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Charles Dickens famously began The Tale of Cities with “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” I felt a bit like that recently, though my saga could have been titled the Tale of Two Scholarly Reports. The June 18 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy featured a title story entitled “A Long Road to Recovery,” along with the startling statement that charitable giving in 2008 dropped by 5.8%, more than it did in 1974 in the midst of the oil embargo and long gas lines. The Chronicle article went on to explore the latest Giving USA report. This annual report on charitable giving in the United States has been released each year since 1956, and the 5.7%-after-inflation decline in 2008 was the biggest decrease ever measured during that 50+ year span. Donations from almost every source were down: individual donations by 6.3%, corporate donations by 8%, and donations by foundations by almost 1%. Perhaps even more startling was the revelation that if the similarities to the 1974 decline in charitable giving continue to hold true, donations will not return to their 2007 levels until 2012. Cumulatively, charitable donations drop by $1.85 billion for every 100-point drop in the S&P 500. And perhaps most alarming for Patrick Henry and similar charities is that the sharpest drop in donations was to social services agencies. We certainly saw a decline in donations at Patrick Henry, and, like everyone else, we have had to make some adjustments and cuts in order to compensate—without interfering with our ability to provide the best possible service and care for the children in our homes. Which leads me to the “best of times” part. 2

Shortly after the Chronicle report arrived, I also received a bound copy of Barbara Vanderpool’s master’s thesis, An Empirical Test of Hirschi’s Theory of Delinquency. Vanderpool recently defended her work at Longwood University. The reason I was interested in this particular study is that Vanderpool completed her research for the study with residents of the Patrick Henry homes. Her purpose was to answer two questions: does Patrick Henry decrease delinquency in at-risk children, and does Hirschi’s bond theory apply to the population of children in the Patrick Henry program. I will not go into all of the details of the study here, for sake of space and maintaining reader interest, but Vanderpool’s conclusion was that “this program [Patrick Henry] did in fact decrease the number of delinquent acts in at-risk children.” But that is not all, exciting as that conclusion is. Vanderpool also found that: • The reported grade point average of the children significantly improved while in the program; • There was a (statistically) significant increase in the amount of time that residents in the program spent studying, and in the importance of school work to the residents while in the program; • There was a significant increase in the amount of time spent on community activities while in the program, and in the importance of community activities; • Church attendance was significantly greater while in the program. Furthermore, Vanderpool concluded that her study suggests that the children in the program have stronger bonds to society while in the program than prior, and that “religion played an integral part in the program.” Vanderpool’s conclusion was that “environmental changes with the combination of increased family togetherness, stronger bonds to school, involvement in community activities, and beliefs played an integral part in the decrease in delinquency.” So the bad news is that we should probably be expecting to see a continued decline or, at best, a stagnation, in donations for another couple of years. The good news is that what we are doing works. We are, with the Lord’s help, making a difference in the lives of children and providing loving care and assistance for children and families with needs that cannot be met at home.

Jason B. Watson Executive Director

Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation Our Mission Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation is a non-profit Christian ministry offering loving care and assistance to children and families in need. The Orator Publishing The Orator is written by staff and children of Patrick Henry, original art work by the children is often featured. The Orator is written, edited, laid out, and proofed entirely in-house by Patrick Henry staff. The only aspects of production done outside of Patrick Henry are the printing and mailing. The generous support of donors allows Patrick Henry to mail The Orator to supporters, as well as to individuals who may be unaware of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. Executive Director Mr. Jason B. Watson


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Virginia Association of Childrens Homes


Cincinnati Trip! Thanks to the generosity of Plantation Trustee Mr. Gary Hock, the boys and girls and many of the staff members of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation recently enjoyed a oncein-a-life time adventure to Cincinnati, Ohio and northern Kentucky. Our trip began on Tuesday, July 14, setting off from the Brookneal campus at 8:00 a.m. The caravan picked up the Rustburg and Bedford vans in Bedford, and our nine vehicles set off on the trip we have been looking forward to for almost a full year. We made a stop in Beckley, West Virginia to enjoy a quick lunch, and then we were on the road again, pressing on to reach Hebron, Kentucky and the hotels that we would call home for the next four nights. Wednesday morning we went to visit the Creation Museum. Owned by Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum is a wonderful opportunity to learn about creation in all of its aspects, and to learn about it from a biblical perspective. We began our visit with a fascinating presentation in the museum’s planetarium, where we were amazed to consider the size of our solar system, our galaxy, and the expanse of the known universe beyond our galaxy. We then toured the rest of the museum, enjoyed lunch in Noah’s Café, and then settled in for a presentation by Dr. Georgia Purdom on the wonder of a cell. At first thought, this may not sound terribly interesting, and you may wonder whether such a topic could hold the attention of our group for an hour, but rest assured that we were 4

all fascinated by the incredible processes described by Dr. Purdom. We were privileged to be the first audience to ever hear this presentation, and it was a true pleasure. By the time Dr. Purdom had finished explaining, and showing, how all of the parts of the cell work together to perform their responsibilities in helping to fight infection, all we could do is join Dr. Purdom in saying “My God, how great Thou art!” After enjoying the petting zoo and finishing our tour of the museum everyone set out for Newport on the Levee to enjoy dinner at various restaurants, shopping and other activities. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for Thursday, the busiest day of the trip. We left our hotels early Thursday morning to make a 7:30 a.m. boarding of the River Queen, a riverboat that we had all to ourselves for a two hour cruise, complete with buffet breakfast. We enjoyed each other’s company, some wonderful food, and the beautiful scenery and history of Ohio and Kentucky which could be seen along the banks of the river. From the riverboat

