each character. “Split” is also surprisingly funny, mainly with one particular personality. Now this film does seem like it would be some insanely scary edge of your seat thriller but that is not the case. This film isn’t really all that scary. It’s more unsettling than anything. You will find yourself glued to the screen-- not knowing who or what is coming. Contact Brendan Ronan at




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