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Please Pray for the miraculous and complete healing of

Anna Grace Beier (diagnosed with osteosarcoma)

if it be according to your Holy and Perfect Will.

Youth Prayer through Intercession of Blessed Chiara Lord Jesus, you lived as a young man and thus sanctified the youth. You gave me this day where my youthfulness could be a blessing for the entire world. I thank you, Lord Jesus. You sanctified the youth with your precious blood and anointed it with your Spirit. Grant me the grace to be light of the world. Bless my parents who gave me birth, bless my brothers and sisters, bless all the young men and women of the entire world. I adore you, confessing you as the Saviour and the Lord of my life. Bless me with good friends and genuine friendship. Help me to stand for the unchangeable values in the midst of this changing world; lead me

from sight to insight. You won victory over Satan with the Word of God; may I too keep the divine Word in my heart and flee from the worldly hallucinations natural to my young age. Transform me into a true citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven; make me a friend of yours. Your handmaid, Blessed Chiara Badano, knew to live a holy life in the midst of the hubbubs of the postmodern age. She became a model and guide for the youth of this age. She continues to pray for us. Through her intercession I present before you my special intentions (…). Grant me the grace to live this day for you, accepting everything from your hands, saying with her: “If you want it, Jesus, so do I”.

Pray for Anna  

Prayer for Anna Beier

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