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April 2013

The birds and flowers of Spring Cassandra Wood Staff writer Spring, the time of year everyone looks forward to after a long winter. The days are getting warmer and longer. The trees are displaying their glorious foliage and blossoms, and the flowers are blooming. Their sweet scent reminding us that spring is finally here. We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers” and many of us are eager for those May flowers; however, there are plenty of flowers to see throughout the month of April. There are Blue flag Irises, which bloom alongside lakes. Daffodils, Tulips, and Johnny Jump-ups, which are miniature pansies, are also blooming. There are the common daisies, a pretty white flower along with the elegant Lily of the Valley, which blooms as a tiny white blossom that hangs like a bell from its stalk. As we get into May, we will begin to see the lilac bushes, with their purple flower clusters. We can also expect to see Bleeding hearts, Foxglove, and Irises.

There are many other flowers we will see this Spring. There are also many birds returning this spring, such as the Sand Hill Cranes. A beautiful and graceful bird, the Sand Hill Crane makes the journey from Canada to Florida in the fall, and back North every year, marking the return of spring. The swans are also returning, beautiful and white; their elegant forms are the stuff of legends. With graceful landings and glorious wings, these birds really know how to show off. There are many other birds returning as well, such as the Blackpoll Warbler. Several Varieties of Sparrows, such as the Fox Sparrow, are returning as well. We can also expect to see the Yellow-breasted Chat, Black-throated Green Warblers, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, and many of us have already seen our state bird, the Robin. All around us the season is changing, and for many, it is a relief knowing we can get out those cute sun dresses and flats, or the white t-shirts and baseball caps. ~Cassandra's favorite flower is the Lilac. Artwork drawn by Cassandra Wood.

Dear Dr. D, What can a student do when they feel violated by a professor's in-class project? Curiously Concerned Dear Concerned, The student can first try to figure out for him or herself the purpose of the exercise: maybe it made the person feel violated to teach a particular lesson. Secondly, the student always should ask to speak with the instructor privately to discuss any issues of concern. If the student still feels violated and feels that the assignment is unnecessarily degrading, I would suggest a meeting with the department chair and instructor. Part of college is having a chance to learn from a different perspective. You may find you don't like what you have learned, but you may feel that the negative experience has taught you something positive. Dr. D. Dear Dr. D, How do you deal with an annoying classmate who talks too much and monopolizes the instructor's time? Seriously irritated

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Dear Irritated, I think we all have been in a classroom where one person's opinion is the only one heard because he or she likes nothing better than the sound of his or her own voice. The instructor, I am sure, tries to open the discussion to the rest of the class, but that doesn't always work. If the other members of the class make an effort to add their opinions, raise their hands, that gives the instructor a chance to call on those students and tell the other one to listen to the voices of the class. Dr. D. Dear Dr. D, Do you think non-major classes are worth the money in order to expand your mind? Mind Expander

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Dr. Destiny

Dear Mind Expander, What you learn in college is not the subject material necessarily: it's how you figured out how you learn best. How did you tackle that difficult question? If you only take courses in your major, you arent giving yourself the opportunity to see what else is out there in the world, nor have you given yourself an opportunity to struggle with a topic that is outside of your comfort zone, or interest. That experience may help you in your career as much as anything you learn in your major classes. Plus, you'll be a better trivia player at the bar! Dr. D. Dear Dr. D, What is your best April Fool's Day prank? The Prankster Dear Prankster, Hate pranks. Don't do 'em. Don't think they're funny. Dr. D. Dear Dr. D, How does someone go about asking the person they like out on a spring date? Shy Dear Shy, Listen to what he or she likes to do and choose something that will not require a big time commitment (in case the date doesn't go well) but gives you a non-threatening way to start a relationship. Maybe the relationship will be a friendship rather than a romantic something, but friends are good too. "Hi, Mazie, a bunch of us are going to ____ this Friday night, and I wondered if you would like to join us?" Now you just have to get a group of guys and gals to go _____ (volunteer at the food bank?) and have fun. Dr. D. Dear Dr. D, How do I get ready to go to WMU? Signed Future Bronco Dear Bronco, Study hard, visit the campus so you can find your way around, speak with counselors to make sure you are taking all the possible credits you can here, and save your money for parking! Dr. D.

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April 2013  
April 2013