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R AY M O N D W E I L the music-loving watchmaker RAYMOND WEIL is one of the last few Swiss independent family-owned businesses. True to its heritage, the Brand stands out through its creativity, its watchmaking knowhow, its independence of mind and its unique universe inspired by the arts and music. Music has always been at the center of the RAYMOND WEIL universe. The Swiss watchmaker is imposing itself as the orchestra conductor with collections named after the most famous operas, such as nabucco and parsifal, or with a musical connotation like maestro and jasmine. These names evoke the impassioned stories and brilliant melodies that provide the family with its inspiration. This close relationship between luxury watchmaking and music should not be surprising. Indeed they have a lot in common: the precision needed to achieve the highest performance and all the emotions produced by works of art. Performance and emotion: this is what the Swiss Brand is willing to share with you, its worldwide clientele. Let’s play the new RAYMOND WEIL symphony of watches!

Olivier Bernheim President & CEO

PRECISION is my inspiration From its early beginnings, RAYMOND WEIL has been imbued with a deep affinity for the arts, and a commitment to the craftsmanship of high-quality watchmaking. A passion for music together with watchmaking know-how have been handed down from generation to generation in the Weil family. With such a heritage, RAYMOND WEIL’s slogan “precision is my inspiration” has flowed naturally. More than a simple quote, this slogan expresses the whole universe of the Brand, bridging the comparison between the arts, music and luxury watchmaking: the inspiration of the artist – musician, composer, designer, watchmaker – and the precision needed to achieve the highest performance. With this theme, the Swiss Brand is also paying homage to those artists, masters in the field of music and the arts, to their labor of love that really touches our hearts and inspires us, and finally to Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and tradition, where RAYMOND WEIL’s roots run deep. “Precision is my inspiration” embodies the Brand’s unique cultural universe and savoir-faire perfectly, reinforcing all the legitimacy of RAYMOND WEIL as renowned watchmaker.

Summary a swiss brand


nabucco collection


parsifal collection


freelancer collection


maestro collection


jasmine collection


noemia collection


tango collection


tradition collection


raymond weil & you


The Brand RAYMOND WEIL brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and the technical nature of the materials are among the many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines with aestheticism and refinement in the creation of its models.

A S w i s s B ra n d


a swiss brand

R AY M O N D W E I L , an independent family-owned company R AY M O N D W E I L i s t h e s a g a o f t h re e g e n e r a t i o n s , w h o h a v e unde r s t o o d h o w t o t u r n t h e f a m i l y st ruct ure of t he C omp any and their privileged relationship with partners into their greatest strength. Through creativity, watchmaking know-how, accessibility and above all, independence of mind, the RAYMOND WEIL dynasty has been inventing and boldly reinventing itself, while still preserving the DNA of its original success and its unique universe: the arts and music.

The Swiss watchmaking heritage If know-how is handed down traditionally from generation to generation, so is the passion for watchmaking! Don’t be misled by appearances, RAYMOND WEIL, which has experienced an exceptional and constant expansion for more than 35 years on the international markets with its undeniable Swiss Made quality, is a family affair. Today, Elie and Pierre Bernheim, the 3 rd generation, h a v e joine d t h e i r f a t h e r Ol i v i e r B e r n he im, t he son- in- la w of Raymond Weil, as directors becoming in their turn the guardians of an exceptional heritage. Thus, the family structure is imposing its style with a human face in the jungle of a highly competitive market; and behind the family spirit lies an extraordinary vision of performance.

Tr a d i t i o n a n d e v o l u t i o n In 36 years, and with the arrival of two successive generations, RAYMOND WEIL, created by its founder of the same name, has succeeded in evolving with time. The evolution of its product range with the introduction of new, more sophisticated, mechanical models, the reinforcement of the opening price point collections, as well as the broadening of its communications are some of the Brand’s success factors. Like musicians who compile musical notes into a work of harmony, the four members of the RAYMOND WEIL “clan” all know how to compose as a team and as individuals.

R a y m o n d We i l , the Founder After 27 years of experience at the highest level of the Swiss horological industry, Raymond Weil dared to claim his independence and created his own brand in 1976, in the middle of a watch industry crisis.