we walked over to the Newport Aquarium. The aquarium’s motto, “A million gallons of fun,” is quite appropriate, as we all enjoyed seeing and learning about all kinds of fish, sharks, penguins and other wonderful creatures. The aquarium is home to three of only a handful of shark rays that are in captivity around the world, and it was very interesting to see these sharks, and learn about the first-ofits-kind breeding program being done at the aquarium. We had the opportunity to take a behind-thescenes tour of the aquarium, too, to see where the aquarium staff prepare meals for the fish and sharks and penguins, where the veterinary staff care for the animals, how the tanks are kept clean, and so forth. It was an interesting and enlightening peek behind the scenes. And we were all surprised to learn that the aquarium’s penguins eat far more than the sharks do! Who would have thought? After our day at the aquarium we drove across the river to Cincinnati to the Great American Ballpark to watch the Cincinnati Reds take on the Milwaukee Brewers in the teams’ first game after the MLB All-Star break. It is really an understatement to say that we “watched the game,” though, because we actually enjoyed the game in style and luxury, from a private party deck. The party deck had three rows of

stadium seating, a large patio area with tables and chairs, a semi-secluded area with chaise lounges, private restrooms, and a buffet dinner. The Reds lost the game, but we saw some outstanding defensive plays and three home runs, including one by Home Run Derby champ Prince Fielder of the Brewers. Friday, our last day in the Cincinnati area, we spent the day at Kings Island amusement park. This beautiful park has lots of rides for all ages, including a “kiddie area” with rides for the little ones, and nearly a dozen roller coasters for the more adventurous. We also enjoyed a buffet lunch in the park’s picnic grove, shopping in the park stores, and watching the ice skating and country music shows. This was one event where everyone asked the same question when it came time to head back: “Can we stay longer?” Saturday morning we loaded up the vans, enjoyed a quick breakfast, and headed back to Virginia. But the memories that were made during those three short days in Cincinnati will last a lifetime. Mere words cannot adequately express our appreciation to Mr. Hock for his generosity in making this trip possible, but we all send him a big Plantation THANK YOU for this fantastic trip! Jason B. Watson Executive Director


Take a Kid Fishing


“Fishing!! We’re going FISHING!!” What a great day to wake up! The Halifax County Sportsman Club continues to give the Plantation residents a great day to wake up year after year! This year our location was different, but their generosity was just as great. And the fishing was better than ever! We drove out to Alton Virginia. Our host was Mr. Robert Smith at his bass pond at Great Springs Bottling Company. The Hetzlers, Bill and Marge, were there again to teach the basics to all the kids. If needed, every kid received a new Shakespeare rod and spin casting reel. We offer many thanks to our great sponsors. After Mac and Brenda McDannald’s great lunch of hot dogs, burgers and fixin’s, we headed to the water. With club members assisting, everyone was soon casting lines and catching fish around the large pond. Mr. Stockslager started things off with the first fish of the day, a 6 pound largemouth. But before the day was over lots more “lunkers” were on the record books. Alex D. won the trophy for the largest fish caught by a resident-a 6 pound 5 oz largemouth hog. Chris V. meanwhile was busy catching bass and bluegill, and when the afternoon was over and the cry of “Lines out of the water” went up, he had the trophy for the most fish caught (11). Mr. Isaman, houseparent for the Rustburg girls, pulled in a 9 pounder, which turned out to be the largest fish this day and the largest fish ever caught at a Plantation fishing day! But the day was a hot one and some watched the fishing from their shaded lawn chairs! That evening, we feasted on pizza, chips and soda while the awards were given out. During that time, Bill Hetzler was honored as the Halifax County Sportsman’s Club, “Sportsman of the Year,” for his many years of sponsorship. And then the boys of Plymale headed back for more fishing. Thanks again, Halifax County Sportsman Club! Guy Stockslager Relief Houseparent


& Bruises

Just yesterday I noticed a smattering of bruises on my two-year-old son’s shins. I quickly rationalized that indeed he is two, and his bruises are an indication of his eagerness to explore, experience, and absorb everything within his means about life. I may even question his normalcy if he were not doing such things that often result in bumps and bruises. Likewise, as children of God there are pains along the way as we work out our faith. I often feel the urge to keep my son in a bubble to shelter him from the pain of life, but I resist, knowing that he must live in the world, and I have the responsibility to raise him to know the glory of God while he is on this earth. 1 Peter 4:12-13 reads, “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.” (NIV) We are not exempt from pain as Christians, but we know that Jesus endured pain and he knows our suffering. Isn’t it wonderful to be understood? Do we work often enough to show understanding to others? All too often we are quick to “fix” problems for others and may even become frustrated when they do not respond with action or appreciation. This is true as we minister to youth as well. It is important to convey care about suffering by listening and asking questions about their experience. It is equally important to ask for help. We were not created to suffer alone. Today let us pray for those who suffer with pain of the flesh and of the soul. Let us convey that we see their pain and care for them. Then, let’s praise God that His love will indeed be sufficient. Let’s remember that pressing on in this world means that there will be bumps, bruises and worse, but let’s do it anyway with God at our side. Janice Stinson Hope For Tomorrow Counselor

Thankyouforyoursupport! Bedford Cottage and Stephens Cottage went to Kerr Lake in NC for the weekend. This is an annual event for Stephens cottage, and will most likely be an annual event for Bedford from now on. The event is hosted by friends of ours from the Krebs’ home church in NC, Chris and Kathy Medlin, and their non-profit ministry which can be visited at Joe Fariss and Pastor Scott Day, from Gravel Hill Baptist Church. Thank you for your work repairing the wall in the dining hall. Shirley Moorman for repainting the area of the mural that was repaired. The Red Hill Garden Club for planting the boxwoods out front around our Patrick Henry sign.

