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our mission At KBP Foods we maintain a passion for excellence. We are committed to creating the ultimate in customer satisfaction by developing our people through the superior implementation of training and systems. We are a socially responsible, integrity driven company.

our vision We strive to be better each and every day so that every customer leaves happy.

our purpose of the AOP To identify, communicate, and monitor progress against key priorities for the year that advance the organization’s strategic plan.

maintain a passion for excellence

Strategically, KBP will target Growth in 2013 Organic EBITDA Growth to



Organic Same Store Sales Growth


Revenue Growth through acquisition

Professional & Financial Growth for Key Stakeholders

AOP process Establish clear expectations. Keep it as simple as possible. Refer to it often. Use it as the basis for conversations on strategy, accountabilities, agreements and celebrations. The KBP Leadership Team develops this plan annually, coinciding with the fiscal year, which identifies the top objectives to be pursued to advance the organization’s strategic plan. Requires discipline to limit objectives to those that are most essential • Individuals prepare for the planning session by filling out worksheets on each core focus. Each suggestion is categorized as a “Basic Need”, a “Performance Need”, or a “Differentiating Need” • Individual planning worksheets are combined • Every idea or suggestion is discussed • Candid discussion determines which “Needs” category each suggestion falls into Helps to prioritize objectives • Each suggestion is transformed into a goal or a task • A detailed plan is created for the execution of each goal and task, and an “owner” determined • Detailed plans for the success of each goal are determined within each department and monitored for progress • Face-to-face progress meetings conducted 4x per year KBP’s Executive Director establishes and reminds departmental leads of timetable for progress reports, assigns roles and r esponsibilities, and creates systems and discipline around AOP execution. Communication of this plan occurs prior to the beginning of the fiscal year for which it pertains and is facilitated through a series of face-to-face and telephonic meetings throughout various layers of the organization.

Establish Clear Expectations

Keep it Simple

Refer to it Often

Use it as a BasIS for conversation


people People are at the core of everything we do. Discovering the right talent and facilitating a robust, structured selection process allows for great decision making regarding our people.

KBP firmly believes in the building of a unique culture that is based on our mission and core values. Creating a focus on culture, and gaining alignment and loyalty through a common way of thinking and acting has allowed for accelerated tactical success, stronger retention of top performers, and an emotional connection to the organization we are building together. At the root of creating this culture is the identification and selection of talented people. The most critical decisions made across all levels of the organization are those that involve hiring and promoting. Our stated goal is to have the very best people in each and every level of this organization. Many great tools and resources exist that greatly assist in helping to achieve this and in 2013 KBP will focus on a couple of specific initiatives to bring this further to life. 


The bench planning process, facilitated by KBP’s Talent Acquisition Manager and led by the Regional Vice President, has proven to be a very successful practice. In 2013, many enhancements to this process and their corresponding actions will be priorities. These enhancements will include the ability to monitor progress against timelines for individuals in the development pipeline, monitor personal development plan execution, and communication programs that further magnify the importance of talent identification and development.


KBP will launch a series of scheduled, structured classroom sessions aimed at Managing Partners, Co-Managing Partners and Assistant Managers. The intent of this training will be to create genuine expertise regarding our online selection tools, interviewing tools, and talent assessments. This education will serve as the foundation for accountability regarding our expected 100% compliance with the use of these tools, and solidify the organization’s commitment to providing the proper systems, tools, and education to meet our growing expectations on talent selection.

In 2013, KBP will also be facilitating a comprehensive review of the benchmarks as well as core competency priorities that make up our existing talent assessments for all management levels. This benchmarking exercise is imperative when striving to be better each and every day, and reaching our “leading talent organization” goals. A similar analysis will be completed on a bi-annual basis regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of candidate sourcing both internally and externally.  


people KBP will continue to focus on providing world class training that allows our people to achieve at their highest level.

KBP Foods has a great story to tell. This is a story of growth and achievement, a story of our core values and differentiating beliefs, and a story about passionate people becoming great leaders. At all levels of the organization our orientation process must lay a foundation of excitement about how we are evolving as a company, and validate individuals’ decisions for having joined us. Orientation is a first impression, and must be executed with the proper message, passionate delivery, and relevant material. Blue chip initiatives are outlined below. 1.

All existing leaders of orientation will undergo a detailed formal evaluation of their ability to serve as a brand ambassador and to create an everlasting first impression. These individuals will be branded as “KBP Ambassadors” and will be eligible for incentives rewarding them for their important role in creating followers of our story. These ambassadors will be re-evaluated with regularity.