Olivier Bernheim, the entrepreneurial and visionary spirit In 1982, Olivier Bernheim joined the company and became its President and CEO in 1996. His dynamism, his entrepreneurial and visionary spirit and his demonstrated sense of aesthetics enabled the Swiss watchmaking company to develop internationally, while preserving its family identity. In 1999, he founded the Research and Development Department, which invented many of RAYMOND WEIL’s own innovations.

Elie and Pierre Bernheim, the dynamism of the younger generation In 2006, the family company proudly celebrated its 30 th anniversary with the arrival of the 3rd generation at the helm, Elie and Pierre Bernheim. For the Brand’s partners, family continuity is a guarantee of equilibrium, stability and continuity. However, the younger generation, with its fresh ambitions, also incarnates renewal: a new visual identity, a new approach to luxury and the use of new technologies. Today, with the combined experience of three generations working closely together, the Swiss independent family-owned company is more successful than ever.


a swiss brand

Inspired by the mythical lyrical momentum of Giuseppe Verdi, nabucco emanates power and nobility of rare intensity. Dedicated to gentlemen with personality, this prestigious collection exalts a very masculine and charismatic architecture, combining strength and audacity. Titanium, carbon, steel, rose gold‌ Precious materials and the precision mechanics of the automatic self-winding movement, housed in a 46mm case, make nabucco a true representation of sophistication, reserved for a circle of connoisseurs enamored by handsome design and watchmaking precision.



nabucco collection

nabucco Cuore Vivo In 2012, nabucco opens its heart and proposes a glimpse of its mysteries to lovers of beautiful mechanics and lyrical lines. Thanks to an adaptation to the movement, the dial of the nabucco Cuore Vivo opens at 10 o’clock, allowing the light to filter across the going train of the complex balance and escapement wheels. This delicate assembly, the heart of the watch, is protected by an impressive 46mm diameter case made of titanium and steel, water-resistant to a depth of 200m. Highlighted by the titanium of the tachymeter bezel, the black opaline dial of the timekeeper is embellished with a central checkered motif, luminescent indexes and a larger than ever Arabic numeral 12. Three silver counters complete the measuring instrument: at 3 o’clock (30-minute counter), at 6 o’clock (12-hour counter) and at 9 o’clock (small seconds). Finally, its rubber alligator-style bracelet, fully water-resistant, combines softness, comfort and strength. Power and robustness, transparency and light: the nabucco Cuore Vivo makes our heart beat to the rhythm of the passing time.

7830 TIR 05207 14

nabucco collection

7700 TIR 05207

nabucco collection

nabucco Intenso The nabucco Intenso embodies all the values of the collection. However, this new version offers a major variation: certainly an imposing volume, but concentrated into a 43mm case diameter rather than 46mm. Thanks to this compact format, the nabucco Intenso will enable a few more enthusiasts to join the highly elite club of nabucco owners. Fortissima!

nabucco collection

Matching cufflinks included

7810 BSF 05207

7820 STC 05607

17 nabucco collection

7800 TIR 00207 7900 SR 05207 limited edition Included in an exclusive box with a ball-point pen and cufflinks.


nabucco collection

As a homage to the Richard Wagner opera, the parsifal collection celebrates the noble and chivalrous values of the opera’s hero Perceval and his long quest for the Holy Grail. This historic collection remains true to the aesthetic lines of its early models, such as the bezel with gadroons and the finely-worked bracelets, as well as to their noble and pure materials. But the new generation displays a resolute contemporary character and demonstrates RAYMOND WEIL’s innate capacity to evolve at the heart of the trends, gracefully harmonizing the desires of its era.

p a r s i fa l

7260 STC 00718

pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

2970 STC 00718

After more than 20 years of success, parsifal is reinventing itself through two creative new variations: a 41mm chronograph and a 39mm, three-hand version, each sublimely elegant and refined. With a redesigned tobacco-colored dial and brilliant black hands and indexes, the collection emerges more contemporary and very stylish, while preserving its strong identity and distinctive features.


pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

7260 SC5 00208

2970 SC5 00208


Since its inception, parsifal has represented the perfect reflection of RAYMOND WEIL’s attachment

2970 SG5 00208

2965 SG5 00658

to tradition, as the inexhaustible source of inspiration.


pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

2970 ST 00608

2970 SG 00308

2970 ST 00308

25 pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

9460 SGS 97081

pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n


pa r s i fa l c o l l e c t i o n

9460 SG5 00658

9460 SG5 00208

9460 SG 00308

freelancer’s name recalls that the Swiss Brand is one of the last independent watchmaking companies. This name also evokes the freedom of the artist, in front of an empty musical score. Like the composer, it is with just as much passion, creativity and precision that the Swiss watchmaker has assembled the components of the collection. Free of all constraints, freelancer has never stopped evolving over the years, but always keeping its true character: having an urbane personality, with an elegant yet casual appearance, with beveled horns and emblematic screws.

f re e l a n c e r

freelancer collection

7730 STC 05600


freelancer Urban Black Striking and seductive, a note of black color has just appeared on RAYMOND WEIL’s musical score. Through its modernism, the first freelancer model in black PVD, the freelancer Urban Black, serves as a window to the future of the collection. This new watchmaking instrument plunges us into a universe of intense urban sophistication for a brief moment,

7730 BK 05207

like the pause between notes.

freelancer collection

7730 STC 20101

17740 G 20001

33 freelancer collection


freelancer collection

7730 ST 60021

7730 ST 20001

freelancer collection

7730 STC 65021


freelancer Steel & Rose Gold Class RAYMOND WEIL reinterprets its classics and unveils a completely new variation of its best-selling chronograph, the freelancer Steel & Rose Gold Class. Classical and elegant, its 42mm steel case, mounted on brown leather, stands out through the rose gold notes punctuating its dial. This combination

7730 STC 65025

of materials and pure lines assures this new model a natural distinction.

freelancer collection

2710 ST 20021

freelancer collection


freelancer collection

2710 ST5 65021

2710 STP 20021

freelancer collection

2750 ST 20021



freelancer collection

2730 STP 65021

2720 ST 20021

The freelancer comes in a smaller 38mm version, still with the same harmonious lines and force of character as the 42mm models. With a grey circular-grained dial that reflects the light, all in stainless steel, or two-tone, the 38mm freelancer will be an essential accessory for any occasion.

2770 ST 65021

2770 ST 20021

freelancer collection

2770 ST 60021



freelancer collection

2770 STP 65021

2770 ST5 65021

2410 STS 97981

freelancer collection

2410 ST 65981

freelancer Lady Sunshine A sparkling note has appeared on RAYMOND WEIL’s 2012 musical score: the freelancer Lady Sunshine, a watch, which is both ultra-feminine, urbane and highly chic! This brand new addition to the freelancer collection demonstrates once again that mechanical prestige goes together perfectly with total femininity. freelancer Lady Sunshine, a little masterpiece full of glamour.


freelancer collection

“Maestro” means “master”, a person who excels in the practice of his art. In music, this word refers to the esteem commanded by a grand personality, composer or conductor. By giving this name to this collection – which comprises virtuosity, classicism, creativity, elegance and technical complications – RAYMOND WEIL is paying homage to those artists, who know how to synchronize the rhythms of tradition and innovation.

m a e s t ro


maestro collection

Moon Phase Complication Moon phase watches show the various phases of the moon, which have always provided time with an orientation. The average period between two full moons is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds or about 29.53 days. Moon phase displays were very much in fashion during the Renaissance on large astronomical clocks and then on pocket watches. Although much less in use nowadays, this complication still fascinates, demonstrating the watchmaker’s technical mastery and know-how.


September 2012

16 22 30 8

October 2012

15 22 29 8

November 2012

13 20 28 7

December 2012

13 20 28 6

January 2013


February 2013

10 17 25 3

March 2013

11 19 27 4

April 2013

10 18 25 3

May 2013

10 18 25 2-31

June 2013

8 16 23 30

July 2013

8 16 22 29

August 2013

6 14 21 28

September 2013

5 12 19 27

October 2013

5 11 18 26

November 2013

3 10 17 25

December 2013








35th Anniversary Edition

12849 G 00659

maestro 3 5 th A n n i v e r s a r y E d i t i o n In 2011, RAYMOND WEIL celebrated 35 years of history with the maestro 35th Anniversary Edition. This model, equipped with the moon phase function and two counters indicating the day and month, has a full-skin alligator strap and an 18ct yellow gold 39mm diameter case. True to the chic and classic spirit of the collection, the maestro 35th Anniversary Edition displays a timeless elegance and an uncompromising love for watchmaking tradition.


