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New era postcards Your bags are packed; passport and work visa in hand. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. You are going to spend the next 18 months working overseas. As excited as you are, you want to be able to stay in touch with fa mily and friends easily, and as cost-effectively as possible.


one are the days of postcards and expensive long distance calls. By using the Internet and messaging applications, we can communicate with loved ones anytime for little to no cost. The basic requirements to communicate via the Internet include: • High-speed Internet connection • Microphone • Video camera (if video is desired) Skype and Google offer similar services. Both offer chat, voice, and video calling to other users for free. They also offer low-cost calls to land and mobile lines. Skype is available for PC, Mac and certain iOS and Android devices. Using Skype on your WiFi-enabled mobile device eliminates data plan charges. Skype is also integrated into Facebook, which lets you contact your Facebook friends from within either Facebook or the separate Skype application. The Google alternative is web-based. Therefore, additional software does not need to be installed; you and the people you communicate with just need a free Google account. Google Voice is available on selected smartphones and other mobile devices. Both services offer group chat. In group chat, multiple people can participate in the same conversation at the same

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time. Google+ allows up to ten people to video conference together. Skype requires a premium subscription for this same functionality. Another option for communicating while travelling is to use your current cell phone. If your cell phone permits it, purchase a SIM card from the country you are working in. This solution will give you a local phone number, and typically, incoming calls are free. Outgoing calls will be much less expensive than with your home cell phone provider’s roaming plan. With today’s current technology, communication is inexpensive and easy to access, allowing you to be part of home while you’re enjoying your new adventure.

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Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  

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