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Placement Report

Katrina Cadogan


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page2 Placement Report

Personal Project

My personal project is to design a book for NICOLA that explains how they were created, what it is that they do and how they help the people that are involved. My main task is to be a graphic designer and promote their charity

Learning Outcomes

My main learning outcome working within this company is to be able to be more confident with my image making and to also be able to gain more confidence with my graphic design skills.

Career To Cover

page4 NT Placement Report

ools: CV and r Letter

Katrina Cadogan Personal Information

Nationality: British

E-mail: Date of birth: 28 January 1986 Profile I am a Digital photography student who is keen to fulfil a position in multimedia, which allows me to be creative and develop on my skills as a digital worker. Education 2007-Present London South Bank University, Arts Media and English Department (Currently studying towards a BA (Hons) in Digital Photography) Modules include:  Digital Image Fundamentals  Media Orientations  Sites and Practices  Developing the Digital Image  Image Analysis  Photographic Index  Cultural Industries  Photographic Rhetoric  Real Lives  Photographic Cultures page6 Placement Report

 Significant Others  Photographic Art  Contemporary Issues in Photography  Interactive Photography.

2004-2006 University of East London (BSC in Software Engineering) 2002-2004 Sixth Form: Bishop Challoner

Professional skills I am able to use the following design software packages Adobe CS3 Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and InDesign. Multi-media programmes such as Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. I have worked with Internet web design packages such as Front Page, Dream Weaver and Rapid Weaver. I use content management systems such as .. for text blogging and photo blogging. I use both Microsoft Personal Computer and Apple Macintosh Power PC hardaware . I use both Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X up to 10.4. Other forms of hardware that I use include manual SLR’s, Digital SLR’s and smaller digital cameras, video cameras and scanners. Creative work

Photographic projects  Inside/Outside: Child Abuse  Society  Youth Culture: Stereotypes  Self Portraits  Time Out Event   Climate Change

Publications Stereotypically Youth 2008 Katrina Cadogan Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 2.0 90 pages, 22.86 cm x 17.78 cm, perfect binding, fullcolour interior ink Portfolio Exhibitions  Whitechapel Art Gallery group show  Mile End Gallery group show Personal Qualities I am a reliable worker and I enjoy working within a team and also as an individual. I am hard working, polite and well mannered, friendly, enthusiastic and energetic; I love a challenge and can work well under pressure. I have good attendance and I am always punctual. I have good organisation skills and have excellent customer service skills and inter-personal skills; I am quick to learn new skills. Interests 



Online gaming

Web 2.0.

Going to the gym, keeping fit

I coach football part time as well as play football

Work Experience Emirates Stadium/Wembley Stadium page8 Placement Report

January 2007-Current

I am currently a team member/retail. My main responsibilities include preparing food; I also sometimes go on the tills and serve customers. Phones 4u

April 2006 – August 2008 (Part-time)

My main role is to sell products, which include Contract, Prepay phones, Landline phone deals and Insurance. I serve and sell to customers making sure to find the right phone and contract deals for them from many different networks, which include Vodafone, Orange, o2 and T-Mobile. I also help customers with issues & complaints, exchanges and refunds and with insurance and contract queries. Next Retail Ltd

August 2005- September 2005 (Temp) October 2004 - January 2005 (Temp) July 2004 (Temp)

Serving and helping customers, ordering stock from the warehouse and stock rooms, recovery of the stock and replenishing the stock, Wrap and pack purchases. WHSmith Ltd

July 2002 (Work Experience)

Recovery of stock and replenishing the stock, Filing, Counting the daily intake of money. References

Next Retail Ltd

Phones 4u

76-77 Lakeside Shopping Centre

85 The Mall

West Thurrock


Grays Essex RM20 2ZG


Contact: 01708683960

Contact: 020-85348242

26th February 2009

Make a book about NICOLA and all the different artists and activities that we provide

Dear Michela Ferrara

I am writing to apply for a placement and the position that I was interested in is written above. I am a student from London South Bank University, I am currently in my second year studying for a BA Honours Degree in Digital Photography. Attached is my CV with a link to my online portfolio which was requested.