maestro collection

2849 STC 00659

2839 STC 00659

49 maestro collection



2839 STC 00209


maestro Moon Phase setting 1. P  ress the pushbutton as many times as required to set the moon phase 2. Turn the crown to set the time 3. Press the pushbutton as many times as required to set the date


maestro collection

2859 STC 00659

maestro collection

maestro Phase de Lune Semainier Seven midnight blue hands travel across the heavenly dial of the maestro Phase de Lune Semainier. They give order to the universe, beating in time to the conductor and indicating the phases of the moon, the month, the week, the day, the date, the hours and the minutes. With this unique complication in its collection, and a design of refined elegance, RAYMOND WEIL offers watchmaking enthusiasts an exceptional timepiece.

maestro collection

7737 STC 00659

7737 PC5 00659

7737 STC 00609

53 maestro collection

2838 ST 00659


maestro collection

2838 STC 00659

2838 PC5 00209

maestro collection

maestro Petite Seconde Or Rose The new maestro Petite Seconde Or Rose is written with elegance and pose on its musical staff. Presenting a striking yet charming contrast between a deep black dial and rose gold indexes and hands, the prestige timepiece interprets the codes of time with virtuosity, while still remaining loyal to the original score. Timeless, classic, refined.

maestro collection

2837 STC 05659

2837 STC 00659

2837 ST 00659

57 maestro collection


maestro collection

2837 PC 00659

2837 STC 00609

2827 ST 00659

2827 STC 00659

59 maestro collection

freelancer collection

maestro collection

2847 ST 00659


In 2012, maestro is increasing the housing of its movements, adding new 41mm versions to the existing 39mm models. A larger diameter and a more open dial enhance the classic refinement and elegance, which are the hallmark of this collection.


maestro collection

2847 STC 00209

2847 STC 00659

maestro collection

2846 STC 00659


maestro Quantième à Aiguille Sounding a major note of importance, the new maestro Quantième à Aiguille (maestro With Calendar Hand) makes its appearance in the emblematic collection of the music-loving watchmaker with a flourish of elegance and sublime sobriety. As its name indicates, this 41mm model has two indicators at 3 and 9 o’clock, displaying the temporal passage of the date and the seconds respectively. Day after day, second after second, RAYMOND WEIL’s new prestige timepiece combines technicality and refined aesthetics.

2846 STC 00209 64

maestro collection

2827 LS6 00966

maestro collection

2827 L1 00966

maestro collection

2827 L3 00966

2827 STS 00966

67 maestro collection

2827 LS5 00966

Lady maestro Fresh nuances enrich RAYMOND WEIL’s 2012 musical score. The Brand is offering a very feminine version of the maestro with visible balance wheel in a large 39mm diameter case and a quality leather strap available in several colors: bright orange, cherry red, lime green, sky blue, midnight blue, rich black, taupe or caramel beige. A mixture of elegance, softness and tangy flavors, with a hint of spice and of the unexpected: this is Lady maestro baring its heart. With Lady maestro, RAYMOND WEIL is offering ladies a true symphony of colors.


maestro collection

2837 SLS 00296

2827 L1 00296

69 maestro collection

For delicate wrists, Lady maestro is also available in a 30mm version, with openwork at 12 o’clock or a full

2627 ST 00994

2627 SLS 00965

dial, studded with diamonds.


maestro collection

2637 STS 00966

maestro collection


maestro collection

2637 SLS 00966

2637 SLS 00966

Full-bodied, voluptuous and yet delicate, jasmine, the exclusively feminine collection of the Swiss watchmaking Brand, adorns itself in all its finery, blossoming like the most beautiful of flowers on ladies’ wrists. Its name comes from Puccini’s opera, Turandot, where the princess’ splendor is associated with the jasmine flower. Inspired by this oriental beauty, all in roundness and delicacy, the jasmine collection embodies pure femininity and beauty.


