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“Inspired Technology Leadership to Transform Teaching and Learning”

M ARCH 2014


TECHNOLOGY BYTES Naomi Harm, CEO ◆ PO Box 188, Brownsville, MN 55919 ◆ (608) 386-2018 ◆ ◆

Greetings and Happy March! Many of us in the Midwest we are certainly eager and awaiting warmer temperatures and a chance to send those shovels packing. It is an exciting time of the year as we hopefully begin to start seeing a change in the seasons as well as the return of other outdoor wildlife and a chance to rejoin the outdoors ourselves. This month teachers also PO Box 188 Brownsville, MN 55919 Phone: (608) 386-2018 Email: #nharm


begin to reflect on all the accomplishments their students have made to date, but then begin to worry over all the curriculum left to cover before years end. Set a plan and involve your students in the process to see that your goals are attained before the end of the year. Most of all remember to enjoy the moments and time spent with your students, have fun and think SPRING!

Click on the appropriate app icon below to download our app! app/innovative-educatorconsulting/id737480444?mt=8 apps/details? id=com.conduit.app_2318c8d33 d6845f6824c2a14923576f9.ap Conduit-Innovative-Educator-

INSIDE THIS ISSUE IEC’s Inspiring Professional Development Workshop Opportunities .................................................................................... 2 IEC Constructive Play Time and Contest..................................................... 3 Googly About Google ............................................................................................ 4 Show Me the Money: Contests and Grants............................................... 4 Redesign Your Classroom Learning Environment ................................. 5 Personalize Learning with Professional Learning Communities ............................................................................................................ 5


Must Have Music Apps....................................................................................... 6 From the Blog Shelf .............................................................................................. 6 The Digital Buzz Radio Show............................................................................. 7 Chats with Deb ....................................................................................................... 7 An Eye on the Globe: Global Collaboration ................................................. 7 And the Oscar Goes to... Celebrating Video Creation! ......................... 8 Celebrating Women’s History Month .......................................................... 9 St. Patrick’s Day Treasures .............................................................................. 9

I NNOVATIVE E DUCATOR C ONSULTING ’ S I NSPIRING P ROFESSIONAL D EVELOPMENT W ORKSHOP O PPORTUNITIES March 20 Getting Started with Google (Level I) Host Site: Westby School District Attendees will learn how to navigate and actively utilize the Google Apps environment through Google Drive while experiencing the Gmail interface, managing of calendars, creating and sharing folders/labels, collaborating on documents, presentations and forms.

March 28 Total Participation Techniques: Flipping Your Instruction to Maximizing Student Engagement and Inquiry Host Site: Westby School District It’s called “Flip Teaching” or “reverse teaching.” Educators embracing the Internet and social media as an instructional tool, and then recording their lessons and posting them via YouTube or embedded into a Google Site, Google Form, blog, wiki or LMS for students to complete after school or at home. Some educators blog what is covered in class and the homework, which includes the lesson videos, podcasts, reflection PDFs, and online worksheets, where students can check their own work.

COST Unless otherwise indicated, the cost for a 1-day workshop is $125/person. If you register a team of three from your district, you can send a fourth person for FREE!

GRADUATE CREDIT One graduate credit is available for all workshops through Marian University for an additional $175

CONTACT INFO For questions regarding registration, please contact Kim Berg at (608) 781-5280 or email For questions regarding workshop content, please contact Naomi Harm at (608) 386-2018 or email

REGISTRATION Go to to register for any workshop. Enrollment is limited, so register early to save your spot!

SUMMER TECH SPLASHES The following dates are confirmed for Summer Tech Splash events. Watch for more dates to be finalized in the coming months. Summer 2014 is going to knock your socks off with great variety of creative content workshops. You won’t want to miss it!

April 8 Get Your Google On! (Level II) Host Site: Westby School District Participants will take a deeper look and immerse themselves in intermediate to advanced techniques utilizing Google Apps, Chrome Apps and Extensions, Google Scripts to automate their workflow. Participants will also explore Google power searching tips, as well as how to use Google Apps and other resource tools to extend mobile learning opportunities for all of their students.

