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“I am always courting her and i will never stop”




Unemployment and low income is just an option that you choose out of hundreds of other options availble. For a very long time youths have been lamenting and complaining to the goverment about the scarcity of employment opportunities in Tanzania. The situation got worse under the President John P. Magufuli since complains have been heard from many corners claiming that there is a decline of income due to high tax charges. Is the goverment a problem?

The goverment so far has been doing its work effectively and all we can say is that they are not a problem. According to the president, tax is collected effectively and people are earning what’s rightful theirs. The problem is; people are just planners and not doers and they are not creative. Creativity and innovation may be the central issues towards solving this prob-

lem for they promote selfemployment. That’s why in this edition you will learn more about opportunities available in agriculture specifically on watermelon farming, you will learn about how can you pursue your dreams, creativity of people such as Shahbaaz Sayeed that has generated an income and self-employment to him, hard work and passion of Batuli Mo-

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hammed that has made her to achieve what she has achieved and biggest opportunities that may rise from SGR Project in Dodoma. There are many skills to learn from this issue so grab your copy, find a quiet place and start reading to get the most out of it. Learn and grow! You will close the last page as a new person who can identify opportunities and go after them.




Beauty with brain.

Road to success 06

Simple tips to help you in living your dreams

Agriclutural profit 08

Watermelons farming

Tech & Transformation 10

The newest Dodoma

Food & Health 16

Ways to help you lose your belly fat

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Smartphones affects humans mental abilities

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The Best of Shahbaaz Sayeed

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How to make your relationship last longer?


Failure of African teams in Russia.

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Sports supertitional believes




article a day. That is a simple plan with achievable goals. Someone is going to develop a plan that will take them into the future of their dreams. Let it be you.

There are many times you have heard about these words “live your dreams”. However, life goes on and your dreams are still just unfulfilled dreams. What is the reason behind? There are many reasons encapsulated by one key factor; and that is self-awareness. We have to be aware that our dreams rely on ourselves. Make a move, change the way of thinking and make an effect in order to live your dreams. It’s our dreams we’re talking about, and we are the ones who need to start working on them. The mere dreaming is not enough, the necessary thing is to act in accordance with these dreams. Each and every day, people are living their dreams. Millionaires are created. Families form and create tremendous relationships. Individuals get healthier day by day. Life-long learners grow intellectually and improve their lives daily. You deserve that too! Because living the life of your dreams is possible. People prove that every day. When we get old, we’ll regret about how we messed up our chances to live our dreams and how we failed at realizing many of our goals.

But then it will already be a bit late but it’s never too late now; all we need is a dream. If we have our dreams, then we don’t need anything more than that to achieve them.. Everyday people are dreaming to improve their lives. It is simply a matter of a decision being made. It can be you, you deserve that too! But how? By following these very simple actions: 1. Work on yourself with commitment. Are you going to improve or stay the same? No matter what you have achieved, you are at a certain point right now. What you have achieved in the past is fine, but it doesn’t make a difference for the future. The decision about what you will become is made each day and every day. Each day someone is making the decision to better him or herself. Let it be you. 2. Make a plan. Once you have decided to become better, you will have to have a plan. It doesn’t have to be a long, intricate plan. It can be simple. Save some money a day. Walk a mile a day. Read an

3. Implement your plan. All of the great ideas, without action, become stale and useless. The key to turning dreams into reality is action. People who have great ideas are a dime a dozen. People who act on their dreams and ideas are the select few, but they are the ones who gain the wealth, health and wisdom that is available. Someone will act today. Let it be you. Stop looking at others who live the good life, wishing that you were as well, and instead begin to commit to your improvement, develop a plan and act on it. Someone is going to. Let it be you! W H AT D O E S B E N BRAKER DO TO LIVE HISDREAMS? Ben breaker is a model, dancer, actor and a bachelor degree holder of of civil engineering. He is young but has achieved lots if his goals. He has worked for WCB Company as model and a creative personnel. He has worked as a model in different shows and occasions; nominated on different awards and he successfully won some of them. He won several awards including insta awards best male model and 2017 African emerging model of the year award in Nigeria. “Speaking about my dreams, am just starting and I am still left far behind from what I really desire to achieve. How ever, I have achieved somethig already and am thankful to my lord and supporters. I do many things to achieve what I have achieved till this day but basically I can give all the credits to hardworking. You started to dream since your childhood. what’s left is planning and working hard to accomplish your dreams”. Ben Braker speaking.






Get profit with watermelons

Watermelons are a member of the botanical family Cucurbitaceae and have been cultivated for thousands of years, with the evidence proves that the Ancient Egyptians were expert farmers. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), China is the top producer, with 8, 576, 791 produced in 2016. Watermelon is actually a nutrient dense food. It provides high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and just a small number of calories. Watermelons have significant profit within a short period of time than other crops; and so this season we are looking forward to disseminate a complete guide and few tips about watermelon cultivation and how profitable it is. Production and Planting Generally production costs of watermelons are low. Normally one acre takes two thousands and five hundred (2500) seedlings of watermelon and each seedling costs 1000 Tsh. If 1 acre has 4000 square meters; then plant seedlings with one meter space from one pit to another and two meters space from one line to another. One pit usually takes two seedlings and they can produce a minimum of three watermelons. It is advisable to use hybrid seeds because their fruits are more expensive than those fruits from normal seeds; one fruit may be sold at the farm with a price of 2000 Tsh while normal ones are sold with a price of 1500 Tsh. When thinking about how to grow watermelons, you want to be sure that you keep the area free from weeds. A good, shallow hoeing is best. You do not want to disturb the roots, and you certainly don’t want to cut any shoots off the main plant. If you live in warmer climes, you can sow seeds directly outdoors, but wait until the soil temperature warms to at least 70°F to avoid poor germination. Watermelon vines are very tender and should not be transplanted until all danger of frost has passed. (To be safe, wait at least two weeks past your last frost date if you appear to dwell in colder areas with frost.) If you are in a cooler zone, start seeds indoors about a month before transplanting. Amend soil with aged manure, seaweed, and/or compost before planting. Watermelons are heavy feeders. Watermelons prefer a soil pH between 6 and 6.8. Growing the vines in raised rows, known as hills, ensures good drainage and will hold the sun’s heat longer. Watermelons like loamy, well-drained soil. Handle them gently when you transplant. After you transplant, cover the plants with row covers to keep pests at bay. You’ll remove the row covers when you see both male and female flowers on the vine. So how long does watermelon take to grow? Growing watermelons takes up to 5 moths from start to finish. How do you know they are ripe and ready to harvest? You’ll notice that those little curly tendrils that start forming will turn brown and get a little crisp. Also,



