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February, 1777






February, 1777

Boston, Massachusetts












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HELP FROM FRANCE — WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR US? BY SAMUEL BAKER On Thursday, French troops began arriving on American soil, here to help the cause. In our fight against the British, countries around the world 6

have watched cautiously, not wanting to risk themselves in what could have been a risky battle against the strongest army anyone has ever seen.

Our ambassadors have been attempting to negotiate with leaders, asking for help, but none has been forthcoming. Initially, France was hesitant to openly make an alliance with us, worrying that it will be a long and costly war. Eventually, however, they came to see that aiding us in our war would also provide benefits for them as well as us.

When some say that France is motivated by a desire for revenge against Britain, I say that it does not matter what her motivations are; only that she is helping us. While it may be true that France and her people want reprisal for their defeat in the Seven Years’ War, the fact remains that we are now allies with one of the most powerful countries in the world. In addition to another source of gunpowder and ammunition, we will now have the strength of the French Navy behind us. As you can read in the interview with the Marquis de Lafayette (page 16), there are many who truly believe in us and will do anything they can to The King of France, Louis help. XVI, has been talking with the esBut what does this mean for teemed Benjamin Franklin for some us? you might ask. It means that with time now. After seeing (and being French military strategy, we can outimpressed by) our army’s victory at maneuver the British. With French Saratoga, King Louis and his advi- arms, we can win more battles. And sors have been moved to openly of- with French help, the war will be fer support. They have been assist- over faster. ing us covertly almost since the war So when all is said and done began, sending gunpowder and am- and the British have been defeated, munition, but now they recognize the remember to be grateful for our United States of America as an inde- French friends, for they will be the pendent country, free of Britain. key to winning this war. 7

Thomas Jefferson, the nine year old?

Thomas Jefferson, age 33, was believed to be seen yesterday night running through the streets with a bunch of 9 year olds. While our nation is at the brink of war we have one of our founding fathers playing with a stick and a hoop in a game called, hoop rolling.

last night and enjoying himself quite a lot. “Maybe he just never really grew up.” says a witness.

Sometimes we really wonder if he doesn’t have better things to do for a man his age, What a real embarrassmaybe like writing our declarament it must be for Mr. Jeffertion for independence for exson to be out in the streets at a ample time like this. Witnesses say they saw Mr. Jefferson Next Week: John Adams, a liar? “playing” at around 9:00 pm 8

Letter To The Editor Dear Editor, I have been a loyal reader for some time now. However, recently you have been publishing some articles that I strongly disagree with. For example, in your last issue, there was an article praising the Patriots and the Continental Army.

The Editor

I do not think that this Army should be praised. They have done nothing but stir up trouble and cause Britain to be angry at us here in the Colonies. Ever since the Declaration of Independence was signed last summer, many people are talking of how wonderful it will be when we are finally free of Britain. What they do not seem to realize, however, is that without Britain, we will be nothing. We will not have the protection of the British Army against the heathens in the west, nor will we have the steady trade she offers. Britain has treated us well, much like a caring parent would, but we have rejected her. I believe that by staying loyal to Britain and the Crown, we will ultimately live a better life, more secure than the one the Patriots are fighting for. Some people say that Britain does not care about us, but those lies I do not believe. If she truly did not care about us, would she have sent troops to fight on our behalf against the French that tried to take our land? A constant complaint is taxes, but Britain only taxes us to pay for troops that ensure our continued well-being. Additionally, the only reason we are now fighting against our motherland is because of rebels sowing discord, declaring their independence when it is not needed. Britain wishes to save us only from ourselves. Many of my neighbors disagree with me; they believe that independence is a good thing. As you have seen, I feel otherwise. I am considering moving back to England, where there are other like-minded people. I will enjoy the day that the British Army defeats the much-loved Continental Army. Sincerely, Thomas Davis


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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Books to Read Poor Richard's Almanac—Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography—Benjamin Franklin A Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's Captivity—Ethan Allen The Federalist—Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay 11

