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Political Resource Frame

According to chapters 4 and 5, it is important to pay close attention to which the key players are, their individual contributions, and how resolution is met while working with others. Considering the key players, they all are individuals that have different contributions that are valuable during teamwork and even during conflict resolution. Each individual contributed what they are good at to the group through their relationships built with others. Their individuality appears when conflict arises and also based on the decisions that are made by particular people define their position and/or role within the group. In the these chapters four and five, the key players are "Margaret Juhl, The key interest of each player or group is Pico School and the welfare of the students. The power each player has is based on knowledge he or she has, and the length of time spent at the school. Margaret’s power is based on the fact that she is a veteran teacher and knows what each teacher like or dislike. She also served as the teacher’s representative, and that position enhances her power. Bill has served as the custodian for years and knows everything that goes on in the school. The conflict was resolved because Jamie was advised by Brenda to speak to each key player or group. After talking with each key player he had a better knowledge of how each person felt; and they were able to come to a compromise. This help to alleviate some of the tension the staff had. After Sam Shepherd resigned Jamie was relieved that he no longer has to interact with Sam. Bill Hill, Mr. Rodriguez, Sam Shepherd, Phyllis and Joan.

Who are the key players? Phil Bailey – The last principal Brenda Conners – A veteran principal in a neighboring school Carlos Cortez – Latino teacher Phyllis Gleason – The secretary Bill Hill – The custodian Margaret Juhl – A veteran teacher Jaime Rodriguez – The new principal

Harold Sawyer – The assistant superintendent Sam Shepherd – The assistant principal What is the interest of each of the key players or groups?

Phil Bailey – Retired, but everyone seemed to compare the job Jaime Rodriguez was doing to Phil Bailey. Brenda Conners – A coach or mentor to Jaime Rodriguez Carlos Cortez – Hopes the new principal will promote more awareness of the Hispanic culture Phyllis Gleason – Loves the school and is loyal to however cares about the school Bill Hill – Cares for the people and community he was raised in knows parents and acts as big brother to some students Margaret Juhl – Veteran teacher near retirement who cares about the school and every one respects. Jaime Rodriguez – New principal who wants to improve the culture of the school. Harold Sawyer – Started carrier at the school and wants to see Jaime Rodriguez succeed. Sam Shepherd – Thought the principal job should have been his and was uncooperative to change. How much power does each player have? Phil Bailey – Still seemed as if his “ghost” was running the school until Jaime Rodriguez could garner the respect of the school; which he did in the end. Brenda Conners – Had power of her own school and that of a mentor to Jaime Rodriguez. Carlos Cortez – Had some power as a teacher leader of the group of Latin teachers. Phyllis Gleason – Did not have much power but had the power of knowledge of the school. Bill Hill – A lot of power as parents and school board members listened to him Margaret Juhl – A lot for a teacher as other teachers looked up to and respected her. Jaime Rodriguez – The title of principal gave him power but he earned respect and power in the end. Harold Sawyer – He had the most power and could hire and fire employees and effect change. Sam Shepherd – Not as much as he thought and he found that out when he was uncooperative.

How is conflict resolved? Mr. Rodriguez gathered information from key players and deduced that Sam Shepherd was a negative influence to the school’s culture. Mr. Rodriguez skillfully negotiated, with Harold Sawyer’s approval, by giving Sam Shepherd two options. Option one was to be moved to another school and option two, which Sam Shepherd accepted, was to take an early retirement package.

Human Resource Frame Once again Jaime turned to a few trusted people to garner information about an anonymous newsletter that was distributed that included some unflattering and racial remarks about Jaime. Brenda Connors used an analogy of a garden to help illustrate the human resource frame at a school. The garden was the school with the principal serving as the gardener. The teachers were plants in the garden and each one was unique. The gardener was responsible to cultivate the garden nurturing the plants to grow and produce. Jamie used the analogy of the garden to good use. Cultivating relationships in the school helped to gain support and information. Following Jaime’s lead in cultivation relationships, teachers found themselves nurturing one’s own relationships. Soon there was a feeling of cooperation in the school again. A little cultivation and nurturing can go a long way as with the adage that one reaps what one sews. Human Resources Frames It is essential to cultivate relationships within the school environment in order to have a strong working environment. In cultivating these relationships, we must exercise tolerance and professionalism. Principal Jaime Rodriguez made a very wise move in seeking out information and perspective from key members in Pico. Being able to access this information allows Rodriguez to make positive and practical decisions as an administrator. It also provides him with vital information that can be beneficial in alternating and dealing with his staff on a daily basis.

