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This book has a unique soruce of artists who are skilled in the art of watercolor. I choose this topic because I find watercolor to be a very unique skill set that is sometimes not appreated enough. When viewers read this I want them to be taken on a journey filled with amazing facts and colorful artwork made from some very interesting artist. This is an amazing read for those who want to learn more about different art styles see what they can take from them. Watercolor is a very beautiful art set focus on the beauty of life as we know it.

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Cindy Agan

Cindy Agan

is an internationally published watercolor, portrait artist, author and teacher. She is self-taught and prefers realism in all mediums. Cindy is the author of the instructional book and art video titled: Painting Watercolors that Sparkle with Life. An excerpt of her video has been included in the video 10 Top Painting Tips with nine other artists from around the world. A popular workshop instructor, Cindy conducts seminars throughout the United States and Canada, and is the recipient of over 70 awards. Cindy’s paintings have also been featured in the following books: The Best of Watercolor: Splash 6 ~ The Magic of Texture; The Best of Watercolor: Splash 7 ~ A Celebration of Light; The Best of Watercolor: Splash 9 ~ Watercolor Secrets; The Best of Watercolor: Splash 10 ~ Passionate Brushstrokes; Drawing and Painting People: The Essential Guide; Painters Quick Reference Series: Birds & Butterflies; Painters Quick Reference Series: Cats & Dogs; and A Celebration of Light:

career began in the early 80’s p a i n t i n g p o r t r a i t c o mmissions, a p r a c t i c e t h a t c o n t i nu e s t o d a y.

Painting the Textures of Light in Watercolor. Cindy’s paintings depicting children have been best described as “in a spirit evocative of Norman Rockwell”. Her work has been accepted and displayed in national and international juried shows, group and solo exhibits, and can be found in private and corporate collections in the USA and United Kingdom. Over 45 of her images have been reproduced as limited edition, giclee prints and greeting cards Artist Statement My art career started with a box of crayons and a coloring book at the age of three and I have been honing my skills e v e r since! My professional

I a m s e l f- t a u g h t i n w at e r c o l o r, w i t h t h e e x ception of a beginner course. Being detail-oriented, I prefer a realistic approach to painting using warm colors on my palette. I apply waterc o l o r p a i n t i n a d i f f e rent fashion than is typically used f o r t h i s m e d i u m . Wi t h numerous g l a z e s a n d h i g h c o ncentrates of pigment I can achieve m o r e i n t e n s e a n d v ib r a n t c o l o r. M y a r t w o r k i s i n f l ue n c e d b y s o m a n y i nterests that bring me joy: flower

gardening, people, animals, antiques, wine tasting and a deep appreciation for architectural details in the US and Europe. U n d o u b t e d l y, t h e r e are more p ai nt i ng s t hat I w ant to do than I have time, but there is nothing I would rather do than work towards that impossible goal.

Behzard Bagheri

“I was born in 1976 in Isfahan, Iran. As a child, I had no formal training in painting or drawing. I started when I went to university at the age of 17. This was when I took a leap into the world of art. Graduated from the University of Art of Tehran in 2003, I have a M.A. in Architecture and have been lecturer in architecture at PNU University since 2005. I started using sketches and watercolors for my architecture designs before discovering that they could also be a way to communicate with others, as well as with myself. I believe that any image that reveals a person’s inner associations and thoughts, and helps the observer to understand and relate to these, is worthy of being depicted. The beauty is in the variety and diversity of these personal experiences.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to reflect on my art work from different perspectives. It is always fascinating and enlightening to know what viewers think of your work, what touches them and how it makes them feel. I wish to learn more and more from other’s comments and from other artist’s works”.

Watercolor and sketching are a journey for me. They represent what I do, how I live and who I am. They are part of my life. I paint urban scenes and people’s daily life. Everyday life inspires me to paint and painting inspires me to live and to discover the world that surrounds me.