Maximize profit in your small farm with Watermelons. Total number of trunks and fruits in one acre is 4000 and 1200 respectively. The harvest may produce 18,000,000 Tsh if the harvested fruits have been sold with a price of 1500Tsh. And that is the clear picture of the profit produced from watermelon farming in one acre.

the color of the melon will get duller. The skin of the watermelon will be hard and resistant to the penetration of your fingernail when you try to press it into the melon. Another way to know if the melon is ripe is to pick one up and turn it over. If the bottom where it sits in the soil is yellow, the watermelon is probably ripe. Other things to consider Mulch A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Mulching is important in watermelon farming for it has many benefits including conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area. Fertilizers Industrial fertilizers such as NPK or other nitrogenous fertilizers with nitrogen percentage between 10% - 20% may be applied to the vines until female flowers start to rise. Organic manure may also be applied when the vines are still young. After fruits production; Urea or Potassium fertilizers may be applied until the fruits are ready for being harvested. Fruit disorders Blossom-end rot: This is caused by calcium deficiency in the flower (blossom) end of the fruit. It is worse in hot, dry, windy conditions where moisture stress is more likely to occur. Symptoms include young fruit dropping off and brown rotting lesions appearing at the blossom end of older fruit. Salinity of soil or irrigation water may also promote blossom end rot. Good water management and sufficient soil calcium availability will usually address the problem. Internal cracking: This is caused by cool temperatures during early fruit-filling period. Other influences are stop-start growth, excess nitrogen, low boron levels and heavy, infrequent watering at fruit fill. Affected melons tend to be flattened in shape and feel lighter than usual. Spongy end: This occurs in melons that have been poorly pollinated. These melons may turn yellow and drop off the vine early in their development, or partly develop with the blossom end soft and spongy. This area is also slightly pointed. Internally, there is very poor seed development at the spongy end. Sunburn This can be a major problem in dark or darker striped melons. It is rarely seen in light-colored melons. Sunburn can also occur in melons that have been stacked in the field with their underside facing upward. These disorders can be treated with several pestcides and chemicals depending on what kind of problem you are facing. How profitable are watermelons? In one acre which is well prepared and planted, a farmer can harvest 15 – 36 Tons of watermelons which in turn may be helpful to a farmer in one way or the other. Total number of trunks in one acre is 4000; deduced from (4000 square meters / (1 meter * 2 meters) *2) =4000. Number of fruits = 4000*3 = 1200 and the harvest may produce 18,000,000 Tsh if the harvested have been sold with a price of 1500Tsh. And that is the clear picture of the profit produced from watermelon farming.Plant many to earn more; get a massive profit with watermelons; start now!



TRANSFORMATION Technology excites many people, for it brings transformations in man’s life. The last thing people need in their lives is a technology that will constantly remind them about their questionable lifestyle choices and habits concerning different life aspects such as economy, politics and others. What interests many is not the quantified tech, but the qualified self technology that allows people to expand their range of experiences. Speaking of Tech and transformation in Tanzania; there are some technologies that are bound to be sung by many for they are to present new experiences to the citizens. SGR Project in TZ Standard gauge railway is one among the biggest projects in Tanzania that covers 1219 kilometers and aims at connecting Dar es salaam, morogoro, Dodoma and Mwanza. The railway starts at Dar es salaam and expected to end at the port city of Mwanza on the shores of lake Victoria in Northern Tanzania. When completed, Tanzania will introduce a fast and modern train with a speed of 160kph while



“The Standard railway gage and dry port in Dodoma will boost the development of central regions” President John P. Magufuli


the freight train will have a top speed of 120kph. The project is expected to cost 1 trillion upon completion and it has progressed to the second phase whereby 426 kilometers are constructed from Morogoro to Makutupora Dodoma. Concentrating on the City of Dodoma, there are many trasformations which are bound to happen since SGR tech has commenced already. Generally you cant stop to put a glimpse on matters concerning expenses pertaining to transportation, goverment revenue as well as employment opportunities that may rise. Ofcourse goverment revenue and employment opportunites may rise drastically, markets expansions may prove the severity extent of in-out flow of people in Dodoma and transportation expenses will be reduced to a large extent. So far there are lots of transformations that will be brought by SGR technology in Dodoma. Majority will benefit from this self qualified technology for it will allow them to expand their range of life experiences.


Readers’ T H O U G H T S


Nkuhungu - Dodoma

The transformation is a great thing and iti is very potential for the country economy. The project will help me to travel to Mwanza within few hours.




Area C - Dodoma

I am a business woman, this transformation will help me to transport my products with a cheaper price to either of the cities involved.



Uhindini - Dodoma

This transformation is splenddeed. Finally i will be able to go to Mwanza or Dar es salaam and return back to Dodoma in the same day.