I am available for an interview or to work on Mondays. I would like to do a placement for a minimum of 5 weeks. I am also available to start straight away. I hope that you are able to take a look at my CV and online portfolio and allow me the chance to make use of imagery skills and potentially help to contribute to your team and also perform well in this particular position.

I look forward to hearing a reply from you.

Yours sincerely

Katrina Cadogan

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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 13:36:26 +0000 From: Subject: Re: Placement: For Michela Ferrara To:

Dear Katrina,

Thank you for your recent email expressing your interest in NICOLA. I would like to meet and discuss further how we could work together. I am free to meet tomorrow Friday 27th February 2009 at 4PM in Earl's Court. If this is not convenient please suggest few dates for the following week.

I look forward to meet you

Many Thanks

Michela Ferrara Artistic Director 0796 748 3977

NICOLA (New International Company of Live Arts)

Work Pla

‘Context is h

My placement at NICOLA that ‘Context is half the w employee, I worked as a professional working env was that I was to produce NICOLA. I was given the images and layouts that I


half the work’

A followed the APG concept work’. I didn’t work as an artistic individual in a vironment. My only task e a promotional book for freedom on the kind of I would use.

About NI

(New International Com

NICOLA is a not-for profit organisation which pr involved with creative activities, redeveloping sk awareness and eventually fuelling interest in car for artistic expression, there projects are also de tolerance, which is done through combining art projects. NICOLA presents events which include front of the local and wider audiences and make NICOLA work with ‘At Risk‘ young people, schoo and accredit through creative courses in a way th culture whilst always steering them towards edu


mpany of Live Arts)

rovides opportunities for youngsters to be kills and also encouraging social and cultural reers in the arts. Although they provide activities esigned to promote an ethos of cooperation and t forms with originality and also innovative e performances, productions and installations in es the arts more accessible to the local community. ol pupils and community groups to motivate, train hat reflects their life style and is relevant to their ucational and work related success.

NICOLA provide workshops in the following:

Fashion Dance Music and video-making Drama Visual arts Circus skills Debating session Consultancy Work placement Organise events and festivals

In the course of every NICOLA’s workshop there will also be a debate, based on collecting ideas and views of the students about workshops developments.

Dance styles to be presented include Kathak, Odissi (aka Orissi), Bolliwood, Manipuri, belly-dancing, Flamenco, African, Caribbean, ballet, jazz, contemporary, street, break-dance, Salsa and Marengo.

Visual arts will include mask and puppet-making, transformation of pictures into stencils, drawing, photography and others.

Some workshops can be fused, for example fashion and dance, fashion and drama, drama and dance, drama, fashion and dance, music and fashion.

Fashion workshops will cover:

Self-expression and developing imagination

Developing ideas, understanding and presentation skills, using illustration and design boards Basic aspects of shape manipulation and simple pattern cutting Customising and using recycled materials

They may potentially also include:

Draping on a stand More complex pattern cutting Sewing Overlocking Screen printing

Young people will also be introduced to the power of fashion as a means of spreading a positive message.

Dance workshops will cover:

The importance of ‘warm-up’ and ‘cool-down’ Introduction to various techniques and vocabulary of dance and methods of combining styles in choreography Building dance, choreography and performance skills, as well as knowledge, strength and stamina through creating new dance sequences Learning about muscles important in dance and dietary recommendations

Youngsters will be encouraged to work within their own ability and explore their potential. Dance teachers are ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) accredited; opportunity of taking ISTD examination can also be provided to the students.

Music workshops will include:

1) Singing 2) Writing lyrics and recording live music on a computer 3) Learning the basics of music production with a practical introduction to the Cubase and Reason software programmes

They may also include:

1) Composing music digitally using various virtual synthe sisers 2) Learning to play an instrument

Video-making workshops will include planning and creating a video for own song, which is to be filmed by a professional cameraman.