Who are the key players? In any given organization the key players would be the persons who are most influential in impacting change or pose strong opposition. In the case of Pico school the key players are Bill Hill, Phyllis Gleason, Margaret Juhl and Sam Shepherd. What is the interest of each of the key players or group? How much power does each

player have? Bill Hill is Pico’s chief custodian. Over the years he built a caring relationship with the students of school and also the wider community. According to the writer he is like a big brother for all. He is present in the morning for the assistance of the kids on subsidized breakfast and he develops a caring relationship with them all. When students and parents come to trust you believing that you really care about their welfare then you become their hero. Phyillis Gleason is the school’s secretary for over 20 years. She knows everything about schedules, materials children and parents. Joan’s first impression of her was ‘she seemed to know all………… as if she witness everything.’ She is an important asset for a new principal who would like to learn the dynamics of a new school. Her support can determine success or failure. Margaret Juhl is a classroom teacher but play the role as an advocate several times. Margaret said it herself when Joan questioned her about her attack on the new principal “I could do that because people trust me” She stated that she stood up for them several times before. Brenda believes she is an important ‘asset and ally’ for Jamie. Jamie’s impression was that parents and teachers respect her. Sam Shepherd is the assistant principal. He has been at the school for a long time. He is a great disciplinarian and he had hoped to be the next principal, however the district believed he should continue doing the great job he is doing as an assistant. His influence is no longer important in the school community, because he could be seen as a traditional figure that cannot conform to the changes of a dynamic society. The Latino teachers were happy to have a principal who they believed would support the cause of the minority groups. Therefore Carlos Cortez was very passionate in his defense for Jamie when he believed Margaret was trying to defeat his purpose. Margaret believed that she was actually doing him a favor by expressing the thoughts of the other teachers who were in silent opposition. She believed that if he is aware that his approach was not smart then he could change his strategies. She actually was in support of him because she outline to Joan that she would speak to Carlos so they both can find a way to help him succeed. How was the conflict resolved? Jamie Rodriguez, acting upon the advice of Brenda (another principal who had experience in the field) decided to ‘map out his political terrain.’ By so doing he was able to identify the persons whose support he needed most because of their role and influence in the school and community. Persons who were most significant like Phyllis, Bill and Margaret he decided to talk to them and enlist their support in making them understand that he need their experience and expertise to help him succeed. Others like Sam Shepherd who was not so important, because he firmly stood his grounds in negative opposition, he gave an ultimatum. He was two years from his retirement and decided to take the retirement package as the better offer.

Structural Frame The structural scenario from this week’s readings offers two key points on developing a sound structural frame that one can learn from. First, one must be able to delegate authority to be effective in any leadership role. This sounds easy but the simple fact is that done the wrong way can lead to resentment and failure. Delegating to the appropriate person is paramount along with making sure that that person has the skills and resources to succeed. Micro-managing will only lead to frustration and unproductive work output. It is important to have a clear well defined structural frame. Roles need to be defined along with clear concise tasks and assignments. When everyone has defined roles and a clear understanding of what is expected from each person, a successful outcome is greatly enhanced if roles and assignments are not well defined. To be an effect leader one must be able to empower others and make sure tasks and roles are well defined. The Structural Frame of Pico School The organization of the structure of Pico School is detrimental to the school staying alive. At the specific moment, the school is lacking organizational structure and it is affecting the relationships amongst the teachers and the principal Jaime. Jaime is the core of the structure's survival and durability, and he is lacking the ability to keep the structure together due to his actions. The usefulness of the formal rules, policies, and procedures for teachers at Pico School is definitely needed and will be effective toward re-building the structure of the organization. At the moment, they are missing this factor and it is hindering the structural frame from strengthening. The role of accountability is not apparent at this time at Pico, especially in the principal Jaime. He is attempting to reinforce accountability in the teachers; however it is difficult because they are modeling what they see through him. The structural frame does not fit the needs Pico School at this particular time. Considering the behavior that is being displayed by both the teachers and the students, the structure of the school must be reconstructed. What is the organizational hierarchy? In an organization, the hierarchy begins with the person with the most power and authority of the top of the pyramid followed sequentially by persons with less authority. In the school setting the district personnel are at the top of the hierarchy because they are responsible for making final decisions on changes in policies and procedures. Below them are the subsequent levels of power, the principal,