JUNE 11 - 13!.................................. PORTAGE, WI !

AUGUST 11 - 12!................. WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI

The following dates/locations are tentative. Watch your email and our website for finalized events. JUNE 18 Galesville, WI JULY 16 - 17 Iowa-Grant, WI JULY/AUGUST Altoona, WI

Stay tuned for more dates coming soon. Watch your email or the Innovative Educator Consulting app for more details!

AUGUST 5 - 6 Winona, MN


IEC'S 20% C O N S T R U C T I V E P L AY TIME CONTEST YES YOU CAN BE A WINNER! "If you were encouraged to explore, tinker, and follow your curiosity for learning as 20% of your work week- through constructive play time, what passion-driven idea would you pursue to enhance your profession as an educator and WHY?" Tell us your story, and share your ideas through this Google Survey or scan the QR Code below to enter your ideas, and you and two team members could have the opportunity to win a collaborative tech team pass at one of our 2014 Wisconsin or Minnesota Summer Tech Splash events. Lookout K-20 educators, Summer 2014 is going to knock your socks off with great variety of creative content workshops at all of our Summer Tech Splashes! Contest deadline submission is May 1, 2014 by 5PM CST. The winning educator will be contacted by Naomi Harm, and the official announcement will made in the May 2014 IEC Technology Bytes newsletter. All names will be entered into a random name selector drawing and a video screen capture recording will be utilized to showcase the random results of the winning educator name. Collaborative tech team pass is valued at $750.00 which is equivalent of the PD registration fees. The tech pass does not include travel expenses and can not be exchanged for the cash value. ** You may enter only once to qualify for this educator contest.

IEC Consultants: Tim Nielsen, Jeff Harm, Deb Norton, Jennifer Malphy

IEC C ONSTRUCTIVE P L AY T IME "While the boss is away the employees will play!" Yes, that's right, Naomi will be in Portland for the first week in March participating and presenting at Intel's Global Round Table Summit with international edtech leaders. This means "constructive playtime" is expected from her employees. You may ask, what is "constructive playtime?" Constructive playtime within Naomi Harm Innovative Educator Consulting (IEC) means all of our edtech consultants are encouraged to explore, tinker, seek, dig deeper, and follow their curiosity for learning and understanding of a new concept or an idea. Then at our next "genius hour" team meeting, we share out our new gained learning skills, discussions of new ideas or passion driven concepts one would like to put into action/practice to enhance our lineup of PD workshops.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CONSTRUCTIVE P L AY T I M E A N D T H E 2 0 % P R O J E C T ? How about "The 20% Project ~ Like Google In My Class" What is the 20% Project in Education? 20% Project Template Series 20% Time in Education Google+ Community Genius Hour/Passion Project/ Google 20% Time Genius Hour Rubric of Creativity


G O O G LY A B O U T G O O G L E Google Doodles are very popular by common visitors to the google search page. There are always unique and creative displays of the Google Doodle. Help your students join in the competition for their chance to have their doodle viewed by millions. Visit here for more information! The competition ends Thursday, March 20th. 2013 Winner was Sabrina Brady from Sparta, Wisconsin. Her submission was titled: “Coming Home” for last years contest with the theme: “My Best Day Ever…” The Innovative Educator Consulting team and approximately 200 educators celebrated Sabrina’s wonderful accomplishment during a 2-day Technology Bootcamp hosted by the Sparta School District. You can read more on Sabrina’s accomplishment by visiting the Google Blog. Take part in the 2014 Google Science Fair. Watch an introduction video here. Google is calling for students age 13-18 to present their innovative ideas as a part of its 4th annual competition. Past students have met the challenges of anti-flu medicine, ways to beat cancer, a battery-free flashlight, banana bioplastics, and more efficient ways of farming. Unleash your students creativity. Project submissions must be made by May 12th and the winner will be announced in mid September. With a downloaded Google Spreadsheet from get started designing your own online flashcards. Create sets and share to the web for your students to practice unit review, vocab, or other tested skills. Include pictures or YouTube videos on the cards as well. This is a great classroom resource to check out! Kaizena is a tool to leave voice comments on Google Docs. New improvements were just made to improve performance and help to support teachers leaving ongoing feedback to student writing. Kaizena is a Chrome/Drive App that can be used to provide audio feedback to students or other collaborative team members directly on the doc. You can view their latest blog post here. Imagine the possibilities! Spreadsheets: Select multiple cells in Google Spreadsheets Google Drive Tip: Select certain files to sync locally with Drive Sync Create Appointment Slots in Google Calendar for parent meetings or student presentations in class 12 Ways to Leverage the Power of Google Drive in Classroom Instruction

