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Run Magazine Interview with a local RMT of 8 years ! Find out about running groups in your area Find out what gear you need for running

Everything you need to know about taking up running !

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Gear By: Kristen Black Running should be an important part of everyone's daily routine. It should always be included and done by everyone in order to have a happy healthy life. Although, in order to take part in running you need to make sure you always are wearing the proper gear. The most important gear you need when you are running is of course your sneakers. The proper shoe is key to having a successful run that doesn't result in an injury. When choosing your running sneaker you need to go to a store where there are experienced staff member that can help choose the sneaker that best fits you.

Remember you always need to take into consideration the length, width, and arch of your foot.


Another important gear you need is your clothing. Depending on what the weather is like you need to have the proper clothing. if it is winter you should be wearing spandex under running pants and a wind resistant jacket with a hat on. In the warmer seasons you could wear shorts and t-shirts. Running is an easy way of getting in shape and is a sport that everyone should take part in! So make sure you take it up, but make sure before you do, you have all of the proper gear the your body requires.


Get Motivated and Join a Running By: Eric Burchill If you want to start running, you can either do it by yourself, join

running clubs in your community or at your school. At our school we have running clubs, and I’m sure other schools have them as well. Some clubs at our school that involve running are; track and field and cross country. We even have a class that involves running, which is fitness class. Every second day they go for a two kilometer run, and some days they run longer distances. There are also many running clubs in our community which you can get involved in, and you don’t need to be a fast runner so anyone can join. If you are interested in joining clubs you can search for them online, go to Goodlife Fitness, or talk to the people in the running room store in Saint John. If you would prefer not to join a running club, and just do it for yourself you can do that too. At it shows different ways you could run around Rothesay. There are maps and it also shows the distance of each course. I think this would be a very good way to start your runs, and remember have fun!


Nike Just Do It! 6

Stretching By: Kristen Black A lot of people don't consider stretching their muscles before working out their body. Although, it is a main aspect of running and all other physical activities. Not stretching your muscles before working out is dangerous and could result in a pulled muscle, a tore muscle, or a really sore body.

Stretching loosens your bodies joints and relaxes the muscles, therefore any of those things are very uncommon. Instead of just getting up and beginning a workout you need to slowly start stretching things out in order to warm up your body in preparation to the main activity you are going to be doing When choosing your stretches you need to take into consideration the muscles you are going to be using. Normally it is best to do a routine warm up that includes all of your body. However if you are going to be focusing on one part more than the other you would want to

For example for running you would need to warm up your legs more than anything else. Stretching is definitely key to working out and you should never skip it because it can result in a seri-


Interview with Local RMT, Paige Danaher By: Jerusha Robichaud Massage Therapy is very important and a healthy way to keep up with your muscles and make sure they are being stretched the correct way and in addition to keep them in the best of shape while exercising. Especially for those who run.We interviewed a local Registered Massage Therapist, Paige Danaher who has been a RMT for 8 years. 1) Why is it important to keep your muscles active? For a good physical health and so they don't atrophy (shrink) 2) Should people who are looking to start running visit a RMT before hand? No, but depending on their health perhaps they should join a running club. 3) As well as stretching before a run, would our body need a cool down? Yes most definitely this is needed to lower the heart rate. 4) Most common area to hurt runners? Knees and shins are probably the most common. 5) Ways to help keep our body and muscles well? Drinking a lot of fluids, balanced diet and exercise are contributing factors.


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Muscles Used in Running By: Eric Burchill Running works on many of your muscles, and it is an aerobic exercise that is very healthy for your body. If you are a runner and your leg muscles do not bulk up, it is not because you’re not running enough; it is because running is to increase their strength, tone and endurance. As you push off the ground your ankle extends which works the muscles in your calf. As your foot returns to the ground ready for your next step, you must pull your toes back, which works the muscles in the front of your leg, near your shin.

Your hamstrings are worked when your leg extends behind you after your steps. The muscle that extends your knee to take the next step and absorb the impact of your landing is called the quadriceps. It is on the front of your thigh. The gluteus maximus is worked when your back leg pushed off, so you continue going forward. The adductors and abductors are the muscles of your inner and outer thigh. They get a good workout while you run because their role is to stabilize your hips and stop your knees from dropping inward or outwards.

Running is clearly good for your body and very easy to do. Everyone who wants nice, toned legs should definitely take part in it!


Interview With Local Teen on Running By: Jerusha Robichaud RHS student Claire Flood tells us about her running life style. It clears her mind so she can focus on other things. She compares it to meditation in a different perspective. She enjoys running because it gives her pleasure and satisfactory after finishing a race or simply just knowing that she finished and accomplished what she started and her goal. Running also influences her to be more outdoorsy, she loves running in the woods with nature. When it comes to having a well balanced diet, Flood, likes to treat herself every once in a while but usually sticks to the 4 main food groups. She doesn't eat junk food because after a run she feels fulfilled. Not only does running influence Claire to eat healthy and exercise but it also motivates her to stay positive. Overall, running improves her day to day lifestyle and she recommends that people give it a try.


Make sure you get your vitamins !


Run Magazine  

Running, Running gear, Running clubs, leg muscles

Run Magazine  

Running, Running gear, Running clubs, leg muscles