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LECTURE PHASE From January to April this year I was kept busy completing a fulltime school known as the School of Frontier Media. I was joined by 3 other students from Indonesia, Norway and the USA and we had a lot of fun together learning about how to use various media forms in a cross-cultural context. For 12 weeks we studied various topics from photography and film to scriptwriting and web design.

Throughout the lecture phase I loved reflecting on the character of God as Creator. It sounds so simple, but it was really encouraging for me to realise that I am creative because the God who made me is creative and that beauty is an expression of truth and love. During this school I’ve realised that the most creative people are those who fear the most beautiful thing, God himself and are seeking to walk in righteousness with him.

OUTREACH PHASE At the completion of 3 months of lectures it was time to put everything that we had learnt into practice and we headed into the outreach phase of our school. We spent 1 month in eastern Nepal creating media for the Limbu people, before heading back to Perth for the final 2 months during which worked hard on putting this media together.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Nepal once again and spend time amongst the beautiful people there. I even had the privilege of catching up with old friends. The last few months have been a wonderful time of challenge and growth in many areas. Please read on for some more details of what the last few months have held for me.

THE LIMBU PEOPLE Whilst in Nepal we created media for the Limbu. They are a tribal group in Nepal with the majority living in rural villages in the hill country. With an estimated population of 700,000, the Limbu live simple village lives and practice a mixture of hindu and traditional animistic beliefs. Despite the brokenness amongst their communities caused by drinking and anger, they are a beautiful people who we experienced as friendly, hospitable and full of joy. It was a privilege to work alongside them and be entrusted with the task of creating media that will share the hope of the gospel with them.

EVANGELISTIC FILM Whilst in Nepal we shot a film that is targeted towards sharing the good news of the gospel with the Limbu people in a contextual way. It is a dramatic film shot in the Nepali language that will be shown throughout Nepali villages and cities when it is completed later this year.

This film presented us with many challenges, from writing a script that would resonate with the Limbu people to finding actors and locations, to shooting in a language that none of us understand, but God showed his faithfulness to us throughout, allowing us to complete the filming in just four weeks.

You can view a short trailer of this film here

MOBILISATION FILM We also completed a mobilisation film during our time in Nepal. This film aims to share the strengths and struggles of the Limbu people with the church across the globe, inspiring prayer and support for this currently unreached people group.

I really enjoyed working on this film as we had the privilege of meeting many people and hearing their stories. I particularly enjoyed hearing the testimony of a local Limbu Pastor who was saved from a life of violence and drunkenness to become a strong man of God.

You can view a short trailer of this film here

THE NEXT CHAPTER I would like to say a big thank you to those who supported me throughout the last 6 months as I completed this School of Frontier Media. Now that my school has finished, it is time for me to begin a new chapter. For now, I am at home in NSW for some much desired time with family and friends. At the end of August I will once again return to Perth, to volunteer as a full-time staff member with YWAM Perth. I will be serving with a ministry called Create International that focuses on creating media resources to share the gospel with unreached people around the world ( I look forward to this new adventure of serving God amongst the nations, learning and growing in my love of Him and also in my cross-cultural media skills.

SUPPORT As a full-time volunteer, I am in need of raising regular financial support for my time on staff with YWAM Perth. Currently I am looking to raise $1,500 per month to cover accommodation expenses as well as personal items, insurance and outreach costs. If you would like to partner with me financially, either by giving regular support or a one off donation, please view the details on the following page or contact me for more information. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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Kiara's Update (July 2013)  
Kiara's Update (July 2013)  

A quick look at what I've been up to for the past 6 months and a glimpse at what's to come