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When book clients connect with me saying they did some traditional marketing such as book talks and press releases, they did admit their promotion was sporadic and they had some fear of the internet. Unsold books are heartbreakers when you think of all the effort it took to put your book together. You wanted to make a difference in your audience's life; you wanted a life long income for your efforts. Whether you wrote a print book or an ebook you can get best book sales with online book selling. Now you can learn how to market a book on the internet in just a few steps. 1. Market your print book with a free short eBook. That's what the experts do. Give it away to increase unique visitors traffic to your Web site. When your visitor gets any free report or eBook, you collect their email. Now you can stay in touch with them on regular basis and make other offers to them including your book. 2. Share your link to the free eBook at social networking places like twitter. In addition to chat, you can make updates that let the world know what you are doing. This is no cost and pretty nontechie. 3. Reach your audience by email. By now, most of you share information with your audience through a free ezine (e newsletter). This classic way to promote will bring you trusted followers and eventual sales. Share tips and resources and make an offer in each ezine to make it all profitable. For Christmas, I offered my best seller print book at a discount and free shipping for a 3-week period. 4. Write a short ad that first tells the benefits of your book, then either offer the unsold book or do a two-step approach and give them the free report or eBook. Include a link for them to click to the offer and your name. Place this ad in other related ezines and include it in your resource box at the end of your articles you write and submit to high-traffic article directories. 5. Create a Web site landing page for your free eBook or Special Report. Your eBook can be from 10 pages to 50. Your audience will be willing to print these out too. 6. Include the book offer at the end of the free eBook so with an easy click to your product sales page, your audience will be enthusiastic to buy. 7. Discount your unsold books. Or, offer free shipping. By now, you have collected emails of people interested in your topic. Send them a free report first, then follow with an offer to sell your book.

Know that books about money, debt, communication, health, relationships and any how to business book will sell well on the internet. So, get your useful unsold books out to your audience now and spread the wealth.

Judy Cullins helps business people manifest their book dreams. Get her latest top 10 book writing tips at Judy now enjoys networking on Linkedin, Facebook, & Twitter.

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==== ==== Hottest Selling Books ==== ====

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