Dear Patriot, My name is Margaret and I am 10 years old. I live in Boston, Massachusetts with my mom and my brother (who helped me write this letter by the way). My dad had to leave us to fight for the continental army. I stay at home with my mom helping her with chores around the house while my brother John goes to school. It is unfair that he gets to learn new things every day and I am not allowed to go. He always talks about things I have never heard of. Lately he has been reading a book about a man named Thomas Paine. He talks a lot about independence and I would love to be as smart as he is. How can I learn new things about people like Thomas Paine and how can I be as smart as my brother? Sincerely, Margaret Dear Margaret, It is very interesting that you want to learn. Many children your age would only play and work. So to answer your question about smarter, I think you should first engage conversations with people who like to read and could read to you. Reading is a great source of knowledge to get information about a lot of subjects. To relate to your brother’s book Thomas Jefferson, like Thomas Paine, is another famous author. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence for our country while Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense a book full of simple facts about being independent from England. Sincerely, The Patriot

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Patriot, Dear Patriot, I made a huge mistake and I need help badly. I served liberty tea to a redcoat this morning and he noticed. What should I do?

Today a redcoat was assigned to our house to be fed and lodged. The only problem is I don’t know what to feed him. Do British people eat the same foods we do? Please help! Sincerely, A Colonist

My advice to you is that you should pack your things and run for it before that brit brings all his friends over. You should probably change your names too. Sincerely, The Patriot

I have quick question for you, what can I do to support our nation without joining the army? Sincerely, A Northerner

Dear Colonist, Dear Friend in Trouble,

Dear Patriot,

Dear Northerner,

First off I’m so sorry to hear about your gain. The redcoats are seriously going over the edge and making us house them. But to make your life just a bit easier the Brits eat the same things we do. So feeding them the vegetables you grew and the meat you hunted won’t kill them (unfortunately). They will also eat milk, eggs, grains, and any soups you make. Sincerely, The Patriot


You are very loyal to your nation for wanting to help. The biggest thing you can do would be to donate any clothes and fabrics to the continental army. You can also donate money and food for the troops if you have any to spare. Sincerely, The Patriot

HELP ARRIVES FOR THE CONTINENTAL ARMY WRITTEN BY TIMOTHY MORGAN As many people sit around a warm hearth this winter, eating and laughing with friends and family, there are many more that are alone – cold, hungry, and without their families. They sit in cold shacks, the wind blowing through the cracks in the hastily-made shelters, eating food not fit for dogs. Their teeth chatter, for they have no blankets, no clothing. Many are sick – typhoid and pneumonia strike people down in waves that the few available doctors cannot keep up with. The gloomy weather continues, and rain is a constant companion. This is the state of our great Continental Army.

Led by General Washington, these 12,000 men are camped at Valley Forge, 20 miles north of Philadelphia. While our army starves, the British Redcoats have occupied our capital and are eating the good people of Philadelphia out of house and home, going to plays, and being entertained in warm colonial houses. Tis an outrage. But they do not complain, our Army. They bear these hardships with fortitude, dutifully doing their jobs, trying to make the best of it. The


general continues to be devoted to his men, staying alongside them, feeling what they feel, eating what they eat. He continually writes to Congress, but they cannot, or will not, send the provisions that they so desperately need. Disease and sickness are prevalent in camp, especially pneumonia. There are no effective medicines, so everyone relies on natural remedies. If shot in battle, it is necessary to remove the bullet immediately, or infection will set in. If infection sets in, the doctor must amputate a limb with a coarse saw. Many soldiers die from the amputation because of gangrene, an infection that occurs from injury. However, one should not despair for our army, for good news has come! Last week news was heard of an alliance with the French. The Baron von Steuben has arrived in the Colonies and he will train the Continental Army in the ways of Prussian tactics. Already morale is improving, along with military maneuvers. This is evidenced by the recent Battle of Trenton, when the Hessians were routed by General Washington and his men. In a daring move, the General led his men across the Delaware River to attack the Germans early in the morning of December 26. It was a much needed victory, resulting in the capture of nearly 900 enemy soldiers and numerous weapons and ammunition. The British and their allies are now on the run, for we have proven that we are no mere annoyance. With this kind of newfound determination, it seems likely that we, the colonies, will triumph over the Redcoats and win our freedom once and for all!