Ron Bigony

Ron has been painting DVD’s. Major influencin one way or the other es have been the water since age eight when he colors of Andrew Wyeth, stated drawing and trac- Joseph Zbukvic, and ing cartoon characters John Yardley. Ron loves from the Funny Paper. He to paint land and cityis past President of East scapes and tries to capTexas Fine Arts Associ- ture dramatic lights and ation, President for the darks. He believes that Mt. Pleasant Art Society high contrast of light and in East Texas. A Native shadow invokes an air Texan, he graduated from of mystery to everyday Texas A&M Commerce, object. He is representTexas with a major in ed by Frame Up Gallery, Business and minor in Art. Mt. Vernon, Texas. His career has been in the area of insurance and Bigony likes to use construction. His painting high and low values in education has been aided a painting in order to by many workshops and create a mood for the scene. Good composition and color are a must, but without the use of contrasting values, a painting becomes less visible and less noticed. There are many reasons painters paintdecoration, communication, and even political statements. Ron’s reason for painting is to catch the mood and mystery of a place and time. “He is moved by the sounds of geese in flight for the winter, an

old cornfield with crows and owls or a delapidated barn or house long deserted in a farmers field.” Ron has been painting in one way or the other since age eight when he stated drawing and tracing cartoon characters from the Funny Paper.

san pedro boat harbor He is past President of East Texas Fine Arts Association, President for the Mt. Pleasant Art Society in East Texas. A Native Texan, he graduated from Texas A&M Commerce, Texas with a major in Business and minor in Art. His career has been in the area of insurance and construction. His painting education has been aided by many workshops and DVD’s. Major influences have been the water colors of Andrew Wyeth, Joseph Zbukvic,

inaugural parade and John Yardley. Ron loves to paint land and cityscapes and tries to capture dramatic lights and darks. He believes that high contrast of light and shadow invokes an air of mystery to everyday object. He is represented by Frame Up Gallery, Mt. Vernon, Texas.Professional Affiliations:American Watercolor Society, Southwest Watercolor Society, Signature Member of National Watercolor SocietyAwards and Exhibitions:American Watercol-

or Society 145th International Exhibition 2012 American Watercolor Society High Winds Medal Award 2012American

Watercolor Society Traveling Exhibition 2012Western Federation of Watercolor Society 37th show 2012National Watercolor 2013 Annual Members ShowNational Watercolor Society 2013 Annual ExhibitionNational Watercolor Society Signature Membership 2013Southwestern Watercolor Society 48th Annual 2011 Membership ShowSouthwestern Watercolor Society 49th Annual 2012 Membership ShowSouthwestern Watercolor Jack Richardson & Co. 2012 AwardSouthwest Watercolor Society 50th Annual 2013 Membership ShowSouthwest Watercolor Tom Johnson Memorial Award 2013 Texas Watercolor Society 64th Annual Exhibition Honorable MentionMt. Pleasant Art Society First Place in Show 20122013 East Texas Regional Artist of Longview Museum of Fine Arts ShowFranklin County Arts Alliance Solo Exhibition June 2012Bold Brush Competition - 2nd place Sept 2013

President Southwestern Watercolor Society 2015-2016 Southwestern Watercolor Society 53rd Annual Exhibition 2016

Tony Couch

His book, "WATERCOLOR: You Can Do It!", published by North Light in 1987 is now in its sixth printing, has become the publisher's all time best selling art book and is the textbook in several college art departments teaching watercolor painting. It has also been published in Chinese for that market. A "technique" book, published in 1991 has been published in English and Japanese. A third book, on design, was published in 1992.

Tony Couch has been elected to membership in the Academic Artists Association, Allied Artists of America, Hudson Valley Art Association, Knickerbocker Artists, Salmgundi Club, Society of Marine Painters, Watercolor West, The Pittsburgh, Georgia, Southern, and Midwest watercolor societies as well as the Whiskey Painters of America.

Tony Couch has produced 10 “how to� videos on drawing, design and watercolor painting tips and techniques - of which several are used in state educational systems across the nation. A winner of over 70 exhibition awards, his work has been included in 3 annual exhibitions of the National Academy of Design and 11 art instruction publications by other authors in the U.S. and U.K.

Sterling Edwards

Sterling Edwards is an award winning professional

watermedia artist specializing in transparent watercolor. He is the author of the best selling North Light book “Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes, a Four Step Process” and is a featured artist in numerous other books by various national and international publishers including, “Masters of Watercolor”, written by Russian artist and author, Konstantin Sterkhov in 2015. Since 1993, Sterling has been teaching national and international art workshops for artists with skill levels that range from the professional to the novice. His collection of instructional DVD’s, book, signature multi-media paint brushes, and selected endorsed products are sold worldwide through his website store. Sterling’s unique and expressive watermedia paintings, that range from traditional to abstract

expressionism and stylized interpretations, are in private and corporate collections throughout the world. He is highly respected among his peers, and is often commissioned to jury national and international art competitions. Please review the “Paintings” section of the website to see numerous examples of Sterling’s paintings as well as his diverse variety of painting styles and subjects. To see a list of Sterling’s upcoming workshops visit the “Workshops” pages. To learn more about Sterling’s background and accomplishments, please

visit the “About the Artist� page. All of the paintings shown are the copyright of Sterling Edwards and cannot be reproduced or copied without prior written permission from the artist.