Sabrina Brady’s “Coming Home” winning Google Doodle

S HOW M E THE M ONEY : C ONTESTS AND G RANTS Wearable Technology Contest--MakeIt Intel Due Date: March 23, 2014 (First level closing date) What’s your vision of the ultimate wearable technology? Explain it in a one minute video and you could win in Intel’s newest competition. Those who parent or work with creative young minds, please pass on this question and the following video to inspire something great. Solve For Tomorrow Contest Due Date: April 14, 2014 The Contest challenges entrants to describe how STEM can help improve the environment in their communities. Samsung will select 15 schools to receive $35,000 technology grants. Innovative Educator Consulting’s 20% Constructive Play Time Contest Due Date: May 1, 2014 "If you were encouraged to explore, tinker, and follow your curiosity for learning as 20% of your work week- through constructive play time, what passion-driven idea would you pursue to enhance your profession as an educator and WHY?" Tell us your story, and share your ideas to win a collaborative tech team pass at one of our 2014 Summer Tech Splash events. Wisconsin IDEAS Student Photo Contest Due Date: May 6, 2014 Students in grades 6 - 12 may submit images to be judged by quality of composition, elements of design, concept, color and technical quality for a chance to win an iPad Mini, iPod Touch, or iPod Nano.


REDESIGN YOUR CL ASSROOM LEARNING ENVIRONMENT The learning environment is becoming a key discussion among conferences, teacher groups, and educators that need something a bit different. Take a closer look at your current teaching and learning environment you provide as an educator. One must not forget to pay close attention to the Physical Learning Spaces and what and how it guides your students to learn and explore while present in the classroom. The design should evoke pure creativity, collaboration, innovation, and motivation from our students. Here are some resources to consider when redesigning your classroom's physical learning environment to support innovative and engaging learning spaces. ★

Edutopia - 8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom. Check out the 3 part video series showing a redesign project of a classroom.

Robert Pronovost’s Journey of Designing a Makerspace - Planning, The Physical Space, and 2 weeks in Reflection

The Digital Buzz Radio Show - Redesign Your Classroom by Naomi Harm

Classroom Design - by Erin Klein

Collaborative Learning Spaces - So many great ideas and filled with tons of additional resources.

Education Week Teacher - several articles on classroom redesign

Steps to a Classroom Redesign - Time to Jump Into New Territory

P ERSONALIZE L EARNING WITH P ROFESSIONAL L EARNING C OMMUNITIES School Districts across the nation are realizing the impact on classroom instruction by implementing Professional Learning Communities also known as a Professional Learning Networks to many online. Educators meet, collaborate, and plan to improve instruction for all students. Now imagine for a moment if you connected and collaborated with other educators beyond the walls of your district and began to have those conversations focusing on student learning, increasing your own professional knowledge, and gaining a wider more global perspective. Anything is possible with the right team of minds focused on the same vision.


