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KCAD’s Medical Illustration program is a unique pathway toward a high-demand career with the potential to change lives, improve health, and enhance medical education and health care around the world. Through a blend of focused artistic instruction and scientific exploration, you’ll learn to transform complex information into compelling visual communication. This pre-professional program will prepare you for graduate or professional-level study. Learn more at kcad.edu/medicalillustration.

Andy Shaw
Andy Shaw
Michaela McQuestion
Alayna Guza


Freelance Medical Illustrator Traverse City, MI (’14, BFA Medical Illustration)

“I came to KCAD wanting to find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose within my art. Once I heard about the Medical Illustration program, I knew I had to be a part of it. In my artistic career, I’ve now stepped from employee to entrepreneur. I’m a resource of valuable information for my clients and have created my own standards of production. As the person in charge, I facilitate protocol for creating an original image from initial contact to completion with confidence and ingenuity.”