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My dad did not earn enough to support us without help, and there was no help offered. My clothes were often too tight and too short as I grew and I got used to being asked when the flood was coming. As with most immigrants though, we rallied against adversity. My dad got promoted and started studying for his MBA. My mom started a network marketing job, cleaned homes and helped frail seniors in their homes till she could redo her nursing diploma and get a job working as a nurse. Within a few months, I learned to speak English well enough to be moved into the advanced reading and grammar group at school. My marks improved within the first year of arriving in Canada. Our parents used their life-savings to put a down payment on a home and we moved to a more welcoming neighbourhood. As soon as I was eligible, I got part-time jobs. It helped me purchase trendier clothes and allowed me to enjoy recreation activities that cost money. I worked as hard as my parents did, learning through them how to approach life. My family and I were fast learners and we found ways to survive and flourish. I searched out other opportunities to grow by discovering new countries and cultures. As a teen I spent time in Paris, France, working as a nanny, and travelled Europe before coming home to start university. As a young married wife, I spent

a few years in Australia and New Zealand and learned the lessons of living in a new world again. Ironically, I was hired by a company in Sydney, Australia, to help new Australian immigrants find work. Imagine that – a Canadian woman, born in Africa, living in Sydney helping people from Asia find their way in Australia. The lessons I learned were transferrable. Today, I work in the community and I also support people in their health and wellness goals. In my spare time, I volunteer helping new Canadian women adjust to life in K-W and teaching them to ensure their families stay healthy and vibrant here. Meeting them brings back memories; I know what they are experiencing. I recognize the same desire to succeed in a new world. I feel their sadness as they miss the love, acceptance and comforts they left behind in their homelands. And I assure them that, one day, they will love their new country, their new friends and neighbours, and feel it is home.

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Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  

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