5229 PCS 00659

Not for sale in France and Germany

5229 S5 00659

5235 S5 00659

75 jasmine collection

jasmine collection





Not for sale in France and Germany

5229 STS 00659

5229 ST 00659

Not for sale in France and Germany

5229 STS 00970

77 jasmine collection

Not for sale in France and Germany 5235 STS 00659

5235 ST 00659

In the Brand’s purest tradition, the jasmine collection combines all the elements of RAYMOND WEIL’s feminine watches: a voluptuously rounded, curved case in 29 or 35mm diameters; horns merging perfectly with the bezel in its most discreet version, or submerged in the brilliance of its diamonds in the set version; bracelet wrapping harmoniously around the wrist in refined elegance; silver tone or mother-of-pearl dial embellished with blue-tinted, leaf-shaped hands.


jasmine collection

2629 STS 00659

Not for sale in France and Germany jasmine collection

Not for sale in France and Germany 2629 ST 00659

Exuding modernity, classicism and exclusivity, jasmine is the perfect reflection of the RAYMOND WEIL woman.


jasmine collection

2935 S5S 00659

2629 S5 00659

Not for sale in France and Germany 81 jasmine collection

Not for sale in France and Germany Would you have believed that an automatic heart could beat in such a slender watch jewel?

2935 PCS 00659

Whether in its 29mm or 35mm version, the jasmine with its three hands houses an automatic movement matching the expectations of women, who want to combine refinement with watchmaking tradition.


jasmine collection

The noemia collection pays tribute to the Brand’s family dimension: it is a subtle reference to the first name of Mr. Raymond Weil’s granddaughter. Like her brothers, Elie and Pierre, she has inherited his love of music. Etymologically, this name means “charm” or “grace”, which describes this feminine collection perfectly. With the delicate curves of its polished steel case and the flawless elegance of its refined dial, noemia radiates a dazzling charm and class.


5932 ST 00995

5932 ST3 00995

85 noemia collection

5932 STS 00995

noemia collection

noemia collection

5927 ST 00907


Softly seductive‌ innocent yet tempting‌ noemia stirs the latent sensuality within us all. With the delicate curves of its polished steel case and the flawless elegance of its sophisticated dial studded by four Roman numerals, noemia is the epitome of feminine grace. The crown, with its intriguing midnight blue dome, adds a final note of harmony to the design.

5927 STS 00995

With or without diamonds, the timepiece comes in two different sizes – 27mm or 32mm in diameter according to model. In perfect keeping with a lady’s multifaceted personality, noemia shines in a thousand ways. Let the dazzling charm of noemia reveal your femininity!


noemia collection

5927 STP 00907

5927 STP 00307

89 noemia collection


noemia collection

5927 SPS 00995

5927 STP 00995

With its refined lines, tango masters the art of movement with precision. Available in ladies and gents models, this collection offers harmony as perfect as that of a pair of Argentinean dancers. The models in this line combine vigor and sensuality, exuding distinction through their well-balanced proportions and signature pearled tango bezel. Esthetic purity goes hand-in-hand with a clear requirement for functionality, particularly with respect to optimal readability. A tribute to the watchmaking expertise of RAYMOND WEIL.


5599 ST 00608

ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

5599 ST 00308


5599 STP 00308 94

ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

5599 ST 00657

ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

5599 ST 00659


5599 STP 00657

In 2012, tango is changing rhythm. Like a pause between notes, the dancer holds his step, leading his partner into a figure full of radiant style.


ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

4899 STP 00308

ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

4899 STC 00208


4899 ST 00668


ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

tango The dozen pearls that delicately embellish the bezel of the tango highlighting each hour, remind dancers of the importance of time. The time one needs to devote to one’s passion, and the time one needs to merge with the music.

5399 STS 00995 ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

5399 SPS 00657

5399 STP 00657

5399 STS 00657

101 ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n


ta n g o c o l l e c t i o n

5399 ST 00608

5399 STP 00308

5399 ST 00308

Tradition, this is what is handed down from century to century: a practice, a body of information, a way of thinking, doing or reacting, inherited from the past. With its variations for ladies and gents, tradition is loyal to a timeless, classic spirit that spans generations. Quality of execution, accessible luxury, durable style, tradition invites you to share another vision of refinement.

t ra d i t i o n

5966 ST 00300

5466 ST 00608

5466 ST 00208

105 tradition collection

5466 ST 00300 tradition collection

RAYMOND WEIL owes its success in part to its loyal distribution partners and to an ever-widening clientele. We should like to thank YOU, our partners and customers, for your greatly appreciated support. For YOU, we are continually striving to improve our sales outlets and our boutiques, the places where we have the privilege of meeting and discussing with you. At the forefront of digital technology, we have also increased the number of virtual contact points, which enable us to be in contact with you all the time. Thanks to this seamless network, the Swiss Brand welcomes YOU into the great RAYMOND WEIL family.