Area D - Dodoma

I do journalism and marketing, this transformation may bring more opportunities to me since the in-out flow of people will be high in Dodoma.




SOCIAL MIX-UP Previous problem.....


ASSET What is the problem for sure? Passengers or regulations set? What should be done? You will ask yourself these questions when you see overcrowded people in mwendokasi buses. How many passengers should exactly use 1 bus? This is a question to be asked since we see people are overcrowded in such a way that airborne diseases can be inevitable. This can be observed clearly from evening hours to 21:00 in Dar es salaaam.


Officers should monitor number of people entering into a bus manually.

Manzese - Dar es salaam

An officer at the ‘mwendokasi’ station has to check the limit of people per bus and has to say no for passangers who are about to enter the bus while it is full. Entrance and exit points should be separated to make this activity easier. SALMIN SAYED

Tickets should be scanned at the bus doors.

Sinza - Dar es salaam

This is requires buses transformation. A bus should have a barcode reader for scanning tickets at the door and have a limited number of tickets that can be accepted. Entry and exit parts at the station should be sperated to ease this transformation. JACKIE EVE

Tickets should indicate a bus to be entered by a passanger.

Mbezi - Dar es salaam

This is the hardest soultion for it requires changes in infrastructures. Stations should be able to detect coming buses and seats available as well as provide tickets according to the information available. LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018


HIGHER EDUCATION LOANS’ SCARCITY Is there a thing that is more significant than education? Daily activities of humans are driven by skills and knowledge that can be acquired formally or informally. This signifies the fact that nobody deserves to be denied a right to education for it is an ultimate enlightenment. Efforts have been made globally to ensure that majority of the citizens are educated although there are many challenges. Education in Tanzania has progressed in a decorated manner so far for it has been made easy and enforced from lower levels. Students can study primary and secondary education for free as the government tends to pay all expenses even if there are very minor expenses that may likely occur and require a student to contribute something; always a very small amount of money. Students study and progress to the highest level; where the problem of this season rises. I.e. Students loans for higher learning studies. What should be done? You will ask yourself the same question when you see the efforts and dreams of majorities get wasted just because of the failure to pay for higher learning studies’ expenses. The government of

Tanzania has done what it says ‘a lot’ for these students and it has ensured that the well-deserved students are likely the ones that will be provided with loans basing on the criteria they use. Orphans are top priority, poor students, disabled ones as well as science takers are prior in the loan provision process. If you studied in private secondary schools, you are rich- you can afford the expenses!! This is the core problem in loans provision. So the problem is loans! And the solution is unknown until the next issue but bare in your mind that loans need to be provided to the students as long as they demand them. By applying for a loan, a student needs to be certified as he or she is in demand and has the right to be provided with a loan as long as he or she meets all criteria of being a student at a certain education institution. What is the actual solution to this problem? What strategies should HESLB (higher education students’ loan board) use? What should be done by non-governmental organizations to participate in accomplishment of HESLB objectives? Don’t miss next edition of kb magazine limitless knowledge; the answers will be there. LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018







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LOSE BELLY FAT Belly fat is bad for its way of tampering with many outfits, but really there’s something way worse about the stuff: When white fat expands in your abdomen, nestling deep among your organs, it sets you up for some serious health trouble. In fact, research has shown that waist size is a bigger risk factor for serious diseases than your overall fat percentage.

Protenous food.

We now know that this type of fat, called visceral fat, is metabolically active and churns out stress hormones like cortisol and inflammatory substances called cytokines that affect the body’s production of insulin. The result: It’s worse than just being generally overweight; you’re looking at increased risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and even dementia. Unfortunately, some women are just more prone to carrying weight in their middle instead of their hips and thighs, and there are plenty of scientific reasons why. Sometimes, it’s genetics maybe your mother or grandmother was more appleshaped. Belly fat can also increase around menopause, or for women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Even certain lifestyle habits, from sleep to stress, can make your belly grow. Speaking with a doctor will help you understand what other factors that may be affecting your weight gain, however here you are about to learn few ways that can shed your stubborn belly fat at ease.

EAT ORGANIC WHEY PROTEIN A diet high in protein may protect you against insulin resistance, add organic whey protein to your meals. In one study, obese women who ate a diet for eight weeks that was roughly 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat lost significantly more fat including visceral pudge than women who stuck to a plan that was 16% protein, 55% carbs, and 26% fat. Your body starts to produce more insulin as you age, since your muscle and fat cells aren’t responding to it properly, and insulin promotes fat storage, especially around your belly

Keep moving.




Jogging the equivalent of 12 miles a week will help you lose belly fat. Researchers found that aerobic exercise burned 67% more calories in the study over resistance training. A regular walking routine will also help you get a flatter belly. Aim for 45 minutes to an hour of brisk walking every day, or try alternating between a brisk pace and leisurely stroll.

Saturated fats in food will pack on more visceral fat than polyunsaturated ones, according to a 2014 Swedish study. When subjects ate 750 more calories daily for seven weeks, either in the form of palm oil (saturated) or sunflower oil (polyunsaturated), the former gained more visceral fat while the latter gained more muscle mass and less body fat.

High intensity cardio may be the ultimate belly fat burner, don’t shy away from weight training and full body workouts; they’ll help you grow stronger and boost your metabolism.

Wild-caught salmon, avocado, and almond butter are just a few of the delicious foods packed with healthy fats and other nutrients that promote weight loss around the belly.







Obese people who consumed a tablespoon or two of vinegar daily for eight weeks showed significant decreases in body fat, particularly visceral fat, according to a 2009 Japanese study. “One theory is that the acetic acid in the vinegar produces proteins that burn up fat,” explains Pamela Peeke, professor of medicine at the University of Maryland.