Upcoming Events Alumni Softball August 8th Main Brookneal campus Patrick Henry Open Wintergreen Resort September 17th Call 434.376.2006 to register a team or to become a sponsor. Alumni Weekend September 12th Main Brookneal campus 7

Alumni Olympics ‘09


May 16th proved to be a beautiful day for the annual Alumni Olympics. By mid-morning everyone was gathered in front of the administration building sporting cottage t-shirts and waving cottage flags, ready to begin the day’s events. As always, Wayne Mays had planned a variety of challenging and—at times—amusing events for the day’s competition. Amber J. opened the festivities by leading everyone in the Olympic oath, after which the individual competition events began. These events were broken into three categories: 12 and under coed, 13 and over girls and 13 and over boys. These events ranged from the 50 yard dash (forwards and backwards!), to sit ups, push ups, and a mini marathon. You can see the top three performers for each event in the chart on our website ( After a lunch enjoyed outside under the shade of the Bradford pear trees, the cottages competed against each other with the flag judging, cottage skits, and a cottage song. As always, the

creativity of our residents (and their houseparents) produced some great results (and a lot of laughter!). Following these events, the cottages competed in a bubble gum bubble-blowing, competition, with each bubble being measured and the cumulative total for the cottage revealing the winner. Whilethere were no individual awards given for this competition, Brittany L. of the Wylliesburg home blew the largest bubble at 5 inches. After the bubble blowing Wayne introduced a new feature of the Olympics—each cottage had to come up with an event for the cottages to compete in. The result? A piggy back race, a crab walk race, a bat spin race, a game of hot potato (with water balloons), a broad jump competition, and a leap frog race. (Here again there were no individual awards, but Richard H. of Plymale had the longest broad jump at 103 inches). The culmination of the day’s activities was the annual tug of war challenge—a double-elimination competition pitting cottage against cottage and the boys against girls, with

the winning cottage taking home the tug of war trophy until next year’s Olympics. In the first round Plymale beat Stephens, Halifax beat Wylliesburg, and Bedford defeated Rustburg. It took ten matches to reveal the winner. Wylliesburg was the first cottage to bow out, followed by Halifax and Rustburg. Plymale then defeated Stephens a second time to eliminate Stephens, leaving only Bedford and Plymale in the competition. Plymale was undefeated and Bedford had lost only to Stephens. If Bedford could win, it would force a second match to determine the winner. Plymale prevailed, though, making them the champions, and leaving Bedford as the runners-up for the second year in a row. But— also for the second year in a row—all of the girls defeated all of the boys! And when the boys tried to claim they weren’t ready when Wayne gave the “go” signal, the girls said “Let’s do it again, then!” and promptly beat the boys again, leaving no doubt about their victory. Everyone then retired to the dining hall to enjoy the air conditioning and to have the medal presentations. Wayne announced the results of the day’s events, and the winners were awarded their gold, silver and bronze medals. Wayne then presented the day’s MVP awards, which went toDylan J. of Halifax and Libby S. of Rustburg. Then, finally, the presentations everyone had been waiting for, the results for the flag, skit and song competitions were announced (see our website) and then the 2009 Alumni Olympics champions were presented with their trophy. And this year, edging out Wylliesburg by only one point, Plymale received the championship trophy and $75 for a pizza party. The Alumni Olympics are truly a lot of fun, and we all want to thank Plantation Alumni Association members Wayne Mays, David Satterfield, Buddy Smith and Dale Bennett for helping to make the day a great event. Next up… the Alumni softball tournament in August! We would love for any members of the Alumni Association to join us for that event, which will be August 8. Contact Mr. Compton at the Plantation office for more information. 9

Soap Box Derby 2009

Student Spotlight

You know what they say about “getting there is half the fun.” Well, do not believe it! It all depends on who you are following, but that is another story altogether that you can ask me at later time. We arrived in Richmond, Friday evening and boys were we ready to eat! Seventeen of us (twelve kids and five adults) sat down to all sorts of fabulous food at the UNO Chicago Grill. Shortly after that, we visited the nearby WAWA for ice cream, and then it was time for us to have a good ol’ time in the hotel’s indoor pool. We ended the night’s festivities kind of early, considering we had to get up at five the next morning, but explaining that to teenagers is no easy task! Saturday’s breakfast that was provided by the hotel was great. Everybody had a chance to wake up and eat some great food or shape up depending on how much sleep they got. Then we were off to the Richmond Race Track for our Derby drivers to weigh in. The races started at 10 o’clock and things moved along at a pretty quick pace from then on. Throughout the day, Patrick Henry boys and girls won more than their fair share of the races in both the super stock division (the bigger and older kids) and the stock division (the smaller and younger ones). Toward the end of the day it really looked like at least one of the children from the Plantation would end up winning the number one slot. If that happened then that meant they were going on to Ohio for a championship race. The boys and girls that raced for Patrick Henry were Alex, Devin, Tevin, Bobby, Christopher, Timothy, Ricky, Joshua, Addie, Torrie, Libby and Shakieta. Unfortunately, none of our kids won the number one slot, but Bobby and Shakieta won fourth and fifth place, respectively, in their super stock division. Over in the stock division, Jazzy Josh took fourth place. Everyone who went seemed to have a good time, and each and every one of our kids were well behaved, and a couple times the kids did have to correct a few of the adults on their table manners! All in all it was a full, filling, frantic and fun weekend, and we cannot wait to do it again next year!