Jerry Ellis

The first time I held a brush was at the age of 35. I had an audio business in a busy mall in Jacksonville, Fl., where a regional art show was on exhibition. I was drawn to a number of watercolor paintings by a local artist, and told my wife, Jo, that when I retired, I would love to learn to paint. She enrolled me in a sixweek course with that same artist as a birthday gift. There was no looking back, and 10 years later, after moving back to Missouri, I became a full-time professional artist. As a regionalist painter, the inspiration and imagery for my paintings come from the small town of Carthage, Mo., where my home and studio are located, and from the beautiful, rolling countryside of my na-

tive Missouri Ozarks. My streetscapes and landscapes are loose, realistic renderings of scenes that most people relate to and feel comfortable with. My fascination with steam locomotives allows me to work with more abstract shapes and interesting colors and textures while still keeping a realistic viewpoint. They challenge me to convey the immense power they represent. I have conducted many workshops, mostly in the central Midwest. I prefer small class-

es, minimum of 10 and maximum of 20, so I can devote time to each student. I have entered hundreds of competitions and won numerous awards, including two High Winds Medals in the American Watercolor Society annuals, and a Silver Medal of Honor for Watercolor from the Audubon Artists of America. The past two years I have had works accepted in Watercolor U.S.A., both of which won awards, and my work has been published in several art magazines and

books. I was a charter member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (then Midwest Watercolor Society), served on its board and currently am a board member of Missouri Watercolor Society, and a director of the Watercolor USA Honor Society.

Candace W. Head

Artist, Candace W. Head’s whimsical watercolor paintings overflow with unconditional love, lots of joy and captivating color. They are melodious and sweet but still poignant and ethere-

sister_ moon

earth_moon_ rising

al. Viewing Candace’s paintings feels like being on a vast plain while the wind and centuries blow eternally across the grasses. Simple folk art designs such as moons, stars, suns, wildflowers, and

animals most often accompany Northern Plains Indian people, the focus of her work, and occasionally a cowboy or a cowgirl, as well.-- Tim James, teacher, Columbia Basin College Candace, who has always loved beauty and art, began drawing and painting two decades ago following a 16year highly successful career in quiltmaking.

Her quilts have won many ribbons including Best of Show at the Houston Quilt Festival (known as the World’s Fair of Quilts), and have been shown in Europe. They have appeared on the covers of national quilt magazines, have been included in Lang Graphics calendars, address books and on greeting cards. Candace says, “There was a strong ‘Little House on the Prairie’


influence in my early paintings. Then in 1996, I fell madly in love with the Northern Plains Indian people, especially the Lakota Sioux and Northern Cheyenne. I read many books about them; my favorite is Stone Song by Win Blevins. These peo-

ple, their story, and this area of Wyoming move me in ways too deep and personal to put into words. My paintings speak for me. People often tell me it is the colors I use that attract them to my

work.� Her watercolor paintings have been shown at Grey Fox Gallery, Bozeman, MT, J & K Custom Framing & Deerfield Gallery, Buffalo, WY, Martinsen Gallery, Sheridan College, Sheridan, WY, and the Story Art Station, Story, WY. They are online at www. Her paintings and quilts are in corporate and private collections across the nation. Chokecherry Studio, where Candace paints, is located in her home. She has two grown sons, seven gorgeous grandchildren, and a passion for art, gardens, flowers and books.

Judy Huang

Who am I? Hello Everyone I am Emily. My daughter Tracy has talked me into creating this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and learning what I have been doing. I am a social worker by profession but enjoy all types of crafts, fiber arts, cooking, painting, reading, and knitting. I love to create! My husband Paul calls me the knitting machine. It also drives me crazy when people call me crafty. I prefer Artisan. Sounds better and states what my fiber arts really mean, at least to me. Paul and I moved to Peachtree City, GA about a year ago. It has been an adventure and I will share

with you some of the adventures that I have taken and will take. Like the fact that I am trying to visit every knitting shop in the Atlanta metro area. I have visited some great ones already and have seven more to go. I also have tried to visit all the interesting places I have heard about in the local area. This August my daughter Tracy and her two dear friends DeeDee and Carrie came to visit. We all went on a Segway Tour of Downtown Atlanta. We visited the New World of Coke Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, and Harry’s Farmers Market. I was born and raised in the Detroit Michigan area. I got married to Paul in 1970 and have three great kids, Tracy, Timothy, and Peter. Our family is about to increase this January 26th when

