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As a beginner piano player there are always lots of things to keep mind. There is probably so much, in fact, that you can begin to find it a little overwhelming. The reality of it is that you only need to focus in on a few aspects at a time. The rest will come eventually. The first thing to always concentrate on is your posture. Make sure you are sitting with your back straight, your feet resting flat on the floor, your elbows at almost a right angle, and your fingers curled and ready to play. The main reason you want to focus on your posture from the beginning is so that in becomes a habit. You want to eventually sit down at the piano and have your body automatically go to the correct posture without thinking about it. The next thing you want to focus on is your scales. Scales are probably one of the most boring things to do on the piano, but the fact is that songs are based around scales. Once your fingers get used to playing the scales that a song is written in you will find it much easier to play that song. This is because your fingers will be used to playing that particular note progression and it will be easier to guide them through the song. The final thing you want to focus on is having fun. Sometimes you just have to push aside the sheet music and the rules and just play on the piano. Just play whatever you feel like. It may not sound great, but you will learn what does and it will come eventually. Just make sure that playing the piano stays fun!

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