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Leader-led Movements Helping people of influence live out God’s calling in community

Leader-led Movements Engaging Leaders – Equipping True Followers – Igniting Movements

Version Feb 2012

Faith Opportunities

There are 7 billion people on this earth, 2 billion of whom identify with Christianity in some way, leaving over 5 billion people who do not know Jesus! The people of the world have been moving to cities: in 2009 for the first time the number of people living in cities exceeded the number of people living in rural areas. Adding the number who live outside cities and commute in to work, the workplace population of the cities of the world substantially outweighs those working in rural areas. To make an impact for the kingdom of God in the context of a city with a population of 10 million, we believe that about 10,000 kingdom leaders will be needed. Our question is: how can we help raise up those leaders? Our faith goal for 2020 is, therefore, to see God raise up over 500,000 kingdom leaders in 50 cities around the world. This might mean as many as 100,000 missional communities.

Cities offer huge opportunities to the body of Christ. Since 34 countries represent 80% of the world’s population, one of the criteria for the selection of cities for LLM is that we select at least one city from each of those countries. Expressing this a different way – the world’s population is concentrated in less than 18% of the countries, and more than 50% of those people are in cities. That means LLM has the opportunity to engage kingdom leaders who can spread their collective influence to billions of people who need Jesus more than they know! LLM stands prepared to support teaching, training, coaching, preparation and distribution of materials, and direct interaction with kingdom leaders in cities around the world. And, thankfully, we have already selected 30 target cities that will be evaluated with our City Planning and Evaluation Tool and brought into area planning.

LLM Overview

The Vision & Mission:





The mission of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCi) is to win, build and send (WBS) Christ-centered multiplying disciples who launch spiritual movements. Leader-led Movements (LLM) is one of four global field strategies of CCCi considered essential to fulfilling that mission (i.e. “mission critical”) and thereby for attaining concrete results for the global vision of “Movements Everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus” by 2020. LLM’s specific contribution to the mission is “to reach, engage and equip leaders who ignite and accelerate Christ-centered movements that renew the domains of society – business; education; family; government; arts, sports, and entertainment; religion and media.

LLM’s primary objective is to win, build and send true followers of Jesus who are productively engaged in movements – everywhere. Our focus is leaders: Domain Leaders (those leaders in 2

the workplace who are highly influential within their domains) and Kingdom Leaders (those leaders who believe in Jesus Christ). We want to help Kingdom Leaders lead through missional communities that share our mission of the Great Commission and Great Commandment, draw people toward a saving relationship with Jesus Christ with opportunities to be developed fully as true followers of Jesus and help launch other missional communities that lead to movements. We envision these movements throughout cities all around the world, where each city has either discovered or re-discovered a reverence for God and a reliance on true followers of Jesus for the well-being of the city and its culture.

Our Core Strategies:

The daily work of Leader-led Movements (LLM) is to help people of influence live out their calling – that unique purpose for which God has designed them and has provided gifts and experiences to be utilized in His plan. We see these people of influence as potential Kingdom Leaders living out their Kingdom Calling through the power of the Holy Spirit. The help provided by LLM comes in three forms: (1) introducing Domain Leaders in the workplace to Jesus, supporting them in basic discipleship, and teaching them appropriate ways in their culture to be a light within their own workplace environment that attracts others to follow Jesus; (2) challenging Kingdom Leaders to an empowered coherent life where faith connects to work to produce an integrated life under the power of the Holy Spirit; and (3) encouraging Kingdom Leaders to look beyond themselves to steward the work God has for them in His Kingdom on this earth, especially looking for ways to restore individuals, families and communities to a vibrant health.

Our Desired Outcomes:

We look for many multiplying missional communities in each domain, led by Kingdom Leaders living out their kingdom calling in what we call the empowered coherent life. We therefore focus on working through Kingdom Leaders in the workplace, believing that God has already placed leaders in those cities, whom He intends to engage in serving His kingdom purposes. As God’s common grace is extended we expect to see societies change.


o CCC Local Movement Indicators are used to measure, evaluate, assess and correct LLM movements at the local level in cities •

faith actions (Mass Exposures, Gospel Conversations, Gospel Presentations, Follow-up, Holy Spirit Presentations and Training for Action) necessary to produce and sustain a critical mass of Kingdom Leaders at the various stages of spiritual development (Professing Believers, Engaged Disciples and Multiplying Leaders).

o Additional LLM unique measures will be employed in the following areas: •

• • • •

number of domains engaged percentage of domain leaders engaged per domain

(assuming 1 domain leader per 1000 people working in a domain)

number of missional communities in each domain number of changed families number of changed communities


The Empowered Coherent Life

A core element for Kingdom Leaders in the context of Leader-led Movements is called the “empowered coherent life.” God’s design for life is coherent; that is, one’s life should be consistent across all its aspects—including the community, the workplace, every “place” where I live my life. However, many potential Kingdom Leaders compartmentalize their lives in such a way that places their vocation outside the real effective control of God. When this occurs, it is not possible for that leader to lead well in God’s Kingdom. Robert Fraser reports that just 3% of Christians are called to vocational ministry. 1 That means that 97% are called to other vocations! And where do we find these other members of the Body of Christ? All throughout the community, representing the domains of society where we all live and work such as business, government, education, entertainment (including arts and sports), media, and family.


By definition, “coherent” means logically connected, consistent, seamless, harmonious and integrated. Its meaning is closely connected to that of “integrity.” When we look at Jesus, we see a life that is consistent, seamless, harmonious, and integrated.

Steve Garber suggests that, in order to obtain a life that I am here calling “coherent,” one needs three important ingredients: (1) a worldview robust enough to stand up under pressure in a pluralistic society, (2) a mentor who incarnates that worldview, and (3) a community that embodies that worldview. 2


The “empowered” life is found in the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. Though a biblical worldview can help us understand the notion of a coherent life, a consistent, seamless, harmonious and integrated life, only the Spirit can give us the power to live that coherent life everyday.

Being continuously empowered requires the development of a desire and capacity to walk and dwell with Jesus. Though this development does not make everything in life easy, a commitment to being with Jesus continually will over time yield a life lived under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus says that we will “do even greater things than these” if we develop a faith in Jesus that is true, genuine, deep, unwavering – because we have been with Him and trust Him. A phrase that I think captures the goal we should have about our life with the Holy Spirit is this: “obtain and retain the perpetual presence, fullness and illumination of the Holy Spirit.” 3 As we seek to be continually filled, empowered and controlled by the Holy Spirit, our lives will not only be a light to the world, but a light underscored by “even greater things than these.” 1 2 3

Robert Fraser, Marketplace Christianity, p.6. Steven Garber, The Fabric of Faithfulness Dan Arnold, April 2011


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