Routinely squeaking by on five hours or less per night increases visceral fat levels, according to a 2010 Wake Forest University study. As you likely already know, 8 hours is the number to aim for and is ideal for losing belly fat. Insufficient sleep can boost hunger and appetite, which may lead some people to make unhealthy food choices late at night.

The acetic acid in the vinegar slows how fast food empties from your stomach and thus makes you feel full for longer. This will help to reduce your intake rate.

If you’re sleep deprived, your hedonic drive for certain foods gets stronger, and your ability to resist them may be impaired. So you are more likely to eat it


Green Tea.



Postmenopausal women who tried yoga for 16 weeks reported significant reductions in visceral fat in one 2012 study. Or, if you’re just not that into downward dog, any sort of relaxation exercise, even simple deep breathing, can help—the key is to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to belly fat.

Moderate exercisers who stocked up on the antioxidants found in green tea, called catechins, were more likely to lose belly fat while exercising than those who didn’t take them. One study put the daily dose at 625 mg, the equivalent of two or three eight-ounce cups of green tea.

Gentle yoga can help you step away from the self-criticism when you overeat from time to time, and prevent you from falling off the wagon completely.

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis green tea helps in fat metabolism by reducing food intake, interrupting lipid emulsification and absorption, lipid synthesis and increasing energy expenditure via fat oxidation .

Soluble fiber may do a trick As in, make sure you’re eating a lot of it. In a 2011 trial, subjects who increased their soluble fiber intake by 10 grams a day (the equivalent of two small apples, one cup of green peas, and one half cup of pinto beans) reduced visceral fat by 3.7% after five years.


Smartphones can affect humans’ mental abilities. What are the effects of smartphones on the brain? Given the prevalence of smartphones today, it is a question of interest for health care practitioners, mental health professionals, educators, parents, and anyone who happens to use a smartphone on a regular basis.If you were asked to go a day without your smartphone, do you think you could do it easily? Researchers who have asked participants to go without their phones for various periods of time have found that breaking the technology habit, even for a relatively short interval, can be exceedingly difficult. Walk into any public venue and you will probably find people using their phones for a variety of purposes, from conducting business calls to checking their email to updating their Twitter. Our phones have become an inextricable part of our lives. But does this reliance on smart phones have any impact on our brains? Effects of Smartphones On the Brain Recent research suggests that smartphone usage does indeed have an effect on the brain, although the long-term effects remain to be seen. In one study presented to the Radiological Society of North America, researchers found that young people with a so-called internet and smartphone addition actually demonstrated imbalances in brain chemistry compared to a control group. Another studying appearing in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research found that cognitive capacity was

significantly reduced whenever a smartphone is within reach, even when the phone is off. Some recent research suggests that it might. Experts suggest that all of this phone use can have an impact on children’s social and emotional development, that it can impair our sleep patterns, and that it might even turn some people into lazy thinkers. Phone and Tablet Use Might Impair Social-Emotional Skills The use of mobile devices becomes especially problematic when such devices replace hands-on activities that help develop visual-motor and sensorimotor skills. Using such devices to entertain or pacify children, they warn, might have a detrimental effect on their social and emotional development. “If these devices become the predominant method to calm and distract young children, will they be able to develop their own internal mechanisms of self-regulation?” Your Smartphone Might Be Keeping You Up at Night Using your smartphone or tablet at bedtime might be interfering with your sleep, and not because you’re staying up late to check your email, scroll through your Facebook news feed, or play a game of Trivia Crack. Instead, some sleep experts warn, it is the type of light emitted from your mobile device’s screen that might just be messing up your sleep-cycle, even after you turn off your device.


In a study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, a dozen adult participants were asked to either read on an iPad for four hours each night before bed or read printed books in dim lighting. After five consecutive nights, the two groups switched. What the researchers discovered was that those who had read on an iPad before bedtime displayed a reduction in levels of melatonin, a hormone that increases throughout the evening and induces sleepiness. It also took these participants more time to fall asleep, and they experienced less REM sleep throughout the night. Smartphones Might Make Your Brain Lazy Mobile devices don’t just offer distraction these days. You no longer have to memorize phone numbers or keep a Rolodex on your desk—all that information is neatly stored on your phone’s contact list. Instead of mulling over questions you might have about the world around you, you can just grab your phone and Google the answers. Instead of trying to remember important appointments, meetings, or dates, you simply rely on an iPhone app to remind you of what you need to accomplish each day. And some experts warn that this over-reliance on your mobile device for all the answers might lead to mental laziness. In fact, one recent study has found that there is actually a link between relying on a smartphone and mental laziness. Smartphones don’t necessarily turn people from deep thinkers into lazy thinkers, but it does suggest that people who are naturally intuitive thinkers—or those who act based on instinct and emotions—tend to rely on their phones more frequently. LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018


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 PROFILE Name: Batuli Mohammed Title: Miss Grand Tanzania 16/17 Height: 174 Cm Weight: 55 Kg

Im three people in one person. Batuli as a model,Tuly a sweet and charming girl and Batuli as Miss Grand Tanzania. Batuli Mohammed

Mohammed is an entrepreneur, a winner of Miss Grand Tanzania 2016/17 as well as a student at IFM pursuing Bachelor of Science in social protection. Batuli



Life after the applause...


ISSUES THAT WINNING FEELING It is another season where our reporters roam in different corners trying to persuade different winners to tell us the secret feeling behind victory. The golden envelope was opened and her name popped up, Batuli Mohammed; diverse kinds of feelings decorated the stage with a company of big applause. Life continued to this very day where Batuli tells us what good or bad has commenced in her life since that joyful day. It was the awards season, the time of nominations, shortlists and statuettes. And if you happen to be up for one, you’ll be in the spotlight. But how much more intense it would be if you are crowned so as to speak on behalf of the oppressed ones? You get to know that you are the ambassador of everyone in promoting peace and protecting the minority against gender based violence countrywide; how hard is it going to turn out? Then you come to realize that being a Miss Grand Tanzania means that you bear those responsibilities. You keep your head up and thank your lord while many citizens across the continent are settling down to watch your reactions and judge your acceptance speech.

