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Webquest: Choose one or more of the following Art Quest adventures. Record your responses under “comments” by each art work that you are using in your web quest. Circle the web quest that you choose to explore so that I can identify the quest you chose to explore.

Museum Docent Scenario: You are a docent at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Today, you have been assigned a group of fourth grade art students from Main Street Elementary School. Because of time constraints, you will show then only three works of art. Establish your own criteria for selecting these three pieces. By each of your selections, under comments, record at least three reasons why you have selected that work of art to share with the Main Street students.

You Are the Artist Scenario: As we look at works of art, we often wonder what inspired the artist to create the masterpiece. Choose a work of art and use your creative writing skills to record information about your inspiration for the painting. Your goal is to give the viewer more insight into your work. You may include any background or experiences that lead up to the creation of the painting. Also, mention your painting experiences through which you developed your own personal style.

Art Collector Scenario: All of the posted artwork is part of your private collection. The bad economy has hit you pretty hard, and you need to sell one of your paintings. Establish your criteria for choosing a work of art to sell. Make your selection and under comments, give at least three reasons that you have chosen to sell that piece. You can also take a tax deduction by donating artwork. Choose a work of art to donate to the public library. Choose another work of art to donate to your child’s school. Identify your choices and under comments. Give at least three reasons for your decision by each.

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