A DDITIONAL R ESOURCES TO SUPPORT YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN PLC’ S . How Connected Educators Transform Schools K-12 Blueprint: A Planning Resource to Personalize Learning 10 Tips for Personal Learning Networks SOME ONLINE LEARNING COMMUNITIES TO JOIN: Intel’s Teachers Engage Simple K12 Edutopia Sophia Learning

Celebrating Music in the Classroom Month MUST HAVE APPS SoundCloud allows you to search and discover new music and audio, search and follow diverse music and audio creators, play playlists, or create your own and share with your followers. Allows users to record audio with one touch and easily share it to multiple social media outlets to showcase their own creations. GarageBand turns your iDevice into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio. You can now make the music anywhere you go, use multi-touch gestures to play a piano, organ, guitar, or the drums. They sound and play like their counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument. Chromatik allows you to practice, create, and share the music you love. Make your account for a new Free tune each day. Includes music for every major instrument and genre, you can play, record your practice sessions, and show off by sharing your performances. The Tune of the Day is part of their rotating catalog with music ranging from top pop hits by Katy Perry to the more classics of Stevie Wonder. NoteWorks is a musical game, designed to teach note recognition and improve sight reading skills. The goal is to help Munchy catch each note as quickly as possible. This game combines learning and fun into a single challenge game. The game meets needs for all ages from beginners to the advanced music students.

FROM THE BLOG SHELF Music Classroom Blogs Ashley Queen’s Music Resources Blog Mrs. King’s Music Class Brandt Schneider’s Things to Come (High School) Christopher Russell’s Technology in Music Education

Other Top-Notch Blogs David Kapuler’s Technology Tidbits Todd Nesloney’s Ninja Reflections on Education

ADDITIONAL MUSIC APP RESOURCES: 110 Free Music Ed Apps 30 iPad Apps for Music Teachers Flipping the Band Room: Apps You'll Flip Over Music iPad Apps

MUSIC CLASSROOM RESOURCES: Cybrary Man’s Music Websites Music and the Common Core Tech Integration in Music (Pinterest) NewsLink: Onalaska, WI-- Music and Literacy Connected Curriculum


T HE D IGITAL B UZZ R ADIO S HOW The Digital Buzz radio will be broadcasting live from Portland, OR the first week of March and again on Friday, March 7th at 9AM CST interviewing Intel Global Roundtable Summit attendees from around the globe. Countries represented at the Summit will include: China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, South Korea, Peru, Russia, UK, Vietnam, and USA. Focus of the Summit is building global relationships around the Intel Teachers Engage Community and maximizing the power of global networking and communication to improve educational teaching and learning practices. To listen to the live broadcast, you can tune in live here. This monthly radio show is broadcasted live the first Friday of every month at 9AM CST and found on The Digital Buzz channel on Spreaker. You can also tap into the archived radio broadcasts from the past two years. In addition, join the Intel Teacher's Engage Community to continue your learning on more collaborative and shared resources from The Digital Buzz radio show and Intel Teacher’s Engage learning community.




“Mrs. Norton’s Neighborhood” In this video, Deb Norton talks about using a site called Scratch to teach students how to code. Deb shows a quick tutorial for students to learn Scratch and several project ideas created with Scratch. Click here to watch this Chat with Deb video. R ESOURCES S HARED


V IDEO : Sharing Technology blogpost Deb's email:

A N E YE ON THE G LOBE : G LOBAL C OLLABORATION Picture It! is a Global Collaboration Project from Projects by Jen. The project aims to connect 23 other classrooms from around the world to work and collaborate together to create 1 collective art piece. This years theme is Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Take a look at project details found here. The project will run from April 7th until May 16th. You can take a look at the ISTE standards this project meets here. Good luck if you choose to take on this exciting offering of Projects by Jen!





C ELEBRATING V IDEO C REATION ! Five Minute Film Festival: Film on Brain Learning Film Smarts: Pinterest Collection to Teach Media and Visual Literacy Visual Writing Prompts

10 A PPS Andromedia Video Editor (Android: Free) Students can edit video saved to their device with Andromedia Video Editor. This app lets them organize clips, crop video and even apply the "Ken Burns" filming technique to still images and videos. Users can add transitions to each clip, edit audio, and record a narration using the microphone on the device. After rendering their video, students can share it on multiple platforms. Animoto (iOS, Android, Website, Free Upgrade Available) Turn your camera roll into beautiful, pro-quality videos. Choose your music, photos, and clips and share amazing videos with your family and friends. Features include: over 50 different video styles, hundreds of songs in our built-in library, photo captions, trim video clips, and share videos via email, message, Facebook or Twitter. Coach's Eye (iOS $4.99, Android Free ) Record it. Break it down. Get better. Improve your pitcher's fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. Coach's Eye makes instant feedback possible on the field or on the go.