BATULI MOHAMMED MISS GRAND TANZANIA Batuli Mohammed is an entrepreneur, a winner of Miss Grand Tanzania 2016/17 as well as a student at IFM pursuing Bachelor of Science in social protection. We asked her to describe the experience of being honored by Miss Grand competition which is simply a campaign to promote peace and fight gender based violence in Tanzania. How did the award change her? What did she learn from the experience? And did it really make a difference to her career? “Wow! Unforgettable moment! It was a surprise because the competition was tough. Couldn’t stop myself from crying.” Batuli speaking about being crowned as Miss grand TZ 2016/17. She tells the mass about her modelling race and wining mentality saying that: “I am a model who was inspired by Tyra Banks; I started small up to this day and am thankful enough for what I have achieved. In modeling races there are many unforgettable things that may make you laugh and give you strength to go on at the same time. For example I can’t forget one photoshoot which was my very first swimsuit photoshoot in 2016 during the competition of Tausi Likokolaʼs African Princess Model Search. It was being aired on TV and I had never posed in a swimsuit and a photographer was a man!! I won because I had passion and worked hard; in modeling industry you may find models with some stuffs you miss and they may find you having some stuffs they miss. So I use my unique gifts and skills to outsmart


my opponents. I am always ready to learn; I learned many things through modeling. Despite the challenges that I face, I learned to be punctual with the people I work with. And as we know that good relationship with people always helps in decorating someone’s reputation and building trust. And in so doing, that person tends to succeed easily in many things that he/she does. And that completely defines my winning mentality. I worked among diverse groups of people including Coca Cola team for billboard commercial. It was a big team with many models, therefore ,y teamwork skills are not to be doubted too.” “Since 2017, I am still introduced and written about as ‘Miss Grand Tanzania’, and I think it has helped me to learn and try to create a better version of myself. The tittle has helped me to be dynamic in handling different life situations; am always trying to get the best out of anything that comes across. . For instance, with experience I learnt to improve my walk and posing whenever I work with model who looks taller than me because always I feel like I am not tall enough. That is a simple scenario relating to modeling, but think of this dynamism in a broad way that covers all life aspects Honestly the experience is exciting since it has changed my way of living and doing things. It has helped me to be professional from the way i talk and dress, it has taught me to be punctual and humble as we know that no one would want to work with a person who is arrogant. Also I learnt to be creative in doing my day to day activities. I consider myself as a creative person because I have a lot of ideas and if one day I will get to create my own product, it will be shoes. I want to have my own brand of shoes! It has also helped to elevate my discipline level in order to match my professionalism and strengthen my punctuality. Some may not know Batuli behind modelling but I can describe myself as a person who is driven by ethical principles of discipline, professionalism and punctuality. I do things according to my principles; for example if someone ask me to take nudes while I don’t take nudes, normally I say NO I dont take nudes. Generally I’m three people in one person. Batuli as a model, Tuly a sweet and charming girl and Batuli as Miss Grand Tanzania. Being an icon in the society proves that you are strong and willing to help others who are weak; the title has helped me to reach many citizens who require my help as I am dealing with peace and gender based violence campaigns countrywide. The title has also helped me to participate in Miss Grand International at Vietnam where I learnt many stuffs that can help in upbringing todays’ youths and build a better society.” Batuli Mohammed speaking She expects to be a better person, she faces many challenges since the industry is still growing in Tanzania. She advices people to attempt self-employment and follow their own dreams. They should always move forward with a belief that they can do what they want to do. In doing so, they will always bear prosperity in their lives. LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018




It’s another season again where we gather our energy and strengths to find the most Lit item or trend for you; as it has always been a part of our DNA as fashion lovers. This is a flashback season where we are sure that you will be able to have a glimpse at some dope and outstanding styles of 2016/2017 from a youngest fashion desiger; Shahbaaz Sayed Yusuf. Drape dress, maxi abaya, angelica look and black rose are among his designs from black affair and angel versus devil collections that will inspire and touch your heart. These fabrics were skillfully made to ensure that they comfort you in different enviroments. For every fashion lover especially women; we are sure that these styles will make the most out of your looks in different occasions. Shahbaaz Sayeed Yusuf is a youth who has succeeded to show his abilities in fashion industry for he has hosted many collections in different fashion events such as Swahili fashion week 2016 & 2017, data in khanga fashion show, aqua Sundays, FASDO finale fashion show and blackfox VIP relaunch party . He was nominated in African youth awards as a young fashion personality of the year 2017. He also emerged victorious in different competitions such as Swahili fashion week emerging designers’ competition, best personality award by FASDO and khanga design challenge.

“keep doing what you think is right for you, never stop learning, be ready to change, believe in yourself, invest in your dreams and most importantly work hard” Shahbaaz Sayeed Yusuf LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018



Name: Shahbaaz Sayed Yusuf Career: Fashion designer Age: 21 Years Nationality: Tanzania

Shahbaaz Sayed Yusuf aspires to dress many celebrities in their music videos including lady gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Taylor swift. Working with them would be like a dream come true to him and he is working his way towards it.

 ittsbazzi_official LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018


name: drape dress material: soft velvet

n m



name:Black rose material:floral lace &bridal satin

name:maxi abaya material:royal silk name:Angelica look material:floral lace &manipulated cotton





Mecco- Mwanza

Always I make sure that she is my best friend . I take the time to first just have fun with her, learn all I can about what she likes and dislikes, have adventures and make her laugh. And i know that she is a person that i really like being around with.



