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August 2011 Page 1 of 2 So lucky I did because this year the Chanemoles finally got settled (it has had to compete with all my hellebores and the roots of the large Golden Elm it grows under). Anyway it does look very spiffy at the moment with the dark green leaves of the hellebores. The myriad plums, pinks, slates and whites of their flowers and then these lovely columns of perfect white blossoms shooting upwards.

Heritage Apples Helleborus are here Helleborus are here AGAIN. I seem to want to write about these each year about this time. Even with our very dry start to winter mine have been performing so beautifully. I have here in the nursery lots of different cultivars of Helleborus orientalis. This is the one that most people are familiar with. My current favourite is the Anemone centred. They have a single rim of petals outside then a much shorter 'ruff' of petals inside. The 'ruff' tends to make the flowers more upright and upwards facing plus if the petals have a blend of colours they look great in the ruff. Very hard to describe but very beautiful. Other ones include: double pinks, double whites, dotted doubles, single pinks, whites and plums and dotted singles as well. Do come and have a look if you can. I find that they are very tough once you get them through the first summer. In our climate they like to be under the eastern side of a deciduous tree and they love to be fed, I top dress mine with compost. They should also be mulched but I am far too greedy as they seed prolifically and I love to see all the variations that come with seed grown hellebores. Years ago I read an article by Fiona Ogilvie from the Land and she suggested planting Chanemoles nivalis (White Japonica before the name was changed) in among the hellebores. Naturally I did exactly as she suggested, I always do what wise people tell me. Nursery: 50 Broadhead Road (off Lions Drive), Mudgee NSW 2850

New Heritage Apple stock should arrive next week. This year we have Gravenstein, Saint Lawrence, Belle Cacheuse, Ida Red and Twenty Ouncer with Crabapples Jack Humm and Huonville Crab. The Huonville Crab is particularly amazing. I have one espaliered at home and was very pleased with its soft green to light plum coloured leaves, the pretty blossom but then the fruit arrived and eclipsed everything else! Imagine 25 mm fruit deep red all the way through the flesh and covering every branch of the tree. If I could paint I would have sat down and created a masterpiece right there. From a jelly / preserving perspective I think it is great as you get so much more fruit to core/skin ratio when compared with most normal sized crabapples.

Bare Rooted Stock We are in the midst of potting all our bare rooted stock but there is still time to come and buy before prices go up. Still available: red, black and white currants, green and purple artichokes, rhubarb, few rasberries, few strawberries, boysenberry, youngberry, seedless green and blush table grapes, Kiwi fruit, variety and pricing details are on our website.

We have grafted Pecans I have been lucky enough to find a grower with ďƒ‰ 02 6372 4394  02 6372 4392

NEWSLETTER semi advanced grafted Pecans. The key word here being grafted so we know what cultivar it is and we know what will pollinate it. Andrew and I were lucky enough to have three Pecan trees in the garden back in Coolah. Apart from being the most beautiful shade tree they really are the most delicious nuts. Unfortunately they are expensive but they are quite a decent size. The two cultivars we have are: Shoshonii, a precocious and heavy cropping variety, good quality medium to large oval nuts with a thin shell. Vigorous tree with an upright habit makes an excellent backyard tree Harvest March to May. Frost Hardy. Cherokee one of the most prolific varieties suited to high density planting, medium sized nut, very easily shelled. Ideal backyard tree, harvest March to June Frost Hardy. Drop in and have a look at them in the nursery.

Roses We are slowly expanding our range of potted roses picking the ones to stock that we all love: the list currently includes Black Boy, Sparisshoop, Graham Thomas, Penelope, Crepescule, Green Ice, Just Joey, Mutabalis, Ellen, Alnwick Rose, Madame Isaac Pereire, Dublin Bay, Lamarque, Buff Beauty, New Dawn, White Wings, Viridiflora (the Florists Rose), Loving Memory, Mother's Love, Bloomfield Dainty, Molineux, Pierre de Ronsard, Red Pierre de Ronsard, Blushing Pierre de Ronsard.

Friday, 19 August 2011 Page 2 of 2 Milkwood

Permaculture. Join Dan Harris Pascal and Nick Ritar for a hands on workshop in designing and installing a temperate food forest system. Many of the plants used in Milkwood's Food Forest are available from Living Earth Supplies – talk to us about we can provide for your very own food forest. Details of this and all other Milkwood courses : 9th-25th September 2011 – Mudgee Wine Month – an amazing time to be in Mudgee packed to the brim with great events and activities. See for details.

16th September 2011– Mediterranean Style Day @ Apple Tree Flat – 11 am Garden Walk at Riverlea then move to Skimstone Wines at 1.00 pm with a delicious lunch by local Rachael McCarthy matched with Skimstone Wines Contact for ticketing details.

15-16th October 2011 – Sculptures in the Garden at Rosby, Strikes Lane Mudgee. An exciting event which combines garden design, plants and art in beautiful surroundings with all proceeds going to the Mudgee Guide Dogs Committee. Activities will include Scarecrow Competition for Kids, guest speakers talking about Garden Design using Art. Sculpture demonstrations from local artists and a guided walk through the Garden and Sculptures. Morning and afternoon tea and lunch are available. For further information: Lesley Robertson 0263729099

We can give you more information on these and many other roses but we have a special interest in garden hardy, harder to find and old fashioned roses.

Herbs and green leafy veg! We have a small but expanding range of these, we always try and get the more unusual herbs and vegetables. Current herbs include Fennel, watercress, Chervil, Borage, Comfrey, Red Mustard (Komatsuna), bare rooted mint plants and of course the old favourites including rosemary, basil, bay tree, parsley, dill, rainbow chard, golden oregano, marjoram. Let us know if you have a special herb you are after and we will try and source for you.

Event Diary 20th-21st August 2011 Mudgee Readers Festival Parklands Resort, Cassillis Road Mudgee

2-4th September 2011, Food Forest Workshop, Nursery: 50 Broadhead Road (off Lions Drive), Mudgee NSW 2850

 02 6372 4394  02 6372 4392

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