ray m o n d we i l & yo u


i n t e r n at i o n a l p o i n t o f s a l e n e t w o r k

R AY M O N D W E I L , International point of sale network Thanks to the support of dear partners and the growing interest from watch enthusiasts, RAYMOND WEIL Genève has enjoyed a constant growth worldwide. As of today, the Brand is present in more than 3’500 shops, in 95 different countries. In the recent years, RAYMOND WEIL has also inaugurated around 25 exclusive boutiques internationally. The boutique’s sleek design, conceived by RAYMOND WEIL’s architect-decorator, is fully in tune with the Geneva Brand’s universe, made of Swiss horological excellence, creative classicism and passion for music and the arts. The perfect environment for an absolute RAYMOND WEIL experience. With the opening of many more new points of sale and exclusive boutiques throughout the world, the Swiss watchmaker is establishing itself in the most promising markets and extending the reach of its horological symphony.

R AY M O N D W E I L C l u b The RW Club is a dedicated website reserved for RAYMOND WEIL watch owners which offers exclusive advantages.

E x c l u s i v e Ti m e p i e c e s P r e v i e w New timepieces are presented first and exclusively to our Members before they are officially displayed on our website. These previews are accompanied by a dedicated newsletter.

Dedicated Service We have created a service dedicated to our members. Any request submitted through this service will be dealt with as a priority so we always offer the best service to our watch owners.

Special Edition Because we have always been involved with charities, we regularly design a special edition watch which is then sold on the RW Club. The proceeds are donated to charities.

Newsletter The RAYMOND WEIL newsletter offers regular updates on the activities of the Brand and presentations of our new timepieces. Smart phone users: simply scan the QR code to sign up.


r ay m o n d w e i l c l u b


touch points

To u c h p o i n t s At RAYMOND WEIL, we are constantly working on new ways to reach out to our clients and fans. We were the first luxury watchmaker to have a Club – the RW Club – strictly reserved for RAYMOND WEIL watch owners. We have been on Facebook since 2009. Our official Facebook page, and more recently launched Google + page, allow you to access exclusive content, browse our photo albums and enjoy exclusive high quality pictures of our timepieces or download high definition wallpapers for your desktop. They are the ideal places to be a part of the RAYMOND WEIL community. As for the RAYMOND WEIL Twitter page, it provides bite-size updates available anywhere from a computer or mobile device. For all our films and videos, we have created two YouTube channels – RAYMOND WEIL and RAYMOND WEIL Music & Friends – which feature advertising campaigns, watch reviews, interviews and exclusive great videos of young talented artists we support. The first luxury watch brand on Foursquare, we invite you to follow us to get our tips on music and arts-related events across the United States. Our iPhone and iPad applications have been specially developed to help you stay in touch wherever you are. They allow you to leaf through the pages of our catalogue and access beautiful pictures of our timepieces. There is also a wish list, a store locator function, a Brand section and a news chapter that is regularly updated. In addition, the iPad application also offers a films & TV Ads chapter featuring stunning videos of our timepieces in high definition. Read about all our events and exclusive behind-the-scenes news on the RAYMOND WEIL blog on Tumblr. You will get to know us in a more intimate way through our short posts, pictures and videos. We are also active on Pinterest with boards presenting photos and videos of our timepieces, advertising campaigns and artists we support. Linkedin is yet another way to follow our company and keep track of our activities. You can also view our products and recommend them to your network.


touch points

RAYMOND WEIL S.A. Avenue Eugène-Lance 36-38 | P.O. Box 1569 1211 GENEVA 26 | SWITZERLAND Tel. +41 (0)22 884 00 55 | Fax +41 (0)22 884 00 50 | |

RAYMOND WEIL S.A. reserves the right to modify the features or the technical specifications of the models shown, which may differ from the pictures shown in this catalogue. For the latest details consult RAYMOND WEIL watches are sold by official dealers only. Copyright © RAYMOND WEIL S.A./2012 - All rights reserved.

Printed in Italy. Graphic design RAYMOND WEIL S.A. Watches photography Imagie |, Jean-Daniel Meyer |, Brian Walker | Photography on page 8 Nicolas Joly | Photolithography RS Solutions | Printing Management Markette |

RAYMOND WEIL Genève - Catalogue 2012  

The RAYMOND WEIL Genève watches catalogue 2012. View the whole collection, browse the stores, visit the Club & Community on http://www.raymo...

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