Life is always on hand to screw things up and leave you questioning everything; no matter how long you have been together with your partner. There are many things needed to be done in order to make your relationship go the distance. What do you do to make your relationship last longer?



Tabata - Dar es salaam


I am always fulfilling my relationship responsibilities.


Sometimes i dont want to do the same thing as him all the time but i do anyways. That means doing things like chores, or errands, or going to his stupid work party just because I know it makes him happy; and as his partner I am obliged to do that.


I am always trying to make her smile.


I am always saying “I love you” to him without restraint.


I dont let fights happen to separate us, i have faith in him.

Njiro - Arusha

The most important thing is to make sure that she smiles everytime. I make my girl laugh, give her presents, take her out and enjoy to see he smiling face. I dont care about expenses and I know that all she needs is my trust and loyalty. ARNOLD LUPENZA 

I am always courting her and I will never stop.

 

Masaki - Dar es salaam

I dont get tired to utter those three little words to him and i know more is always better than less. I cant say too much to him and i know that is what keeps my relationship to be in a good shape.


Nkuhungu- Dodoma

Sometimes we fight with each other. But just because we’re mad at each other doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, and every fight doesn’t mean that our relationship is ending.

Mbezi - Dar es salaam

I am always out of my way trying to do small things to show her that I care. I learn all I can about her and continually try to make a good impression; like those late nights we had while we were dating. She has always been my priority.

HOW TO BULLET PROOF YOUR RELATIONSHIP ..... Simple considerations that may be hepful. There are many things to consider when you are in a relationship with someone as long as you want it to last long. Here are few considerations that may get you up and running with a strong relationship. TALK ABOUT YOUR DIFFER ENCES It was Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, that alerted us to the fact that the word ‘love’ is capable of so many meanings. Your partner’s definition of love could be to buy you presents, when you’d rather spend time together. You might think that you’re demonstrating how much you love him by telling him how proud of him you are while he only feels loved when you have sex. But if that’s the case, then you’re both likely to feel uncared for. But all is not lost. If you can talk through your differences and understand likes and dislikes of your partner; then make a conscious effort to try to deliver what the other needs, you can bridge the gap.

GET EMOTIONAL Apparently one of the most crucial factors in relationship success is whether you can each respond to each other’s emotional needs. This doesn’t mean that huge temper tantrums should be par for the course – unless, of course, you both enjoy the drama. But the ability to notice when the other needs support and then be prepared to put in time and energy to do so is vitally important. If he’s comfortable talking about emotional things, happy to open up as well as able to listen when you do that’s a really good sign. RESPECT EACH OTHERS’ RE LIGION. It’s obvious that if your religious beliefs are deeply opposed, you need to talk that through. But even if neither one of you follows any religion, aren’t practising, or have turned against your original beliefs, your attitudes to the topic will underpin your moral standards. Being brought up in a particular religion or in none at all may also have created

some of your most influential childhood experiences, and hence your personality. Make sure you appreciate what these means about each other’s world views. UNDERSTAND YOUR INFIDE LITY CONCEPTS It may seem absolutely obvious that you’ll be faithful to each other. But what precisely does that mean? For some people it’s a concern if you talk for too long with members of the opposite gender, while for others anything short of nudity is fine. And then there’s the issue of who with, and in what situation does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas? You need to know you’re on the same page as to what constitutes a lack of loyalty. TALK ABOUT YOUR EXES AT LEAST ONCE Talking about past partners will reveal a number of important issues. First, a big difference in numbers (either way) may make one or both of you feel uneasy, so best to get that cleared early. Secondly, a willingness to have the conversa-

tion will build trust between you and an unwillingness might reveal his (or your) tendency to jealousy. Lastly, you can set down some agreed guidelines about what contact with past partners is acceptable between you.’ ARE YOU SPENDERS OR SA VERS? ‘In some senses, it doesn’t matter whether he’s a spender or a saver, so long as you are both happy with the result. If you’re both savers, then you’ll be fine money-wise even if you rarely have treats. If you’re both spenders then you’ll support each other to have good times, even if that means you’re often overstretched at the bank. If you differ from your partner, then you may well complement each other, balance out to make sure that there’s always enough money available to keep you afloat. You can mix and match but aware that the outcome of this conversation will predict your financial future.’ Therefore, choose wisely according to your desires.

Tips & Techniques of


Wood carving is a form of woodworking by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand

on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. Good carving comes from practice and experience. And a lot of that comes from bad judgment along the way. It’s never too late to start carving. Many artists have taken up carving after retirement and for some reasons they have found themselves stuck at some points in their early stages of carving due to lack of experience. That’s why we have decided to reveal few wood curving tips and tricks that will ultimately sharpen their curving skills. Soften your piece of wood. Protect yourself. When working with wood that is either too hard or too soft, to Wearing a carving glove when holding a piece being worked on achieve good detail, you should apply a 50/50 mix of rubbing is a good idea, such as with whittling. Place the glove on the alcohol and water to the area. Once the mixture is absorbed into hand holding the piece itself. It could save you from a needless the wood, you should find that it cuts much more easily. This injury. Some people hurt themselves by driving a small palm also works well for cutting against the grain or cross grain. As gouge into the fleshy area at the base of their thumb. Needless an alternative, you can sometimes also apply a coating of How- to say a glove would have saved them from a painful and expenard Feed N Wax. It is a mixture of orange Oil and bees wax that sive error… not to mention not being able to carve for some time. acts as a great finish. But, it also absorbs into the wood and ac- And don’t try to catch a dropped knife or chisel. It is easier to complishes the same thing as the alcohol mix. One material dif- sharpen a dropped tool than it is to repair a finger or toe. If you ference is that it does not evaporate as the alcohol does. This is are wearing sandals, jump back. A small sliver can often be reparticularly good for hard wood but for soft wood you may use a moved by placing a piece of tape over it and pulling it gently off. mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. While any tape can work well for this, duct tape works the best.