Peter gets married to Emily. I will be writing more about that later. I have one sister Yvonne and brother-n-law Dick. Paul is one of six siblings. You’ll get to know my family and friends as they are a very important to me. So is my faith in god and all the great things he has been up to in my life. Hope you enjoy my ramblings and happenings. Judy Huang was born in Taiwan and has been exposed to art and music since she was four. She majored in art at Taipei Senior High School. Winning more than a dozen of watercolor painting competitions and several graphic design competitions nationally, Judy was offered an art editor position at a local scientific magazine company right after her high school graduation. Two years later, she came to the

States for her college education. An honor student, Judy graduated from the Florida International University in Fine Art. She pursued her graduate degree in Art History at the Queens College, the City University of New York. Conducting an art workshop, Judy worked at the Queens Museum in New York for a while. Then, she went back to school and majored in music at Queens College. After teaching piano for several years at two music schools in New York, Judy moved to the South and worked at the Avery Gallery in Marietta Georgia as an art restorer, preserving and restoring works of art. She got married and moved to Griffin. She has been teaching adult watercolor painting, drawing, and art

media classes at Art Works in Fayetteville and Clayton State University. Teaching adult art classes has been exhilarating for her. Since 2008, Judy has resumed teaching piano, which she always has the passion for, besides teaching watercolor. It is such a blessing that she is able to have art and music together now and share them with others.

Bev Jozwiak

Bev Jozwiak is a signature member in the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West and others, too numerous to mention. She is an International Award winning artist and instructor, teaching workshops around the US including the prestigious Scottsdale Art School. Born in Vancouver, Washington, Bev still resides there with her husband of 30 plus years. She has two

daughters, and two grandchildren. Bev has been featured in numerous magazines including American Art Collector, International Artist, North Light Magazine, American Artist, and The Artist. She has also been featured in many of the Best of Watercolor Splash books. Bev is listed in the Who’s Who in American Artists.

Her teaching style is warm and inviting filled with encouragement and a challenge to become an even better artist than before you started her class. From Bev: “Painting very direct-

ly, I place my watercolors on the paper or canvas with very little mixing on the palette. I use lots of varied color, in my blacks to keep them from going flat, in my whites to keep them glowing, and even in my skin tones to keep them interesting. Emotion plays an important part in every successful painting, so I choose only subjects that call to me and that in turn gives my work energy and excitement.�

John Lovett

John Lovett was born in Cooma, NSW, Australia in 1953. He studied at the National Art School, Newcastle, Australia and has been painting professionally since 1979. John works in oils, acrylics and watercolor, but his preferred medium is watercolor and mixed media. As John states: “For me, the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolor make it the most exciting and expressive medium of all. The opportunity to meander somewhere between mastery and complete lack of control during the course of a painting make it one of the most engaging mediums. This, plus the fact that it is quick, clean and portable, got me in thirty years ago and my enthusiasm has been growing ever since.” John’s paintings express an emotional depth that makes his work distinctive. While most of his work depicts to some extent, places or objects, the real subject is always less tangible – an idea or sound,

a time of day or a momentary incident. This unique interpretation of his subject has a vitality that is enhanced by his use of light, color and strong sense of design. John travels extensively throughout Australia and overseas. His love of the landscape, people and environment is reflected in his work. The different light and atmosphere, plus the strong undertones of history, culture and architecture, have provided a catalyst for many new and exciting images. John’s passion for his work and his open easy approach to teaching make his books, DVD’s and workshops thoroughly enjoyable, extremely informative and always very popular. His articles are regularly featured in “International

Artist� magazine. Since commencing his career John has held over thirty five solo exhibitions and taken part in many joint

ones. John’s work is represented in private and corporate collections in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and USA.

