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FRANCIS LEWIS KEY CLUB 58-20 UTOPIA PARKWAY FRESH MEADOWS, NY 11365 PHONE- (718) 281-8200 FAX- (718) 357-5903

The Beaver Times I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine

July 2012

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Urban Swim


July Divisional Meeting


Upcoming Events

these institutions. FROM THE EDITOR

Key Club Board 12’-13’ Picture by: Kevin Wong

Hey Key Clubbers! We hope that you’re having a GREA T summer but remember even thoug h school ended, the Key Club spirit doesn’t. Be sure to look out for upcoming Key Club events!! -Key Club Board 12’-1 3’

On July 14, Key Clubbers went to On July 14th, Key Clubbers Governors Island to volunteer for went to Governors Island to Urban Swim. volunteer for the organization that provides access to local waterways and supports the cause of clean water, Urban Swim. Early morning, members did bag check, helped set up the tables, moved banners, flyers, and stickers to the table, and much more!

Later in the afternoon, 3 other Key Clubbers arrived at Governors Island to take the afternoon shift. Key Clubbers roamed the island, passing out flyers and stickers for Urban Swim, trying to create awareness about clean waterways. Shortly, the coordinator of Urban Swim, Gerry Louw, emailed Key Clubbers, thanking us for our great volunteer work. Great job Key Clubbers!

DIVISIONAL MEETING Old Business for Division 8: • Follow theDivision 8 Twitter! Text "follow @nydivision8" to 40404! • Check out the Division 8 website! • nydkcdivision8-12-13#!home/mainPage Upcoming events for Division 8: • August Divisional Meeting • 2nd Annual K-Family Picnic


Our Lieutenant Governor, Grace Lin, will be

collecting soda tabs in August, at the August Divisional meeting. So please start collecting soda tabs! Point system will be announced ASAP.


Upcoming Key Club events: August Divisional [10 points] Group Transportation- TBA

2nd Annual K-Family Picnic You guys requested it, you got it! 2nd annual picnic at Cunningham Park will be happening right after the 1st week of classes for us Circle K members and the weekend right before class starts for the Key Club members. Think of this as your "goodbye summer, hello fall" type KFamily picnic. For those of you who missed it last year, it was a huge success. We had 15 different Key Club's, 10 Circle K clubs and 2 Kiwanis clubs in attendance. We were also able to raise $300 for the Kiwanis Pediatric Lyme Disease and this year we want to top that fundraising goal to fight this gruesome disease.


SEND US PICTURES OR ARTICLES * 3 points per article * 3 points per pictur [Must be of Key


Clubbers in action] * 9 points max! * Any points accumul

ated over the summer, will go towards the fall term.

Have some fun outdoors playing different sports, wheelbarrow races, water balloon toss, egg-races, Ninja, Wah and many other team-building activities that you will have to attend in order to find out! Admission will be set to $3, food will be included! Spread the word, all members of the K-Family are invited to attend! (We will be right in front of the parking lot just like last year, right off of Francis Lewis Blvd/Union Turnpike, if you need an address to put in your gpa, use 79-68 196th Place. This is the address to the house across the street from the parking lot of the park. DO NOT GO ACTUALLy GO TO THE HOUSE. Contact Kelly Chan for further directions if necessary) Day & date- Sunday, September 2nd Time- 12:00 to 5:00 pm Facebook event URL:

KEY CLUB FUN FACTS It is said that Elvis Presley was a former Key Club member!!

Key Club July Newlsetter 2012  

July Newlsetter for Francis Lewis Key Club

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