Labria H. was just one of many who received some pretty great honors during our annual Awards Banquet. Out of many recognitions given that night, Labria was honored with the Jenny Hartless Memorial Academic Improvement Award and the P. L. Garret Most Improved Award. Achieving these awards holds special meaning for Labria, having come to the Plantation in August of 2007, she has made several changes and gotten many opportunities. Labria just finished her freshman year and significantely improved her grades from her 8th grade year after struggling and being encouraged to take summer school. As Labria’s Houseparents, we knew that she needed LOTS of encouragement on her capabilities. Labria quickly adjusted to her new high school schedule and knew she needed to keep up good time management and ask lots of questions. She began asking for help in subjects that were hard, and it paid off. Labria says that the thing that helped her improve the most in the past year is “Ever since being here I have had my rough-n-tough times and I was still able to accomplish a lot, I’m glad I came here to Patrick Henry.” When she was asked about her goals for the next year, she said “I hope to get good grades this year, and to reach level 4. Even though it’s gonna be tough, I can still do it.” Labria also tried her hand at athletics this past year in track, and even tried out for cheerleading for this upcoming year. Although she did not make the squad, she hopes to try out for basketball and cheerleading again this year. When Labria was asked how she has accomplished all these things at Patrick Henry, she said “Do not let anyone put you down, it does not matter how hard or tough the situation, you can still do it. Just remember the more you try the more you will accomplish.”

John Lewandowski Halifax Houseparent 10

Heather Bennett Pinelane Houseparent

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2009 Awards Ceremony This year’s awards ceremony included the largest graduating class Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation has ever seen. Each year we enjoy this chance to get together and celebrate the accomplishments of our kids. This year’sawards ceremony speaker was Miss Virginia 2007 Hannah Kiefer. Bedford campus residents who received awards were, Adeline G. received the Charlean Light Carson Memorial Music Award. Felicia H., she received the Jenny Hartless Memorial Academic Improvement Award, Gravely-Titus Award, and the Dr. O. E. Howe Board Virtuous Woman Award. Carrie T. received the Lucy Woodall Harris Work Ethic Award, as well as a scholarship from Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation to attend college. Brookneal campus residents who received awards were, Joshua A. received the Edgar and Rachel Bowery Music Award. Deronta B. received a scholarship from Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation to attend college. Bobby H. got the Kenneth L. Sr. and Lucy Woodall Harris Work Ethic Award. Austin H. won the Dr. O. E. Howe Board Peer Leadership award, the Philippians 4:13 Award, the Carl Mylius Scholarship award, as well as a scholarship from Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation to attend college. Richard H. received a scholarship from Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation to attend college. Steven N. received the Shaffer Acedemic Leadership Award and the Diamond Hill


Presbyterian Church Godly Man Award. Austin S. received the Mr. S. Frank Pratt Most Improved Award. The Halifax houseparents John and Sandra Lewandowski won the Advisory Board Houseparent of the Year Award. The Halifax residents that won awards this year are Joshua F., he won the Dr. Culver Miller Great Effort Award - Boys, and Dylan J. received the Overbey Outstanding Citizenship Award. The Rustburg residents that received awards are, Mary B. who received the Christie Fariss Hite Memorial Choir Award. Sammylita C. won the Alumni - Brother/ Sister of the Year Award. Ashley J. won the Shaffer Outstanding Citizenship Award, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Eldon Cox Outstanding Athlete, as well as a scholarship from Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation to attend college. Amber T. received a scholarship from Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation to attend college. The Wylliesburg residents that received awards are, Labria C., who received the Jenny Hartless Memorial Academic Improvement Award and the P. L. Garrett Most Improved Award. Amber J. Dr. Culver Miller Great Effort Award Girls Congratulations to all our awards recipients we are so proud of you and all the hard work you have done this past year!

New Trustees

This summer three new members were elected to the Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation Board of Trustees, Martha Cox, Keith Hatcher, and Vince Phelps. Martha Cox returned “home” to Amherst, VA when she and her husband Eldon moved back to the area in 2004. They have two grown daughters and one grandson. A military family, the Coxes lived in Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, New Jersey, Delaware, Kansas, South Carolina, and North Carolina before returning to Virginia. While in North Carolina, Martha owned and operated “The Guest Room,” a shop in the Pinehurst area specializing in fine imported linens and bedroom accessories. Martha says she remembers back in the mid-to-late fifties hearing (Amherst) community people discussing plans for a proposed boys’ home in Brookneal. How fitting that more than fifty years later Martha is serving as a trustee of that “proposed boys home,” now Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. Wherever she has lived, Martha has been involved in her community. She is currently a member of the Amherst Woman’s Club, a volunteer for the Amherst Museum, and serves on the vestry of The Church of the Epiphany. Martha has a special interest in at-risk children and looks forward to helping others become familiar with Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. Keith Hatcher lives in Appomattox with his wife Sarah and three school-age children, two sons and a daughter. Raised in a military family, Keith lived in a number of states while he was growing up. Texas and Hawaii are two states that have special memories for him. Keith attended Liberty University where he played on the LU football team. He received All American honors by the Associated Press and Sporting News in 1989-90. Keith has worked for Bridges Treatment Center in Lynchburg and is now employed by Anderson Mediation Services as a Day Treatment Therapist. In his present role he counsels students with behavioral and/or learning issues to help them to succeed in the classroom. An active member of Blue Ridge Community Church, Keith is looking forward to being involved with the children who call Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation “home.” Vince Phelps is a Lynchburg native and a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelors degree in Finance/Management Science. He was the Founder/CEO of Fortegra from 1996 to 2005 and served on the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund Board from 2001 until 2007. Vince is currently the President/CEO of VC Design & Build, Inc, a commercial real estate development company which “builds from the customer’s perspective.” He owns Subway franchises in Wyndhurst and Forest, which his wife Carolyn oversees. A member of Tyreanna United Methodist Church, Vince says he enjoys having the Patrick Henry Plantation Choir perform at his church each December. He has a special interest in teen-age boys and girls and looks forward to becoming involved with the Patrick Henry residents as well as serving on the Board of Trustees. 13