assistant principal or principals, senior teachers or teacher leaders, grade chairs, and department chairs, classroom teachers, and substitute teacher progressively. This hierarchy highlights a formal chain of command. At Pico School it is no different however the chain is not clearly visible. There is not a marked line of distinction between the different groups on the hierarchy and the teachers interact as if they are all on the same level. Joan a first year teacher was given an enormous role, the questions remains how does this reflect on the veteran teachers? Presently there is no assistant principal at Pico School. Organizational hierarchy is the chain of command that should exist in any organization. Every member has a responsibility, a task, a commitment, a way to contribute to the organization. All members are team players. The responsibilities and duties must be assigned based on each member’s skills, knowledge and level of responsibility and commitment to the organization. At Pico Elementary, the organizational frame was in a very precarious state. The leadership style of the previous administrator was not the best and the sense of uncertainty that reigns in the faculty with the presence of a new principal is a big factor that contributes to the instability. What is the utility of the formal rules, policies, and procedures for teachers? Rules are set guidelines or principles of an organization, and polices are procedures used to deal with situations or circumstances. Without these components there would be constant disorder and disarray. Teachers have a distinct code of conduct, which governs them; this helps to bring structure to school setting and guarantee professional behavior. A person’s behavior reflects who they are and students exemplify teachers in most cases using them as role models and mentors. At Pico there are structural problems because some rules and guidelines were not adhered to. Formal rules, policies and procedures are vital and necessary for a community for an organization to run efficiently and fro its members to be productive. These rules maintain the harmony an uniformity in the workplace. What role does accountability play? If persons are not held accountable important task will not be done or finished on deadline, which will result in chaos. According to Robert Cooper "We may not be interested in chaos, but chaos is interested in us." Therefore, it must be clear to each person what roles he or she plays, the task is to be completed and when. If persons need guidelines or suggestions to complete assigned task, it should always be available to avoid confusion and misinterpretation. When one understands that his or her input is important to get the puzzle solved then he or she will realize the need for accountability. At Pico the new principal is trying to instill accountability by visiting classes and assigning specific roles to teachers.

The purpose of accountability is to empower each member of an organization to contribute to it according to their means. Involving all the members in the in the doings of the school provides them with a sense of belonging and unity translates into hard work and dedication on the part of each member. To what degree does the structural frame fit the needs of schools? Structure is important everywhere even in our homes. Schools need structure more than any other organizations because the future of the next generation is compounded in schools. Structure brings discipline, promotes programs to improve performance, enhance teaching, and learning and bring solutions to existing problems. The structural frame protects the rights of teachers and students. Every child needs an opportunity for one – to- one interaction with teachers, acquiring a definite structure could accomplish this goal. If the teachers and administrators are disorganized the students will be aware of it and lose focus on what is expected of them. In such an environment students live in mediocrity and their true potential is marginalized. Symbolic Frame The symbolic scenario from this week’s readings provided some interesting points. One was the importance of having interaction between faculty and staff other than the normal on the job interaction. In the symbolic scenario at the start of the school year there was an opening day extravaganza. The event went so well that a second holiday event was organized with various acts and routines performed by the staff. The culture at Pico School was improved through the comradely that the staff and students experienced at the events. Shared memories and experiences can strengthen a group. Even members of a group that particularly do not like one another can usually find common grounds at an event to share a laugh. Many barriers can be broken down and friendships strengthened by group events. Symbols are a very powerful and important part of a school community. For Pico Elementary, it was symbols that brought the entire organization together in the end. I t was the symbols that gave them a clear perspective of the facts and the reality at hand. The symbolical frame ties all three other frames together. Symbols are essential and paramount to all the Pico members. Each of them relies on symbols to define their participation in the school community. Overview of the Symbolic Frame: The symbolic frame is vital to the culture and lifespan of a school. Through symbolism at any school, the leadership provides clues or reminders to the school community of parents, teachers, students, and the rest of the staff that that things will continue as positioned for their school.

Referring to the text, Pico School experienced symbolism in the past; however, they had lost vision of what these indicators were after Phil Bailey left. Jaime, faced with a major challenge has to know focus on recreating symbols that will incorporate what Phil started, but he has to finish. Any school can fall into a situation like Pico School and have to reshape the culture of the school through the four frames of leadership. What matters the most, is that the leadership is conscious of the problems before any solutions can be applied.

Political Resource Frame  

Karen Calvillo University of Phoenix June 16, 2014 Professor, Jonathan Lewis

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