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April 2013

He says, she says Kody Carson Staff Writer As a man I feel comfortable saying that men, for the most part, are very overt when it comes to our thoughts. There is little guessing as to how we’re feeling and we have no problem letting you know if something’s wrong. When guys argue with each other, it rarely lasts overnight. We say exactly what we need to and exactly what we mean; something our women counterparts refuse to believe. Women seem to overanalyze and believe that there is a deeper underlying message hidden behind our words. I hate to break it to you ladies, but there’s not. I know you like to think that your man is very calculated in every decision that he makes, but unfortunately he’s probably making decisions based on the one that requires the least amount of work, or the first decision that pops into his head, so stop badgering him. Women always say that honesty and trust are the foundations of a good relationship, yet they never want to believe what men say if it’s not what they want to hear. Their logic is that there must be a reason why he said that because I know him, and although he’s never said it, I know he wants to get into

deep conversation about his feelings. An example of how great a woman’s logic is: I had a friend who dated a girl that was best friends with his ex, and her logic was that if her best friend doesn’t support her, then she really must not be her friend. Yeah, she’s the bad friend for not supporting you dating her ex-boyfriend, great thought process! If you’re a man, you can’t even argue with that. She’s going to insist that she knows what you want to say more than you do based on her analysis. This brings me to my next problem. I think the reason why women overanalyze everything we say is because they rarely say exactly what they mean. I think we, as guys, have all been in a situation where a woman says something along the lines of, “No, I’m not mad.” or just simply, “I’m fine,” when what she really is thinking is, “You messed up and instead of handling our problem, now I’m going to wait for the perfect time to make you suffer.” Starting to ring any bells? It’s something that no woman will admit to, but most have done at some point or another. How hard is it to just say what you think? Not only do

women not speak their minds to us, but to each other. We’ve all seen women do their “fake nice” routine to one another to bad mouth them as soon as they’ve left the room. It’s a skill they develop in junior high that stays with them forever. I know that I have come on a little strong, but there are countless magazines and newspapers out there pointing out the flaws of men with tips on how to fix them; I think we need to even the score a little bit. I hope it’s not taken personally and I’m sure it won’t be, because if I know anything about the women out there that I couldn’t live without, it’s that none of them will think this applies to them.

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Clean up your butts Lyn McRae Guest Writer Spring is theoretically here (nothing about the weather in Michigan is guaranteed), and with the melting snow comes one bad thing: the garbage is now visible. While nothing can be done about the goose fewmets, the human discards are an indication of slothfulness and an abominable lack of respect. In spite of being declared a nonsmoking campus, the cigarette butts are everywhere. Apparently some people think they are hiding their discards by tossing the tan filters into the landscaping, among the rocks and wood chips. This is not camouflage! And this just encourages others to throw away their litter wherever they want. There are trash cans all over the campus… follow the trails of cigarette butts and personal litter to find one! The most irritating litter is what is found NEAR the trash cans. Someone disposed of a bright green dental-floss pick, on the ground, not fourteen inches away from the trash can outside the Davidson building. Seriously, you couldn’t take that extra step and put it IN the trashcan? (I’m not picking it up, because I don’t know whose mouth it has been in!) In one brief walk across campus, from the Binda Theater to the Davidson building, I saw (and properly disposed of) one cupcake wrapper, one coffee cup, one broken pen, and a broken keychain. I did NOT pick up the innumerable cigarette butts. I also did not contribute mine to the collection; it is simple to make sure

Pick up your butts

photo by Lacy Janousek

the cigarette is stubbed out completely and stick it back into the cigarette package to dispose of in an ashtray later. Take a walk sometime, and see how many cigarette butts YOU can count on this non-smoking campus. Then get a list of approved smoking locations from the security desk, and if you smoke, USE IT. If you don’t smoke, share it with someone who does. Tossing a non-biodegradable filter is just plain lazy and rude. Show some respect for other students, for Mother Nature, and for the campus. This is an institution of learning, so learn how to dispose of your litter in a safe way! ~Lyn is a dirt-worshipping tree-hugger Child of

Earth with asthma, cigarettes are her pet peeve.

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April 2013  
April 2013