Use Sharp tools. Hone your tools approximately once each hour of use. Doing so keeps a fine razor edge on the tool. When honing a knife, make sure that the blade is absolutely flat against the hone. Lifting the blade could cause it to round and became even more dull. Better use a template Using a template can offer many advantages in applying your carving project on wood. A template: (1) can be moved around on your wood ensuing a good fit; (2) can be enlarged or reduced on a copy machine to better fit your wood; (3) can be used over and over again in cases where you are doing multiple pieces; and (4) can help you identify waste wood allowing you to band saw or chisel it off prior to getting into the meat of things. Remember to make a top and side view template that can be aligned with each other on the wood. Use carbon paper or a pattern makers wheel to transfer your work to the wood if you cannot use a pencil around the edges of your pattern. Dont depend on sanding, careful tooling and clean cuts save you hours of sanding.

Letter with a sharp knife. When doing lettering and fine line detail, use a hooked, razor sharp knife. Doing so helps to prevent your knife from coming loose from your cut and slipping or streaking across the wood. If you have not experienced a hooked knife, I suggest you do. The advantages are endless. When using palm gouges, it is easy to bang the knuckles or fingers of the pushing hand on the piece being carved. Once you have banged yourself a few times, wrap the banged spot in vet wrap or elastic bandage material to soften future banging. Banging yourself a few times will make it abundantly clear where to apply the vet wrap. Tools keeping If you don’t have a tool box or tool caddy that keeps tools separated, place a rubber wine cork on the end of your tool to protect the edge. When inserting the tool into the cork, place the cork on a solid wood or plastic surface and carefully push the tool into the cork. DO NOT HOLD THE CORK IN YOUR HAND WHEN INSERTING THE TOOL. Stay Sharp and Happy Carving!


What went wrong with African teams in Russia worldcup? One could curse Japan for their dishonourable exploitation of the rules at Senegal’s expense. And quibble about refereeing decisions that went against Morocco. Bad VAR! But the fact is Africa had no representatives in the knockout stages of the World Cup for the first time in 36 years and no one was surprised. Not since 1982 has there been a World Cup knockout stage without an African side, but where did it all go wrong for the continent’s quintet? It would be wrong to extrapolate too much from one tournament and there are positives to which CAF could point, such as the fact that Senegal and Nigeria, in particular, deployed a clutch of exciting young players,such as Ismaila Sarr, Moussa Wagué and Oghenekaro Etebo, who could become even better thanks to their experience on the global stage.

most notably, of their most creative player, Youssef Msakni. Egypt were able to travel with Mo Salah but plainly not in his best state. There are many issues one could point to a couple of curious weaknesses that African teams displayed during this tournament including flawed defending from set-pieces and a lack of deadly predators. That again raises questions about individuals and incomplete honing of potential and that has a lot to do with resources.

And the role of bad luck does have to be acknowledged. Things might have panned out very differently for Senegal if Colombia had not had a man sent off in the opening minutes against Japan or if only two yellow-card verdicts had gone the other way. Injuries struck Tunisia especially hard even before the tournament began, depriving them, LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018









Nigeria was placed in the traditional “Group of Death” having Argentina, Croatia and Iceland while playing the youngest squad in the tournament featuring 18 players who had never played at a World Cup before. They lost to Argentina and sent back home and left many people wondering why their defence wasn’t bolstered in the closing stages, but the Super Eagles’ Russian campaign was ultimately packed with positives. RUSSIA

Senegal was the continent’s great hopes after winning their first game against Poland.The 2-2 draw with Japan in their next game may have entertained the fans but having twice let go of the lead, it opened the door for a potential slipup against Colombia. Senegal lost out after receiving more yellow cards than the Japanese; six to four with two of the West Africans’ yellows coming in the final seconds of their clash with the WORLD CUP. Asian side.



MOROCCO Morocco’s World Cup campaign was undone after conceding a calamitous own goal in stoppage time of their opening game to gift Iran a 1-0 win.They fell behind early to Portugal in their next game but the North Affricans were impressing with their passing, fluidity and constant attacking drive. In their final game, they continued to impress and were seconds away from inflicting Spain’s first defeat in 23 games if not for the 2010 world champions to draw 2-2 with a stoppage time goal.

EGYPT A team that has dominated African football (with seven continental crowns) ultimately disappointed, never more so than in their final lastgasp defeat by Saudi Arabia. This was supposed to be the tournament in which Egypt changed their lamentable World Cup record, in part because of what was supposedly a weak group and in part because they had one of the world’s best players. Egypt was in the same group with Uruguay, Russia and Saudi Arabia but they failed due to their poor defending.

TUNISIA Tunisia was in a difficult group featuring Panama, Belgium and England; and so it was hard for them to progress. They lost their opening game to England in stoppage time, as an African team once again suffered at the hands of both setpieces and late goals. Despite trailing against Panama, they fought back to 2-1 and so secure their first win in the competition since 1978. However, They left the competition as Africa’s top scorers with five goals from three games and a sense of satisfaction.


Sinza - Dar es salaam

Regarding this problem, there are few considerations such as indiscipline, overdependency to star players, loss of focus especially at the final third. We dont play as a team and somehow we have used aged players such as Obi Mikel from Nigeria. Low investment is also a problem.


