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Organize together A story from the cover photo Many women from fishing cooperatives nearby sell their fish at weekly markets, going from town to town each day to a new weekly market. They sell fried fish for 60 rupees per kilo and on average sell 10kgs (Rs 600) a day, and selling collectively (forming groups to take a big catch to market instead of selling individually) usually brings a profit margin of 100 rupees profit per day. Bundelkhand is an arid and dry area, particularly so in the summer months. The Madhya Pradesh side, and particularly the districts of Tikamgarh and Chattapur, is flatter and characterised by hundreds of fish ponds. For villagers living close to these ponds, catching and selling fish and other water-based crops (water chestnut and lotus root), was always something that they did as labourers for the feudal lords. In 1998 after years of their livelihoods being eroded, one fishing community from the village of Madia, stood up against the feudal landlord who exerted control over their pond. They were met with violence and intimidation – were beaten up, their nets ruined, and their houses burned. The fishers turned to a man called Omprakash Rawat who was influential in the community and had started to become known for his views about how people could, by working together, turn things around in their villages. This marked the start of the Machuara Sangathan, a grassroots movement of fishers who would go from village to village, and later to big cities, to spread the word that communities could manage their own ponds and earn a productive income. This movement soon became a formal NGO – Vikalp – which continues with the support of Oxfam to work with communities in other districts to support them in their endeavours to take over the management of ponds themselves.

Take Leadership Thank you for your interest in taking on a leadership role within Oxfam’s youth network. Oxfam’s campaigns, educational activities and fundraising are driven by our supporters across the country, and young people are an enormous part of that momentum! Oxfam has campus groups all across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, and the role of the Campus Champions for Change is to support the growth and development of these groups. Find out where Oxfam groups are across the country here. As a Champion for Change, you will embark on a year-long journey with other youth leaders from across the country to develop resources, workshops and support systems for Oxfam’s campus groups. A large focus of the Champions for 2013-2014 will be the National and Regional CHANGE Summits, as well as coordinating cross-Canada initiatives on key dates such as Oxfam’s GROW Week and International Women’s Day. From a basic framework, the team of Champions will build their own work plan bringing together individual’s expertise and Oxfam’s agenda for social change. For a more detailed description of the role of Campus Champions, see the position description and basic calendar in the following pages. Becoming a Champion is big commitment. It means planning Oxfam into your life and schedule for the next year, understanding that at some times there will be spikes of work, and other times will be quieter. It requires creativity, critical thinking and the ability to work well with the rest of your team. Becoming a Champion is also a big opportunity. It means connecting to a network of smart, innovative social justice activists across the country, testing your own skills to see what you like doing and want to learn more about and seeing the tangible impact of your volunteer work as Oxfam’s campus groups grow bigger and stronger across the country. If you’re interested in being at the forefront of organizing people to create a world without poverty and injustice, than being an Oxfam Campus Champion is definitely for you. Read on!

Campus Champion – Position Description Title: Campus Champion for Change Location: Anywhere in Canada Status: Up to ten (10) hours/month, minimum of one (1) year commitment Reporting: Youth and Campus Outreach Office Purpose Oxfam’s Campus Champion for Change positions are designed to leverage the skills and expertise of our most engaged youth across Canada to assist with the implementation of Oxfam’s mission, vision and women’s rights focus in communities across the country. Oxfam is putting together a network of great minds. We’re looking for the cream of crop – the people who know about youth mobilization, social change and community development. We want the people who know how to take a group of young people and empower them to transform their work from ordinary to extraordinary Working with the direction of the Youth and Campus Outreach Officer, Champions will participate in the innovation and implementation of Oxfam’s youth program by creating, testing and sharing campus-specific resources to work towards Oxfam’s mission. Together, Champions will work as a national team and aim to support a national network of hundreds of youth volunteers. Champions for Change will work with like-minded individuals across Canada to be the change we want to see in the world, and to help others do the same; help build Oxfam’s group’s capacity to promote women’s rights and gender equality, through leadership development and offering expertise, resources and support. Structure The Champions Team will be composed of 8 to 12 people, each bringing their own area of expertise or issue on which they wish to focus. The group will work in their issue-specific groups, in combined groups, or all together depending on the project. Champions will commit to at least one year in the position (May 2013 to April 2014). For 2013-2014 the areas of focus for the Champions are: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Fundraising Women’s Rights GROW Group Development

A Champion may only sit as a part of one of the issue-areas though they may work in conjunction with others. All Champions will play a lead role in the design and facilitation of workshops for Oxfam’s National CHANGE Summit in September 2013.