All materials used in any and all KBP orientations will go through a comprehensive overhaul. This initiative will ensure that we have a story that is clear, consistent and powerful.

KBP’s training department will continue to focus on providing world class training across 3 main areas of our business, guided by our 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance • Promotional Training – Includes operational and marketing readiness for promotional events & LTOs across all KBP brands. • Ongoing Brand Training – Includes operational training for both new and existing members of the KBP team via certified training store environments and online learning resources on a calendared basis. • Systems, Tools and Processes Support – Includes providing all needed systems and tools identified in partnership with each Regional Vice President to support the needs of each region. Additionally, KBP’s training team will launch a series of diverse classroom training modules. The audience for these will primarily be salaried management teams at all levels within each region. The content of these educational sessions will range from tactical systems and tools training to a variety of soft skills and leadership development training.

DEVELOPMENT & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT KBP is committed to providing growth and development opportunities to our people personally, professionally, and financially. In 2013, we plan to do so through a combination of a newly created leadership development curriculum delivered in a classroom setting, as well as through the offering of candid, honest, timely feedback on performance via regularly executed appraisals. Blue chip initiatives in this area are as outlined.


All store level and Area Coach performance appraisals will go through a comprehensive overhaul. The final product will be scrutinized for its effectiveness in measuring against key performance metrics as well as demonstrated proof of the core values and beliefs at KBP. It is our vision that these are executed in accordance with historical practice on anniversary dates and with two layers of leadership present.


KBP will launch the Ambassadors of Excellence Program in 2013. This program will be delivered to a very select group of high potential leaders throughout the organization by KBP’s executive team. The program will focus on leadership development and teach practical application of KBP values and beliefs in every day scenarios. The intent of this program is to further the capability of our future leaders, as well as to provide clarity and motivation regarding their career with KBP.

Additionally, KBP will structure and document a holistic recognition program. The intent of this program will be to create further clarity around key objectives while living our mission in praising effort, recognizing progress and rewarding results. KBP’s long standing Top Ten contest, a contest that recognizes the top ten percent of Managing Partners annually, will receive significant focus and resources in 2013. Additional resource allocation will be applied against reporting, communication, and incentives in an effort to further the competitive spirit that this program breeds.

FOOD COST & LABOR EXECUTION KBP plans for organic store level EBITDA growth to $25MM in 2013. When our core values are a living, breathing piece of our daily process, high MORALE is created. Such morale allows for the recruitment, development, and growth of great PEOPLE. Great people with discipline against core processes and systems will lead us to strong PROFITS and continued growth in 2013. KBP will also invest in technology and equipment in an effort to better its operating efficiencies and grow margins. Blue chip initiatives are outlined below. 1.

The proper preparation, training, and implementation 2. of two new technologically advanced equipment platforms will have drastic impacts on simplicity, accuracy, and availability of core proteins. These humidity controlled heating cabinets and online projections systems will enable extended shelf lives, increased efficiencies, decreased waste, and margin growth.

The cadence around flawless routines execution and cross-functional discipline against systems and processes targeted at profit outliers are key initiatives that KBP will remain focused on to further drive profitability in 2013. (See routines by folding out the page to the right.)

There is a narrow margin for error when targeting flawless execution against profitability targets as well as continually improving the consumer attributes. KBP’s leadership will ensure that profit success is never at the expense of the consumer experience.

REVENUE GROWTH – QUALITY, SERVICE & CLEANLINESS KBP plans for organic same store sales growth of 2.5% and additional new unit growth of $3.6MM in 2013. KBP will intensely invest in two key areas with the intent of driving new consumers into our business in 2013. These blue chip initiatives are as follows. 1.

Led by our talented construction management team, KBP will invest in its assets at an unprecedented level of greater than $10MM in 2013. 33 units in four regions will receive material facelifts aimed at improving consumer perceptions. Exterior building investments will drive significant trial, while interior investments will target reductions in purchase cycle and additional daypart consideration.


Led by our marketing team, KBP will invest significant resources into catering in 2013. A team of four Regional Catering Leaders will approve catering hubs by region, utilize online software that enables sales tracking, online payment and ordering to ensure flawless execution of the catering marketing and operating plan. KBP will target $3MM in incremental catering revenue generation in 2013.

The culmination of the planned efforts in hiring and interviewing, orientation and training, performance management and development, great routines execution, and execution against our five core operating initiatives will lead to consistently improving consumer experiences and higher repurchase intent. KBP will remain maniacally focused on the basics within our four walls, implement improved measurement and communication tools focused at results orientation, and streamline incentives to accomplish these goals.

