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Small Town College, Big City Job

Stephenville, Texas, did not prepare Brooke King for what she has experienced since graduation. Brooke is a May 2013 graduate from the Communication Studies department. She majored in speech communication with a double minor in business technical writing. Since graduation she has moved over 1500 miles across the U.S. to be in the Big Apple, which is one of the toughest cities in the nation to get employed. She is currently the production associate at InnerWorking’s in Manhattan. Her workday consists of working 1015 different brands within her main client, William Grant and Son’s. There are several things outside of work that Brooke enjoys participating in. She has dreams of one day getting published as a poet. She claims that “poetry is the only thing that gives her peace in such a busy city.” Brooke has a love for mixed martial arts and has

competed in Brazilian Jui-jitsu. The best memories Brooke has from Tarleton would have to be the friends she made, “It’s hard moving to a city where people are so focused on their career no one has time to make friends.” She misses living at the Grove and being within walking distance with her friends apartments where they could just hang out. Her best memories were the adventures they had while they were in Stephenville. She also does miss the support of her family. According to Brooke, “College was seriously the best time of my life and I wouldn’t change anything, even the mistakes I have made. I had a blast, and have stories I will tell my grandchildren!” Brooke says her degree has helped her qualifications for jobs but that is not what set her apart from other candidates. Her involvement on campus and internships are what made her resume stand out. While at Tarleton State University, Brooke was a student worker for the admissions office and a student

Far left: Brooke winning a MMA fight. Photos courtesy of Brooke King.

intern for the Texas Social Media Research Institute. She also worked for Texan TV News through class projects. One thing Brooke felt like she did not grasp enough before leaving Tarleton was the amount of opportunities there are in the world. She has come to realize that experience is everything! Communication majors can pursue literally anything as long as you have some sort of experience to back it up. Brooke’s advice to current students is to explore all their options. You never know where life can take you, there are so many jobs out there that people don’t even know about. If you have a dream, go for it; the worse that can happen is that you go home, but the experience of trying to achieve that dream is what will make you different from every other person in the world. "No one goes through

the same journey, we are all different so take advantage of your struggles and make them into positives."

Brooke king  
Brooke king