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Francis Lewis Key Club November Newsletter

Key Clubbers at the November Divisional


Hurricane Sandy Relief A BIG thank you to everyone that donated for victims of Hurricane Sandy!!


Come to our meetings! Come to meetings to learn about our future events!!

Meetings are held periods 9, 10, & 11. Location- TBA


Amazing Race On November 24, Key Club and Circle K hosted Amazing Race in lower Manhattan! Groups of four key Clubbers ran around various of lower Manhattan trying to find clues to their next destination and so forth. Destinations included Battery Park, the bridge by Stuyvesant High School, and more. Challenges ranged from taking pictures in front of a fast food chain or with an animal, to finding volunteers, to a water challenge. Although it was quite chilly, many of us showed up!! Thanks for coming out Key Clubbers! Hope you guys had fun too!! All donations went towards the Eliminate Project!



Fall On November 10, a few Key Clubbers had the chance to attend the New York City's Fall Rally. Fall Rally is an event held annually where Key Clubbers can attend informative workshops that help them expand their knowledge about Key Club as well as attend leadership training workshops such as fundraising, public speaking, and advocating. Fall Rally also held workshops that taught board members and those interested in running about different board positions in Key Club. This year Fall Rally was held at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn. Key Clubs from all across New York City attended the event which cost $10. The $10 went towards lunch as well as Kiwanis' Eliminate MNT campaign. Key clubbers from our school had the opportunity to attend the public speaking and fundraiser planning workshop. Not only did we get learn the fundamentals to planning a successful fundraiser but we were also able to interact with key clubbers from other schools. The public speaking workshop provided us with great tips on how to be a better public speaker. All together, divisions 8, 9,10, and 11 were able to raise $1,250 to the Kiwanis Project.


Kanupriya Pandey



Key Club During the meeting on November 29 in the auditorium we sat and listened to our President, Kevin, speak about the upcoming events. Students who went to the earlier event, Amazing Race, were asked to come up and talk about their experience and feelings about it. Afterwards, the fun part of every meeting came: GAMES. At first it was a game of charades which went by pretty quick including the posing of The Little Mermaid’s cover. Then it got a little advance when we were split into 4 groups and the goal was to form numbers being called out using our legs. It got a bit messy when zero or even one was called out. People all around were lifting each other and gave each other piggy back rides. Our backs, arms, and legs were hurting, but overall the game was pretty crazy.


Esther Chai


9 10 11 [9]


Old Business: • Join the Divisional Facebook NYD.Division8KeyClub/?fref=tsp •Join the New York District Facebook •Text “Follow @NYDivision8” to 40404 on twitter


Meeting New Business: Division 8 Crewnecks are in!! You will have to go to the December Divisional Meeting to get it.

December Divisional Meeting Where- Forest Hills Library Basement When- December 19 , 2012 [Wednesday] Time- 5:30 to 6:00

Event Page https:// events/ 180600145411029/? fref=ts


New York District Key Club Please remember to subscribe to the New York District Key Club Mailing List.


65th Annual Leadership

Training Conference Who- Key Club members What- Key Clubbers meet together, learn, and collaborate, in the spirit of community and service Where- Holiday Inn, Albany When-March 22nd to 24th Why- If you are planning to run for a higher office (President, Vice President, Secretaries, Treasurer, Editor, Webmaster), attending LTC will give you the tools to lead Key Club during your terms. Price- $260 More information will be given at our next meetings.


Send Us Your Pictures! Its time to work on the Key Club bulletin board & we want YOU guys to be part of it. Send us a picture of you in Key Club spirit!! Show Key Club pride, wear the Key Club crewneck, t-shirt, or hoodie!

Send your picture


Eliminate Project Fundraiser Our Key Club will be holding a fundraising event at Kissena Park over the winter break. For every dollar, you can purchase a water balloon and throw it at one of the board members!! Sounds fun right?? We’ll keep you guys posted on the date-just make sure that you guys don’t make plans that day!!


Key Club November Newsletter  

Key Club November Newsletter

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