Nath Bhagvati

For several years I sat on markets in Goa, selling originals and prints and cards of my paintings, and fulfilling commissions. I also painted signs and walls for restaurants and shops, hand painted clothes and made designs to be printed on clothes. ( ) Some of my paintings have been used for CD and book covers. In 2009 an art collector from Bangalore asked me to do larger works on canvas. As a result I spent the next 2 years painting a collection of animals and trees, scenes from India, on large canvas - 100 x 70 cms. These have been exhibited locally, at Artjuna in Anjuna, Goa Productions, Switzerland). Born and educated in South East England (till BA Social Anthropology SOAS, London University), I lived and taught English in Verona, Italy for eight years. I also travelled extensively and was a professional travel writer, working for the British company ‘The Rough GUides’ and contributing to magazines for several years . In 1993 I returned to India for the fifth time, where I met and fell in love with a beautiful Nath Saddhu, from Dharamsala, Himalayas. It was in Hampi, Karnataka, and we lived in caves, next to the river, amongst the rocks and temples where Hanuman, the Monkey God, was born and lived in Ramayana times. We

lived with the Gods, in a surreally beautiful setting, around a sacred fire, singing praises to God. I was enchanted, transported into a different time and space so old it had no boundaries. I wanted to stay forever. So after a few months and many adventures, we (seven of us) went to Dharamsala. I became a saddhu, (officially initiated in 1997 Kumbha Mela in Haridwar,) Nathji and I got married and we cre-

ated an Ashram on a mountain above Dharamsala away from the tourists (anyway

very few in those idyllic days). I learnt the ancient Vedic ways, lived with the Gods and worshipped fully. After a year and a half our beautiful daughter, Maya, joined us. We holy-dayed in the Himalayas, and migrated South when the mountains became too cold.

and internationally, in Innsbruck, Austria (Galleria Claudiana) in May 2011 and in Delhi, India (The Tea Lounge, Taj Palace Hotel) in November & December 2011 June, July and August 2012 have been spent painting 5 large paintings (acrylic on canvas), several smaller works and working on the set of a movie about an artist. Unfortunately I am not allowed to show these paintings until the release of the movie. (Mangola

We were on a constant pilgrimage in traditional sacred places, always by a river, living in temples, caves, jungles; always peaceful, beautiful; the people we met were loving, interesting, of all nationalities and beliefs, many becoming long term friends and whom I consider my family now.

Keiko Tanabe

Keiko was born in Kyoto, Japan. As a child growing up in an art-loving family, she always enjoyed drawing and painting and won many awards in children’s art contests. However, art was not her chosen field of study later on. She earned a B.A. in intercultural communication (International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan) and an M.A. in international education (UCLA, California). She then worked in international relations positions in a Japanese government trade organization in Tokyo, at a large law firm in San Francisco and at a private consulting firm in San Diego. In the last 30 years, she has traveled extensively, mainly in European countries, Asia and North America. Through all these years, Keiko knew there was in her heart the growing desire to someday become an artist. That, fueled by her love of travel and strong interest in other cultures, eventually found its way out in 2003. After learning basic drawing and watercolor painting skills at a local community school in San Diego, she took on her first project as an artist together with her father, a renowned scholar of French literature in Japan. Through the Azure Sea and Sky of Provence: A Tribute to Her Joie de Vivre (Kosei Publishing, Osaka, Japan) was published in August, 2003, authored by her father and illustrated by Keiko. From then on, she intensely taught herself to be fluent in watercolor painting, just as one would do to master a foreign language.

Mostly self-taught, Keiko embarked on a professional art career in 2005 and started exhibiting publicly. In the same year she took a workshop from Alvaro Castagnet and discovered the joy of pleinair painting. Since that year her paintings have been juried into many exhibitions across Americas and in Asia and Europe. Her work has been purchased by private and corporate collectors from all around the world. She also had her paintings published in leading art magazines in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Additionally, she

self-publishes her art books and six books have been completed by 2014. She’s also a sought-after workshop instructor. Since 2011, she has been invited to and completed successfully more than 120 workshops and numerous live demonstrations around the world. She has served as a juror in a number of art exhibitions including some major watercolor shows around the world, for example, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, the International Watercolor Society, and the San Diego Watercolor Society. In 2015 she was named an official Ambassador for Winsor & Newton. Keiko currently lives in San Diego, California.

Elizabeth R. York

Marc Chagall said, “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.” Truly inspired art must comes from two places - deep within the artist’s soul and from everything else outside the artist. No two people see the world in the same way. Each vision is unique. I, Elizabeth Rose York, am a study in diversity. My work is an eclectic collection of widely diverse inspiration. Viewing the world with an artistic eye, I have a been blessed with a unique ability to see the world in other than ordinary terms - to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I am a versatile artist who has created works of art in an almost endless array of mediums oil, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil. I create three-dimensional wearable art in metals, stones, lead crystal and glass. I have cut and polished stones and found the beauty hidden within. I have sculpted in clay and wood. I have dyed and sewn cloth into wearable art and comforting home furnishings. And I have engaged technical media from photography to digital art. truly believe that human expression can take any form, can be created in any medium. Whether that medium is paint, clay, wood, film ,computer algorithms, music, words, or metal, each person has some-

