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Introduction. The Live The Water re-branding campaign for Guy Harvey Apparel charts a course to redefine and reposition the brand for improved awareness, connection and revenue. The following pages will describe through text and imagery how Live The Water is carefully designed to reinvent an American classic in a way that appeals to a younger audience while emphasizing the beauty of ocean lifestyle through the authentic artwork of marine artist Guy Harvey.

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Live the Water.

Celebrate the art of ocean life style in Guy Harvey Apparel.

Style Guide The most notable change to the Guy Harvey visuals for the Live The Water campaign is an updated logo. This new logo uses a seal shape to encircle the original “G” and “H” from the signature logo and adds a marlin silloutte. This creates an icon that with an updated look that more clearly represents the ocean sports lifestyle while not completely leaving out the authentic mark of it’s founder. In addition to a new logo, new colors, imagery, fonts, and tone have been strategically created to appropriately communicate the brand essence consistently and with the highest success.

Style Guide


The tone for the Live the Water Campaign should be peaceful and serene. It should be respectful and optimistic, humble and honest, as well as wise and profound. It should never be aggressive or immature. It should never be unpleasant.


Primary font:



adelle boldabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

adelle bold italicabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Supporting font:

New Logo

Helvetica Helvetica Bold


The images in the campaign should be artistic and beautiful like the works of art the apparel features. The life style images should include photos of young men and women fishing, boating, diving, surfing and enjoying other ocean and beach activities.


The colors selected for the Live The Water campaign are inspired by the ocean wildlife.

Logo Usage The most notable change to the Guy Harvey visuals for the Live The Water campaign is the updated logo. This new logo uses a seal shape to encircle the original “G” and “H” from the signature and adds a marlin silhouette. This creates an icon with an updated look that more clearly represents the ocean sports life style while not leaving out the authentic mark of it’s founder. In addition to a new logo, new colors, imagery, fonts, and tone have been strategically created to support the direction focused on young people and social media.

1/2 Radius of seal


Radius of seal

Logo Usage

Radius of seal

1/2 Radius of seal

Color ways:


New Classic: One-pocket Tee

Logo Developement

First sketch:

First vector:

Second vectors:

Seal vectors:


Research Decisions that were made through out this re-brand process were always intended to support the research that began before any design tool was ever applied to the project. Before a design can solve a problem, the problem must be identified and explored in different ways. Through out this process, using strategic campaign design to reach and engage the right audience for Guy Harvey has been challenging and fun. Young people are important to the future of the Guy Harvey family of brands and the research focused on how to best connect with the next generation of ocean life style sportsmen and women.


Target audience:


Media mix:




In Guy Harvey Apparel.

The competiton within the ocean life style apparel market widely focuses on similar subjects and imagery as Guy Harvey Apparel, however the designs are not considered high art in the same way Guy Harvey paintings are celebrated within the ocean lifestyle and marine art communities. For this reason, an emphasis on the Guy Harvey Apparel brand as an American classic and an arts and cultural icon gives the campaign a unique value to consumers.



Customized email blasts signed with the authentic Guy Harvey signature will support the theme of Authenticity. Front


Introduction: The Guy Harvey Apparel brand hopes to renew it’s image in the marketpalce as not just the iconic brand it has always been but also a progressive and youthful brand interested in the younger audience and their expectations of a lifestyle apparel brand which includes a refreshed logo, updated t-shirt designs and social media marketing comunication aimed at enhanced engagement, participation, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

A new logo desi the G and H from signature will su while updating t modern and app audience memb

The classic one-pocket Guy Harvey shirt will be refreshed a new more modern fabric and cut, including softer cotten, and a v-neck.

Along with a new focus on classic, authentic, and artful elements of the brand the campaign will include a communication strategy targeted at a young audience through diverse media mix that will ensure the younger demographic identifies the brand as the first of it’s kind as well as a brand that understands them and the things they value including passion for the ocean life style.

Brand Background: The Guy Harvey Apparel brand is an American Classic and the first of it’s kind. In 1986, the Guy Harvey Apparel brand was launched with the very first t-shirts featuring stunning hand painted marine wildlife images created by artist Guy Harvey. For years, the Guy Harvey classic one-pocket t-shirt was the most popular style for serious ocean sportsman and casual fans of the lifestyle alike. Today the iconic style remains and the one-pocket Guy Harey t-shirt is still the number one look among the coastal and ocean lifestyle community.

OLD. History of the classic, one-pocket, Guy Harvey T-shirt (timeline).

The Twitter page background and graphics will have an up match the new brand and incorporate the hashtag #LiveTh support fan participation and egagement.



Development. Media Mix

A new online store front will be designed on brand that focuses on the apparel only.

pdated look to heWater to


The media mix carefully selected for the Live the Water campaign includes a social media strategy with a hashtag #LiveTheWater, a wide spread electronic media reach that includes a new look web site, radio and television advertising, a full length documentary film, and a print advertising campaign targeting life style publications such as Dive and Surfing Magazines. This media mix will reach the target audience, young and old through a combination of traditional and new media channels.

1/2 Radius of seal

Radius of seal

Radius of seal

1/2 Radius of seal

Social Media Electronic Media

ign that incorporates m the original upport the brands roots, the look to be more pealing to younger bers.

with a new logo, , slimmer shape,


All new Guy Harvey Apparel release: xx.xx.2014

Video/ Music

Print ads will be created for life style magazines with specific audiences that match the Guy Harvey audience.

Print Media



NEW. A Facebook page that focuses on the apparel only will be created to support the social conversation.



Assets The true spirit of the Live The Water campaign is best imagined through the assets. Each one plays a crucial part in communicating the authentic story of Guy Harvey Apparel. The assets were carefully constructed to appeal to and engage a younger audience with out alienating the older and more established Guy Harvey brand loyalist. The assets include pieces for digital, print, and legacy media outlets as well as branded product ideas including the every popular one-pocket classic Guy Harvey shirt and window decals featuring the new Guy Harvey Apparel logo.



Live The Water in Guy Harvey Apparel.

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