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What is it and how can we analyze it? To give a brief introduction, let me first explain how I got to know of the 'Easy Automated Income'. I got one of those e-mails promoting the program, and funnily enough it was from one of my reliable contacts, which is the only reason I read it in the first place; the guy had commented on how he was making money through this program and that it was 'easy' to start of with. This guy was already running a successful online business and that I was a member of his newsletter. As I say, it was only because he was normally spot-on that I even clicked the link on the e-mail. When I reached the 'Easy Automated Income' website, I was actually pretty impressed with the new concept, a free e-book that explains a system that shows people how they can make easy money, and even more impressed with what it appears to offer. So, I spent the excess in my PayPal account and half-heartedly purchased my version of 'Easy Automated Income'. Does it work? - read on... o Is EAI really the fastest way to make some extra cash on the market? o Can EAI actually work for newbie marketers with little capital? o And does it actually make any money? Keep reading to find out the truth... Firstly, let me state that this 'Easy Automated Income' is an online business and that with ALL businesses (both online and offline) some hard work and effort needs to be put. The good thing about this program is that you only need to put in MINIMAL work - you have to work smart as opposed to working hard. The more effort will probably mean more money in your PayPal account. In terms of 'Easy Automated Income' being the 'fastest way to make some extra cash on the market' I don't know! This is because I am no internet marketing guru and that I probably don't know of 50% (if not more) of what is out there in the market. I can say, however, that the 'Easy Automated Income' is more than adequate a tool for anyone to make some extra cash online. Can 'Easy Automated Income' work for newbie marketers with little to no capital? The brief answer to this is 'probably' yes! I say this because a step by step marketing method is available for newbie marketers to follow and that no further capital is theoretically needed. It would be easier, however, if one had some (or advanced) marketing knowledge and that they had a marketing budget. For example, an experienced marketer can carry out a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign and make some hefty profits!

Does it actually make money? Yes, hands down. I have personally made money with little effort, and I still remember that first e-mail informing me of a 'PaypPl' payment via 'Easy Automated Income'. This system does make money, it just depends how much? The fact that you get some handy bucket load of marketing products with it is a bonus. Pros: - Easy to start up and anyone can follow the step by step instructions to build their business and hence make some money. - Automated in the sense that everything gets handled for you: website, hosting, marketing, payments, follow up support etc. - Income and a lot of it can be earned via this system, as long as some simple instructions can be applied. Cons: Not much support given by the program leader Mike Williams. Although you only need to correspond with your upline, it would help to have some communication with the writer and founder of the program. - Although you get the details of all those who purchased the products, we do not get access to all those that opted for the FREE e-book, but did not purchase. All marketers know that you need to build your list from all angles and this is maybe a slight flaw. But hey, I've always said that I am a bit of a perfectionist. All in all therefore, I have analyzed this program with a reasonable amount of details and I can conclude that it is a worthwhile business to get involved with. As with all businesses you have to assess the risk to reward ratio; personally the potential reward far outweighed the potential loss.

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Automated Income Website A Must See! ==== ====

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