a portrait or design wearable art for my subject. Although my studies have centered on business and I/O psychology, I have only chosen this field because, as a culture, we spend so much of our time engaged in work. It defines us, we draw our identities from it, it drives us toward our future and helps us realize our dreams. To create a work of art without understanding the the emotions, beliefs, experiences, drives, ambitions, dreams, perceptions and thoughts that give the subject life, is to merely produce a single dimensional piece, one that only expresses the outer shell. A true artist must look within and then express what is seen.

thing within to express. And that expression tells the world who we are and what we have to contribute. It is the vision of our heart and soul. This is why one of my greatest inspirations is the human mind and why most of my work centers around people. I draw from my study

of psychology to gain an understanding of the heart of my subject. This is what I am giving substance and vision to when I paint

Jeanne Larson

I believe that the gift of creativity comes from the Great Creator and we all have access to that wonderful resource. I find such joy in being able to connect with that source and hope that spiritual element is evident in my work.

Listening Place

termedia including acrylics on paper and canvas, gouache, Caran d’ache and watercolor pencil. I enjoy the exploratory nature of working this way. It gets the artistic adrenalin moving.

Alhough I worked at severIt’s important to me that a al day jobs over the years painting has energy, visuch as legal secretary, brance and life. My usual university secretary, medmethods of working emical/dental transcriptionphasize design and fluid, ist, and even greenhouse moving, juicy color. I’d like helper and floral designer, to think that my paintings I always found some way are about more than a to fit art into my life as well. beautiful rivers and lakes stroke-by-stroke depiction of the north woods or in my I found that each new work of subject and that they experience brought somegarden. Many hours are help the viewer connect spent in the studio working thing new to my latent creemotionally with the work. to interpret those scenes ativity and with the encourthat have left their impres- agement and support of My most profound inspimy wonderful family I feel sion on my memory. The ration is still found in the process of painting is very very blessed to be “living the dream.” When my chilmeditative and spiritual for me, but I also love the opportunity to encourage and teach other artists with whom I share this creative journey. I’ve been painting for over 20 years and teaching for 10.

Four O’Clock Shadow

Gray Rock

Recently, I’ve been working in abstraction and collage as well as my original “loosely realistic” style and experimenting in other wa-

dren were flown from the nest, I embarked on painting full time, took classes and was accepted into a few respected galleries. I began entering shows, won some awards and eventually rented a little studio and began teaching at local and regional art centers. I worked with interior designers in a furniture and design business and traveled to their stores in several states painting murals and background sets for their furniture

displays. I also have enjoyed the opportunity to speak to many art groups and organizations about this exciting adventure of painting. Since building a new studio in 2005, I’ve taught classes and workshops out of my home studio but continue to travel and teach workshops as well. I’ve sold over 300 paintings to clients both in the U.S. and abroad. I’m so thrilled to be able to continue to work with several wonderful galleries and exhibit often in solo and group shows.

Jane Davenport

And then something really weird happened. I have no explanation. I became fascinated with the little insects of the garden, especially ladybirds. And so I left the glamorous world of fashion to concentrate on photographing my bugs. I had no choice really… I was obsessed. There is something rather spectacular about ladybirds ( ladybugs, ladybeetles). They way they parade around the garden in their gorgeous spots and courageous colour. They have a sweet tooth. They can fly. What’s not to love? Seeing them makes me happy, heck! Just thinking about them makes me smile….

so…cute…. I developed Artomology. My passion for insects lead to me being called the ‘Artomologist‘ as a play on entomology. I won lots of awards and traveled all over the world photographing insects with my artwork exhibited in galleries and large-scale, outdoors art installations. I specialised in working with zoos internationally. I have had 4 books on bugs.

I have been described as and “one of Australia’s most exciting snappers” and “one of Australia’s most successful Licensed Artists”. My artwork has not only appeared in galleries,

books, magazines and newspapers but in movies, on chatshows and on homewares, textiles, stationery and giant glass screens. I work with some fantastic companies to make this happen. Photographing insects is not really so different from photographing supermodels as they pose in the latest spring fashion and parade down petal catwalk, but although I have swapped photographing the human kind of social butterfly and stick insect for the real thing. I still can be tempted to do a fashion shoot if it involves an exotic location so I can go and photograph bugs‌..

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