Uhindini - Dodoma

Corruption is still a problem, in African football as in Africa in general. Thus the case of Nigeria: The country lacks organisation, especially in the sports industry. We should obviously be investing in football, but money is the main problem due to corruption and greed. LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE AUG 2018



BELIEVES AND SUPERSTITIONS Superstitions have been a part of sports since the beginning. Players and fans alike have their ways of avoiding bad luck. Its another season and we are continuing with the same mystery of sports superstition and believes done by different famous sportsmen and women in Africa and the world at large. We have figured some routines, habits, and superstitions that sportsmen and women believe in them for they will put them in a better position to win every time. A basketball coach chews on a towel during games and a football coach eats turf. But they get better; check out the strangest habits of all.

A soccer team bathed in a crocodile and hippo infested river before a game. This was a pre-game ritual that happened only once, but it bears mentioning. Back in 2008, African football club Midlands Portland Cement was instructed to take a cleansing dip into the Zambezi River by their coach. This was due to the team losing several games in a row and the coaching staff felt the team needed a change of luck before taking on a rival club later in the week. The Zambezi River is not a river someone should swim in, especially where they were located. The particular area of the river where the team swam was close to Victoria Falls and it had especially strong currents. Also, this part of the river was closed off since it was infested with hippos and crocodiles.

Jerry Tarkanian had Jason Terry wears to chew on a towel the shorts of his opduring games ponents on nights before games Jerry Tarkanian was a wildly

Patrick Roy had full NASCAR doesn’t alfledged conversa- low peanut shells on tions with his goal the track posts For a relatively new sport,

successful NCAA Men’s Basketball coach, but the only thing anyone ever wants to talk about is the towel.While coaching a game that took place in a sweltering southern California high school gym, Tarkanian got fed up with having to constantly go to the water fountain, so he wet a towel and chewed on it to keep his mouth from going dry. Ever since that moment, he chewed a towel out of superstition.

It’s super embarrassing to get caught talking to an inanimate object, but Patrick Roy never had such qualms. The NHL legend has freely admitted that he used to talk to his goal posts during his games. Why? “Because they are my friends,” Roy routinely said. Roy is widely believed to be the best goaltender to have ever laced up a pair of skates, so who’s to say he’s crazy for talking to his posts?

In basketball, it’s important to understand the enemy as much as possible. If that means sleeping in the shorts of your opponents, so be it. Do you think that’s weird? Jason Terry sees nothing weird about it. Jason Terry owns a pair of shorts for every single team in the NBA. On nights prior to game days, JET will grab the particular colors of his next opponents and fall asleep in them.


NASCAR sure has a lot of superstition surrounding it.There are no green cars since they are considered as bad luck. No driver carries $50 dollar bills as they are also considered as bad luck. There are no peanut shells permitted on the track. Any other peanut product is fine, just no shells are allowed. This is due to crashes that happened decades ago where peanut shells were found in the wrecks of driver who had died.


Imagine there are 3 coins on the table: gold, silver, and copper. If you make a truthful statement, you will get one coin. If you make a false statement, you will get nothing. What sentence can guarantee you getting the gold coin?

BRAIN TEASER SEND US YOUR ANSWERS THROUGH or Correct answers will be given in the next issue!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Chausiku, who wanted a bright groom so she made up a few logic problems for the wannabe. This is one of them. Based upon the inscriptions on the boxes (none or just one of them is true), choose one box where the wedding ring is hidden

You are travelling down a country lane to a distant village. You reach a fork in the road and find a pair of identical twin sisters standing there. • One standing on the road to village and the other standing on the road to neverland (of course, you don’t know or see where each road leads). • One of the sisters always tells the truth and the other always lies (of course, you don’t know who is lying). • Both sisters know where the roads go. If you are allowed to ask only one question to one of the sisters to find the correct road to the village, what is your question?

Golden box The ring is in this box

Silver box The ring is not in this box

Lead box The ring is not in the golden box




Ninakushukuru Mungu sababu ya bei Hata uhai sikustahili Ninakushukuru Mungu tena sababu ya dhiki ata nikisali unajua namaanisha Siokama eti nilitenda wema kwa kujalisha matendo yako makuu Mimi Mungu ningekulipa nini. Ulikonitoa nisinge moyo wangu matopeni topeni ukaniketisha na wakuu. Umenipaa heshima ukanifuta machozi asante ooh Baba. Hata shukurani zangu kwako nashukuru. Shukurani zangu kwako Baba Aibu umefuta, fedheha umevuta, umenipa amani iliyo ya kweli. Nakumbuka ndani yangu mimi ndo yule amabaye nilitoka na kwa dharau kwisha hai. Kuna kipindi nilikufa nikawa mifupa inayotembea. Ikiwa kwa siku za usoni wakasema tunazika kesho. Ila kwa huruma uliniponya na kaburi Kwa huruma sitosahau wema wako wee. Shukurani zangu kwako nashukuru. Shukurani zangu kwako Baba Asante, Shukurani zangu kwako nashukuru. Shukurani zangu kwako Baba Kama ni kusoma tulisoma wengi umeruhusu niwe na kazi nzuri. Ajali tulipata wengi umeruhusu nibaki na uzima Ndoa zimefungwa nyingi umeruhusu tubaki na amani. Furaha walikosa wengi umeruhusu tabasamu kwangu Na Shukurani yelele Mama, yelele mama, yelelele yelele Mama, yelele mama, yelelele yelele Mama, yelele mama, yelelele yelele Mama, yelele mama, yelelele



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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”. NELSON MANDELA

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KB magazine limitless knowledge issue 02/ Learn and discover different helpful tips that can help you to get the best out of anything that c...

Limitless Knowledge  

KB magazine limitless knowledge issue 02/ Learn and discover different helpful tips that can help you to get the best out of anything that c...