By: Krista Back, Director of Communications


How do you describe family? If you ask around, you will probably get a variety of answers depending on the people you ask, and the background they come from. Some people will point only to those family members that are closely blood related, others would mention people who meant the most to them in critical situations, and still others will point to a wide variety of individuals both blood related and those who occupy more of the adopted family role, and then some would simply point to people who make up their support network. Either way, family is a weird entity that means something different to almost everyone. t in n Some people say “you can choose your friends, but you can’t e id wLord choose your family.” While this is true to a certain extent, I believe v a D e you can also choose your family, or in some cases such as ours here ing ore th K at Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, your family decides to hen at bef , T “ s yed ord s choose you. L d an pra m I, O hat i If you ever get the chance, watch our children interact with and ho a nd w each other and with the various houseparents, and any other staff. “W od, a you The things you notice will not only be amusing, but also touching. t G a , th You will watch our kids interact like siblings, pick at each other, y l i m protect one another, laugh and poke fun, and of course get on y fa m ght each other’s nerves… both intentionally and unintentionally. u o e br is far?” One of the most touching things to watch is when our kids go v a h e th to one of their house parents and it is clear they love them, m appreciate them, and respect them more than almost anyone else in their life. They have become a family to that child and it shows. When looking at each cottage you clearly can see the variety in personalities, sizes, colors, features, preferences, and styles. Each cottage is distinct and different, yet exactly the same at the core; it is truly remarkable and touching to watch them function as family. Each cottage family stands on the same ground, that of loving and serving Christ. One of the key things that makes family so essential and important is the support that grows (or should grow) inside the family. Without the support, dreaming and attaining goals become such a challenge that it is ten times easier to simply give up. There is no one to help push on towards the goal or simply to sit with when there is a failure or a bad day. There is no one to celebrate the met goals, and there is no one there to encourage to keep on going to the next goal. No one is there to point out the strengths that are there, and the places we have grown without even realizing it. We have chosen to be a family here at Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, whatever that includes good and bad. By supporting us you are also a part of our treasured family as well. Welcome to the family.






?HappyBirthday? August

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Labria H.


~From Everyone at Patrick Henry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We invite our supporters to send a card or letter to our children on their birthdays. You can be sure it will be received with a smile of gratitude. Simply address your card with the child’s name and mail it to: Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, Inc., 860 Red Hill Road, Post Office Box 1398 Brookneal, Virginia 24528-1398.


Patrick henry Board Information

Thank you Joe Fariss Thank you Shirley Moorman At the Patrick Henry Advisory Board meeting in April, Shirley Moorman (Lynchburg) announced that she was resigning as Advisory Board chair after serving for more than twenty years in that capacity. Fortunately Shirley has agreed to continue on the Advisory Board as well as on the Board of Trustees. Under Shirley’s leadership, hundreds of individuals have been introduced to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. Whether it is bringing gifts to the Plantation, inviting people to Plantation functions, painting a dining hall mural, or speaking up for the Plantation throughout the state, Shirley works tirelessly on behalf of the children who call Patrick Henry “home.” Thank you, Shirley, for all you have done and continue to do for Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation.


In June Board of Trustees President David Marshall announced that Advisory Board member Joe Fariss (Buffalo Junction) has agreed to chair the Advisory Board. A Gladys native and VA Tech graduate, Joe and his wife Brenda have been involved with Patrick Henry children for many years. In fact, Joe recalls attending William Campbell High School with some of the first boys to live at The Plantation. Over the years the Farisses have hosted “lake days” at Buggs Island Lake for the Patrick Henry children, secured hot air balloon rides for the residents, and helped secure donors for the Patrick Henry Awards Program. This spring, Joe and Brenda established a new award, the Christie Fariss Hite Memorial Choir Award, in honor of their late daughter. Thank you, Joe, for agreeing to succeed Shirley in this important position for Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation.

Honorary Trustees

Recently the following individuals were named Honorary Trustees of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation: A. David Hawkins, The Honorable Charles R. Hawkins, The Honorable W. Ted Bennett, Jr., Gary M. Hock, Evangeline Hoyle, The Honorable Robert Hurt, Aubrey L. Mason, and The Honorable Stephen D. Newman. We are grateful for their interest in and longstanding and commitment to the Plantation.

Summer Happenings



Harriet Jones Whitten Director of Development

Since its beginning nearly fifty years ago, Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation has been blessed by the philanthropy of individuals, churches, organizations, businesses and foundations who have stepped forward to help make life better for at-risk children who need a safe, nurturing environment in which to live. In respect for our supporters we subscribe to The Donor Bill of Rights, which was created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Giving Institute: Leading Consultants to Non-Profits. It has been endorsed by numerous organizations. The Donor Bill of Rights

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To ensure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the nonprofit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights: I. To be informed of the philanthropy’s mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes. II. To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization’s governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities. III. To have access to the organization’s most recent financial statements. IV. To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given. V. To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition. VI. To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law. VII. To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature. VIII. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization or hired solicitors. IX. To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share. X. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers. We at the Plantation are grateful for the continuing support of all of our donors and we pledge to do all we can to respect their rights. Please remember the important difference these gifts make in the lives of the children who call Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation “home.”


