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EDUCATION Full Sail University Winter Park,FL Recording Arts B.S June 2012 SUMMARY OF SKILLS

Prepared field recorders and microphones for production recording Integrated multiple production recordings into master sessions Performed editing of sound effects to picture Organized and utilized a search engine from an extensive library Handled Basic electronic troubleshooting and maintenance of test equipment functions Created sound effects for interactive applications using middleware Displayed advanced sound design techniques for interactive media Performed synchronization of hardware gear In a studio environment Displayed microphone care mounting and connecting



Academic Projects UDK Sound design & implementation January 2012 Sound Designer Recorded and edited over 50 unique sound effects Maintained and used a library of over 10,000 audio clips Implemented 35 original sound effects into interactive media


Scott Pilgrim Vs the World August 2011 Small effects supervisor Successfully spotted effects cues throughout the reel Responsible for logging workflows used and changes in hardware/software settings throughout the mix Assisted large effects supervisor with sound effect implementation Crealde School of Art: Documentary Orlando, FL Sound Designer September 2011 Responsible for presenting final sound balance of dialogue and effects Created, edited and synchronized music to film

MILITARY United States Marine Corps International Aviation Administrative manager Oct,2006 – Oct,2010 Filed and maintained 15+ aircraft reports daily Delivered monthly maintenance procedures for over 65 aircraft Created and organized a physical and digital file database of all aircraft maintenance related issues



MS Word, MS Excel and MS Windows Filemaker Pro Logic Studio Pro Pro tools FMOD Sound Forge


Raynard Resume booklet