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2 0 0 8 -2 0 0 9 1. Evangelism: Share the gospel with at least 800,000 people in the Russian Federation and former USSR countries through TV and Scriptures. Needed: $ 8,800 2. Global Module Studies (GLOMOS): Continue in 11 cities, equipping over 5,000 leaders, who will serve village and city churches as well as other Christian ministries in their respective countries after graduation. Needed: $ 704,262 3. Hope Center in India: Providing foster parents, a home environment and schooling for up to 100 orphans. This year, we will see the completion of 14 homes, building of the first phase of the medical clinic, and farm building, opening of the farm, providing education to another 100 children from nearby villages, and provision of 10,000 blankets to save lives in nearby villages during the sub-zero winter months. Needed: $ 426,814 4. Hope Center in Ukraine: Complete the renovation of two additional residence buildings, install heat in all buildings for year-round use of center, operation of the Vocational Academy to train 50 adolescent orphans for a meaningful and productive life, provide daily programs for abused women to receive counseling and physical help, and host summer camps for 600 orphans in the summer of 2009. Needed: $ 599,815 5. AIDS programs: Provide AIDS hospice equipment and training to care for terminally-ill patients. Support 20 AIDS widows and 83 children in East Africa with food, medical assistance and micro-enterprise training for job skills. Needed: $ 117,800 Global Action • 7660 Goddard Street, Suite 200 • Colorado Springs, CO • 80920 • 1.888.725.3707

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6. Women of Global Action: Provide leadership training and address issues impacting women and adolescent girls worldwide. Needed: $ 603,815 7. Street kids: Continue daily program of basic literacy training and schooling to over 5,000 children, weekly Bible classes and Sunday School programs on the streets of Kolkata, Delhi and Kerch (Ukraine), including clothing and medical assistance. Needed: $ 46,768 8. New Generation Festival: Train at least 1,000 young Christians (ages 15-30) in Crimea, Ukraine to become fully-devoted followers of Christ, equipping each to share the Gospel with at least five non-Christian friends. This festival will include music, drama, sharing and teaching. Needed: $ 88,800 9. Medical equipment: Provide 25 containers of medical equipment around the world for mission hospitals, clinics and national medical programs of Global Action. This will include wheelchairs and walkers for the physicallychallenged as well as hospital beds, operating tables, X-ray equipment, and dialysis machines for the hospitals and clinics. Needed: $ 21,900 per container 10. Micro-enterprise training: Provide micro-enterprise training for widows and poor women in Central Africa and Ethiopia to enable them to become self-sufficient and to support themselves and their children. Needed: $ 35,552

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Global Action 10 year Anniversary  

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