The Memorial and Honor Registry Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation 860 Red Hill Road P. O. Box 1398 Brookneal, VA 24528-1398 (434)376-2006

The following donors made memorial or honor gifts to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation in recognition of those who made a difference in their lives. These gifts not only help the children, but they also live on as a lasting legacy to those who are honored. When memorial and honor gifts are received, our office promptly notifies the family of the deceased or honoree and provides the name and address of the donor of each gift. The following gifts were received from April 1, 2009 through June 30, 2009. IN HONOR OF: A Fathers of Averett Baptist Church Averett Baptist Church B Harold Lloyd Bailey Virginia School Equipment Company John Barbour Mr. & Mrs. Bob Holt C Mrs. Daphne Copley Trinity United Methodist Church E Chris & “MJ” Ellis Mr. William G. Ligon Patricia L. Evans Mr. Thomas D. Evans, Jr. F Fathers Midway Baptist Church, Gretna James R. Ferguson Mrs. Heather Cornett Elizabeth & Ryan Hood Howard Friesen Mr. & Mrs. Jason Watson, Cassidy & Owan Kay Friesen Mr. & Mrs. Jason Watson, Cassidy & Owan H Shelia Wilson Harper Ms. Daphne W. Copley Hannah Hite Dr. & Mrs. Leo Pambid Worth Hudson Anonymous

K Dr. Annette M. Kilgore Joseph P. Kilgore, Sr. Willie Mae Kilgore Joseph P. Kilgore, Sr. L Lynchburg Suburban Woman’s Club Officers Lynchburg Suburban Woman’s Club M Mary R. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Romano Pierantoni & Carlo R Joan Ranson Mrs. Debbie Lakes John W. Ryon, IV Ms. Judith P. Ryon W Cathy Watson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Watson Janet Watson Mr. & Mrs. Jason Watson, Cassidy & Owan Jason Watson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Watson Mikayla Marie Watson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Watson Robert Watson Mr. & Mrs. Jason Watson, Cassidy & Owan IN MEMORY OF: A Mr. W. C. (Bill) Abbitt Mr. & Mrs. Bill Houck Derrick Adams Mrs. Bertha C. Adams Lillie Rose Allen

Mrs. Phyllis Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hite Mrs. Nancy Wood Allen Mrs. Ruth S. Bristow Jordan Amos Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Roller Frank W. Andrews Miss Carrie Tate Aylor Frank C. Armistead Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Isabel R. Armistead Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. John T. Atkins, Jr. Glass’s Auto Service, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. A. Boyd Glover, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Lowery Mr. & Mrs. Warren Pulliam Fathers of Averett Baptist Church Averett Baptist Church B Dr. Bailey Mr. John C. Risher Mrs. Francis Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Blankinship Edwin Boyd Baker Mrs. William T. Butler, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William T. Butler, III Mrs. William E. Green, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Elton W. Johnson Harris, Hardy & Johnstone, P.C. Harris, Matthews & Crowder, P.C. Ms. Lori Kay Ms. Heather Lockerman Mr. & Mrs. Homer Smith Mr. & Mrs. John B. Tonkins 19

Mr. Walter L. Tuck Mr. William L. Wellons Mrs. Mary Stevens Barnes Mrs. Frances B. Mitchell Earley R. Bass J. Dean Bass & Family The B. J. Lucado Family Bessie Watson Rush Beale Florence & George Richards Honorable Hubert D. Bennett Miss Carrie Tate Aylor Pomp L. Berger Mrs. Blanche B. Booker Hilda Blankenship Mrs. Elizabeth B. Saunders Betty F. Blankinship Mr. Brown F. Blankinship William G. Bradshaw, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Elmer J. Nichols Kent & Kathy Brent Mrs. Bertha C. Adams Martha B. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Page C. Stinnett Robert B. Burton, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John W. Puckett C Norvell Carrington Mr. William D. Campbell Barbara Hix Carson Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hix Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Hix Lelia H. Carson Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Alexander D. Carson, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Harold A. Carter Ms. Judy A. Hankins Paul Winfrey Cave Mrs. Marian C. Baldwin & Sons Mr. & Mrs. Jack Leatherwood Dr. George Chappell Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts Charles Clapp Linda James Eugene & Jean Coleman Mr. & Mrs. R. David Jones LeNoir Coleman Mrs. Jean Fowlkes Mr. & Mrs. Jack Leatherwood Harold Collie 20

Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Roller James H. Collie Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton Jeff W. Compton Mrs. Loretta M. Compton Sarah W. Conner Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Anderson Colton Covington Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. D Mrs. Mamie Davis Mrs. Ruby Jennings Thomas M. Desmett Mr. & Mrs. Bob Atterholt Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Chris Claud Mr. & Mrs. Charles Clift Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Cramer Ms. LaRue Credle Mr. Ben R. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Gillis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Hermansderfer Mr. William C. Layne Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Mead Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Miles Mr. & Mrs. Allen Milton Ms. Linda H. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Riggs Mr. & Mrs. John L. Roll Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Rucker Ms. Jo Ayres Timberlake Ms. Mary Webb Harry Dodson Mr. William E. Dodson Nolie Dodson Mr. William E. Dodson Ruth W. Dodson Mr. William E. Dodson Nancy Smoot Driskill Mr. & Mrs. Bud Smoot Beth Dunnam Mr. & Mrs. Bucky James Sallie C. & John M. Dunnavant Mr. J. M. Dunnavant, Jr. Howard Franklin Dunton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton E Mr. Phillip Elder

Mrs. Ruby Jennings Mr. Joseph E. Ellington Mr. William J. Ellington Mrs. Alma C. Ellington Mr. William J. Ellington Ethel A. Evans Mr. Thomas D. Evans, Jr. T. DeWitt Evans Mr. Thomas D. Evans, Jr. F Mr. Roy Fallon Mrs. Ruby Jennings Audrey L. Fisher Mrs. Frances F. Glass C. Lenward Fisher Mrs. Frances F. Glass Cornelia M. Fisher Mrs. Frances F. Glass Garland E. Fisher Mrs. Frances F. Glass H. Odell Fisher Mrs. Frances F. Glass Onie H. Fisher Mrs. Frances F. Glass O. H. Fisher, Jr. Mrs. Frances F. Glass Verta Ferguson Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Berman M. Scott Clarence L. Floyd Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Floyd Mary Lyons Floyd Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Floyd Isabelle T. Foster Mr. & Mrs. Homer Smith Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Robert E. Fowlkes Mr. & Mrs. Jack Leatherwood Booker Francis Mrs. Frances B. Mitchell Archie & Ida Franklin Mrs. Augusta F. Dobson G Hayden Ellsworth Gary Mr. & Mrs. James E. Gaulding Ormond Marshall Gary Mr. & Mrs. James E. Gaulding James Anderson Gaulding Mr. & Mrs. James E. Gaulding Mrs. Virginia W. Gillispie Mr. & Mrs. Roy G. Gillispie

