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The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues.

CEO’s Statement Dear Friend, I wanted to introduce you to the story of Larry: Larry, needed to move into a new apartment. Although he was gainfully employed and his financial standing was on the rise from a past job loss, his credit rating stood in the way, and he did not qualify with his intended landlord. He went to friends and family to seek a guarantor for his lease without success. He had no options until his landlord shared with him LeaseLock®. After a successful application Larry moved into his new home. Larry’s full story can be seen at

Attached you will find the full LeaseLock® story and a very exciting investment opportunity which we hope you will consider. Our association with Mucker Lab is as exciting as our product. Mucker Lab is a nationally renowned business incubator/accelerator. They only align themselves with approximately 7 – 14 companies per year, and the success of these associations can be viewed at www. So please take the time to read the attached executive summary, visit the various websites and become a part of history. Representatives from Brolacky Investment Group, one of our financial advisors, will be contacting you to discuss this great opportunity. Sincerely,

Introducing the most exciting new guarantee program for leasing apartments and other residential rental units: LeaseLock®

Reichen Lehmkuhl LeaseLock®’s CEO and Founder

In conjunction with a worldwide rated reinsurer, and with the association of Mucker Lab, LeaseLock® has created a program that assists credit-challenged individuals, foreign nationals with no established U.S. credit, and those who don’t meet the required qualifications to lease their home, by providing landlords with the solid guarantee they seek in order to lease to the applicant with peace-of-mind. The concept of LeaseLock® was born to remedy the needs of millions who suffered a financial loss in a recession, but whose credit ratings, by system design, didn’t recover quickly enough to match the actual financial power of the individual so rated. Those individuals, and now many more, are perfect applicants for a LeaseLock® Guarantee.

Reichen Lehmkuhl CEO - Founder

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