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Interview with Marquis de Lafayette

By Peter Miller

Today the Marquis de Lafayette is here to talk with us about the historical events that are occurring as we speak. So Monsieur Lafayette, what is your opinion of the Revolution? I think it is a good thing these Patriots are doing, rebelling against an oppressive government. It is a noble cause, and I am proud to serve in any way I can. Now, you serve under General Washington, do you not? Yes, yes, I am a Major General in Monsieur Washington’s army. And what do you think about the way the war is going? Well, right now it is not going so good for the Army - we are at Valley Forge and we just encountered the British in the Battle of Brandywine, which did not go so well, no? But my friend Baron von Steuben has arrived and he is teaching them military tactics, so things are looking up. We have heard of discord in France, your homeland. What is your opinion of King Louis XVI? Ah, King Louis. He is…..stubborn. He told me I could not come here, to the Americas, but I believe in your quest for independence. So here I am. How do you feel about the events in France? You mean the revolts, yes? I think the ways the King and his advisors are handling it are rather unreasonable. For example, recently there has been talk of a “guillotine”, a machine that cuts off a man’s head with the drop of a blade, no need for axes anymore. I find it troubling that anyone would think necessary to invent something of that nature. They are using it to punish rebels, but a more reasonable solution would be to meet with the Third Estate and hear their complaints before lopping anyone’s head off. I will admit, I sympathize with the Third Estate, for they are doing the same thing you are trying to do. They want freedom. And the way the taxes are set up in France, the poor bear most of the burden. Hopefully a solution can be reached peacefully, for war is a last resort. I agree. And given your love for your country and ours, you must be happy to hear the news of an alliance. I am overjoyed! We now recognize these Colonies as an independent country, and we will be sending more supplies and troops soon! Things might end sooner than was expected before news of this alliance was heard. The British will at last have to allow that they no longer control the country now known as America!


Our General, George Washington Born in Virginia on February 22, 1732, the man who now leads our army had fairly humble beginnings. His father was a farmer who grew tobacco and his mother was the daughter of a working man. He had eight siblings, all of whom were supportive of each other. General Washington studied at his local church until he was fifteen, learning arithmetic, geography, Latin, and about the world in general. When he was sixteen, he was invited to go with a surveying party into the woods of Virginia. He took an interest in surveying, and when he was seventeen, he was appointed as the official surveyor of Culpeper County.

much recognition. When he joined the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1758, he introduced several new acts that were met with a great deal of approval. One of these acts was a resolution that urged people to boycott British goods, as many people were justly angry about the unfair Intolerable Acts. Two years ago, in 1775, General Washington made a trip General George Washington to Philadelphia, where he was appointed the title of Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. As always, he was not looking for fame, but fame found him anyways.

Since that day two short years ago, General Washington has However, while Washingled our army to several victories, ton’s interest in farming has always proving to the Redcoats that we are been dearest to him, other forces a force to be reckoned with. Recame into play, as when the Lieucently, he crossed the Delaware tenant Governor of Virginia made River, surprising the British in their him a major in the militia. He was sleep, winning a major victory for then sent to Pennsylvania to try and the Patriots. Currently, he and the convince the French to leave peacearmy are encamped in Valley fully. The French refused, setting Forge, learning new tactics and off the Seven Years’ War. waiting out the winter. No doubt Throughout this war, General we will soon be hearing a lot more Washington showed his bravery of General Washington once we and leadership skills, earning him win this War of Independence.




Across 3. How many colonies there are 5. Our army's name (The Colonies Army) 7. Commander of the British army 11. The city where the Continental Congress met 13. The man who is writing the Declaration of Independence 14. King of France 15. A bodice and skirt combined (women) 16. Another name for pants (men) 19. Where the Continental Army is camped for the winter 20. French noble who joined the Continental Army 21. Our new ally Down 1. Another name for a skirt (women) 2. Leader of the Continental Army 4. There was a "party" here (City) 6. People loyal to the Crown 8. Our mother country 9. Another name for a vest (men) 10. Recorded/drew important people and events 11. Us! (People on the side of independence 12. Song brought to the America's by the British 17. Another name for the British Army 18. Written by Thomas Paine




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