Mrs. Nancy B. Gills Ada J. Woodford Carter Glass Mrs. Frances F. Glass Tommy Glass Mr. & Mrs. Bucky James Mrs. Edna Clark Green Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett Dr. & Mrs. William D. Owen, Jr. Lilburn Grier Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Nora R. Gupton Mrs. Weston Gupton Hugh M. Guthrie Elaine Floyd Lenell “Nell” Guthrie Mr. William E. Dodson & Family Mr. & Mrs. Harry Downs Ms. Janice L. Hauser Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Wilson Ollie K. Guthrie Elaine Floyd Nicholas Gwaltney Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Patricia Gwinn Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker H Iris Hall Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts Nancye Hamner Mr. H. D. Hamner, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Handy Mrs. Ruby Jennings Dorothy Bryant Hanel Timbrook Woman’s Club William A. Hankla Mrs. June T. Hankla Mrs. Ruth Hargrave Ms. Margaret A. Hargrave Linwood A. Harris Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett Ruby Smith Hawthorne Mr. & Mrs. A. Boyd Glover, Jr. Mr. Kyle Hendricks Mrs. Ruby Jennings

Jesse Hendricks, Jr. Glass’s Auto Service, Inc. Sandra Hesekiel Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Robert Howard Mrs. Sue H. Lancaster Cathyren F. Hudnell Mrs. Frances F. Glass I Dora G. Isaacs Mrs. Erna Isaacs Frank & Dora Isaacs Mrs. John T. Isaacs John Isaacs Mrs. John T. Isaacs William F. Isaacs, Sr. Mrs. Erna Isaacs J Leona H. Jamerson Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Clowdis, Jr. Wanda C. Janasko Ms. Betty Leap Mr. Vernon Jantz Mrs. Gene Soyars Mrs. Virginia Jantz Mrs. Gene Soyars Kristen Jewell Mr. & Mrs. Bucky James Dr. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. R. Kenneth Cassada Mrs. Jennie E. Faulkner Mr. & Mrs. A. Boyd Glover, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Warren C. Hagood Mr. & Mrs. Chandler A. Nelson, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. William D. Owen, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Stover Ozmer Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts Mrs. Corinne L. Williams Warren Joy Mrs. Audrey Jean Joy K Lucille Gaulding Keeton Mr. & Mrs. James E. Gaulding Tom & Faye Keys Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Keys James V. Kilgore Joseph P. Kilgore, Sr.

Lloyd E. & Dana H. Kilgore Joseph P. Kilgore, Sr. Billy King Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Bernie Krupa Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. L Helen Leftwich Ms. Nell S. McIver James Leon Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker Billy Lewis Mrs. Maxine Barnett Theo B. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Richard Guill Dave Lipsitz Mrs. Dorothy Robinson Jeannette Rice Lipsitz Mrs. Dorothy Robinson Carolyn Moses Lusardi Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Conner Mrs. Betty P. Ginther Mrs. Eleanor W. Loftis Mr. & Mrs. A. Lowe Lunsford, III Mr. Willis Dottridge Martin Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ranson Mrs. Carol Schirmer Mr. & Mrs. John B. Tonkins Mr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Tweedy Ms. Elizabeth G. Winkler M Emma B. Martin Mrs. Erna Isaacs Mr. R. Clayton Martin Mr. Willis Dottridge Martin Mrs. Margueritte M. Jordan Robert & Emma Martin Mrs. John T. Isaacs Robert L. Martin, Sr. Mrs. Erna Isaacs James A. Mason, Sr. Alliance Christian Academy Trust Mr. & Mrs. R. David Jones Ms. Mildred R. Mays Cortland C. Mead Mrs. Nadia J. Miller 21

Fletcher Meeler Dr. & Mrs. William D. Owen, Jr. Stephen Meriwether Mr. & Mrs. William F. Tucker & Will Clyde Midkiff Mr. William Barksdale, IV Ashby & David Cothran Mr. & Mrs. James Funderburk Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Moorman Mr. & Mrs. Wendel Miles Mr. & Mrs. Arnold C. Ripley Ednie Miller Mrs. Esther L. Hutcherson Marie Mobley Mrs. Stacy Sherwood Donald Moore Mr. & Mrs. John W. Puckett Mr. & Mrs. Warren Pulliam Hansford Morris Mrs. Marjorie F. Morris Walter Bernard Moseley, Jr. Gold Wing Riders Assoc. VA-Chaper J N Willie Neal Mr. & Mrs. Allen G. Jones Henry T. “Pete” Newton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton Rosa, Cheryl, Dino & Tina Newton Mr. & Mrs. John W. Puckett Mrs. Nell Nienke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton Mr. E. W. Nolin Mrs. Lois N. Paris O Julia D. Overstreet Mr. & Mrs. Grover A. Goolsby, Jr. Wilma Owen Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gupton P My Parents Mrs. Polly K. Piercey Mr. T. A. Paris Mrs. Lois N. Paris Mr. William M. Paris Mrs. Lois N. Paris R. Wayne Pillow 22

