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iPad is one of Apple's latest and most famous innovations. It combines the functionality of a laptop and a smartphone. With an iPad you can get all sorts of entertainment that you can expect from any other electronic gadgets, and more. You can listen to the music, read digital books, watch movies, and browse the internet, among others. All Apple approved applications can be run in this state of the art device which uses the similar operation system as the iPhone. If you have an iPad, you will need a case or a cover to protect it against dust and scratches. Picking a case or cover can be a little confusing, because there are lots of choices to choose from. If you want to have a reasonable yet decent casing to protect your precious iPad, you can choose one of the three products recommended below: 1. The first product that you might want to consider buying is the CrazyOnDigital iPad Leather Case. It has a very simple, yet elegant and fashionable design. The black exterior leather adds a sense of luxury and the interior padding protects your iPad. 2. You can also consider getting the Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket. This case has a very unique appearance: the front cover comes with a zipper in the middle. It also comes in black. Unlike the CrazyOnDigital case, the Acase features an elastic closure which will guarantee that your device stays put even when you are on the move. Also, it is made with a very high quality leather material just as the name suggests. For that reason, if you are looking for a luxurious case that offers extra protection for your iPad, this product is definitely what you need. The Acase is slightly more expensive than the CrazyOnDigital case, but its features are worth paying the extra money for. 3. For a different look, try the Zagg LEATHERskin for iPad. It comes in plain black, plain brown, and premium alligator design. This protective skin is made of soft, genuine leather, and it gives your iPad the touch of uniqueness and elegance. The LEATHERskin is designed to follow the shape of your device, and the special adhesive keeps it in place. However, it only protects the back of your iPad. For a scratch-free screen, Zagg recommends the InvisibleSHIELD screen protector. All the above products are some of the most popular choices of iPad cases and covers. There's still a lot more available in various gadget stores. Alternatively, you can browse the internet for more choices.

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