Champions Key dates st

May 1 th May 15 rd June 3 th June 10

Champions applications close Champions selected Champions Orientation Meeting st Champions 1 team meeting

June to September

National CHANGE Workshop Planning Sub-group project plans created


September 18 to 22 September 23



October 13 to 19



Nov 1



January – February


April 1

National CHANGE Summit and Gender Justice Summit In person team planning meeting – looking back and moving forward GROW Week Unwrapped Holiday Campaign begins

Nov 5 to Dec 10

March 8



16 Days of Action on Violence against Women Regional CHANGE Summits In person team(s) planning meeting – looking back and moving forward International Women’s Day Champions 2014 Applications open

Improve your Skills By actively contributing to Oxfam’s youth network, Campus Champions will have the opportunity to test and improve their skills in project management, networking, facilitation and research. The following outlines the responsibilities of campus champions: Advise and Design Review Oxfam tools and resources in testing phase and help identify gaps Initiate projects based on group needs in alignment with Oxfam Canada’s initiatives Contribute to the design and implementation of trainings and workshops for Oxfam’s CHANGE Summits Support Work with campus groups to ensure they are equipped to be advocates for women’s rights and of Oxfam’s work Participate (where possible) in campus groups acting as an additional support to groups Provide specific guidance to help increase Oxfam campus group’s capacity to raise funds Direct interested individuals to Oxfam’s tools and resources to raise funds, organize and take action Assist with the recruitment, training and orientation of incoming Champions for Change Communicate Respond to campus group inquiries related to the GROW campaign, Oxfam’s programs and fundraising efforts Act as Oxfam ambassadors at events including public speaking and representing Oxfam in groups and coalitions Act as a core contact for community and campus group members/leaders Network with other campus based volunteers to build a cross Canada movement Participate in regular virtual meetings with other Champions for Change on as required Fundraising Champions will work with campus groups with an eye to supporting and improving their fundraising capacity. This includes supporting and working to improve the resources for signature Oxfam fundraising initiatives as well as providing training on fundraising skills and acting as an Oxfam representative at fundraising initiatives. Women’s Rights Champions will focus specifically on evaluating and improving the capacity of individuals and groups to advocate for women’s rights. Specifically, these Champions will take the lead on campus based activities for International th th th Women’s Day (March 8 ) and the 16 days of action to end gender based violence (November 25 to December 10 ). Additionally, they will act as leads on gender training units. GROW Champions will ensure that campuses are well versed and well equipped to educate and mobilize their campuses on issues of food security, land rights and climate change. Specifically champions will support campus initiatives during GROW th th Week (October 13 -19 ) and act as leads on GROW training. Development Champions will work to provide ongoing support to help groups trouble-shoot problems in relation to recruitment, retention and member growth. They will work to share innovations between campus groups and to strengthen the network of groups across the country. They will take leadership on training related to group development.

& learn About yourself As a champion you will work with a dynamic team to take action and make an impact. You will also have the chance to reflect together on your work, learning about yourself and your skills. As a champion you will have the opportunity to: Build your own leadership capacity as a communicator, presenter and facilitator by working with experienced staff and other highly skilled activists and trainers from across the country Network with like-minded people across Canada in a way that directly influences the success of an organization Help Oxfam ensure that we are engaging youth in the ways they want to be engaged Broaden and deepen your skills and understanding of Oxfam policy, advocacy and program work;

Being a campus champion isn’t for everyone though. As we said before, it is a big commitment, as well as a big opportunity. Specially, you should not be a champion if: You are already in a leadership position within your campus group Campus Champions are supposed to add resources to campus groups, not take them away! You are over 30 years old Campus Champions exist to create a youth supporting youth network This is your first volunteering opportunity with Oxfam Campus Champions should have some familiarity with Oxfam’s campus group network Think you have what it takes? look over the following criteria to see if you’re ready to be a champion! Demonstrated interest in women’s rights and gender justice Demonstrated experience in leadership roles Demonstrated experience with volunteer coordination Strong communication and organizational skills; experience with public speaking an asset Ability to work independently, as well as effectively in a team setting Excellent time management and organizational skills Demonstrated interest in international development, social justice and eradication of poverty Fluency in English and excellent written communication skills, fluency in French an asset Access to a computer with internet and email Time Commitment: Up to ten (10) hours/month, minimum of one (1) year commitment

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Join the movement. Use your skills to support youth across Canada taking action to promote women's rights and gender equality.