Mrs. Margueritte M. Jordan Annie Mae Poole Peakland Baptist Church Hugh B. Powell Mrs. Linda Conner Sonny Powers Mr. & Mrs. Wade Hamner, Jr. Mrs. Lula K. Price Ms. Margaret A. Hargrave Julian H. Price, Sr. Mrs. Virginia Price Waller R Waylan Rice Mrs. Nancy L. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Ripley Mr. & Mrs. Arnold C. Ripley Mrs. Gladys Roark Mrs. Ruby Jennings William Milton Rogers Mary Powell Lewis Margaret Rowland Mr. & Mrs. Archie R. Cox S Elizabeth Wilmouth Scott Mr. & Mrs. Berman M. Scott Mr. Howard E. Scruggs, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III Don Seagroves Mrs. Wanda Seagroves Charles Seamster Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Lowery Captain Willard F. Searle, Jr., USN (Ret.) Mrs. Phyllis Guilliams Thomas Shobe Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Dr. Jean Short Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. R. Gary Silver Ms. Barbara W. Couch Ms. Laura Proffitt Randolph W. (Sonny) Slayton Mr. & Mrs. Homer Smith Gladys Smiley Glass’s Auto Service, Inc. Alise Smith Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker Leon Smith

Mrs. Essie Bryce Gordon Mother of Keevin Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bucky James Mrs. Annie R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Roy G. Gillispie Everette D. Snead Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton Mrs. Jackie B. Conner Mr. & Mrs. John W. Puckett Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Wilson Mary Lee Sparks Mr. & Mrs. Clarence N. Irby Richard Stables Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Dews Lile Norwood Stevens, Jr. Mrs. Arline S. Barksdale Mrs. Nellie Storey Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Blankinship Raymond H. Strange Mr. Todd Strange William S. Stroheker Mrs. Corinne L. Williams Roger & Mary Suddith Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Suddith Mr. Edwin Syndor Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III T Mario Tabalina American Legion Auxiliary Unit 79 Isabell T. Talley Mrs. June T. Hankla William I. Talley Mrs. June T. Hankla Mary M. Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Morris M. Bailey Mr. Edward Jordan Walker Herring Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Earl C. Currin, Jr. Thomas Neavil Teass Mrs. Emily S. Pendleton Mrs. Garnette S. Teass Lance T. Thames Mrs. Faye Clark Lt. Col. Robert L. Thompson, USAF (Ret.) Mr. & Mrs. Ellwood Anderson Ms. Mary Jo Brown

Ms. Constance L. Fisk Mr. & Mrs. James Flanigan Ms. Judith M. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. David Picknell Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Thompson, Jr. Mr. Kenneth Washick Darrel & Judy B. Thornton Miss Carrie Tate Aylor James Tierney American Legion Auxiliary Unit 270, McLean Ethel R. Tiller Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Floyd Mamie Twombley Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker V Carol Via American Legion Auxiliary Alexandria Unit 24 Ms. Margaret Gainer Ms. Anne M. Ingraham Mr. William G. McNamara W Norman D. Wagstaff, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Grace N. Walker Mrs. Weston Gupton Skinner Walker Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Maxwell Mrs. Dorris Walton The Davis Family Jean Watkins Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts Mrs. Sylvia Jean Oakes Watkins Mrs. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. Hazel Marie Watts Mr. & Mrs. W. Wayne Noblin Mrs. Cassie Watts Mrs. Ruby Jennings Mrs. Sue Watts Mrs. Ruby Jennings Marge Wewerka Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker Doc & Colleen Whitaker Mrs. Jeanne W. Clabough Michael Whittington Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. McCullough Buddy Williams

Mary Boyce Gwaltney Wynne Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Trent Ms. Martha A. Underwood

Mr. & Mrs. Page C. Stinnett Charles Hubbard Williams Mr & Mrs. Robert Eubank Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Reginald M. Reid West Lynchburg Baptist, Berean SSC Mr. & Mrs. J. Randall Wilson Ms. Jane Holt Woodson Hallie Williamson Mr. William E. Dodson Robert Williamson Mr. William E. Dodson West G. Wooding Jennifer, Peter, Robert & Julia Mayer

The Mission of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation

® Donate without spending money! •Use GoodSearch as your primary search engine and Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation will receive donations on your behalf! •Simply select Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation as your charity of choice and search like normal! In our effort to create new and different ways you can get involved and help Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, we have found an easy way to do just that! Use Good Search as your primary search engine, and with each search you do GoodSearch will send a donation on your behalf. GoodSearch is powered by, and has created a search bar that you can also include along the top of your web-browser to make it more convenient to search. Please join us in this new and simple, yet extremely exciting and beneficial way of supporting Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation! Thank you for all your continued support of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation! Please visit:

Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, Inc. is a charitable, nonprofit c h i l d r e n ’s h o m e d e s i g n e d t o provide boys and girls with a Christian substitute home. This residential child care program reaches out a loving hand to children from broken and disrupted homes that can no longer meet their needs. Our focus is to reach children in high-risk situations to prevent delinquency, substance abuse, and emotional disturbances. This program began as a non-denominational ministry on February 1, 1961, and has developed into a multi-service program of the very highest quality. Emphasis is placed on modeling Christian family life for the children, and only dedicated and experienced married couples are employed for all on-campus positions. Emphasis is also placed on developing the physical, mental, and spiritual potential of each child to the fullest extent possible. Applications for admission are made by a parent or guardian and extensive investigations are made in each case. Approval for admission is based on urgency of need and the ability of the program to meet the needs of that particular child. The program is operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees and is promoted and represented by a volunteer Advisory Board with members in most counties and major cities throughout Virginia. We operate totally on voluntary contributions, and absolutely no governmental funding is accepted. At the same time, we are a truly charitable operation, and no child is ever turned away due to the lack of funding for support. The Plantation takes great pride in its internal self-help efforts and our efficiency of operations.


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Lynchburg, VA Permit #161

Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, Inc. 860 Red Hill Road, P. O. Box 1398 Brookneal, Virginia 24528-1398

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