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April 2013

To Seussify or not to Seussify DeQuan Perry Staff Writer The KCC Encore Theater presents The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet. The one-act play is based on the wellknown William Shakespeare production, Romeo and Juliet. However, Encore Theater has added a Dr. Seuss inspired flare. Romeo and Juliet will have humor and rhyme mixed into the story of the forbidden love. As an actor, I’ve always wanted to direct my own show. I’ve acted, stage managed and assistant directed; but now, I’ve seized the chance to direct. Even though

The Seussificiton of Romeo and Juliet is only a one-act play, I will still get a head start to work on my major with my best friend at my side. The cast brings a show that will make the audience laugh so hard the crowd will fall out of their seats. Cast includes Jayla Johnson, James Calloway, Jared Sheldon, Josh Lorenzen, Patrick Lucas, Khaliid Canales-King, Alicia Brunner, Jesse Cowles, Alexander Bacik, Joe Green, Jenna Speckhals, Andy Yerby, George Martinez, Victoria Elyea, Sandy Sinkler, Jonah Maggard, Braulio Green, & Chelsea Lathrop. Stage Managing and Assistant Direction: James Sims. The cast is made up of KCC Students, alumni, and members of the community. The show is set to hit stage of the Binda Theatre at KCC on Friday, April

Who is back! Dylan Konway Staff Writer Who is back: You ask? That’s right! Who is back! WHO?! You persist? It’s Doctor Who! The much loved television series from Britain came back March 30th with an all new episode to its 7th season. For those who don’t know exactly what Doctor Who is all about or why it is so loved

by millions of people worldwide, it’s a British television series that’s been going on in continuation for about 50 years this very year! It’s about an alien man called The Doctor, who travels through time and space in a time machine called a T.A.R.D.I.S. (time and relative dimension in space) going to different planets helping people and usually getting into mischievous hilarity. The Doctor most often travels with human companions, mostly women. Sexual tension may occur at times the Doctor always brushes it off with witty banter.

12 and Saturday, April 13 at 7:30pm with doors open at 7pm. Ticket Price is $4.

Seussification of Romeo & Juliet cast

The Doctor does not wish for romance because he is a time lord, a nearly immortal being who is currently over 1000 years of age. Time lords live out what are known as regeneration cycles and have thirteen lives, The Doctor is currently in his eleventh. The series first aired in 1963 and ran until 1989, with an off television movie made in 1996. The current series picked up where the movie left off in September of 2003 and has been running steadily ever since. In what is currently the 7th season, the Doctor has already lost two of his beloved friends as well as an amazing girl who is transformed forcefully into his worst enemy. Just when the fans assume the Doctor’s heart is breaking, the writers give us

For reservations or ticket information contact the box office at (269) 965-4154.

photo by Simon Thalmann

hope with an amazing Christmas special and promises of an all new story arc involving a girl who’s died twice! Doctor Who isn’t a television series someone could easily get lost in. It’s a television epic that everyone should be lost in. No matter where the series is or where it goes, Doctor Who always welcomes new viewers with an addicting and tense atmosphere and hilarious comic relief. New episodes are hitting BBC and it’s definitely worth a watch. You can also expect them to hit Netflix anytime soon, as well as get caught up on the entire series. ~Dylan Konway would like all Whovians to unite under the ultimate question!

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April 2013  
April 2013