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Sharing our Passions GTFS 2013 Jericho

Follow these directions A. Create a new slide B. Add your First Name only in the Title bar C. Type one sentence that shares something you do for fun D. Add more details in the ADD Notes section beneath the slide E. Insert an image or video related to that passion F. Explore the passions of your peers

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Mame's Passion Loves to make pie.

Kathy's jammin' passion While still a relative newbie at playing guitar and singing, I play in a girl guitar band!

Jeff's Passion Jeff likes to play golf.

Martha's Passions I love to sing, dance and act!

Michelle I love landscaping when its nice out.

I love quilting when it's not so nice out!


Susan Rosato I love spending time with my son!


I have five grandsons and one Sandy granddaughter. Four grandsons play football.

Kathy I love to ride my bicycle.

Sandy Hiking...

Anne Softball is a family affair for me.

Kerry's Passion My husband and I grow giant pumpkins and long gourds.

Sally's Passion For the past few years, I've re-ignited my clarinet playing skills by joining two town bands for summer fun.

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Cheryl (example) I enjoy gardening and the outdoors!! Learn more here

Jean's Passion I love Yoga!

Chris I love the sports of swimming and hockey.

Maureen's Passion I love to move and groove to the music!


Kyra is learning to sing! I enjoy singing with Maiden Vermont. Here I am.

Aubrey Knitting is a huge passion of mine! This is one of my favorite social networking sites. It's kind of like facebook for knitters.

Click here to check it out!

You Try! Knitting Basics Video

Jenn - Poetry I enjoy writing poems about simple things in life... Teaching with Fire by Sam M. Intrator,Megan Scribner

Tara's Passion I am passionate about being creative!

Steve I love to play squash -- not the vegetable, Kerry!

Ramy Ashour vs. Gregory Gaultier Glass Court

David I love playing games and competing at just about anything. I especially love finding alternative games and challenging friends.

Carol's Cache Pache Geocaching

Michelle I coach, but I also play field hockey in a women's league.

Kylie World Exploration I was born in Australia and love to travel.

Don I enjoy playing hockey and golf. This should be me at 4:30 today. We'll be done by then, right?


A passion of mine is basketball!

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