Drama and singing workshops

These will be based on improvisation and barrierbreaking games with an emphasis on enjoyment and building confidence. The tutor will use some ingenious and fun ways to discover and release the students’ natural voice and find its full potential, focusing on practical ways of using voice more effectively. The techniques will include exercises to connect voice, breath, posture, movement and text work.

Circus workshops will include aerial skills and stilt-walking.

Debates session will include:

1) Discussing a range of topics from social deprivation to gang culture and ways to make their community a better place 2) Choosing positive role models 3) Watching related documentaries and films 4) Suggesting own ideas for workshops 5) Discussing any problems within the workshops and ways to tackle them for improvement 6) Making budget- and performance-related decisions

It may be possible to invite ‘special guests’ to some debates.

Extra skills:

Team working Decision making Budgeting & managing money Diplomacy and negotiation Coordination Managing people Interpersonal communication Planning personal development

The workshops, taught by highly experienced professionals, will give students an insight into the world of professional dance, music and drama and an exposure to the skills and understanding required to work in a creative profession.

Placement: NICOLA (New International Company Of Live A Title: Graphic Designer

NICOLA (New International Company worked for. NICOLA is a youth based c youngsters a purpose in life and to sto for the duration of my placement was a a book about the charity and what kind a piece about their current project whi

page20 Placement Report


of Live Arts) is the company that I charity, which was created to give op them from being led astray. My title a graphic designer and I had to design d of services they provide, also to feature ich was called ‘Street Life’.

Project Outline

Meetings: (Week 1)

First off had a meeting to find out exactly what the task was, I had to design a book for the charity with specific topics.

E-mails: (Week 2)

I kept in touch with my co-worker and placement via e-mail to discuss the criteria for the book further and to also agree on type face to be used and colours to be used.

Images for the book: (Week 3)

I was sent many images via e-mail that I was allowed to use for the book. I went through the various images and decided that it would be best to take some of my own and to also use some of the other photographers, to make the book look professional.

page22 Placement Report

Taking Photographs: (Week 4)

I started to take photographs at the different activities that NICOLA provide. I at first went to a drama session in Earls Court youth club, where the girls were rehearsing for an up and coming event that was going to be put on at the end of April. I then went to a silk dance session which allowed me to learn a little bit more about what it actually was about and also allowed me to get a variety of photographs. Finally in this same week I went to a youth club in Chelsea where I was asked to take some photos of the youths that were involved with the music session and I also took some photographs of the music video that they were shooting for a song that they had written.

Editing Photographs: (Week 5)

I started to edit the photos that I took the previous week. I had a huge amount to choose from, but I narrowed them down and selected the ones that had more of an impact.

Front Page Designs: (Week 6)

I created some front page designs and took them to a meeting with my placement to get some feedback. Following the feedback I went back and designed some more front pages and some pages for the inside.


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Making Of The

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e Music Video

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Silk D

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online portfolio

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Book D

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Use of Social and T

page62 Placement Report

l Media: Twitter TwitPic

The social media that I used to expand m network was twitter, I decided to use the allowed me to update with short messag update as often as I wanted to and also v that there are a wide range of other soci directly from that location to my twitter. twitPic which allows you to upload photo your twitter. Overall my experience with was successful and allowed me to netwo allowed me to follow them and what the be aware of what I can do and lets them learnt a great deal by using twitter as I a people who have similar interest in man

page64 Placement Report

my learning and professional ese formats as they are easy to use and ges, which therefore meant that I could very quickly. Also with twitter I found ial media that allows you to send . An example of one of these would be ographs and send the link directly to h this particular format of social media ork with similar people to myself and ey do also twitter allowed for people to m follow my updates. I found that I have am connected to so many intelligent ny different subjects with myself.