AREA COACH ROUTINES DAILY Review Financial Data and highlight outliers

• RVW: Daily Ops Report, Labor and Food Report, Coupon Summary

WEEKLY ARL Conference Call: Tues. – Individual, Wed. – Group

• Follow up on Operations Visit by signing off on Action Plan • Evaluate QSC and profits; coach through the 5 initiatives

• Accounting: Voids, Deletes, Deposit Discrepancies,

AC Schedule (Submit to RVP)

Review email and focus on team, customer, and operations information

• Evaluate QSC and profits; coach through the 5 initiatives. • Review weekly routines in XBR (Mon.)

Discounts (MERIT-XBR Daily Routines)

• Follow up with 1-800’s, CFF, FSC • Respond to all Support Team/Vendor/InfoSync requests in a timely manner

Structured/Planned store visits (Operations Visit Review Form) Hospitality Shop – 2 stores

• Follow up on Operations Visit (Review/walk through completed on each operational visit (see it, say it)

One-on-One Meetings with Management Teams (MPs, Co/AMs)

• Review last week’s results, review completion of the 1:1 checklist,

plan for upcoming week’s business, approve schedules/shift plans, declining budgets, review and take action on Click and Hire candidates, review weekly agenda, review protein and cash envelopes

Manager Recruiting/Interviewing

• Review candidates on Click and Hire • Take action on all candidates within 7 days

MANAGING PARTNER ROUTINES DAILY • Pre-Shift and Peak walk throughs to ensure standards are met, coach and quarterback as needed • Follow up on previous days results (Sales, Inventory, Labor, Cash) • Follow up on communication (Redbook log, email, TeamKFC) • Follow up on 5 initiatives among the management team • Conduct Pre-Shift huddles to set goals and recognize the team • Ensure product availability through management of the Big 4 and projections • Manage restaurant profitability through the path of food • Increase restaurant sales through operations, suggestive selling, local marketing and catering opportunities • Assign to-do items from the Operations Visit/CFF/QBR form • Click & Hire Movement and set up interviews with candidates • Declining budget is current/benchmark progress

WEEKLY • Set sales projection for the week • Follow up on schedule and shift plan completion • Monday night inventory counts • Complete weekly FSC on restaurant • Area Coach weekly 1:1 meeting • Conduct in-store manager meeting • Interview days are set and interviews conducted • Update communication tools for the team (Communication, board, CHAMPS, white boards) • Send completed declining budget/chicken loss to AC



1 to 2 Operations Visit Reviews per store (2) Food Standards Criticals Check per period

• 1½ day Quarterly Business Review in each restaurant

Complete Managing Partner Appraisals on anniversary dates (as needed)

• ASL Quarterly Review Meeting

Event Readiness Checklists for new product rollouts (as needed)

• Managing Partner Development Meeting with Area Coach (spread throughout the Quarter) goals for next period; review BSC impact; celebrate and coach!

Review period routines in FBP Week 2: One-on-one performance discussions on the P&L

• •

Analyze trends, accuracy, general ledger, inventory levels; celebrate & coach Review Period Data for customer measures – CBCC, Mystery Shops, 1-800 calls, DTT

Week 3: TEAM P&L Meeting with Management Teams

• • •

Team Focus. CELEBRATE TEAM WINS! Set day (Wed. or Thurs.) and time (i.e. 9am, 10am, 2pm) Review progress against previous month’s goals and set new goals for next period; review BSC impact; celebrate and coach!



• • • • • • • • • • •

• QBR with Area Coach

Complete restaurant Benchplans Period end inventory P&L review and reconciliation Update product build tools Action plan on financial opportunities for the period CFF Self Audit Performance Appraisals Schedule team for training meetings Employee meeting with the team New marketing initiatives (train/POP changes) Terminate employee files, send to home office Monthly financial meeting

• BSC Review – plan quarter goals • CFF Audit by Steritech • Recertify team on Chicken Mastery • Update employee availability • Clean up files in email and computer • Personal development with Area Coach (BHI Report)

routines 1

Character is Profitable!

Routine Execution Be there

4 People Development Data Analysis



Travel Path 5 Initiative Execution

3 Standards Eval.Visit Feedback

Cadence of Accountability is the discipline to carry out a rhythm of team-based engagements that lead to consistent and sustained results

KBP Foods 8900 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 100 Overland Park, Kansas 66210 Phone: 913.469.1112 • Fax: 913.469.1119

Kbp 2013 AOP  
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