Drop n' Roll (iOS Free) Drop’n’Roll is a free video editor to create movies instantly and automatically, and easy share to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Simply feed your iPhone/iPad videos and photos into Drop’n’Roll, add music from your library or pick a theme, and have the app trim, splice, cut and mash it all up into a professional-looking movie complete with a soundtrack, titles and effects. iMotion HD (iOS: Free, Upgrade Available) Your students can create a timelapse or stop-motion film using this video app. iMotion HD lets kids make a movie by combining still photos. They can set this app to take photographs at timed intervals to show elapsed time (like a plant growing or a sunset) or for stop-motion film (using action figures or puppets). With the full version of the app, users can add music and get access to extra export features like uploading their movie straight to YouTube.

iMovie (iOS: $4.99) With iMovie, students can edit video that they've taken with their iPhone or iPad. This powerful app lets kids create feature films and Hollywood-style trailers using the built-in themes and templates. iMovie lets them add titles, transitions and music as they apply different film techniques like slow motion and panning over still photos. Whether your students dig deep into all of the professional quality features in iMovie or simply scratch the surface, they'll create a fantastic final product. Knowmia Teach (iOS and Website, Free) Knowmia Teach is a new free lesson planning and recording tool for teachers and their students. It helps you create short video lessons on any subject and publish them on so students, teachers and the public can find them. Knowmia Teach makes it easy to bring in visual aids from multiple sources, organize them in steps (like slides in a presentation) and use your own voice and fingers to bring your lesson to life. You can design each step in the lesson, record illustrations as you draw them, and create sophisticated animation sequences with a simple stroke of a finger.



CELEBRATING WOMEN’S H I S T O RY M O N T H Women's History Month for Teachers




Librarian interviews Author Shana Corey Scholastic's Women's History Teacher Resources Smithsonian Education For Girls in Science A Mighty Girl

Magisto Video Editor & Maker (iOS, Android and Website: Free) Magisto lets users shoot video from inside the app, edit video saved to their device and create a movie with this footage. Once students select the still images and videos that they want to include, they choose a theme and music. Then the app puts the pieces together. In order to save movies to an album, users will have to set up an account. MoveNote (iOS and Android: $2.99, Website: Free) Create presentations by combining video and synchronized slides. For teachers and students. This tool is Easy to use, great for a Flipped Teaching Tool, and integrates wonderfully into Google Drive. Your personal video presentation will be stored in your own archive. Movenote gives a link for your presentation and you can send the link by email, SMS or publish it on your website or in Facebook, for example. Gmail extension allows you to open and share Movenote straight on Gmail.

Loopster (iOS $2.99, Android, Website: Free) Loopster is the world’s easiest to use HD video editing app! EZ Editing technology lets you rotate, crop, splice, zoom and add sound effects to your standard or HD videos directly from your iPhone or iPad. Advanced editing features such as text, bubble text, title screens, and our revolutionary slow motion effect are also included. You can even record sounds and video directly from the app.

S T . P ATRICK ’ S D AY T REASURES Share the treasures of learning and fun with your students with these activities for the classroom. Projects by Jen: PreK-3 St. Patrick's Day Project (March 13th-19th) Crafts & Recipes your Leprechauns will love St. Patrick's Day School Activities (Pinterest) St. Patrick's Day Activity Printables Read Write Think: St. Patrick’s Day Resource Page


Teacher Vision’s St. Patrick’s Day Resources Scholastic's Everything You Need St. Patrick's Day Books & Activities (Pinterest) 33 Math and ELA St. Patrick's Day Activities Leprechaun Treasure Hunt with QR Codes

We hope March provides for you a wealth of opportunities of inspiration, happiness and gratitude! #TogetherWeAreBetter from the Innovative Educator Consulting Team!

Technology Bytes Newsletter - March 2014  
Technology Bytes Newsletter - March 2014