# KCadogan#pha09 Spent the day designing pages for the booklet. Need to e-mail them for some feedback1:20 PM Apr 15th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 Have added a design to the facebook group, just an idea got plenty more improvements to do8:22 AM Apr 11th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 Has started designing front pages for the booklet for NICOLA. The meeting was very productive8:21 AM Apr 11th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 Discussed ideas and looked at previous stuff that has been done to get an idea of what they are looking for in the booklet3:46 AM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 Have reached my destination. Now waiting for her to get her.2:08 AM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 On the way to the meeting which is scheduled for 1pm1:19 AM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 Has a plan on what to do now, the power of thinking and drafting things can help you do so much. will make a dummy version and plan a6:16 AM Apr 7th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 Is having difficulties with designing this book as Im needing some inspiration on what will make it stand out5:25 AM Apr 7th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 received an e-mail from my placement about designs for book, will be making a sample to show them12:49 PM Apr 2nd from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 sent an e-mail to NICOLA to check if there are specific requirements for the book9:44 PM Mar 31st from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#pha09 is going to E-mail NICOLA to see if the colour choices we have decided on are suitable4:21 AM Mar 31st from TweetDeck

page66 Placement Report

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 edited more of my photos, will collect the rest from some of the others and decide how to use them in the book4:20 AM Mar 31st from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan - #PHA09 another look at silk dance being taught at the workshop2:59 AM Mar 26th from TwitPic

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 going to attempt taking some photos today at the street dance class and also of the stilt girls10:50 PM Mar 24th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 The meeting will be tomorrow afternoon9:14 AM Mar 24th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Has a meeting planned with my co-worker to start the plans for the design and approach to the book9:13 AM Mar 24th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Educational youth projects. My placement is involved in a similar way to this concept AM Mar 23rd from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan - #PHA09 video in production. one of many shots10:30 AM Mar 21st from TwitPic

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan - #pha09 an image that I took on Wednesday at the Silk Dance Work shop12:11 PM Mar 20th from TwitPic

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan - #PHA09 heres an image that i took at the silk dance workshop in Earls Court12:00 PM Mar 20th from TwitPic

# KCadogan#PHA09 went down to Earls Court Youth club and took some photos of the music video that is being made.2:05 PM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Have finally uploaded the images taken last night. Currently editing them.1:31 AM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Have photos of us at work also...will load them up tomorrow1:14 PM Mar 18th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 took lots of photos at the drama and silk dancing workshops...need to upload the images1:05 PM Mar 18th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Is on the way to Earls Court to take some photographs of Silk Dance9:47 AM Mar 18th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Is sat at Chelsea youth club waiting to start takin photos of the drama workshop9:01 AM Mar 18th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Is just collecting my camera and off out to take photos at the street dance and drama workshop6:13 AM Mar 18th from TweetDeck

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Has decided that I will go and take photos of the Drama and Street Dancing Workshops tomorrow6:48 AM Mar 17th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Will be taking photos for the book tomorrow3:40 AM Mar 17th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Have all the timetables for the workshops....just need to decide which one I will go to9:38 AM Mar 16th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 meeting with my co-worker on monday to discuss who will do what for our book9:26 AM Mar 16th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Not at placement today as I am in UNI, well be doin photos for placement on wednesday evening3:16 AM Mar 16th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 is hoping I can go take pictures tommorow, only if I get to finish work early that is though- fingers crossed1:42 PM Mar 13th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 what is my placement have a look nicolaproject7:42 AM Mar 13th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 been e-mailed the images to put in to the book, will need to discuss with my co-worker how we will use those provided with our own7:35 AM Mar 13th from web

page68 Placement Report

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09- I will be co-working with Emma and producing a book to publicise what the company do and what they are about.4:00 AM Mar 13th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 now knows wat needs to be done for my placement. Is happy I will b able to take photos for it.3:58 AM Mar 13th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 I am early as usual so will have to wait a little while12:41 AM Mar 13th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 On my way to the Earls Court office. Have a meeting.11:36 PM Mar 12th from mobile web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Can’t wait for friday so that I can officially start my placement, its a bit boring with nothing to do for it yet.2:14 AM Mar 12th from web

# KCadogan#PHA09 meeting arranged for friday to discuss my contribution to the company and placement 6:29 AM Mar 11th from web

# Katrina CadoganKCadogan#PHA09 Has sent an e-mail to my placement to find out what I will be contribute and also have tried to arrange a meeting to discuss further8:42 AM Mar 10th from web

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